year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-1-58715-012-8Phyllis Ann KarrThe Idylls of the Queen: A Tale of Queen Guenevere
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2000978-1-58715-018-0H. Rider HaggardThe Virgin of the Sun
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1912978-1-58715-028-9   ''Marie: An Episode in the Life of the Late Allan Quatermain
1973978-1-58715-043-2Abdul AlhazredAl Azif: The Necronomicon
1999978-1-58715-045-6Alan Dean FosterTo the Vanishing Point
1986978-1-58715-047-0Alan Dean FosterInto the Out of
1999978-1-58715-048-7   ''Into the Out of
  ''978-1-58715-049-4   ''The Man Who Used the Universe
  ''978-1-58715-051-7Lloyd Biggle Jr.Monument
  ''978-1-58715-052-4Lloyd Biggle Jr.The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets
1999978-1-58715-054-8Lloyd Biggle Jr.The Light That Never Was
  ''978-1-58715-055-5   ''Silence is Deadly
1990978-1-58715-068-5S. T. JoshiH.P. Lovecraft: The Decline of the West
1962978-1-58715-077-7Ward Moore · Avram DavidsonJoyleg
2003978-1-58715-079-1Lord DunsanyFifty-One Tales
1989978-1-58715-082-1Keith RobertsWinterwood: And Other Hauntings
2000978-1-58715-088-3William MorrisThe Well at the World's End: Volume I
  ''978-1-58715-089-0William MorrisThe Well at the World's End: Volume II (Wildside Fantasy)
  ''978-1-58715-099-9Keith RobertsThe Chalk Giants
1999978-1-58715-101-9Robert Weinberg · E. Hoffmann PriceThe Weird Tales Story
  ''978-1-58715-102-6Carol Selby Price · Robert M. PriceMystic Rhythms: The Philosophical Vision of Rush
2001978-1-58715-103-3H. Rider HaggardThe Ancient Allan
2000978-1-58715-106-4Alan RodgersGhosts Who Cannot Sleep
2000978-1-58715-107-1Alan RodgersThe Bear Who Found Christmas
  ''978-1-58715-111-8H. Rider HaggardChild of Storm
  ''978-1-58715-119-4Lois TiltonWritten in Venom
1992978-1-58715-127-9R. A. LaffertyIron Tears
2000978-1-58715-151-4H. Rider HaggardHeu-Heu or the Monster
1950978-1-58715-154-5Nelson BondLancelot Biggs: Spaceman: The Remarkable Exploits of
2003978-1-58715-155-2Alan RodgersHer Misbegotten Son
2000978-1-58715-158-3Leslie WhatThe Sweet and Sour Tongue
2003978-1-58715-197-2Rodgers, AlanMenace: Battle Mountain
2000978-1-58715-198-9Brian McNaughtonThe Throne of Bones
  ''978-1-58715-199-6Anna M. RichardsA New Alice in the Old Wonderland
1974978-1-58715-200-9Philip E. HighSpeaking of Dinosaurs
1984978-1-58715-203-0Don HerronThe Dark Barbarian: The Writings of Robert E Howard: A Critical Anthology
2003978-1-58715-208-5Ernest BramahThe Wallet of Kai Lung
2004978-1-58715-211-5Stephen Mark RaineyThe Last Trumpet
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2002978-1-58715-215-3Scott ConnorsH.P. Lovecraft: A Century Less a Dream
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  ''978-1-58715-221-4James Branch CabellFigures of Earth (Wildside Fantasy)
2000978-1-58715-235-1John ChristopherA Wrinkle in the Skin
2000978-1-58715-236-8John ChristopherThe Little People
2000978-1-58715-237-5John ChristopherThe Possessors
  ''978-1-58715-238-2Philip E. HighThese Savage Futurians
  ''978-1-58715-239-9   ''Invader on My Back
  ''978-1-58715-240-5Robert SilverbergThe Androids Are Coming: Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, Alfred Bester, and More
  ''978-1-58715-245-0R. A. LaffertyNot to Mention Camels: A Wild Trip Through Time and Space
2001978-1-58715-248-1Reginald BretnorDecisive Warfare: A Study in Military Theory
2001978-1-58715-249-8Lloyd Biggle Jr.The Whirligig of Time: A Jan Darzek Novel
2003978-1-58715-257-3McNaughton, BrianNasty Stories
  ''978-1-58715-259-7Brian McNaughtonDownward to Darkness
  ''978-1-58715-263-4Stephen Mark RaineyBalak
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2001978-1-58715-283-2Lou AndersOutside the Box
2003978-1-58715-285-6Lawrence Watt-EvansWith A Single Spell
  ''978-1-58715-286-3   ''The Unwilling Warlord
2018978-1-58715-288-7   ''Taking Flight: A Legend of Ethshar (Legends of Ethshar)
2002978-1-58715-294-8Alan Rodgers · Lillian Stewart CarlTime Enough to Die
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2000978-1-58715-309-9Nick PollottaBureau 13: #1 Judgment Night
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1987978-1-58715-315-0   ''Mandricardo (Furthur Adventures in Terra Magica)
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2002978-1-58715-330-3David LangfordThe Complete Critical Assembly: The Collected White Dwarf (And GM, and GMI) Sf Review Columns
2001978-1-58715-334-1Keith BrookeLord of Stone
2005978-1-58715-335-8Eric BrownDeep Future
  ''978-1-58715-336-5David LangfordGuts:: A Comedy of Manners
2003978-1-58715-338-9Roger CheesbroGilgamesh:: A Klingon Translation
2001978-1-58715-344-0Laurence M. JaniferThe Counterfeit Heinlein (Gerald Knave Science Fiction Novels)
  ''978-1-58715-352-5James Branch CabellChivalry (Wildside Fantasy)
  ''978-1-58715-356-3Keith RobertsThe Boat of Fate
2003978-1-58715-357-0Lawrence Watt-EvansThe Blood of a Dragon (Legends of Ethshar)
  ''978-1-58715-360-0   ''The Spell of the Black Dagger (Legends of Ethshar)
2003978-1-58715-364-8Malcolm James James RymerVarney the Vampyre: Volume I, The Feast of Blood
2001978-1-58715-375-4Lillian Stewart CarlShadows in Scarlet
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2001978-1-58715-391-4Michael CarrollThe Dead Colony (Pelicos Trilogy)
  ''978-1-58715-392-1   ''The Throwback
  ''978-1-58715-393-8   ''Renegade
  ''978-1-58715-395-2John ChristopherThe Year of the Comet
2003978-1-58715-400-3Charles StrossToast
2004978-1-58715-402-7Nick PollottaBureau 13: Doomsday Exam
2005978-1-58715-410-2John SladekThe Lunatics of Terra
2002978-1-58715-413-3Charles StrossToast: and Other Rusted Futures
2004978-1-58715-419-5John SladekKeep the Giraffe Burning
2001978-1-58715-422-5H. Rider HaggardShe and Allan
  ''978-1-58715-426-3R. A. LaffertyAnnals of Klepsis
2005978-1-58715-429-4Bill RansomJaguar
2001978-1-58715-432-4H. Rider HaggardThe Ivory Child (Wildside Fantasy)
2003978-1-58715-433-1Earl Derr BiggersFifty Candles (Wildside Mystery Classics)
2003978-1-58715-438-6Brian N. BallThe Regiments of Night
2002978-1-58715-440-9Philip E. HighThe Best of Philip E. High
2001978-1-58715-441-6Eric BrownDeep Future
2005978-1-58715-442-3John SladekAlien Accounts
2001978-1-58715-445-4L. H. Maynard · M. P. N. SimsDarkness Rising 2
2005978-1-58715-447-8Neal AsherAfrica Zero
2001978-1-58715-448-5David Langford · John GrantGuts: A Comedy of Manners
2004978-1-58715-455-3Nick PollottaBureau 13: Judgment Night
2001978-1-58715-464-5Maurice LeblancArsene Lupin Vs. Herlock Sholmes: A Classic Tale of the World's Greatest Thief and the World's Greatest Detective!
2005978-1-58715-466-9Adrian ColeOblivion Hand:: A Tale of the Voidal (Wildside Fantasy)
2001978-1-58715-468-3Leigh BrackettThe Tiger Among Us: A Novel of Unrelenting Suspense (Wildside Mystery Classics)
2003978-1-58715-469-0Howard M. BerlinCharlie Chan's Words of Wisdom
2001978-1-58715-470-6Darrell SchweitzerDiscovering H.P. Lovecraft
  ''978-1-58715-471-3Darrell SchweitzerDiscovering H.P. Lovecraft
2005978-1-58715-472-0F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre · Darrell SchweitzerMacintyre's Improbable Bestiary
2003978-1-58715-473-7H. Rider HaggardNada the Lily (Wildside Fantasy)
2005978-1-58715-483-6Dan CloreThe Unspeakable and Others
2003978-1-58715-492-8Nelson BondThat Worlds May Live
2002978-1-58715-493-5Anne McCaffreyThe Mark of Merlin
  ''978-1-58715-494-2Sax RohmerThe Golden Scorpion
2003978-1-58715-501-7William ShakespeareMuch Ado About Nothing: The Restored Klingon Text
  ''978-1-58715-507-9Paul Di FilippoA Mouthful of Tongues: Her Totipotent Tropicanalia
2005978-1-58715-512-3Paul ParkIf Lions Could Speak and Other Stories
2003978-1-58715-519-2Paul ParkThree Marys
2004978-1-58715-520-8   ''Three Marys
2002978-1-58715-529-1Robert Hugh BensonThe Necromancers by Robert Hugh Benson, Fiction, Horror
  ''978-1-58715-530-7Arthur MachenThe Hill of Dreams
2002978-1-58715-541-3Robert W. ChambersThe King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers, Fiction, Horror, Short Stories
  ''978-1-58715-546-8John ClelandFanny Hill by John Cleland, Classic Erotica
  ''978-1-58715-548-2Anatole FrancePenguin Island by Anatole France, Fiction, Classics
2003978-1-58715-561-1Stoker, BramThe Lair of the White Worm
2018978-1-58715-565-9Christopher MorleyThe Haunted Bookshop
2003978-1-58715-569-7Rudolph Erich RaspeThe Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Alan Rodgers Books)
  ''978-1-58715-571-0William Hope HodgsonCarnacki the Ghost Finder
2001978-1-58715-576-5Bram StokerThe Jewel of Seven Stars by Bram Stoker, Fiction, Horror (Alan Rodgers Books)
2003978-1-58715-585-7Benson, Robert HughLord of the World
2001978-1-58715-587-1Lawrence Watt-EvansThe Lure of the Basilisk (Lords of Dus)
2003978-1-58715-590-1Lawrence Watt-EvansThe Seven Altars of Dusarra
2005978-1-58715-595-6J. Sheridan Le FanuCarmilla
2001978-1-58715-604-5William Hope HodgsonThe Night Land by William Hope Hodgson, Science Fiction
2002978-1-58715-612-0Henry Wadsworth LongfellowKavanagh by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Fiction, Classics
2003978-1-58715-614-4Alan RodgersAlien Love
2002978-1-58715-615-1Edgar Rice BurroughsAt the Earth's Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Science Fiction, Classics
  ''978-1-58715-619-9Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Science Fiction, Adventure (Martian Tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs)
  ''978-1-58715-625-0Lawrence Watt-EvansThe Sword of Bheleu
  ''978-1-58715-628-1Guy Newell BoothbyThe Lust of Hate by Guy Boothby, Fiction
2003978-1-58715-637-3Lord DunsanyThe Book of Wonder
2002978-1-58715-647-2Lin CarterUnder the Green Star
  ''978-1-58715-655-7Alan RodgersThe River of Our Destiny
2003978-1-58715-656-4Lawrence Watt-EvansThe Book of Silence
2002978-1-58715-657-1Rafael SabatiniThe Sea Hawk by Rafael Sabatini, Fiction, Historical, Sea Stories
2018978-1-58715-660-1Rafael SabatiniThe Tavern Knight
2003978-1-58715-662-5   ''The Life of Cesare Borgia
2002978-1-58715-674-8HomerThe Odyssey of Homer, Classics, Poetry, Ancient, Classical & Medieval
2002978-1-58715-685-4Alexandre DumasThe Black Tulip by Alexandre Dumas, Fiction, Action & Adventure
  ''978-1-58715-689-2Friedrich de La Motte FouqueUndine by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque, Fiction, Horror
  ''978-1-58715-690-8Wilkie CollinsThe Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins, Fiction, Horror, Literary
  ''978-1-58715-691-5Wilkie CollinsThe Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins, Fiction, Horror, Literary
2003978-1-58715-708-0H. Rider HaggardAllan Quatermain and the Ice Gods
  ''978-1-58715-710-3   ''Alan Quatermain's Wife
2002978-1-58715-717-2Maurice LeBlancThe Hollow Needle: Further Adventures of Arsene Lupin
2003978-1-58715-719-6Lord DunsanyTime and the Gods
2002978-1-58715-730-1Edward John Moreton DunsanyA Dreamer's Tales
2001978-1-58715-738-7Sax RohmerDope
2002978-1-58715-756-1Brian StablefordThe Eleventh Hour
2002978-1-58715-758-5Nick PollottaBureau 13: Full Moonster
2003978-1-58715-789-9Stephen RauchNeil Gaiman's The Sandman and Joseph Campbell: In Search of the Modern Myth
  ''978-1-58715-793-6Anne McCaffreyThe Kilternan Legacy
2000978-1-58715-818-6Thomas A. EastonGedanken Fictions: Stories on Themes in Science Technology and Society
2005978-1-58715-855-1Anatole FranceThais
2000978-1-58715-894-0Hayford PeirceTrouble in Tahiti: Blood on the Hibiscus
2002978-1-58715-914-5Henry Wadsworth LongfellowEvangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Fiction, Contemporary Romance
2005978-1-58715-926-8George MacdonaldLilith
2002978-1-58715-962-6Hope MirrleesLud-In-The-Mist by Hope Mirrlees, Fiction, Epic Poetry, Classics
  ''978-1-58715-963-3Hope MirrleesLud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirrlees, Fiction, Epic Poetry, Classics
  ''978-1-58715-972-5Alexandre DumasThe Borgias by Alexandre Dumas, History, Europe, Italy, Renaissance
  ''978-1-58715-995-4Thomas Love PeacockNightmare Abbey by Thomas Love Peacock, Fiction, Humor

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