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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-58814-002-9Reza SaberiA Thousand Years of Persian Rubaiyat
2005978-1-58814-019-7Shamseddin HafezThe Poems of Hafez
2014978-1-58814-021-0Simin K. Habibian · Hadi Khorsandi · Shusha Guppy1001 Persian-English Proverbs: 3rd (third) Edition: Learning Language and Culture through Commonly Used Sayings (English and Farsi Edition)
2003978-1-58814-022-7Asadollah Alam · Alinaghi AlikhaniDiaries of Asadollah Alam: Vol. V (1354/1975) [Persian language] (Farsi Edition)
  ''978-1-58814-027-2Bahman Aghai-DibaThe Law & Politics of the Caspian Sea in the Twenty-First Century: The Positions and Views of Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, With Special Reference to Iran
2005978-1-58814-030-2Hooshang AmuzegarA Dictionary of Common Persian and English Verbs
2006978-1-58814-034-0Yavar DehghaniPersian-English English-Persian Learner's Dictionary
2005978-1-58814-037-1Ahmad ShamluThe Love Poems of Ahmad Shamlu
2006978-1-58814-038-8Ardeshir ZahediThe Memoirs of Ardeshir Zahedi: From Childhood to the End of My Father's Premiership (Farsi Edition)
2010978-1-58814-039-5Abu-sa’id Abu’l KheyrThe Poems of Abu Said (Classics of Persian Literature)
2007978-1-58814-041-8Asadollah Alam · Alinaghi AlikhaniDiaries of Asadollah Alam, Vol VI (1355-1356/1976/1977) [Persian language] (English and Arabic Edition)
2006978-1-58814-045-6Daniel M. GurtnerIntroduction to Syriac: Key to Exercises & English-Syriac Vocabulary (Syriac Edition)
2008978-1-58814-049-4Massud AlemiInterruptions
2007978-1-58814-052-4Simin Mohajer · Mahvash Shahegh · Farima MostowfiLearning Persian Farsi: Book 1, Reading, Writing and Speaking (Persian Edition)
2010978-1-58814-053-1Hushang AmuzgarHow to Speak, Read & Write Persian (Farsi): Self-Teaching Method, Accompanied by Four Audio CDs
  ''978-1-58814-054-8Wheeler M. Thackston · W. M. ThackstonIntroduction to Persian, Revised Fourth Edition, Key to Exercises
  ''978-1-58814-055-5Wheeler M. ThackstonIntroduction to Persian
2008978-1-58814-058-6Shaykh Mushrifuddin Sa'diGulistan (Rose Garden) of Sa'di: Bilingual English and Persian Edition with Vocabulary
  ''978-1-58814-060-9Homayoon AramThe Wit and Wisdom of Three Worlds: A Billingual Collection of Popular Persian, Judaic and Western Proverbs and Expressions Arranged by Theme
2010978-1-58814-069-2Simin Mohajer · Mahvash ShaheghLearning Persian Book Two & Book Three (Persian and English Edition)
2009978-1-58814-071-5Ahmad KasraviMy Life [Zendegani-ye Man] (Persian Edition)
2013978-1-58814-091-3Shayan AfsharThe Life Over Yonder (Persian Edition)
2013978-1-58814-094-4Ibex PublishersPersian (Farsi) Alphabet Poster (Farsi Edition)
2014978-1-58814-095-1Moniru RavanipurAfsaneh, A Novel from Iran
  ''978-1-58814-132-3Rebecca Joubin · Etab HreibYour Mother-in-Law Loves You: And Other Expressions and Proverbs from Syria (English and Arabic Edition)
2015978-1-58814-134-7Behrad Aghaei · Mohammad Mehdi KhorramiA Persian Mosaic: Essays on Persian Language, Literature and Film
2019978-1-58814-140-8Rebecca JoubinAccelerated Persian: A Course in the Persian Language and Its Culture
2018978-1-58814-149-1Gholam-Hossein Sa'ediThe Mourners of Bayal: Short Stories by Gholam-Hossein Sa'edi
2017978-1-58814-157-6Sa'di Shirazi · Thackston M. WheelerThe Gulistan (Rose Garden) of Sa'di: Bilingual English and Persian Edition with Vocabulary
2018978-1-58814-159-0Mitra AraSystematic Guide to Reading and Writing Persian in Naskh & Nastaliq Styles
2017978-1-58814-160-6Shamseddin Mohammad HafezThe Complete Ghazals of Hafez (Divan-e Hafez) (Persian Edition)