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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-58738-465-3Destiny Determined: Power and Ritual in Asia
  ''978-1-58738-467-7World War II
  ''978-1-58738-468-4Cold War Into Guerilla War
  ''978-1-58738-474-5Inside Story: Your Body, Your Health
2003978-1-58738-478-3Water: Friend and Foe
2004978-1-58738-480-6Gunpowder and the Explosion of World War
  ''978-1-58738-927-6Africa: Shaped by the Past
2004978-1-58738-928-3The Middle East: Land of Contrast
  ''978-1-58738-929-0Turmoil in 20th Century Europe
  ''978-1-58738-941-2Fighting 20th Century Tyranny
  ''978-1-58738-943-6Forced to Flee: Famine and Plague
  ''978-1-58738-944-3The Legacy of the Roman Empire
2004978-1-58738-945-0Slavery, Society, and Apartheid
  ''978-1-58738-947-4Islam: History, Society, and Civilization
  ''978-1-58738-950-4Historical Heroes
  ''978-1-58738-952-8America at War: Charge and Defeat
  ''978-1-58738-992-4Reality Matters Deadly Desires
2006978-1-58738-996-2Reality Matters: Taking Care of Me