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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1975978-1-58852-000-5James C. FreundAnatomy of a Merger: Strategies and Techniques for Negotiating Corporate Acquisitions
2018978-1-58852-001-2Walter B. Connolly Jr. · Michael J. Connolly · Joshua FeinsteinA Practical Guide to Equal Employment Opportunity
2017978-1-58852-002-9Gerald S. SusmanEstate Planning: Forms, Practice and Tax Analysis
2003978-1-58852-003-6Emanuel B. HalperShopping Center and Store Leases (2-Volume Set)
2017978-1-58852-004-3Stephen M. Axinn · Blaine V. Fogg · Neal R. Stoll · Bruce J. PragerAcquisitions Under the Hart-scott-rodino Antitrust Improvements Act (Antitrust Trade Regulation Series)
2019978-1-58852-005-0Martin Lipton · Erica H. SteinbergerTakeovers & Freezeouts
2017978-1-58852-006-7Walter B. Connolly Jr. · David W. Peterson · Michael J. ConnollyUse of Statistics in Equal Employment Opportunity Litigation
2019978-1-58852-007-4Jeffrey D. MamorskyEmployee Benefits Law: ERISA and Beyond
2018978-1-58852-008-1Richard E. Shandell · Patricia Smith · Fredrick A. SchulmanThe Preparation and Trial of Medical Malpractice Cases (Litigation Series)
2017978-1-58852-009-8Thomas A. DickersonTravel Law
2018978-1-58852-010-4Harold Brown · Ebin SandlerFranchising: Realities and Remedies
2013978-1-58852-011-1Harold Brown · Ebin SandlerFranchising: Realities and Remedies, Forms Volume
2018978-1-58852-012-8James C. Goodale · Rob FriedenAll About Cable and Broadband
  ''978-1-58852-013-5Julius J. Marke · Richard Sloane · Linda M. Ryan · Caroline YoungLegal Research and Law Library Management (Law Office Management Series)
2017978-1-58852-014-2Robert A. Hendrickson · Neal R. SilvermanChanging the Situs of a Trust
2018978-1-58852-015-9Arthur M. Borden · Joel A. YunisGoing Private
2019978-1-58852-016-6Nicholas A. RobinsonEnvironmental Regulation of Real Property
2017978-1-58852-018-0Walter B. Connolly Jr. · Donald R. Crowell IIA Practical Guide to the Occupational Safety and Health Act
  ''978-1-58852-019-7Richard A. GivensAntitrust: An Economic Approach (Antitrust Series)
1994978-1-58852-020-3Michael ConstasPrivate Real Estate Syndication
2018978-1-58852-021-0Marc I. SteinbergSecurities Regulation: Liabilities and Remedies (Corporate Securities Series)
2017978-1-58852-022-7William T. LiflandState Antitrust Law (Antitrust Series)
2018978-1-58852-023-4Robert S. Taft · Leonard G. FlorescueTax Aspects of Divorce and Separation (Taxation SeriesFamily Law Series)
  ''978-1-58852-024-1Richard Raysman · Peter BrownComputer Law: Drafting and Negotiating Forms and Agreements (Commercial Law SeriesIntellectual Property Series)
2015978-1-58852-025-8Joel P. BennettWinning Attorneys' Fees from the U.S. Government
2019978-1-58852-026-5John S. Allee · Theodore V.H. Mayer · Robb W. PatrykProduct Liability (Litigation Series)
2018978-1-58852-027-2Gregory P. JosephModern Visual Evidence (Litigation Series)
  ''978-1-58852-028-9Robert G. VaughnMerit Systems Protection Board: Rights and Remedies
2017978-1-58852-029-6Allan J. Samansky · James Charles SmithFederal Taxation of Real Estate (Real Estate Tax Series)
2012978-1-58852-030-2Jeffrey D. WittenbergProducts Liability: Recreation and Sports Equipment (Litigation Series)
2018978-1-58852-031-9Gregory C. SmithStart-Up & Emerging Companies: Planning, Financing, and Operating the Successful Business (Corporate Securities Series)
2019978-1-58852-032-6Thomas V. VakericsAntitrust Basics (Antitrust Series)
2017978-1-58852-033-3Deborah H. SchenkFederal Taxation of S Corporations (Tax SeriesCorporate Series)
2018978-1-58852-034-0Richard F. BroudeReorganizations Under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code (Bankruptcy Series)
2019978-1-58852-035-7James Walker SmithHospital Liability (Litigation Series)
2017978-1-58852-036-4Joseph E. OlsonFederal Taxation of Intellectual Property Transfers (Intellectual Property Law SeriesTax Series)
2019978-1-58852-037-1Daniel W. Hindert · Joseph Julnes Dehner · Patrick J. HindertStructured Settlements and Periodic Payment Judgments (Litigation Series)
2001978-1-58852-039-5Pauline B. Heller · Melanie L. FeinFederal Bank Holding Company Law
2019978-1-58852-040-1Peter C. WardFederal Trade Commission: Law, Practice and Procedure (Antitrust Trade Regulation Series)
2017978-1-58852-041-8John P. Quinn · Joseph A. Bailey · David E. Gaulin · Stanley KolodziejczakLaw Firm Accounting and Financial Management (Law Office Management)
2018978-1-58852-042-5Richard F. Duncan · William H. Lyons · Catherine Lee WilsonThe Law And Practice Of Secured Transactions: Working With Article 9 (Commercial Law Series)
2019978-1-58852-043-2J. Thomas OldhamDivorce, Separation and the Distribution of Property (Family Law Series)
2018978-1-58852-045-6Thomas A. DickersonClass Actions: The Law of 50 States (Litigation Series)
2018978-1-58852-046-3Julie L. WilliamsSavings Institutions: Mergers, Acquisitions and Conversions (Banking LawCorporate Law Series)
1999978-1-58852-047-0Emanuel B. HalperGround Leases and Land Acquisition Contracts
2018978-1-58852-048-7Jed S. Rakoff · Howard W. GoldsteinRICO: Civil and Criminal Law and Strategy (Litigation Series)
2019978-1-58852-049-4Otto G. Obermaier · Robert G. MorvilloWhite Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses (Litigation Series)
  ''978-1-58852-050-0Edward F. ManninoLender Liability and Banking Litigation (Banking Law Corporate Law Series)
  ''978-1-58852-051-7Raoul Lionel FelderEncyclopedia of Matrimonial Clauses (Family Law Series)
2018978-1-58852-052-4Sally J. SchmidtMarketing the Law Firm: Business Development Techniques (Law Office Management Series)
  ''978-1-58852-053-1Forman DebraMaximizing Law Firm Profitability: Hiring, Training and Developing Productive Lawyers (Law Office Management Series)
  ''978-1-58852-054-8Jay Dratler Jr. · Stephen M. McJohnIntellectual Property Law: Commercial, Creative and Industrial Property (Intellectual Property Series)
2003978-1-58852-055-5Craig Wasserman · Stephen I. GloverPartnerships, Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
2018978-1-58852-056-2Lou R. Kling · Eileen T. Nugent · Brandon Van DykeNegotiated Acquisitions of Companies, Subsidiaries and Divisions (Corporate Security Series)
2016978-1-58852-057-9Nicholas A. RobinsonEnvironmental Law Lexicon (Environmental Law Series)
2019978-1-58852-058-6Jed S. Rakoff · Jonathan S. SackFederal Corporate Sentencing: Compliance and Mitigation (Litigation)
2019978-1-58852-059-3Dan K. Webb · Robert W. Tarun · Steven F. MoloCorporate Internal Investigations (Litigation Series)
  ''978-1-58852-061-6John Busey Wood · Alan M. Di SciulloNegotiating and Drafting Office Leases (Real Estate Series)
2018978-1-58852-062-3Solotoff Lawrence · Henry S. KramerSex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Work Place (Labor and Employment Law Series)
2002978-1-58852-063-0Richard Raysman · Peter Brown · Jeffrey D. Neuburger · William E. BandonEmerging Technologies and the Law
2018978-1-58852-064-7Jay Dratler Jr. · Stephen M. McJohnLicensing of Intellectual Property (Commercial LawIntellectual Property Law Series)
  ''978-1-58852-065-4Herbert KrausExecutive Stock Options and Stock Appreciation Rights (Employment Law Series)
2019978-1-58852-066-1Gary M. LawrenceDue Diligence in Business Transactions (Corporate Law Commercial Law Business Law Series)
2016978-1-58852-067-8Richard J. Heafey · Don M. KennedyProduct Liability: Winning Strategies and Techniques (Litigation Series)
2013978-1-58852-068-5Ralph C. Ferrara · Kevin T. Abikoff · Laura Leedy GanslerShareholder Derivative Litigation: Besieging the Board (Corporate Litigation Series)
2018978-1-58852-069-2Ralph C. Ferrara · Donna M. Nagy · Herbert ThomasFerrara on Insider Trading and The Wall (Corporate Securities Series)
  ''978-1-58852-070-8Stuart N. BrotmanCommunications Law and Practice (Communications Law Series)
  ''978-1-58852-071-5Michael S. Sirkin · Lawrence K. CagneyExecutive Compensation (Employment Law Series)
2018978-1-58852-072-2Daniel RieselEnvironmental Enforcement: Civil and Criminal (Environmental Law Series)
  ''978-1-58852-073-9Robert Fabrikant · Paul E. Kalb · Mark D. Hopson · Pamela H. Bucy · James C. StanselHealth Care Fraud: Enforcement and Compliance (Litigation Series)
2019978-1-58852-074-6Kent D. Stuckey · Robert L. EllisInternet and Online Law (Commercial Law Series)
2018978-1-58852-075-3John H. Mathias Jr. · John D. Shugrue · Thomas A. MarrinsonInsurance Coverage Disputes (Litigation Series)
  ''978-1-58852-076-0Brook BoydReal Estate Financing (Real Estate Series)
  ''978-1-58852-077-7Thomas A. HumphreysLimited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (Business Law Series)
  ''978-1-58852-078-4James PooleyTrade Secrets (Intellectual Property Series)
2019978-1-58852-079-1Julian S. Millstein · Jeffrey D. Neuburger · Jeffrey P. WeingartDoing Business on the Internet: Forms and Analysis (Intellectual Property Law Series)
2018978-1-58852-080-7Leslie D. Corwin · Arthur J. CiampiLaw Firm Partnership Agreements (Business Law Series)
2016978-1-58852-081-4Henry S. KramerAlternative Dispute Resolution in the Work Place (Labor & Employment Law Series)
2018978-1-58852-083-8Howard W. Goldstein · Steven M WitzelGrand Jury Practice (Litigation Series)
2019978-1-58852-084-5John R. Hewitt · James B. CarlsonSecurities Practice and Electronic Technology (Corporate Securities Series)
2018978-1-58852-085-2Gary M. Lawrence · Carl BaranowskiRepresenting High-Tech Companies (Corporate LawIntellectual Property Series)
2018978-1-58852-086-9Richard Raysman · Edward A. Pisacreta · Seth H. Ostrow · Kenneth A. AdlerIntellectual Property Licensing: Forms and Analysis (Commercial LawIntellectual Property Series)
  ''978-1-58852-087-6Jerome G. Snider · Howard A. Ellins · Michael S. FlynnCorporate Privileges and Confidential Information (Corporate Series)
  ''978-1-58852-088-3James M. Schell · Kristine M. Koren · Pamela Lawrence EndrenyPrivate Equity Funds: Business Structure and Operations (Corporate Securities Series)
2019978-1-58852-089-0Jay Dratler Jr. · Stephen M. McJohnCyberlaw: Intellectual Property in the Digital Millennium (Intellectual Property Law Series)
2018978-1-58852-090-6Michael S. Horne · Thomas S. Williamson Jr. · Anthony HermanThe Contingent Workforce: Business and Legal Strategies (Employment Law Series)
2019978-1-58852-091-3Patrick D. Dolan · C. VanLeer Davis IIISecuritizations: Legal and Regulatory Issues (Securities Law Series)
2018978-1-58852-092-0Rodney A. Malpert · Amanda Thompson · Marketa LindtBusiness Immigration Law: Strategies for Employing Foreign Nationals (Employment Law Series)
2000978-1-58852-093-7Mark F. Bernstein · Jerry Dolezal · George Riemann · Joe AzarRes Ipsa Jocular: The Recorder Book of Legal Cartoons
2019978-1-58852-094-4Terence P. RossIntellectual Property Law: Damages and Remedies (Intellectual Property SeriesLitigation Series)
2018978-1-58852-095-1John H. Mathias Jr. · David M. Kroeger · Matthew M. Neumeier · Jerry J. BurgdoerferDirectors and Officers Liability: Prevention, Insurance and Indemnification (Insurance SeriesCorporate Series)
  ''978-1-58852-096-8Jeffrey D. MamorskyHealth Care Benefits Law (Health Care Law Series)
2001978-1-58852-097-5Stanley I. Langbein · Steven I. GloverFinancial Institution Acquisitions and Alliances (Banking Law Series (New York, N.Y.: 2001).)
2004978-1-58852-098-2Deborah BallatiPrivatizing Governmental Functions (Corporate Series (Law Journal Press).)
2005978-1-58852-099-9Andrew J. Morris · Brian W. SmithE-Commerce: Financial Products and Services (Financial Services Series)
2017978-1-58852-100-2Andrew L. Sandler · Benjamin B. Klubes · Anand S. RamanConsumer Financial Services (Financial Services Series)
2018978-1-58852-101-9Susan A. BersonFederal Tax Litigation (Tax Litigation Series)
  ''978-1-58852-102-6Robert A. RobertsonFund Governance: Legal Duties of Investment Company Directors (Corporate Securities Series)
2018978-1-58852-103-3Glover I. StephenBusiness Separation Transactions: Spin-Offs, Subsidiary IPOs and Tracking Stock (Corporate Securities Series)
  ''978-1-58852-104-0Jonathan M. Hoff · Lawrence A. Larose · Frank J. ScaturroPublic Companies (Corporate Securities Series)
2003978-1-58852-105-7Tina L. StarkNegotiating and Drafting Contract Boilerplate
2002978-1-58852-106-4Stephen J. McGarryMultidisciplinary Practices and Partnerships: Lawyers, Consultants, and Clients (Law Office Management Series)
2018978-1-58852-107-1Richard Raysman · Peter Brown · Jeffrey D. Neuburger · William E. Bandon IIIEmerging Technologies and the Law: Forms and Analysis (Commercial Law SeriesIntellectual Property Series)
  ''978-1-58852-108-8Mary GambardellaEmployment Litigation (Employment and Labor Law Series)
2003978-1-58852-109-5Holly EnglishGender on Trial: Sexual Stereotypes and Work/Life Balance in the Legal Workplace
  ''978-1-58852-110-1Christen Civiletto Carey Esq. · Kristen David AdamsThe Practice of Law School: Getting In and Making the Most of Your Legal Education
2018978-1-58852-111-8Charles J. Russo · Ralph D. MawdsleyEducation Law (Education Series)
2002978-1-58852-112-5Richard WaitesCourtroom Psychology and Trial Advocacy
2013978-1-58852-113-2Norman Solovay · Cynthia K. ReedThe Internet And Dispute Resolution: Untangling The Web (Intellectual Property Series, Number 671)
1977978-1-58852-114-9Stephen GillersI'd Rather Do It Myself: How to Set Up Your Own Law Firm
1978978-1-58852-115-6Freund C. JamesLawyering: A Realistic Approach to Legal Practice
2003978-1-58852-116-3Gretta Rusanow Esq.Knowledge Management and the Smarter Lawyer
2004978-1-58852-117-0Robert J. Ambrogi Esq.The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web
2018978-1-58852-118-7Peter J. TorenIntellectual Property and Computer Crimes (Intellectual PropertyBusiness Crimes Series)
2004978-1-58852-119-4Dennis Kennedy · Jerry Lawson · Brenda HowardWinning on the Web: Net Marketing for Lawyers
2019978-1-58852-120-0Joseph W. Bartlett · Ross P. Barrett · Michael ButlerAdvanced Private Equity Term Sheets and Series A Documents (Securities Series)
2018978-1-58852-121-7James M. Beck · Anthony ValeDrug and Medical Device Product Liability Deskbook (Litigation Series)
2003978-1-58852-122-4William W. BedsworthA Criminal Waste of Time
2004978-1-58852-123-1Joey AsherSelling and Communications Skills for Lawyers: A Fresh Approach to Marketing Your Practice
2018978-1-58852-124-8Rachel Gader-ShafranIntellectual Property Law Dictionary (Intellectual Property Series)
  ''978-1-58852-125-5Richard S. GrunerCorporate Criminal Liability and Prevention (Business Crimes Series)
2004978-1-58852-126-2Robert J. AmbrogiThe Essential Guide To The Best (and Worst) Legal Sites On The Web
2018978-1-58852-127-9Stephen I. Glover · Craig M. WassermanPartnerships, Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances (Business Law Series)
2004978-1-58852-128-6Alexander HamiltonPractical Proceedings In The Supreme Court Of The State Of New York
2017978-1-58852-129-3Lynn D. Fleisher · James C. DecheneTelemedicine and E-Health Law (Health Care Law Series)
978-1-58852-130-9Selling And Communication Skills for Lawyers
2018978-1-58852-131-6Marc I. SteinbergAttorney Liability After Sarbanes-Oxley (Securities Litigation Series)
2019978-1-58852-132-3Brent Kidwell · Matthew Neumeier · Brian HansenElectronic Discovery (Internet and Technology Series)
2018978-1-58852-133-0Joel M. AndrophyFederal False Claims Act and Qui Tam Litigation (Litigation Series)
2016978-1-58852-134-7Rodney A. Malpert · Amanda Thompson · Marketa LindtBusiness Immigration Law: Forms and Filings (Employment Law Series)
2007978-1-58852-135-4Kenneth F. OettleMaking Your Point: A Practical Guide to Persuasive Legal Writing
2006978-1-58852-136-1Sally J. SchmidtBusiness Development for Lawyers: Strategies for Getting and Keeping Clients
2018978-1-58852-137-8Bryan W. ButlerPatent Infringement: Compensation and Damages (Intellectual PropertyLitigation Series)
2019978-1-58852-138-5Diana D. ParkerDefending Federal Criminal Cases: Attacking the Government's Proof (Litigation Series)
2018978-1-58852-139-2Mark G. MiloneInformation Security Law: Control of Digital Assets
2019978-1-58852-140-8David M. Einhorn · Adam O. Emmerich · Robin PanovkaREITs: Mergers and Acquisitions (Real Estate Series)
2018978-1-58852-141-5Charlene Brownlee · Blaze D. WaleskiPrivacy Law (Data Protection Series)
2018978-1-58852-142-2Kevin T. AbikoffCorporate Governance: Avoiding and Responding to Misconduct (Corporate Securities Series)
2009978-1-58852-143-9John P. EsserThe Science of Courtroom Litigation: Jury Research and Analytical Graphics
2018978-1-58852-144-6Joseph A. Bartlett · Peter L. Korn Jr. · David J. Mittelstadt · Cathy L. ReeseLeveraged Buyouts (Securities Series)
2016978-1-58852-145-3Robert E. Frankel · John EllisonInsuring Real Property Businesses (Insurance and Real Estate Series)
2012978-1-58852-146-0Barry G. Felder · Frederick L. Whitmer · Jeffrey P. WeingartInformation Technology Litigation: Law and Analysis (Litigation Series)
2016978-1-58852-147-7Lisa M. BrownleFederal Acquisition Regulations: Intellectual Property and Related Rights (Intellectual Property Series)
2018978-1-58852-148-4Daniel I. DeWolf · Jeremy D. GlaserVenture Capital: Forms and Analysis (Securities Series)
2016978-1-58852-149-1Jerry A. HymanElder Law and Financial Strategies: Planning for Later Life (Health Care & Estate Planning Series)
2008978-1-58852-150-7William Edward NelsonFighting for the City: A History of the New York City Corporation Counsel
2018978-1-58852-151-4Stephen FishmanCopyright and The Public Domain (Intellectual Property Law Series)
2017978-1-58852-152-1Thomas A. MarrinsonProfessional Liability Insurance (Insurance Series)
2018978-1-58852-153-8Carla Garrett · Hayden TrubittLawyers Guide to Formulas in Deal Documents and Sec Filings (Corporate Securities)
2008978-1-58852-154-5by Stephen M. Axinn · Blaine V. Fogg · Neal R. Stoll · Bruce J. Prager · and Joseph P. NisaAcquisitions Under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act (Third Edition)
978-1-58852-155-2New York Civil Practice Law and Rules: With Decisions of Interest from the New York Law Journal
978-1-58852-156-9New York Real Property Law: With Decisions of Interest and Columns from the New York Law Journal
978-1-58852-157-6New York Estates and Surrogate's Court Law: With Decisions of Interest and Columns from the New York Law Journal
2016978-1-58852-159-0Frances Kulka Browne · Lauren Reiter BrodyHiring and Firing (Employment Law Series)
2012978-1-58852-160-6Jeffrey D. WittenbergCommercial Contracting: Sales Under the UCC
2016978-1-58852-161-3Walter NagelState Business Taxes (Tax Series)
2018978-1-58852-162-0Michael R. Nelson · Robert T. Horst · Mark H. RosenbergExtra-Contractual Litigation against Insurers (Insurance Law SeriesLitigation Series)
  ''978-1-58852-163-7Steven C. SchwartzReinsurance Law: An Analytic Approach (Insurance Law Series)
2015978-1-58852-164-4Glen P. BelvisIntellectual Property in Business Transactions: Protecting the Competitive Advantage (Intellectual Property Series)
2012978-1-58852-165-1Chilton Davis Varner · Andrew T. BaymanRegulation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (Regulatory Series)
  ''978-1-58852-166-8Rachel Giesber ClingmanLitigation Management (Litigation Series)
2013978-1-58852-167-5Ronald S. LonghoferBusiness Valuation (Corporate Series)
2018978-1-58852-168-2James F. Neale · Angela SpiveyFood Safety Law (Litigation Series)
2017978-1-58852-169-9Peter S. BritellGreen Buildings: Law, Contract and Regulation (Environmental LawReal Property Series)
2016978-1-58852-170-5Kristopher A. Boushie · Christopher H. Spadea · Martin F. CunniffCalculating and Proving Damages (Commercial Law Series itigation Series)
2013978-1-58852-171-2Walter Nagel · John L. ChiltonMutual Funds: Law and Practice (Securities Series)
2019978-1-58852-172-9David Bernstein · Bruce KellerThe Law of Advertising, Marketing and Promotions (Commercial Law Business Law Series)
2016978-1-58852-173-6Ellen Smith · Victor HaleyHotel Law (Business Law Series)
2018978-1-58852-174-3David M. AxelradAppellate Practice in Federal and State Courts (Litigation Series)
  ''978-1-58852-175-0Jason D. Krieser · Shawn C. HelmsOutsourcing: Law and Business (Business LawEmployment Law Series)
2017978-1-58852-176-7Corey Field · Barry I. SlotnickEntertainment Law: Forms and Analysis (Business Law Series ntertainment Law Series)
2019978-1-58852-177-4Melanie L. Fein · Scott ZeschFederal Bank Holding Company Law (Banking Law Series Corporate Law Series)
2018978-1-58852-178-1Noah A. Finkel · Brett C. Bartlett · Andrew M. PaleyWage & Hour Collective and Class Litigation (Labor and Employment Law Series)
2013978-1-58852-179-8Megan P. Norris · James B. ThelenFamily & Medical Leave and the Law (Labor and Employment Law Series)
2017978-1-58852-180-4Jonathan S. Jennings · J. Michael MonahanTrademarks and Unfair Competition: Critical Issues in the Law (Intellectual Property Series)
2015978-1-58852-181-1Cathy L. Reese · William J. Marsden Jr.Technology Litigation in Delaware Court of Chancery (Technology Litigation Series)
2018978-1-58852-182-8Martin Weinstein · Robert Meyer · Jeffrey ClarkThe Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Compliance, Investigations and Enforcement (Litigation Series)
2016978-1-58852-183-5BuckinghamTrademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice: A Comprehensive Review (Litigation and Intellectual Property Law Series)
2013978-1-58852-184-2Rosen K. PeterDirectors and Officers Liability Insurance Forms Annotated
  ''978-1-58852-185-9Mary Anthony MerchantThe America Invents Act (AIA) Handbook: A Guide to the Patent Law Reform of 2011
2017978-1-58852-213-9Lisa T Oratz and Contributing ExpertsSocial Media Law
2018978-1-58852-337-2Stephanie R. Breslow · David J. Efron · Marc E. Elovitz · David Nissenbaum · Steven J. FredmanHedge Funds: Formation, Operation and Regulation
2016978-1-58852-339-6Peter Hlavnicka · Anthony Keats · Ryan DrimallaProtecting the Brand: Counterfeiting and Gray Markets
2018978-1-58852-341-9John R. Liebman · Roszel C. Thomsen II · James E. Bartlett IIIUnited States Export Controls
2016978-1-58852-342-6Bradford K NewmanProtecting Intellectual Property in the Age of Employee Mobility:: Forms and Analysis
2018978-1-58852-344-0Ralph C. Ferrara · Julia D PizziShareholder Derivative Litigation: Besieging the Board (Corporate Litigation Series)
2014978-1-58852-352-5David R MarriottWinning at Trial: Insights from the Bench and Leading Litigators
2014978-1-58852-353-2Maebius B StephenDue Diligence for Intellectual Property: Valuing Assets in a Transaction
  ''978-1-58852-372-3Megan P NorrisFamily & Medical Leave and the Law (Labor and Employment Law)
  ''978-1-58852-377-8Michael G. McManus · Rodney R. SweetlandSection 337 Investigations: Unfair Trade Practice Litigation Before the ITC
  ''978-1-58852-379-2Frederick W KindelDiscretionary Tax and Economic Incentives
2015978-1-58852-385-3Denzin Brent · Julie Tappendorf · Adam Simon · David Silverman · Gregory Jones · Daniel BolinLand Use Law: Zoning in the 21st Century
  ''978-1-58852-387-7Mary Anthony MerchantThe America Invents Act (AIA) Handbook: A Guide to the Patent Law Reform of 2011
2015978-1-58852-389-1Thomas P Lemke · Gerald T. LinsCollective Trusts and Other Commingled Funds: Law and Regulation
2016978-1-58852-391-4Elliot E. PolebaumInternational Arbitration: Commercial and Investment Treaty Law and Practice
2015978-1-58852-394-5Corey R ChiversDue Diligence in Securities Offerings
  ''978-1-58852-396-9Mary Anthony MerchantThe America Invents Act (AIA) Handbook: A Guide to the Patent Law
2018978-1-58852-398-3Lisa J Banks · Jason C. SchwartzWhistleblower Law:: A Practitioner's Guide
2016978-1-58852-400-3Dennis S Ellis · Katherine F. Murray · Begakis J. Nicholas · Adam M. ReichEnforcement of Judgments: A Practitioner's Guide to Recovery
2018978-1-58852-404-1David E. Gaulin · Stanley KolodziejczakLaw Firm Accounting and Financial Management (Sixth Edition)