Tiger Tales

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-58925-000-0Giles AndreaeCommotion in the Ocean
  ''978-1-58925-003-1Giles AndreaeLove Is a Handful of Honey
  ''978-1-58925-005-5   ''Rumble in the Jungle
  ''978-1-58925-009-3Julie SykesWait for Me, Little Tiger
  ''978-1-58925-012-3Ruth GallowayFidgety Fish
2002978-1-58925-017-8Jane JohnsonAre You Ready for Bed?
2002978-1-58925-020-8Giles AndreaeCock-a-doodle-doo! Barnyard Hullabaloo
  ''978-1-58925-023-9Julie SykesCareful, Santa!
2003978-1-58925-025-3Sheridan CainThe Crunching Munching Caterpillar
  ''978-1-58925-028-4Ruth GallowaySmiley Shark
  ''978-1-58925-031-4Klaus BaumgartLaura's Secret
2004978-1-58925-036-9Nicola GrantDon't Be So Nosy, Posy!
  ''978-1-58925-037-6Claire FreedmanOops-A-Daisy!
2004978-1-58925-039-0Guido Van GenechtenBecause I Love You So Much
  ''978-1-58925-041-3Julie SykesBless You, Santa!
  ''978-1-58925-042-0Christine LeesonJust For You!
  ''978-1-58925-043-7Jane JohnsonLittle Bunny's Bathtime!
2005978-1-58925-044-4Giles AndreaeDinosaurs Galore!
  ''978-1-58925-045-1Jo BrownHoppity Skip Little Chick
2005978-1-58925-046-8Julia Rawlinson · Tim WarnesA Surprise For Rosie
  ''978-1-58925-047-5Sheridan CainThe Teeny Weeny Tadpole
  ''978-1-58925-048-2Liz PichonThe Very Ugly Bug
  ''978-1-58925-050-5Ruth GallowayClumsy Crab
  ''978-1-58925-051-2Diana HendryThe Very Snowy Christmas
2005978-1-58925-052-9Layn MarlowWitch With a Twitch
2006978-1-58925-053-6Liz PichonBored Bill
  ''978-1-58925-055-0Keith ChapmanItsy Bitsy Spider
  ''978-1-58925-057-4Barbara Jean HicksI Like Colors
  ''978-1-58925-058-1David BedfordI've Seen Santa!
  ''978-1-58925-059-8Matt BuckinghamBright Stanley
2007978-1-58925-062-8Sheridan CainBy the Light of the Moon
2007978-1-58925-063-5Ayano ImaiThe 108th Sheep
  ''978-1-58925-064-2Ruth GallowayTickly Octopus
  ''978-1-58925-065-9Steve SmallmanThe Very Greedy Bee
  ''978-1-58925-066-6Giles AndreaeKeep Love in Your Heart, Little One
  ''978-1-58925-067-3Steve SmallmanThe Lamb Who Came for Dinner
2007978-1-58925-068-0Christine LeesonThe Snow Angel
  ''978-1-58925-069-7Julie SykesThat Pesky Dragon
2008978-1-58925-075-8Diana HendryOodles of Noodles
  ''978-1-58925-076-5Steve SmallmanSmelly Peter: The Great Pea Eater
  ''978-1-58925-077-2Liz PichonThe Three Horrid Little Pigs
2009978-1-58925-079-6Allia Zobel-NolanMrs. Mcgee's Coconut
  ''978-1-58925-083-3Anne CottringerEliot Jones, Midnight Superhero
2010978-1-58925-092-5Giles AndreaeABC Animal Jamboree
2011978-1-58925-093-2Cynthia PlattPanda-monium!
2010978-1-58925-098-7David MellingHugless Douglas
2011978-1-58925-103-8Ann BonwillNaughty Toes
2011978-1-58925-106-9David MellingDon't Worry, Douglas!
2012978-1-58925-109-0Giles AndreaeBustle in the Bushes
  ''978-1-58925-114-4Kali StilemanBig Book of My World
2013978-1-58925-147-2Catherine RaynerAbigail
2014978-1-58925-156-4Alison RitchieMe and My Mom!
2016978-1-58925-229-5Libby WaldenFinding First Animals and More! (My Little World)
2001978-1-58925-350-6Julie SykesI Don't Want to Go to Bed
  ''978-1-58925-351-3David BedfordIt's My Turn
  ''978-1-58925-352-0Julie SykesLittle Tiger's Big Surprise!
  ''978-1-58925-353-7Giles Andreae · Vanessa CabbanLove Is a Handful of Honey
2001978-1-58925-354-4Jan FearnleyMr. Wolf's Pancakes
  ''978-1-58925-357-5Jonathan ShiptonHow to Be a Happy Hippo
  ''978-1-58925-358-2A. H. BenjaminLittle Mouse and the Big Red Apple
  ''978-1-58925-359-9Alan MacDonaldBeware of the Bears!
  ''978-1-58925-361-2Julie Sykes · Tim Warnes · Czes PachelaThe Great Dinosaur Mystery (Little Tiger and Friends)
2001978-1-58925-363-6Julie Sykes · Tim Warnes · Czes PachelaThe Birthday Present (Little Tiger and Friends)
2002978-1-58925-365-0Julie SykesDora's Eggs
  ''978-1-58925-366-7Giles AndreaeCommotion in the Ocean
  ''978-1-58925-367-4Giles Andreae · David WojtowyczRumble in the Jungle
  ''978-1-58925-370-4Alan MacDonaldSnarlyhissopus
  ''978-1-58925-374-2Klaus BaumgartLaura's Star
2003978-1-58925-377-3Ruth GallowayFidgety Fish
2003978-1-58925-379-7Isobel FinnThe Very Lazy Ladybug
  ''978-1-58925-382-7Klaus BaumgartLaura's Christmas Star
2004978-1-58925-385-8Shen RoddieYou're Too Small!
  ''978-1-58925-386-5Julie SykesDora's Chicks
  ''978-1-58925-387-2Giles AndreaeCock-a-Doodle-Doo! Barnyard Hullabaloo
  ''978-1-58925-388-9   ''Heaven Is Having You
2005978-1-58925-390-2Claire FreedmanNight-Night, Emily!
2005978-1-58925-391-9Ruth GallowaySmiley Shark
  ''978-1-58925-394-0Natalie Quintart · Stephanie BlanchartMama Bear (Tiger Tales)
  ''978-1-58925-395-7Ella BurfootLouie And The Monsters
  ''978-1-58925-396-4Guido Van GenechtenKangaroo Christine
2006978-1-58925-398-8Claire FreedmanOops-a-Daisy!
  ''978-1-58925-399-5Giles AndreaeDinosaurs Galore!
2006978-1-58925-400-8Layn MarlowThe Witch With a Twitch
2007978-1-58925-402-2Ruth GallowayClumsy Crab
  ''978-1-58925-403-9Sheridan CainThe Crunching Munching Caterpillar
  ''978-1-58925-404-6Liz PichonThe Very Ugly Bug
  ''978-1-58925-405-3Claire FreedmanGood Night, Sleep Tight!
  ''978-1-58925-406-0Diana HendryThe Very Snowy Christmas
2008978-1-58925-407-7Keith ChapmanItsy Bitsy Spider
2008978-1-58925-409-1Paul BrightFidgety Fish and Friends
  ''978-1-58925-411-4David BedfordI've Seen Santa!
2009978-1-58925-414-5Allia Zobel-NolanMrs. Mcgee's Coconut
  ''978-1-58925-415-2Sam LloydYummy Yummy! Food for My Tummy!
  ''978-1-58925-416-9Anne CottringerEliot Jones, Midnight Superhero
2010978-1-58925-422-0Steve SmallmanThe Very Greedy Bee
  ''978-1-58925-423-7Liz PichonThe Three Horrid Little Pigs
2011978-1-58925-427-5Steve MetzgerThe Ice Cream King
2011978-1-58925-430-5Ann BonwillNaughty Toes
2012978-1-58925-436-7Giles AndreaeABC Animal Jamboree
2013978-1-58925-439-8Rachael MortimerThe Three Billy Goats Fluff
  ''978-1-58925-440-4Claire FreedmanGood Night, Sleep Tight!
2014978-1-58925-444-2Tiger Tales123 Counting Sticker Book (My Little World)
  ''978-1-58925-446-6Little Tiger PressBusy Day Sticker Book (My Little World)
  ''978-1-58925-450-3Jonathan LittonMy First Early-Learning Sticker Books (My Little World)
  ''978-1-58925-519-7Amanda Leslie · Katie Cook · Jane Johnson · David Bedford · Claire FreedmanStories for 1 Year Olds
2014978-1-58925-520-3Ewa Lipniacka · Alison Ritchie · Jo Brown · David Bedford · Claire FreedmanStories for 2 Year Olds
2015978-1-58925-551-7Amelia HepworthI Love You to the Moon and Back
2014978-1-58925-575-3Alison RitchieMe and My Mom!
  ''978-1-58925-576-0   ''Me and My Dad!
2013978-1-58925-610-1Tiger TalesNoisy Farm (My First Touch and Feel Sound Book)
2001978-1-58925-650-7Giles AndreaeChristopher Crocodile's Jungly Jingles
  ''978-1-58925-651-4   ''Larry Lion's Rumbly Rhymes (Tiger Tales)
2001978-1-58925-652-1Giles AndreaeOlive Octopus's Deep Sea Ditties
  ''978-1-58925-653-8   ''Sidney Shark's Seaside Shanties
  ''978-1-58925-654-5Julie SykesTime for Bed, Little Tiger: Lift the Flap
  ''978-1-58925-655-2   ''Wake Up, Little Tiger: Lift the Flap
  ''978-1-58925-658-3Giles AndreaeThe Pop-Up Rumble in the Jungle
2001978-1-58925-665-1Richard PowellAnimal Noises (Copy Cats Spinner Board Books)
2002978-1-58925-680-4Giles AndreaeThe Pop-Up Commotion in the Ocean
2003978-1-58925-693-4Julie SykesBathtime, Little Tiger! (Little Tiger Lift-The-Flap)
  ''978-1-58925-694-1   ''Hide and Seek, Little Tiger! (Little Tiger Lift-The-Flap)
  ''978-1-58925-714-6Isobel Finn · Jack TickleVery Lazy Ladybug, Pop-up
2004978-1-58925-719-1Richard PowellLeo Lion (Fuzzy Friends)
978-1-58925-726-9Busy Bugs (Cuddly Cuffs)
2004978-1-58925-727-6Lucy RichardsJumping Jungle (Cuddly Cuffs)
  ''978-1-58925-731-3Lucy RichardsJumping Jungle (Cuddly Cuffs)
  ''978-1-58925-732-0   ''Silly Sea (Cuddly Cuffs)
2005978-1-58925-757-3Sheridan CainThe Crunching Munching Caterpillar (Storytime Board Books)
2005978-1-58925-758-0Isobel FinnThe Very Lazy Ladybug: pop-up surprise (Storytime Board Books)
  ''978-1-58925-760-3Tiger TalesLittle Kitty
2005978-1-58925-761-0Tiger TalesLittle Puppy
  ''978-1-58925-762-7Rebecca FinnLittle Ducky (Cuddly Cuffs)
  ''978-1-58925-763-4Rebecca FinnLittle Bunny (Cuddly Cuffs)
  ''978-1-58925-764-1   ''Little Kitty: Cuddly Cuffs, Attach Them Everywhere! Soft Cloth Books For Babies On The Go
  ''978-1-58925-765-8   ''Little Puppy: Cuddly Cuffs, Attach Them Everywhere! Soft Cloth Books For Babies On The Go
2005978-1-58925-766-5Rebecca FinnLittle Ducky: Cuddly Cuffs, Attach Them Everywhere! Soft Cloth Books For Babies On The Go
  ''978-1-58925-767-2   ''Little Bunny: Cuddly cuffs, Attach them everywhere
  ''978-1-58925-768-9Anna McQuinnWanda's Washing Machine
  ''978-1-58925-769-6Gillian LobelLittle Bear's Special Wish (Storytime Board Books)
2006978-1-58925-771-9Sheridan CainThe Crunching Munching Caterpillar
  ''978-1-58925-772-6Ruth GallowayFidgety Fish
2006978-1-58925-773-3Jane JohnsonLittle Bunny's Bedtime! (Storytime Board Books)
  ''978-1-58925-781-8Tiger TalesMoo (Cuddly Cuffs)
  ''978-1-58925-786-3Sanja RescekHickory, Dickory, Dock: And Other Favorite Nursery Rhymes (Padded Nursery Rhyme Board Books)
  ''978-1-58925-787-0Tiger TalesTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: and other favorite bedtime rhymes (Padded Nursery Rhyme Board Books)
  ''978-1-58925-796-2Julie SykesShhh! (Storytime Board Books)
2007978-1-58925-800-6Ruth GallowaySmiley Shark
2007978-1-58925-801-3Julie SykesDora's Eggs (Storytime Board Books)
2010978-1-58925-806-8Jane JohnsonAre You Ready for Bed? (Padded Board Books)
2007978-1-58925-818-1Giles AndreaeLove Is a Handful of Honey (Padded Board Books)
  ''978-1-58925-820-4   ''Heaven Is Having You
2008978-1-58925-828-0Claire FreedmanA Magical Christmas
2009978-1-58925-847-1Steve MetzgerI Love You All Year Long
  ''978-1-58925-848-8David BedfordI've Seen Santa!
2010978-1-58925-849-5Hannah WoodThis Little Piggy: And Other Favorite Action Rhymes
  ''978-1-58925-850-1Mandy StanleyBella the Birthday Party
  ''978-1-58925-851-8Mandy StanleyThe Fairy Ball (Bella)
2010978-1-58925-858-7Clement C. Moore'Twas the Night Before Christmas
  ''978-1-58925-861-7Smriti PrasadamHello, Animals! (Tiger Tales)
  ''978-1-58925-862-4Smriti PrasadamHello, Bugs! (Black and White Sparklers)
2011978-1-58925-863-1Giles AndreaeCommotion in the Ocean
2011978-1-58925-864-8Giles AndreaeRumble in the Jungle
2012978-1-58925-870-9Tiger TalesHey, Diddle, Diddle: and other favorite nursery rhymes
  ''978-1-58925-871-6Tammi SalzanoOne Sunny Day
2011978-1-58925-872-3Tiger TalesA is for Apple (Smart Kids Trace-And-Flip)
  ''978-1-58925-873-0   ''123 Count with Me (Smart Kids Trace-and-flip)
2012978-1-58925-874-7   ''Old MacDonald Had a Farm: and other favorite children's songs
2004978-1-58925-991-1Cuddly Cuffs Counter Disp (20)