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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-58536-325-4Roland SmithI,Q (I,Q The Series)
2007978-1-58536-326-1Anita C. PrietoB Is for Bookworm: A Library Alphabet (Sleeping Bear Alphabets)
2006978-1-58536-327-8Marcia SchonbergI is for Idea: An Inventions Alphabet (Science Alphabet)
  ''978-1-58536-328-5Elissa D. GrodinD Is for Democracy: A Citizen's Alphabet (Sleeping Bear Alphabets)
2007978-1-58536-329-2Marie Smith · Roland SmithZ Is for Zookeeper: A Zoo Alphabet (Science Alphabet)
2006978-1-58536-330-8Pat MichaelsW is for Wind: A Weather Alphabet (Science Alphabet)
2007978-1-58536-331-5Steven L. Layne · Deborah Dover LayneT Is for Teachers: A School Alphabet (Sleeping Bear Alphabets)
2006978-1-58536-332-2Kathy-jo WarginM is for Melody: A Music Alphabet (Art and Culture)
2007978-1-58536-333-9David DomeniconiM Is for Majestic: A National Parks Alphabet (Alphabet Books)
2006978-1-58536-334-6Michael UlmerH is for Horse: An Equestrian Alphabet (Sports)
  ''978-1-58536-335-3Cathy Collison · Janis CampbellG is for Galaxy: An Out of This World Alphabet (Science Alphabet)
  ''978-1-58536-336-0Gleaves Whitney · Louise Doak WhitneyB is for Buckaroo: A Cowboy Alphabet (Sports)
  ''978-1-58536-337-7Brad HerzogT is for Touchdown: A Football Alphabet (Sports Alphabet)
2006978-1-58536-338-4Michael UlmerJ is for Jump Shot: A Basketball Alphabet (Sports Alphabet)
  ''978-1-58536-339-1Brad HerzogK is for Kick: A Soccer Alphabet (Sports Alphabet)
2007978-1-58536-340-7Kandy RadzinskiWhat Cats Want for Christmas
2008978-1-58536-341-4Helen L. WilburZ is for Zeus: A Greek Mythology Alphabet (Art and Culture)
  ''978-1-58536-342-1Denise Brennan-Nelson · Rosemarie BrennanWillow
  ''978-1-58536-343-8Ruth StrotherW Is for Woof: A Dog Alphabet (Sleeping Bear Alphabets: Animal)
2010978-1-58536-344-5Carol CraneHandkerchief Quilt
2007978-1-58536-345-2Michael UlmerM Is For Maple: A Canadian Alphabet (Discover the World)
  ''978-1-58536-346-9Matt NapierHockey Numbers (Sports)
2008978-1-58536-347-6Judy YoungH Is for Hook: A Fishing Alphabet (Sports Alphabet)
2008978-1-58536-348-3Judy YoungThe Lucky Star (Tales of Young Americans)
  ''978-1-58536-352-0Gloria WhelanYuki and the One Thousand Carriers (Tales of the World)
2007978-1-58536-353-7Carol CraneP Is for Pilgrim: A Thanksgiving Alphabet (Sleeping Bear Alphabets)
2008978-1-58536-354-4Michael ShouldersSay Daddy! (Picture Books)
  ''978-1-58536-355-1Marty CrispTitanicat (True Stories)
2009978-1-58536-356-8Patricia BauerB is for Battle Cry: A Civil War Alphabet
  ''978-1-58536-358-2Mary Ann McCabe RiehleA is for Airplane: An Aviation Alphabet (Science Alphabet)
2008978-1-58536-359-9Kathy-jo WarginI Spy with My Little Eye Minnesota
  ''978-1-58536-360-5Brad HerzogA is for Amazing Moments: A Sports Alphabet
2008978-1-58536-361-2Elissa D. Grodin · Mario CuomoC is for Ciao: An Italy Alphabet (Discover the World)
  ''978-1-58536-362-9Susan TookeB is for Bluenose: A Nova Scotia Alphabet (Discover Canada Province by Province)
  ''978-1-58536-363-6Kandy RadzinskiWhat Dogs Want for Christmas (Holiday Series)
2009978-1-58536-364-3Larry VerstraeteG is for Golden Boy: A Manitoba Alphabet (Discover Canada Province by Province)
2008978-1-58536-365-0Matt NapierI Spy with My Little Eye Hockey
2010978-1-58536-366-7Eve BuntingFinn McCool and the Great Fish (Myths, Legends, Fairy and Folktales)
2017978-1-58536-373-5Helen Foster JamesGrandma Loves You!
  ''978-1-58536-374-2   ''Grandpa Loves You
2018978-1-58536-376-6Sandra DallasHardscrabble
  ''978-1-58536-403-9Pamela Duncan EdwardsFour Seasons of Fun: Egg Hunts! Fireworks! Pumpkins! Reindeer!
2009978-1-58536-417-6Robbyn Smith van FrankenhuyzenItsy Bitsy and Teeny Weeny (The Hazel Ridge Farm Stories)
2009978-1-58536-419-0Gloria WhelanThe Listeners (Tales of Young Americans)
2010978-1-58536-420-6Deborah Dover Layne · Steven L. LayneW is for Windy City: A Chicago City Alphabet
2009978-1-58536-421-3Judy YoungMinnow and Rose: An Oregon Trail Story (Tales of Young Americans)
2008978-1-58536-424-4Kathy-Jo WarginThe Legend of Sleeping Bear: 10th Anniversary Edition With Dvd
2009978-1-58536-428-2Brad HerzogS is for Save the Planet: A How-To-Be Green Alphabet (Science Alphabet)
  ''978-1-58536-429-9   ''Full Count: A Baseball Number Book
  ''978-1-58536-432-9Denise Brennan-NelsonMy Daddy Likes to Say
2013978-1-58536-435-0Elaine ArsenaultF is for French: A Quebec Alphabet (Discover Canada Province by Province) (Multilingual Edition)
2009978-1-58536-439-8Esther HershenhornS is for Story: A Writer's Alphabet (Alphabet Books)
  ''978-1-58536-443-5Brennan-Nelson Denise · Donald WuJ is for Jack-O'-Lantern: A Halloween Alphabet (Holiday)
  ''978-1-58536-444-2Gloria Whelan · Jennifer NolanK is for Kabuki: A Japan Alphabet (Discover the World)
2010978-1-58536-445-9Devin ScillianD is for Down Under: An Australia Alphabet (Discover the World)
2010978-1-58536-447-3Jane Monroe DonovanSmall, Medium & Large
  ''978-1-58536-453-4Eve Begley KiehmB is for Bagpipes: A Scotland Alphabet (Discover the World)
2011978-1-58536-454-1Ruth StrotherB is for Blue Planet: An Earth Science Alphabet
2010978-1-58536-455-8Claudia FriddellGoliath: Hero of the Great Baltimore Fire (True Stories)
  ''978-1-58536-456-5Roland SmithThe White House (I, Q)
  ''978-1-58536-457-2Debbie Shoulders · Michael ShouldersG is for Gladiator: An Ancient Rome Alphabet (Sleeping Bear Alphabets)
  ''978-1-58536-460-2Taryn SoudersWhole-y Cow! Fractions are Fun
2011978-1-58536-462-6Brad HerzogG is for Gold Medal: An Olympics Alphabet (Sports Alphabet)
2011978-1-58536-465-7Richard MichelsonLipman Pike: America's First Home Run King
2009978-1-58536-467-1Beth Zappitello · Patrick LewisFirst Dog
  ''978-1-58536-468-8Roland SmithIndependence Hall (I, Q)
2010978-1-58536-470-1Larry VerstraeteS is for Scientists: A Discovery Alphabet (Science Alphabet)
  ''978-1-58536-471-8Mike ShouldersGoodnight Baby Bear
2009978-1-58536-475-6Brad HerzogH is for Home Run: A Baseball Alphabet (Sports Alphabet)
  ''978-1-58536-476-3   ''P is for Putt: A Golf Alphabet (Sports Alphabet)
  ''978-1-58536-477-0Ruth StrotherW Is for Woof: A Dog Alphabet (Alphabet Books)
2010978-1-58536-478-7Roland SmithThe White House (I, Q)
2010978-1-58536-479-4Denise Brennan-NelsonLittle Michigan (Little State)
2011978-1-58536-484-8Lisa PappThe Town that Fooled the British: A War of 1812 Story (Tales of Young Americans)
2010978-1-58536-485-5Jean MarzolloPierre the Penguin: A True Story
  ''978-1-58536-488-6Carol CraneLittle Texas (Little State)
  ''978-1-58536-490-9Linda AksomitisL is for Land of Living Skies: A Saskatchewan Alphabet (Discover Canada Province by Province)
2009978-1-58536-493-0Matt NapierZ is for Zamboni: A Hockey Alphabet (Sports)
  ''978-1-58536-494-7Michael UlmerM Is For Maple: A Canadian Alphabet (Discover the World)
2010978-1-58536-502-9Jerry PallottaWho Will Plant a Tree?
  ''978-1-58536-503-6J. Patrick Lewis · Beth ZappitelloFirst Dog's White House Christmas
2011978-1-58536-504-3Varsha BajajT is for Taj Mahal: An India Alphabet (Discover the World)
2010978-1-58536-505-0Helen L. WilburE is for Eiffel Tower: A France Alphabet (Discover the World)
2010978-1-58536-507-4Devin ScillianMemoirs of a Goldfish
2011978-1-58536-508-1Anthony D. FredericksP is for Prairie Dog: A Prairie Alphabet (Science Alphabet)
2010978-1-58536-510-4Kathy-jo WarginD is for Dala Horse: A Nordic Countries Alphabet (Discover the World)
2009978-1-58536-511-1Esther HershenhornS is for Story: A Writer's Alphabet
2010978-1-58536-517-3Kathy-jo WarginThe Legend of Mackinac Island: 10th Anniversary Edition w/ DVD (Myths, Legends, Fairy and Folktales)
  ''978-1-58536-519-7Judy YoungR is for Rhyme: A Poetry Alphabet
  ''978-1-58536-521-0James Christopher CarrollThe Boy and the Moon
  ''978-1-58536-522-7Denise Brennan-NelsonWillow and the Snow Day Dance
2011978-1-58536-525-8Eve BuntingThe Pirate Captain's Daughter (Eve Bunting's Pirate Series)
2010978-1-58536-531-9William AndersonV is for Von Trapp: A Musical Family Alphabet
2011978-1-58536-532-6Helen L. WilburF is for Friendship: A Quilt Alphabet (Sleeping Bear Alphabets)
  ''978-1-58536-541-8Brynne BarnesColors of Me
2011978-1-58536-546-3Brad HerzogLittle Football (Little Sports)
  ''978-1-58536-547-0   ''Little Baseball (Little Sports)
  ''978-1-58536-602-6Trinka Hakes NobleA Christmas Spider's Miracle
2012978-1-58536-604-0Roland SmithKitty Hawk (I, Q)
2011978-1-58536-688-0Kwame AlexanderAcoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band
2012978-1-58536-712-2Matt NapierLittle Hockey (Little Sports)
  ''978-1-58536-788-7Jerry PallottaF is for Fenway: America's Oldest Major League Ballpark (Sleeping Bear Alphabets)
  ''978-1-58536-790-0Eve BuntingThe Voyage of the Sea Wolf (Eve Bunting's Pirate Series)
2012978-1-58536-800-6Sandra DallasThe Quilt Walk
2013978-1-58536-821-1Roland Smith · Michael P. SpradlinThe Alamo (I, Q)
  ''978-1-58536-836-5Helen Foster JamesGrandma Loves You!
  ''978-1-58536-857-0Erin DealeyDeck the Walls: A Wacky Christmas Carol
2016978-1-58536-940-9Helen Foster JamesGrandpa Loves You