Twenty-Third Publications

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2000978-1-58595-004-1Sara Arline ThrashCompassionate Caring for the Sick & Dying
  ''978-1-58595-022-5Jim Alt · Audrey Alt · Patricia Ann KastenFun With Scripture: Lectionary Word Searches & Bible Crossword Puzzles
2003978-1-58595-023-2Kathleen O'Connell ChestoAdvent: A Time to Hope
  ''978-1-58595-024-9Kathleen O'Connell ChestoEaster Season: A Time to Remember
  ''978-1-58595-027-0   ''Lent: A Time to Forgive
  ''978-1-58595-029-4Kathleen O'Connell Chesto · KathleenSacrament of Reconciliation
2003978-1-58595-030-0Alison J. BergerTeaching Prayer in the Classroom
2002978-1-58595-100-0Susan Sayers · Andrew, Father MooreExplorers
2000978-1-58595-108-6Mary Kathleen GlavichThe Bible Way to Prayer: God's 800 Number for Everyone
  ''978-1-58595-109-3William V. Coleman · Patty Coleman · Lisa ColemanBasics of the Catholic Faith (Best in Rcia Resources)
  ''978-1-58595-118-5Mary Kathleen GlavichCatholic Family, Catholic Home: Prayers and Blessings, Rituals and Celebrations, Projects and Activities
  ''978-1-58595-119-2Gregory C. HigginsExploring the Mind, Heart and Soul of Theology: What We Can Learn from Four Classic Theological Debates
2001978-1-58595-133-8Bill HuebschThe General Directory for Catechesis in Plain English: A Summary and Commentary
  ''978-1-58595-135-2William J. BauschBrave New Church: From Turmoil to Trust (World According)
2001978-1-58595-141-3Phyllis Vos Wezeman100 Creative Teaching Techniques for Religion Teachers
  ''978-1-58595-150-5Alice CamilleLector (I Like Being in Parish Ministry)
  ''978-1-58595-151-2Nancy GaudetteEucharistic Minister (I Like Being in Parish Ministry)
  ''978-1-58595-153-6Daniel ConnorsThis Sacred People: Living the Mystery of Faith
  ''978-1-58595-156-7Twenty-Third PublicationsWe Discover God's Paths (Best in Sacrament Preparation)
2001978-1-58595-157-4Twenty-Third PublicationsWe Share in the Eucharist: Preparation for First Communion (On Our Way with Jesus: A Journey of Christian Initiation)
  ''978-1-58595-165-9John MonbourquetteHow to Love Again: Moving from Grief to Growth
  ''978-1-58595-166-6John MonbourquetteHow to Discover Your Personal Mission (Contemporary Pastoral and Spiritual Books)
  ''978-1-58595-167-3Laurin J. WenigAn Introduction to the Old Testament: Journey into the Mystery of God
  ''978-1-58595-168-0Mark F. FischerPastoral Councils in Today's Catholic Parish
2001978-1-58595-176-5Mark F. FischerI Like Being in Parish Ministry: Pastoral Council
2002978-1-58595-178-9Joseph BreighnerBeyond Easter Sunday: Stations of the Resurrection (Celebrate the 50 Days of Easter!)
  ''978-1-58595-182-6Regina CollThe Heart and Soul of Parish Ministry (More Parish Ministry Resources)
  ''978-1-58595-184-0Bill HuebschWhole Community Catechesis in Plain English
  ''978-1-58595-191-8Marvin K. MichI Like Being in Parish Ministry: Social Justice
  ''978-1-58595-194-9Mark F. Fischer · Mary Margaret RaleyFour Ways to Build More Effective Parish Councils: A Pastoral Approach
2002978-1-58595-197-0Susan S JorgensenAs We Celebrate: Letters to God on Life and Liturgy
  ''978-1-58595-198-7William J. Bausch60 More Seasonal Homilies (World According)
  ''978-1-58595-207-6A.A. Lucien GuissardThe Assumptionists; From Past to Present
  ''978-1-58595-222-9Anne E. NeubergerTo Act Justly: Introducing Catholic Social Teaching to Children with Stories and Activities: Through Stories and Activities
  ''978-1-58595-228-1James PhilippsUnlocking the Treasures of the Bible: A Practical Guide
2002978-1-58595-235-9Thomas Rosica · Francois Lapierre · Bishop Francois LapierreBe Not Afraid!: Pope John Paul II Speaks to a New Generation: World Youth Day 1985-2002
2003978-1-58595-238-0William Madges · Michael J. DaleyVatican II: Forty Personal Stories (Three New Books for Easter and Beyond)
2002978-1-58595-247-2Sean PatrickThe Best of Sean Patrick: Memories of Growing Up Catholic
2003978-1-58595-249-6Marie RoccaprioreCaring for the Sick and Elderly: A Parish Guide
  ''978-1-58595-259-5Michael H. BarnesIn The Presence Of Mystery: An Introduction To The Story Of Human Religiousness
  ''978-1-58595-270-0Charles E. ZechThe Parish Management Handbook: A Practical Guide for Pastors, Administrators, and Other Parish Leaders
  ''978-1-58595-294-6Albert Holtz O.S.B.Street Wisdom: Connecting with God in Everyday Life
2004978-1-58595-303-5Brennan R. HillJesus, the Christ: Contemporary Perspectives
  ''978-1-58595-308-0Bill HuebschHandbook for Success in Whole Community Catechesis
2004978-1-58595-309-7Jo McClure RotunnoHeritage of Faith: A Framework for Whole Community Catechesis
  ''978-1-58595-310-3Bernard J. LeeThe Beating of Great Wings: A Worldly Spirituality for Active, Apostolic Communities
  ''978-1-58595-314-1Stephen J. BinzThreshold Bible Study: People of the Passion
  ''978-1-58595-315-8Stephen J BinzThe Names of Jesus
  ''978-1-58595-316-5   ''Advent Light
2005978-1-58595-317-2   ''The Tragic & Triumphant Cross (Threshold Bible Study)
2004978-1-58595-318-9Stephen J. BinzPilgrimage in the Footsteps of Jesus (Threshold Bible Study)
2005978-1-58595-327-1William J. BauschStill Preaching After All These Years: 40 More Seasonal Homilies
2004978-1-58595-340-0Filomena Tassi · Peter Tassi500 Prayers for Catholic Schools & Parish Youth Groups
2005978-1-58595-357-8Stephen J BinzEucharist (Threshold Bible Study)
2004978-1-58595-361-5William J. BauschIn the Beginning, There Were Stories: Thoughts About the Oral Tradition of the Bible
2004978-1-58595-364-6Leisa AnslingerHere Comes Everybody!: Whole Community Catechesis in the Parish
2005978-1-58595-365-3Stephen J. BinzJerusalem, the Holy City (Threshold Bible Study)
2006978-1-58595-367-7Stephen J BinzThe Resurrection & the Life (Threshold Bible Study)
  ''978-1-58595-369-1Stephen J. BinzThreshold Bible Study: The Book of Revelation: The Lamb and the Beasts
2007978-1-58595-372-1   ''Threshold Bible Study: The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts
2005978-1-58595-374-5Ed Gaffney · Terri SortorMaking Peace: A Catholic Guide to Turning Conflict Into Grace
2004978-1-58595-376-9Bill HuebschA Pastor's Guide to Whole Community Catechesis
2005978-1-58595-392-9Catherine Cronin Carotta · Michael Carotta Ed.D.Sustaining the Spirit: Callings, Commitments, & Vocational Challenges
  ''978-1-58595-393-6Daniel ConwayWhat Do I Own and What Owns Me?: Spirituality of Stewardship
  ''978-1-58595-399-8John RobertoGenerations of Faith Resource Manual: Lifelong Faith Formation for the Whole Parish Community
  ''978-1-58595-506-0Paul BernierLiving the Eucharist: Celebrating Its Rhythm in Our Lives
2006978-1-58595-507-7Martin H. PadovaniHealing Wounded Relationships
2005978-1-58595-509-1S. Kevin ReganOpening Doors to Truth and Love: 20 Teen Prayer Services
2005978-1-58595-510-7Anne E. NeubergerTo Love Tenderly: Teaching Compassion and Justice Through Stories and Activities for Ages Five Through Nine
  ''978-1-58595-517-6Alison BergerGrowing in Grace: 35 Prayer Services for Children
  ''978-1-58595-518-3Stephen J BinzAngels of God (Threshold Bible Study)
2005978-1-58595-519-0Stephen J BinzMysteries of the Rosary (Threshold Bible Study)
2006978-1-58595-562-6Mary Kathleen GlavichA Crash Course in Teaching Religion (Into the Fields)
  ''978-1-58595-566-4Joseph StoutzenbergerThe Human Quest for God: An Overview of World Religions
2007978-1-58595-570-1Rev John HillierAnecdotes & Scripture Notes for All Occasions
2006978-1-58595-571-8John RobertoBecoming a Church of Lifelong Learners: The Generations of Faith Sourcebook
  ''978-1-58595-572-5Leif KehrwaldFamilies and Faith: A Vision and Practice for Leaders
  ''978-1-58595-577-0James PhilippsUnlocking the Treasures of the Church
  ''978-1-58595-582-4Ida Iris MirandaA Pocket Guide to Pastoral Spanish (English and Spanish Edition)
2008978-1-58595-585-5William DroelPope John Paul II's Gospel of Work: With Introduction and Commentary
2007978-1-58595-586-2Peggy O'Neill FisherWhat Do You Know?: A Catholic Identity Game for the Whole Community
2007978-1-58595-587-9Leonard Swidler · Reuven Firestone · Khalid DuranTrialogue: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Dialogue
  ''978-1-58595-595-4Pope Benedict XVIWalking in Love: 30 Days with the Encyclical "God Is Love" from Pope Benedict XVI
2006978-1-58595-596-1Stephen J BinzFeasts of Judaism (Threshold Bible Study)
  ''978-1-58595-597-8Stephen J. BinzSacred Heart of Jesus (Threshold Bible Study)
2007978-1-58595-603-6Kathy CoffeyThe Art of Faith
  ''978-1-58595-605-0Gabriel MoranFashioning A People Today: The Educational Insights of Maria Harris
  ''978-1-58595-610-4Reverend John D Manno · Maureen GiocondoCountdown to Confirmation: A Resource Guide for Immediate Preparation
2007978-1-58595-616-6Anne E. NeubergerTo Walk Humbly: Stories and Activities for Teaching Compassion and Justice for Ages 10-13
  ''978-1-58595-617-3William J. BauschTouching the Heart: Tales for the Human Journey
  ''978-1-58595-621-0Richard P. JohnsonParish Ministry for Maturing Adults: Principles, Plans, and Bold Proposals
  ''978-1-58595-626-5Lynne J. SterrittDiscovering the Treasures of the Mass: 28 Puzzles That Teach Its Rites and Rituals
  ''978-1-58595-631-9Jeanette M. O. P. JabourVisiting the Elderly: An Essential Parish Ministry
2007978-1-58595-638-8Bill HuebschDreams and Visions: Pastoral Planning for Lifelong Faith Formation
2008978-1-58595-642-5Leisa Anslinger and Victoria SheppForming Generous Hearts: Stewardship for Lifelong Faith
  ''978-1-58595-653-1Mariette Martineau · Joan Weber · and Leif KehrwaldIntergenerational Faith Formation: Learning the Way We Live
  ''978-1-58595-676-0Tim WelchTechnology Tools for Your Ministry: No Mousing Around!
  ''978-1-58595-683-8William J. BauschOnce Upon a Gospel: Inspiring Homilies and Insightful Reflections
  ''978-1-58595-700-2Katie ThompsonThe Liturgy of the Word with Children: A Complete Three-Year Program Following the Lectionary
2008978-1-58595-710-1Nick WagnerThe Way of Faith: A Field Guide to the Rcia Process
2009978-1-58595-720-0Joyce Rupp OsmGod's Enduring Presence: Strength for the Spiritual Journey
  ''978-1-58595-727-9William J. BauschHomilies for Funerals by William J. Bauasch
  ''978-1-58595-728-6Melanie Svoboda · SNDWhen the Moon Slips Away: Rejoicing in Everyday Miracles
  ''978-1-58595-732-3Staff at Center for Ministry DevelopmentLeadership for Catholic Youth Ministry: A Comprehensive Resource
  ''978-1-58595-735-4Dan SchutteWalking the Sacred Path: Spiritual Exercises for Today
2009978-1-58595-747-7Joan ChittisterThe Breath of the Soul: Reflections on Prayer
  ''978-1-58595-749-1Nicole T. Woodard37 Catholic Classroom Crafts: in 20 minutes or less!
2010978-1-58595-750-7Anne E NeubergerA Circle of Saints: Stories and Activities for Children Ages 4-8
  ''978-1-58595-752-1Bill Huebsch · Leisa AnslingerGreat Expectations: A Pastoral Guide for Partnering With Parents
2009978-1-58595-755-2Kathleen Glavich · SNDThe Catholic Way to Pray: an ESSENTIAL guide for adults
  ''978-1-58595-756-9Kathleen Glavich · SNDIntroducing Catholic Prayer for RCIA Leaders: A Companion to The Catholic Way to Pray
  ''978-1-58595-761-3Melanie Rigney · Anna M.LaNaveWhen They Come Home: Ways to Welcome Returning Catholics
2010978-1-58595-776-7Vincent LeclerqBlessed Are The Vulnerable: Reaching Out to Those with AIDS
2010978-1-58595-778-1Kathleen GlavichFor Catechetical Leaders: Teaching Catechists to Pray: A Companion to the Catholic Way to Pray
2009978-1-58595-783-5Bill HuebschGrace: God's Greatest Gift
2010978-1-58595-793-4Leisa AnslingerTurning Hearts to Christ: Engaging People in a Lifetime of Faith
  ''978-1-58595-794-1Michael B. RaschkoA Christian Understanding of Human Nature: To Hunger for God
  ''978-1-58595-798-9Janet DavisSacred Healing: Mris, Marigolds, and Miracles
  ''978-1-58595-799-6Joan ChittisterGod's Tender Mercy: Reflections on Forgiveness
978-1-58595-803-0Prayerbook for Parents at Baptism (Our Parish at Prayer)
978-1-58595-805-4Prayerbook for Catechists
978-1-58595-807-8Prayerbook for First Communion (Our Parish at Prayer)
978-1-58595-808-5Prayerbook for First Reconciliation (Our Parish at Prayer)
978-1-58595-809-2Prayerbook for Eucharistic Adoration (Our Parish at Prayer)
978-1-58595-812-2Prayerbook for Lectors (Our Parish at Prayer)
2010978-1-58595-817-7Nick WagnerThe Heart of Faith: A Field Guide for Catechumens and Candidates
  ''978-1-58595-824-5Christine KreshoStations of the Cross for Today's Disciples (Praying the Stations)
2011978-1-58595-827-6Michael MorwoodFaith, Hope, and a Bird Called George: A Spiritual Fable
2011978-1-58595-828-3Stephen J. BinzThreshold Bible Study: Jesus the Word Made Flesh: John 1-10
  ''978-1-58595-829-0   ''Threshold Bible Study: Jesus the Word Made Flesh-Part Two: John 11-21
  ''978-1-58595-835-1Joan ChittisterSongs of the Heart: Reflections on the Psalms
  ''978-1-58595-847-4Henri NouwenFinding Our Sacred Center: A journey to inner peace
2012978-1-58595-863-4Stephen J. BinzThreshold Bible Study: Jesus, the Suffering Servant, Part One: Mark 1-8
  ''978-1-58595-864-1   ''Threshold Bible Study: Jesus, the Suffering Servant - Part Two: Mark 9-16
2012978-1-58595-872-6Stephen J. BinzThreshold Bible Study: Jesus, the Compassionate Savior, Part One Luke 1-11
2013978-1-58595-900-6Paula D'ArcyRivers of Sorrow, Currents of Hope: A Prayerbook for the Grieving