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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-58846-877-2Nancy CollinsPaint It Black (The Sonja Blue Series)
2006978-1-58846-878-9Nancy CollinsWild Blood
2005978-1-58846-882-6Aaron RosenbergThe Carnelian Flame (Exalted)
  ''978-1-58846-883-3Monte CookThe Dragons' Return (Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved)
2007978-1-58846-889-5White Wolf Publishing IncVtes Sword of Caine Booster Display
  ''978-1-58846-890-1Sword of Caine Booster Packs (Vampire: The External Struggle)
  ''978-1-58846-935-9Keith Baker · Rich Burlew · C. Robert Cargill · Michael Gill · George HollochwostTome of Artifacts (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying)
  ''978-1-58846-936-6Jackie Cassada · Brandon Crowley · Richard Farrese · Bob Fitch · Bruce GrawWorld of Warcraft: Monster Guide (Sword & Sorcery)
2006978-1-58846-940-3Monte CookArcana Evolved Spell Treasury
2005978-1-58846-941-0Elissa Carey · Jonathan Cassie · Simone CooperGame of Thrones: D20-Based Open Gaming RPG (Deluxe Limited Edition)
2005978-1-58846-942-7George R.R. Martin · Mark MacKinnon · Michelle LyonsA Game of Thrones: D20-Based Open Gaming RPG
  ''978-1-58846-945-8Rob BaxterWorld of Warcraft: More Magic and Mayhem
2006978-1-58846-946-5Greg StaffordThe Great Pendragon Campaign
2005978-1-58846-947-2Greg StaffordKing Arthur Pendragon (Pendragon 5th Edition)
  ''978-1-58846-948-9Necromancer Games StaffWilderlands Of High Fantasy (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Campaign Setting)
2006978-1-58846-949-6Mike MearlsMonty Cook Presents: The Iron Heroes Bestiary (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Iron Heroes Setting)
2004978-1-58846-951-9Jackie CassadaDenizens of Dread (Ravenloft d20 3.5 Horror Roleplaying)
  ''978-1-58846-952-6Monte CookThe Complete Book of Eldritch Might (d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying)
  ''978-1-58846-953-3Anthony PryorEverquest Realms of Norrath Dagnor's Ca
2004978-1-58846-954-0Mike JohnstoneWarcraft Magic and Mayhem
  ''978-1-58846-955-7Mike GillEchoes of the Past The Slarecian Legacy (Scarred Lands)
  ''978-1-58846-956-4Evan JamiesonRelics & Rituals Excalibur (Sword and Sorcery Studio)
  ''978-1-58846-958-8Monte CookLegacy of the Dragons (Arcana Unearthed d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying)
  ''978-1-58846-960-1ArthausWarcraft Lands of Conflict *OP
2004978-1-58846-961-8Bruce GrawAdvanced Player's Guide (Sword and Sorcery Studios)
  ''978-1-58846-962-5Werner HagerEdge of Infinity The Scarred Planes (Scarred Lands)
  ''978-1-58846-963-2Carl GilchristEverquest Heroes of Norrath
  ''978-1-58846-964-9Jackie Cassada · John Mangrum · Steve MillerRavenloft Gazetteer, Vol. 5 (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Ravenloft Setting)
  ''978-1-58846-966-3Owen Stephens · Alejandro Melchor · Geoff SkellamsGamma World: Cryptic Alliances & Unknown Enemies (Gamma World d20 3.5 Roleplaying)
2004978-1-58846-967-0Monte CookBook of Hallowed Might II: Portents and Visions (Sword & Sorcery)
2005978-1-58846-968-7White W0Lf · SWORD AND SORCERYIslands of Mist
2004978-1-58846-973-1Warcraft Shadows & Light *OP (Sword Sorcery)
  ''978-1-58846-974-8SWORD AND SORCERYRelics & Rituals Olympus (SWORD & SORCERY)
  ''978-1-58846-975-5Monte Cook · Ray Vallese · Wolfgang Baur · Colin McCombBeyond Countless Doorways (SWORD & SORCERY)
2005978-1-58846-976-2Kurt HausheerEverquest Plane of Hate (SWORD & SORCERY)
2004978-1-58846-977-9Ellen KileyGamma World: Beyond the Horizon (Gamma World d20 3.5 Roleplaying Game)
  ''978-1-58846-980-9Mike MearlsBook of Iron Might (SWORD & SORCERY)
  ''978-1-58846-985-4   ''Arcana Unearthed: Mystic Secrets (The Lore of Word and Rune)
2005978-1-58846-986-1EverquestEverquest Kunark Past and Pres
2004978-1-58846-988-5Joseph GoodmanDragonMech
2005978-1-58846-989-2F. SchneiderDragonMech Mech Manual
2004978-1-58846-990-8Patrick LawingerCity State of the Invincible Overlord (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying)
2004978-1-58846-991-5James ColluraCaverns of Thracia (Sword & Sorcery D20)
  ''978-1-58846-992-2Monte CookTome of Horrors II (Necromancer)
  ''978-1-58846-993-9Chad Coulter · Lance HawvermaleBonegarden (Sword & Sorcery)
  ''978-1-58846-995-3Bruce CordellHyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure, 7th Level)
2005978-1-58846-996-0White W0lfEverquest 2 Map (Sword & Sorcery)
2004978-1-58846-997-7Joseph GoodmanDragonMech Shardsfall Quest (SWORD & SORCERY)
2005978-1-58846-998-4SWORD AND SORCERYEverQuest 2 Spell Book *CXD (SWORD & SORCERY)
  ''978-1-58846-999-1Scott Holden-Jones · Anthony Pryor · John SteeleEverQuest 2 Players Guide (SWORD & SORCERY)