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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-58586-040-1R. A. MacAvoyThe Grey Horse
1964978-1-58586-049-4Fritz LeiberThe Wanderer
1986978-1-58586-059-3R. A. MacAvoyTwisting the Rope
1999978-1-58586-068-5T. R. FehrenbachThe Battle of Anzio
2000978-1-58586-106-4Fritz LeiberGather Darkness
1995978-1-58586-114-9Dave DuncanThe Hunters' Haunt
1999978-1-58586-133-0John NormanPriest-kings of Gor
1993978-1-58586-137-8Margaret Leslie DavisRivers in the Desert
1999978-1-58586-143-9Dave DuncanA Rose-Red City
1987978-1-58586-184-2   ''Shadow
2001978-1-58586-197-2R. A. MacAvoyTea with the Black Dragon
  ''978-1-58586-200-9John NormanNomads of Gor
1999978-1-58586-322-8Laura KinsaleMidsummer Moon
  ''978-1-58586-326-6William C. DietzPrison Planet
  ''978-1-58586-610-6Ru EmersonIn the Caves of Exile
2009978-1-58586-717-2John NormanThe Chieftain (Telnarian Histories Book 1)
  ''978-1-58586-721-9   ''The Captain (Telnarian Histories Book 2)
2009978-1-58586-725-7John NormanThe King (Telnarian Histories Book 3)
2000978-1-58586-733-2Richard S. PratherEverybody Had a Gun (Shell Scott Detective)
1999978-1-58586-737-0Richard S. PratherBodies in Bedlam (Shell Scott Detective)
2000978-1-58586-741-7   ''Find This Woman
1999978-1-58586-781-3Elizabeth ChaterThe King's Doll
2009978-1-58586-798-1Harlan EllisonDeathbird Stories
1999978-1-58586-895-7Maggie DavisThe Winter Serpent
2004978-1-58586-919-0Suzanne Elizabeth WitterDestiny's Embrace
2000978-1-58586-932-9Manu HerbsteinAma: A Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade
1993978-1-58586-958-9Katherine DeauxvilleDaggers of Gold
2001978-1-58586-994-7R. A. MacAvoyLens of the World (Lens of the World Trilogy, Book 1)
  ''978-1-58586-998-5   ''King of the Dead