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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-58568-008-5Lester Frank SumrallAngels: Messengers of God
  ''978-1-58568-010-8Lester Frank SumrallArmor of Deliverance
  ''978-1-58568-012-2   ''Battle for Immortality
  ''978-1-58568-015-3   ''Christian Foundations
  ''978-1-58568-017-7   ''Communion Series
1999978-1-58568-019-1Lester Frank SumrallConscience
  ''978-1-58568-020-7   ''Countdown to Armageddon
1999978-1-58568-025-2Lester Frank SumrallDaniel
  ''978-1-58568-027-6   ''David
  ''978-1-58568-035-1   ''Dispensations
  ''978-1-58568-047-4   ''Genesis: Crucible of the Universe
  ''978-1-58568-051-1   ''Ministries of the Holy Spirit
1999978-1-58568-055-9Lester Frank SumrallYou Can Conquer Grief Before It Conquers You
1999978-1-58568-058-0Lester Frank SumrallHostility
  ''978-1-58568-060-3   ''How to Cope with Life's Problems I
  ''978-1-58568-062-7   ''How to Cope with Life's Problems II
  ''978-1-58568-072-6   ''I Predict 2000 A.D.
2002978-1-58568-080-1   ''Lester Sumrall: Man of Faith and Destiny
1999978-1-58568-082-5Lester Frank SumrallLife of Simon Peter
  ''978-1-58568-084-9   ''Living Happy Ever After
  ''978-1-58568-086-3   ''Love is Dynamite
  ''978-1-58568-087-0   ''Mercy-Man's Greatest Hope
  ''978-1-58568-088-7   ''Mercy: Man's Greatest Hope
1999978-1-58568-090-0Lester Frank SumrallHealing Miracles of Jesus
1999978-1-58568-096-2Lester Frank SumrallNehemiah: Making of a Champion
  ''978-1-58568-098-6   ''One World
  ''978-1-58568-100-6   ''Panorama of Prophecy
  ''978-1-58568-108-2   ''Promises of God
  ''978-1-58568-110-5   ''Prophets of the Bible: Mighty Men Who Changed the World
1999978-1-58568-112-9Lester Frank SumrallProsperity God's Way
1999978-1-58568-116-7Lester Frank SumrallRomans: Volume One
  ''978-1-58568-118-1   ''Romans: Volume Two
  ''978-1-58568-120-4   ''Romans: Volume Three
  ''978-1-58568-124-2   ''Seven Steps
  ''978-1-58568-128-0   ''7 Things the Holy Spirit Told Me about America
1999978-1-58568-130-3Lester Frank SumrallSixty Things God Said about Sex
1999978-1-58568-132-7Lester Frank SumrallSupernatural Fruit of the Holy Spirit
  ''978-1-58568-134-1   ''Ten Commandments
  ''978-1-58568-137-2   ''Total Man: Volume One
  ''978-1-58568-139-6   ''Total Man: Volume Two
  ''978-1-58568-141-9   ''Total Man: Volume Three
1999978-1-58568-144-0Lester Frank SumrallThe Truth: Astrology Hypnosis Reincarnation & Witchcraft
1999978-1-58568-147-1Lester Frank SumrallUnprovoked Murder: Insanity or Demon Possession
  ''978-1-58568-149-5   ''Victorious Living
  ''978-1-58568-151-8   ''What God Was Doing When World Religions Were Born
  ''978-1-58568-153-2   ''Will-Potent Force of the Universe
  ''978-1-58568-176-1   ''Billy Graham Interview
1999978-1-58568-177-8Lester Frank SumrallOvercoming Compulsive Obsessions
1999978-1-58568-178-5Lester Frank SumrallConspiracy at the Palace
  ''978-1-58568-181-5   ''Destruction in the Garden of the Gods
  ''978-1-58568-185-3   ''Passing of the Sword
  ''978-1-58568-186-0   ''Paul's Pervasive Cause
  ''978-1-58568-187-7   ''Three Coats
1999978-1-58568-188-4Lester Frank SumrallThree Witnesses: The Last Days
1999978-1-58568-191-4Lester Frank SumrallWorld Missions: Part I
  ''978-1-58568-193-8   ''World Missions Part II
  ''978-1-58568-194-5Stephen SumrallCharacter of Christ
  ''978-1-58568-199-0Lester SumrallFaith Can Change Your World