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2000978-1-58736-004-6Bruce GoldbergProtected by the Light: The Complete Book of Psychic Self Defense; 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-58736-008-4Karl RauhOf Little Human Hearts
  ''978-1-58736-009-1W J. RaymentThe Real Man's Cookbook: How, When, What and Why to Cook
2001978-1-58736-030-5Joel SherzerKuna Ways of Speaking
2002978-1-58736-033-6Mel RobinA Physiological Handbook for Teachers of Yogasana
2001978-1-58736-034-3Greg Urban · Joel SherzerNation-States and Indians in Latin America
  ''978-1-58736-035-0Sally Ann WyskielBless My Soul!
  ''978-1-58736-047-3Gabriel Antonio Tejeira AriasComo aprender el Dominó Latino en Parejas
2001978-1-58736-048-0Gabriel Antonio Tejeira AriasHow to Play Latin Partnership Dominoes
  ''978-1-58736-049-7Thomas FieldsPlanning Life's Projects: A Scientist's Approach
  ''978-1-58736-050-3Jay MarvinThe White Trash Chronicles
  ''978-1-58736-052-7Roxy MartinThe Real Deal: Stories from the E.R
  ''978-1-58736-064-0J. D. LockTo Fight with Intrepidity: The Complete History of the U.S. Army Rangers 1622 to Present
2001978-1-58736-067-1Angelyn MillerThe Enabler: When Helping Hurts the Ones You Love
  ''978-1-58736-068-8Charles CampbellThe Intolerable Hulks: British Shipboard Confinement 1776-1857
2002978-1-58736-081-7John Doyle Lee · Samuel N. HenrieWritings of John D. Lee
  ''978-1-58736-084-8Joseph A. LaratondaBarber Shop Jokes and Stories
  ''978-1-58736-094-7Wallace D. WattlesThe Science of Getting Rich or Financial Success Through Creative Thought
2003978-1-58736-098-5Alfred H. Saulniers · Suzanne S. SaulniersAit Bou Ichaouen: Weavings of a Nomadic Berber Tribe
2002978-1-58736-106-7Davis L. TempleTwo Letters Then Booger Den: Land of Dark Waters
2013978-1-58736-108-1Dean C. Delis · Cassandra PhillipsThe Passion Trap: How to Right an Unbalanced Relationship
2002978-1-58736-111-1James HoweThe Kuna Gathering: Contemporary Village Politics in Panama
2013978-1-58736-116-6Paul KelsoKelso's Shrug Book
2002978-1-58736-118-0Mac McKinleyMarketing Alignment: Breakthrough Strategies for Growth and Profitability
2003978-1-58736-133-3Ronald M. HenzelDarby, Dualism, and the Decline of Dispensationalism
2002978-1-58736-138-8Kenneth L. JarolemSpinal Surgery Written Simply by a Spinal Surgeon
2003978-1-58736-151-7Burt J. KeltnerPrelude to a Warrior
  ''978-1-58736-160-9Elia Levita BachurElia Levita Bachur's Bovo-Buch: A Translation of the Old Yiddish Edition of 1541 with Introduction and Notes
2013978-1-58736-167-8Annie BhagwandinThe Chestnut Cook Book: Recipes, Folklore and Practical Information
2003978-1-58736-169-2Abdul Hai HabibiAfghanistan: An Abridged History
2003978-1-58736-172-2Laura R. GrahamPerforming Dreams: Discoveries of Immortality Among the Xavante of Central Brazil
2013978-1-58736-178-4Arthur J. RussellFor Sinners Only
2003978-1-58736-182-1Rodney ButtRugby Coaching: The New Zealand Way
  ''978-1-58736-190-6Bill ClarkMillennia
  ''978-1-58736-193-7W. J. Blanchard Jr.Our Liberators: The Combat History of the 746th Tank Battalion during World War II
  ''978-1-58736-212-5Julio YacubThe Science and Art of Tennis: The Ultimate Pictorial Guide for Singles
  ''978-1-58736-236-1Alan RiggHow to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling
2003978-1-58736-253-8Steven KeslowitzThe Simpsons And Society: An Analysis Of Our Favorite Family And Its Influence In Contemporary Society
  ''978-1-58736-263-7Josh SundquistForty Voices: Stories of Hope from Our Generation
2004978-1-58736-270-5Hank Anlaf · Oscar SannarOdin: The Diary of a CIA Assassin
  ''978-1-58736-271-2Helmi Kortes-ErkkilaBefore Modern Conveniences: One Finnish Farm Family 1917-1927
  ''978-1-58736-313-9Alan RiggHow to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling: Why Most Salespeople Don't Perform and What to Do About It
  ''978-1-58736-315-3Joseph P. WeaverThe Tao Of Quitting Smoking
2004978-1-58736-321-4Matt ArnoldCrossroads
  ''978-1-58736-332-0A. TothFertile vs. Infertile: How infections Affect Your Fertility and Your Baby's Health
  ''978-1-58736-334-4Akio NakaeLarge Ferris Wheel
  ''978-1-58736-346-7Nicole WalterGo, Matt, Go: Stories from the People of the Matt Gonzalez for Mayor Campaign
  ''978-1-58736-347-4Helen RoseLady Rose's Book of Dream Interpretation and Lucky Numbers
2012978-1-58736-367-2J D. LockThe Coveted Black and Gold
2004978-1-58736-368-9John D. LockThe Coveted Black And Gold: A Daily Journey Through the U.S. Army Ranger School Experience
2005978-1-58736-374-0Del BirkeyThe Fall of Patriarchy: Its Broken Legacy Judged by Jesus & the Apostolic House Church Communities
2004978-1-58736-377-1Achamma C. Chandersekaran · R. E. AsherDaughters of Kerala, 2nd Edition: 25 Short Stories by Award-Winning Authors
2004978-1-58736-387-0A. Toth MDFertile Vs. Infertile: How Infections Affect Your Fertility And Your Baby's Health
2005978-1-58736-402-0Sebastian ChanceHow to Get the Woman of Your Dreams Using the Internet
  ''978-1-58736-404-4Mathias B. FreeseThe i Tetralogy
  ''978-1-58736-407-5Ron · G. MullinaxFritz Von Erich: Master of the Iron Claw
  ''978-1-58736-408-2Ron G. MullinaxFritz Von Erich: Master Of The Iron Claw
  ''978-1-58736-412-9Charles Keil · Steven FeldMusic Grooves: Essays And Dialogues
2005978-1-58736-414-3Ralph W. NottoChallenge and Consequence: Forcing Change to eCommerce
  ''978-1-58736-422-8T. A. WilsonIn Pursuit of a Legend: 72 Days in California Bigfoot Country
  ''978-1-58736-425-9Nancy MonsonCraft to Heal: Soothing Your Soul with Sewing, Painting, and Other Pastimes
  ''978-1-58736-436-5Edmond Daniel · Blondie P. DanielOne Flesh One Bone: God's Marriage Plan
  ''978-1-58736-438-9Davis L. Temple Jr.Preacherman
2005978-1-58736-440-2Bambi B. SchieffelinThe Give And Take of Everyday Life: Language Socialization of Kaluli Children
  ''978-1-58736-444-0Witnesses of Sound DoctrineThe New Testament: With Sacred Names Restored
  ''978-1-58736-445-7   ''The New Testament: With Sacred Names Restored
2016978-1-58736-446-4David R. WoodruffFrom Dad, with Love: Everyday Wisdom for Young Adults
2006978-1-58736-450-1Rick PhippsSkiing Zen: Searching for the Spirituality of Sport
2005978-1-58736-453-2Iwan ToowinHow to Win at Roulette
  ''978-1-58736-454-9Sebastian ChanceHow to Get the Man of Your Dreams Using the Internet
  ''978-1-58736-456-3Mohanna HaddadGuest in a Hostile Society: Notes of the First Professor from an Arab University on Sabbatical Year in Israel
2005978-1-58736-462-4Alice M. Hargrove CuttsTen Thousand Miles: A Poetic Journey Through Life's Narrow Streets and Winding Roads
2013978-1-58736-463-1Wayne CoyBay City Babylon: The Unbelievable, But True Story Of The Bay City Rollers
2005978-1-58736-468-6Herbert F. VetterNotable American Unitarians 1740-1900
  ''978-1-58736-482-2Irene L. LeonardConsecrated Journey
  ''978-1-58736-483-9Marcella S. MitchellSearching for ... Me?
  ''978-1-58736-485-3Elena PanaClepsydra: Ancient Tears
  ''978-1-58736-494-5David A. AakerFrom Fargo to the World of Brands: My Story So Far
2005978-1-58736-495-2David A. AakerFrom Fargo to the World of Brands: My Story So Far
  ''978-1-58736-498-3Alberto Treviño-HernándezCuranderos: They Heal the Sick with Prayers and Herbs
2007978-1-58736-499-0J. D. LockRangers in Combat: A Legacy of Valor
2005978-1-58736-507-2Aldene F. GordonThe Status of African-Americans in the Third Millennium: A Proletariat's View
  ''978-1-58736-518-8Julie Wanner RossettiDiabetes Can Be Sweet . . . Once You Bury It
  ''978-1-58736-520-1June Stahl · Gordon BealeArizona Watering Holes: Unique Saloons & Taverns
  ''978-1-58736-526-3William M. WolfMy Life on Paper: Collected Stories, Volume I
2005978-1-58736-527-0William M. WolfAbout Face: Collected Stories Volume II
  ''978-1-58736-534-8Howard J. Parad · Libbie G. ParadCrisis Intervention Book 2: The Practitioner's Sourcebook for Brief Therapy
  ''978-1-58736-538-6Lisa K. MillerThe Range of Light
  ''978-1-58736-539-3Standhope WilliamsHere Are Your Heroes, Caribbean
  ''978-1-58736-559-1Annette MaxberryThe Morrigan: An Erotic Tale of Reincarnation, Magic, and Murder
2006978-1-58736-579-9Jill GunzelRestless Legs Syndrome: The RLS Rebel's Survival Guide
2006978-1-58736-585-0Akio NakaeNakae Kung Fu
  ''978-1-58736-590-4Jerry S. EicherA Time to Live
  ''978-1-58736-593-5Matt ArnoldAn Open Universe
  ''978-1-58736-596-6Marilyn MoreSpiritual Explosion
  ''978-1-58736-604-8Sergey Sheleg · Edwin EhrlichAutoerotic Asphyxiation: Forensic, Medical, and Social Aspects
2013978-1-58736-605-5Christopher D. LeePerformance Conversations: An Alternative to Appraisals
2013978-1-58736-609-3Suzan WynneThe Galitzianers: The Jews of Galicia, 1772-1918
2006978-1-58736-633-8Robert M. SnyderWinning Chess Traps for Juniors: Tactics in the Opening
  ''978-1-58736-636-9Sharon SennaLife Lines: More Stories from the Heart
  ''978-1-58736-639-0Marianne DormanLancelot Andrewes 1555-1626: Teacher and Preacher in the Post Reformation English Church
  ''978-1-58736-649-9Robert M. SnyderUnbeatable Chess Lessons for Juniors: Revised Edition
2008978-1-58736-651-2Greg BustinLead the Way: Charting a Course to Win
2006978-1-58736-663-5Nancy Teas-Crain · Linda ThompsonMath for Puzzled Parents: The math skills you need to help your kids with homework
  ''978-1-58736-675-8Jeffrey MantyProphecy Code II: A Last Days Revelation of Allah in Scripture and What It Means to the World
2007978-1-58736-693-2Evelyne TannehillAbandoned and Forgotten: An Orphan Girl's Tale of Survival During World War II
2006978-1-58736-694-9Martha L. PekarekFreedom from Obesity and Sugar Addiction
2007978-1-58736-699-4Francine Pappadis FriedmanMatchDotBomb: A Midlife Journey through Internet Dating
2009978-1-58736-708-3Mel RobinA Handbook for Yogasana Teachers
2007978-1-58736-711-3J Douglas BottorffThe Whisper of Pialigos
2007978-1-58736-719-9Sr. Andrew JacksonJames A. Banks and the Evolution of Multicultural Education: Implications for Teacher Educators and Curriculum Development
  ''978-1-58736-732-8Saul H RosenthalSpeaking Better French: Faux Amis
2006978-1-58736-739-7Lisa BaumHow to Permanently Cure Your Fear of Public Speaking
2007978-1-58736-744-1Gerald R. HooverBrotherhood of the Fin: A Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer's Story
2008978-1-58736-753-3Bruce A. BarkerEverybody's Building Code: Based on the 2003 International Residential Code
2007978-1-58736-763-2Karen D. WasobaLord, Shut Me Up! Anger Management for Christians
  ''978-1-58736-766-3Mark UnderwoodThe Candy Diet: Taming the Hunger Monster
  ''978-1-58736-767-0Saul H. RosenthalThe Rules for the Gender of French Nouns
2013978-1-58736-770-0Marilyn LancelotGripped by Gambling
2007978-1-58736-783-0Thomas P. CollinsStage-Struck Settlers in the Sun-Kissed Land: The Amateur Theatre in Territorial Prescott, 1868-1903
  ''978-1-58736-801-1Ray ChengPractical Chess Exercises: 600 Lessons from Tactics to Strategy
2013978-1-58736-805-9Ralph PuckettWords for Warriors
2007978-1-58736-819-6Kilar & MillerRV
2007978-1-58736-826-4Richard F. VentiThe Doctor's Dog
  ''978-1-58736-837-0Saul H. RosenthalSpeaking Better French: The Key Words and Expressions You'll Need Every Day
  ''978-1-58736-846-2Bob MillerKill Me If You Can, You SOB
  ''978-1-58736-861-5Navy PhimReflections of a Khmer Soul
  ''978-1-58736-865-3Rosemary A. Cunliffe NorthBeyond the Glitz and Glamour of Las Vegas
2007978-1-58736-882-0Lisa C. BerryInside the Methadone Clinic Industry
  ''978-1-58736-898-1Nina AtwoodTemptations of the Single Girl: The Ten Dating Traps You Must Avoid
2008978-1-58736-905-6Angelyn MillerThe Enabler
2007978-1-58736-918-6Sy HardingBeat the Market the Easy Way!
  ''978-1-58736-922-3James D. BestThe Shopkeeper (Steve Dancy Tale)
2008978-1-58736-934-6Rowan McBrideWant Me
  ''978-1-58736-976-6Kyle Farhat · Nancie CumminsClaim Success! Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Start a Successful Medical Billing Business and Create a Viable Career for Yourself
  ''978-1-58736-995-7Paul Von WardThe Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation

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