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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-58906-026-5Michael Keen · Jean-Paul Bodin · Victoria Summers · International Monetary FundThe Modern Vat
  ''978-1-58906-052-4International Monetary FundBalance of Payments Statistics Yearbook
  ''978-1-58906-054-8Not AvailableDirection of Trade Statistics Yearbook, 2001
  ''978-1-58906-081-4Peter IsardMethodology for current account and exchange rate assessments (Occasional paper / International Monetary Fund)
2003978-1-58906-099-9Jeremy CliftIMF Technical Assistance: Transferring Knowledge and Best Practice
2002978-1-58906-111-8Nicholas BarrThe Pension Puzzle: Prerequisites and Policy Choices in Pension Design (Economic Issues)
2003978-1-58906-116-3George T. Abed · Sanjeev GuptaGovernance, Corruption, and Economic Performance
2002978-1-58906-118-7Zach Arrington · Katherine BaerImproving Large Taxpayers' Compliance: A Review of Country Experience (Occasional Paper)
  ''978-1-58906-121-7Anne O KruegerA new approach to sovereign debt restructuring
2002978-1-58906-130-9Leo van HoutvenGovernance of the IMF: Decision making, institutional oversight, transparency, and accountability (Pamphlet series)
2003978-1-58906-158-3Subhash Thakur · Michael Keen · Balazs Horvath · Valerie CerraSweden's Welfare State: Can the Bumblebee Keep Flying?
  ''978-1-58906-175-0International Monetary FundFiscal Policy Formulation and Implementation in Oil Producing Countries
2002978-1-58906-183-5Not AvailableInternational Financial Statistics Yearbook 2002 (INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL STATISTICS YEARBOOK ENGLISH EDITION)
  ''978-1-58906-186-6International Monetary FundGovernment Finance Statistics Yearbook: 2002
2005978-1-58906-193-4Atish R. GhoshDesign of Imf-supported Programs
978-1-58906-202-3Staff Paper Vol 50 No 2 June 2003 Spi
2003978-1-58906-203-0Imf StaffStaff Paper Vol 50 No 3 (September 2003) (Spiea0032003)
  ''978-1-58906-204-7Imf StaffStaff Paper Vol 50 2003 (Special Issue) (Spsiea0012003)
  ''978-1-58906-205-4IMF Independent Evaluation OfficeEvaluation of Prolonged Use of Imf Resources
2003978-1-58906-207-8David Owen · David O. RobinsonRussia Rebounds
  ''978-1-58906-208-5Charles Collyns · G. Russell Kincaid · International Monetary FundManaging Financial Crises: Recent Experience and Lessons for Latin America
  ''978-1-58906-211-5International Monetary FundChanging Customs: Challenges and Strategies for the Reform of Customs Administration
  ''978-1-58906-266-5   ''International Financial Statistics Yearbook 2003 (INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL STATISTICS YEARBOOK ENGLISH EDITION)
2004978-1-58906-269-6   ''Government Finance Statistics Yearbook: 2003
  ''978-1-58906-317-4Menachem KatzLifting the Oil Curse: Improving Petroleum Revenue Management in Sub-saharan Africa
2004978-1-58906-332-7Staffs of the International Labour Offic · International Monetary Fund · Statistical Office of the European CommuConsumer Price Index Manual: Theory and Practice (Manuals & Guides)
2005978-1-58906-386-0Reza MoghadamTurkey at the Crossroads from Crisis Resolution to Eu Accession (Occasional Paper (International Monetary Fund))
  ''978-1-58906-453-9International Monetary FundDollars, Debt, and Deficits: Sixty Years After Bretton Woods
  ''978-1-58906-459-1Not AvailableInternational Financial Statistics: Country Notes 2005 (INTERNATIONAL Monetary Fund)
2006978-1-58906-519-2Jahangir Aziz · Steven Vincent Dunaway · Eswar PrasadChina and India Learning from Each Other: Reforms and Policies for Sustained Growth
2008978-1-58906-638-0Jaewoo Lee · Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti · Jonathan D Ostry · Alessandro Prati · Luca Antonio RicciExchange Rate Assessments: CGER Methodologies (IMF's Occasional Paper)
2007978-1-58906-656-4Not AvailableBalance of Payment Statistics Yearbook 2007 (BALANCE OF PAYMENTS STATISTICS YEARBOOK)
  ''978-1-58906-657-1   ''Direction Of Trade Statistics Yearbook 2007
2008978-1-58906-728-8BernanExchange Rate Analysis in Support of IMF Surveillance: A Collection of Empirical Studies
2009978-1-58906-739-4International Monetary FundInternational Financial Statistics Yearbook
2008978-1-58906-748-6   ''Reaping the Benefits of Financial Globalization: IMF Occasional Paper #264 (International Monetary Fund Occasional Paper)
  ''978-1-58906-752-3IMF InstituteInternational Financial Statistics Yearbook
2009978-1-58906-792-9Bergljot BarkbuDebt Sustainability Framework for Low-Income Countries IMF Occasional Paper #266 (Occasional Papers)
2009978-1-58906-806-3International Monetary FundWorld Economic Outlook: Crisis and Recovery (World Economic and Financial Surveys)
2010978-1-58906-807-0International Monetary FundWorld Economic Outlook: October 2009: Sustaining the Recovery (World Economic and Financial Surveys)
  ''978-1-58906-812-4   ''Balance Of Payments And International Investments Position Manual
2009978-1-58906-813-1   ''Dalail Maizaan Al-Madfauaat Wa-Waod Al-Istithmaar Al-Duwalai
2010978-1-58906-915-2   ''World Economic Outlook: Rebalancing Growth (World Economic and Financial Surveys)
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  ''978-1-58906-939-8   ''Macrofinancial Linkages: Trends, Crises, And Policies
2010978-1-58906-977-0International Monetary FundReconstructing The World Economy