year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-58768-000-7Theodore ZeldinConversation: How Talk Can Change Our Lives
2004978-1-58768-002-1Martin Palmer · Nigel PalmerEngland, Scotland, Wales: The Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes in Britain (Spiritual Traveler)
2001978-1-58768-003-8Edward F BergmanNew York City: The Guide to Sacred Spaces and Peaceful Places (Spiritual Traveler)
2000978-1-58768-007-6Russell StannardThe God Experiment: Can Science Prove the Existence of God?
2002978-1-58768-008-3Jana Riess PH.D.Boston and New England: A Guide to Sacred Sites and Peaceful Places (Spiritual Traveler)
2004978-1-58768-010-6Marilyn J. ChiatThe Spiritual Traveler: Chicago and Illinois: A Guide to Sacred Sites and Peaceful Places
2001978-1-58768-012-0Ursula KingChristian Mystics: Their Lives and Legacies Throughout the Ages
2002978-1-58768-013-7Nathaniel AltmanSacred Water: The Spiritual Source of Life
  ''978-1-58768-014-4Gunilla Brodde NorrisBeing Home: Discovering the Spiritual in the Everyday
  ''978-1-58768-015-1Jennifer WestwoodOn Pilgrimage: Sacred Journeys Around the World
  ''978-1-58768-016-8Brooke Newman · Lisa Mann DirkesThe Little Tern: A Story of Insight
2001978-1-58768-017-5Colin DuriezTolkien and the Lord of the Rings: A Guide to Middle-Earth
2002978-1-58768-018-2Christopher BrookeThe Age of the Cloister: The Story of Monastic Life in the Middle Ages
2004978-1-58768-020-5Jennifer HeathThe Scimitar and the Veil: Extraordinary Women of Islam
2003978-1-58768-023-6Gunilla Brodde NorrisBecoming Bread: Embracing the Spiritual in the Everyday
2005978-1-58768-024-3Lucinda VardeyTraveling with the Saints in Italy: Contemporary Pilgrimages on Ancient Paths
2003978-1-58768-025-0Jonathan SumptionThe Age of Pilgrimage: The Medieval Journey to God
  ''978-1-58768-026-7Colin DuriezTolkien and C.S. Lewis: The Gift of Friendship
2003978-1-58768-027-4Adrian House · Karen ArmstrongFrancis of Assisi: A Revolutionary Life
  ''978-1-58768-029-8Barnaby RogersonThe Prophet Muhammad: A Biography
2005978-1-58768-030-4Richard TaylorHow to Read a Church: A Guide to Symbols and Images in Churches and Cathedrals
  ''978-1-58768-033-5Michael CollinsThe Fisherman's Net: The Influence of the Popes on History
2009978-1-58768-035-9Paul JohnsonMurder and Redemption at a Benedictine Abbey
2006978-1-58768-036-6James MartinBecoming Who You Are: Insights on the True Self from Thomas Merton and Other Saints (Christian Classics)
  ''978-1-58768-037-3Luke Bell · Tony HendraA Deep And Subtle Joy: Life at Quarr Abbey
  ''978-1-58768-038-0Kathryn SpinkThe Miracle, the Message, the Story: Jean Vanier And L'arche
2006978-1-58768-039-7Ruth Burrows OCDEssence of Prayer (Hiddenspring)
2007978-1-58768-041-0Joel CohenDavid and Bathsheba: Through Nathan's Eyes
2008978-1-58768-044-1Marie A. ConnC.S. Lewis and Human Suffering: Light Among the Shadows
2007978-1-58768-046-5Ruth BurrowsInterior Castle Explored: St. Teresa's Teaching on the Life of Deep Union With God
2009978-1-58768-047-2Beebe BahramiThe Spiritual Traveler Spain: A Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes
2008978-1-58768-048-9Edward C. SellnerFinding the Monk Within: Great Monastic Values for Today
  ''978-1-58768-050-2Ruth BurrowsBefore the Living God
2009978-1-58768-053-3Trish ClarkGood Night & God Bless: A Guide to Convent & Monastery Accommodation in Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Italy: 1
2010978-1-58768-057-1Trish ClarkGood Night & God Bless [II]: A Guide to Convent & Monastery Accommodation in Europe - Volume Two: France, United Kingdom, and Ireland (Good Night & ... Convent & Monastery Accommodation in Europe)
  ''978-1-58768-058-8Luke BellBaptizing Harry Potter: A Christian Reading of J.K. Rowling
  ''978-1-58768-060-1Richard LeonardWhere the Hell Is God?
  ''978-1-58768-061-8Tracey LeonardFull Catastrophe, The
2010978-1-58768-062-5Paulist PressBeds and Blessings in Italy: A Guide to Religious Hospitality
  ''978-1-58768-063-2Charles M. SheltonGratitude Factor, The: Enhancing Your Life through Grateful Living
2011978-1-58768-064-9Richard Rohr · Foreword by James Martin · SJA Lever and A Place to Stand: The Contemplative Stance - The Active Prayer
2010978-1-58768-065-6Ruth Burrows OCDTo Believe in Jesus
2011978-1-58768-066-3Thomas G. Casey · Margaret Brennan HassettFrom Fear to Serenity with Anthony de Mello
2013978-1-58768-230-8Thomas A., CSP KaneHealing God's People: Theological and Pastoral Approaches: A Reconciliation Reader
  ''978-1-58768-249-0Yiu Sing Laucaas ChanBiblical Ethics in the 21st Century: Developments, Emerging Consensus, and Future Directions
  ''978-1-58768-250-6Lawrence BoadtPastoral Essays in Honor of Lawrence Boadt, CSP: Reading the Old Testament
  ''978-1-58768-257-5Sandra Marie SchneidersBuying the Field: Catholic Religious Life in Mission to the World
2013978-1-58768-280-3Wilfrid J., Op HarringtonReading Mark for the First Time
2014978-1-58768-290-2Richard ChilsonThe Hour Is Now: Praying with the Gospel of John
2013978-1-58768-292-6Leon KlenickiToward the Future: Essays on Catholic-Jewish Relations in Memory of Rabbi Leon Klenicki
2014978-1-58768-293-3Frank R. DesiderioCan You Let Go of a Grudge?: Learn to Forgive and Get on with Your Life
2013978-1-58768-295-7Richard LennanHope: Promise, Possibility, and Fulfillment
  ''978-1-58768-334-3FrancisI Ask You to Pray for Me: Opening a Horizon of Hope
2014978-1-58768-357-2Richard RohrDancing Standing Still: Healing the World from a Place of Prayer: A New Edition of a Lever and a Place to Stand
  ''978-1-58768-359-6Gerald O'CollinsThe Spirituality of the Second Vatican Council
2013978-1-58768-361-9Christoph Von ScheonbornThe Mystery of the Incarnation

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