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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-58597-011-7Harris FaulknerBreaking News: God Has A Plan - An Anchorwoman's Journey Through Faith
2000978-1-58597-037-7Robert D. OrrDeath Of An Insurance Salesman?
2001978-1-58597-058-2James RobinsonThe Mary Kay Letourneau Affair
  ''978-1-58597-096-4Maynard RolstonTime Management is an Oxymoron
2002978-1-58597-116-9Samir EliasGenerate Thousands in Cash on Your Stocks without Selling Them
  ''978-1-58597-144-2Walter CallisonDivorce: A Gift of God's Love
2003978-1-58597-174-9Lori StubbsFearfully and Wonderfully Made: A Christian Health and Puberty Guide for Preteen Boys and Girls
  ''978-1-58597-200-5Michael BushnellHistoric Postcards from Old Kansas City
  ''978-1-58597-210-4Tamara D. BarnettFair Is Fair
2003978-1-58597-220-3T. L. McCownShifting Sands
2004978-1-58597-228-9Bonnie Nijenhuis-HurdScrapbook Memories of Oak Creek School
  ''978-1-58597-264-7M. P. MillerMy Story: Going Home Again
  ''978-1-58597-275-3Bob D. WhitmanDomestic Rabbits & Their Histories: Breeds of the World
  ''978-1-58597-281-4Helen MerrellSimple Times, Simple Pleasures
2005978-1-58597-282-1Mary E. TownsendTelling It Like It Is: The Truth About All the Women in the Bible
  ''978-1-58597-294-4C. Angela Todd · C. Ann ToddWatch out for the Elephants!
2005978-1-58597-295-1Richard D. RomeyStrategic Index Investing
  ''978-1-58597-309-5Jonas BarrishThe Original Poker Diary
  ''978-1-58597-311-8Angela Elsberry PalmerPromise Wishes
  ''978-1-58597-313-2Randy EllisRunning with Payne: A Step-By-Step Journey Down Route 66 & Beyond
  ''978-1-58597-317-0John G. HallMickey Mantle: Before the Glory
2004978-1-58597-320-0Roy G. TurnerThe Life and Times of Caleb Wright
2005978-1-58597-322-4Michael R. SeymourThe Bloodletting (An American Tale of Revenge)
2005978-1-58597-323-1Linda SirridgeThe Land of Odds: Parenting the Teen Tornado
  ''978-1-58597-326-2Patty TerryA Devil Incarnate: From Altar Boy to Alcatraz--The Autobiography of William Radkay #666AZ
  ''978-1-58597-327-9Michael AdamsThe Little King and the Honeybee
2006978-1-58597-329-3Bob Regan18 Secrets For Avoiding the Ultimate Family Turmoil: A Must-Read Workbook for Seniors and their Adult Children
2005978-1-58597-345-3Roy G. TurnerSunday Stories, Monday Stories
2006978-1-58597-362-0Seymour TaffetBinding up the Wounds
  ''978-1-58597-383-5Carol LindbergAll About Doll Repair & Care: A Guide to Restoring Well-Loved Dolls
  ''978-1-58597-387-3John ThulinOur Little War: The 1139th Military Police Company in Baghdad
2006978-1-58597-398-9Jay W. MurphyWhat Ails the White House: An Introduction to the Medical History of the American Presidency
  ''978-1-58597-400-9Alan ReedPrecious Air: The KyotoProtocol and Profit in the Global Warming Game
2007978-1-58597-418-4Albert C HenkeAdventures Under Fire! World War II Memoirs and 50-Mission Diary Aboard the B-17 Flying Fortress
  ''978-1-58597-424-5Samir EliasGenerate Thousands in Cash on your Stocks Before Buying or Selling Them: Third Edition
  ''978-1-58597-431-3Terry and Roxanne WilsonSmallmouth Bass Fly Fishing: A Practical Guide
  ''978-1-58597-435-1Steven Michael FarneyIt's Time to Play! Jack Gardner, Basketball and Kansas State University
2008978-1-58597-441-2Tahir RahmanWe Came in Peace for All Mankind: The Untold Story of the Apollo 11 Silicon Disc (Special 40th Anniversary of Landing)
2012978-1-58597-480-1william N ouseleyOpen City: True Story of the KC Crime Family 1900-1950