year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-58763-076-7Patricia WheelerCriteria for Determining Disability in Infants and Children: Short Stature
978-1-58763-083-5The Effect of Health Care Working Conditions on Patient Safety
2003978-1-58763-091-0Paul G. ShekelleEffect of the Supplemental Use of Antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Coenzyme Q10 for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
  ''978-1-58763-097-2Robert L. KaneTotal Knee Replacement
  ''978-1-58763-138-2Oregon Health & Science UniversityHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, and Stroke
2004978-1-58763-152-8United StatesCriteria to Determine Disability Related to Multiple Sclerosis
  ''978-1-58763-159-7United StatesCeliac Disease
  ''978-1-58763-161-0University of Ottawa Evidence-Based PracMeasuring the Quality of Breast Cancer Care in Women
2004978-1-58763-162-7United StatesEconomic Incentives for Preventive Care
2006978-1-58763-184-9James M. BranscomeState Differences in Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance, 2003
  ''978-1-58763-231-0The Uses of Heparin to Treat Burn Injury
  ''978-1-58763-257-0Developing a Methodology for Establishing a Statement of Work for a Policy-Relevant Technical Analysis
2007978-1-58763-262-4Paul H. WiseA Critical Analysis of Care Coordination Strategies for Children with Special Health Care Needs
2008978-1-58763-342-3United StatesUtility of Monitoring Mycophenolic Acid in Solid Organ Transplant Patients
  ''978-1-58763-364-5Oregon Health & Science UniversityEffectiveness of Weight Management Programs in Children and Adolescents
  ''978-1-58763-366-9Minnesota Evidence-Based Practice CenterManagement of Chronic Hepatitis B: Prepared for Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
2008978-1-58763-370-6United StatesIntegration of Mental Health/Substance Abuse and Primary Care
2009978-1-58763-373-7University of Ottawa Evidence-Based PracDiagnosis and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction
  ''978-1-58763-374-4McMaster UniversityClinical Utility of Cancer Family History Collection in Primary Care
  ''978-1-58763-376-8Johns Hopkins UniversityOutcomes of Genetic Testing in Adults with a History of Venous Thromboembolism
  ''978-1-58763-377-5Edward W. BoyerPediatric Hospital Surge Capacity in Public Health Emergencies
  ''978-1-58763-379-9Alice H. LichtensteinApplication of Systematic Review Methodology to the Field of Nutrition
2009978-1-58763-380-5Tufts Evidence-Based Practice CenterIssues and Challenges in Conducting Systematic Reviews to Support Development of Nutrient Reference Values: Workshop Summary
  ''978-1-58763-381-2   ''Reporting of Systematic Reviews of Micronutrients and Health: A Critical Appraisal
  ''978-1-58763-383-6Minnesota Evidence-Based Practice CenterDiagnosis and Management of Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (Dcis)
  ''978-1-58763-385-0Tufts-New England Medical CenterVitamin D and Calcium: A Systematic Review of Health Outcomes
  ''978-1-58763-386-7United StatesImpact of Consumer Health Informatics Applications
2009978-1-58763-387-4Vanderbilt Evidence-Based Practice CenteTreatment of Overactive Bladder in Women
2010978-1-58763-389-8University of Alberta Evidence-Based PraExercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction and Asthma
  ''978-1-58763-400-0Rupa ValdezIndustrial and Systems Engineering and Health Care: Critical Areas of Research: Final Report
  ''978-1-58763-411-6Rand CorporationManagement of Acute Otitis Media: Update

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