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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-58516-001-3american-bible-societyBible Atlas
1976978-1-58516-010-5American Bible SocietyGNT BIBLE EXTREME FAITH W/DCA
2000978-1-58516-017-4   ''The Learning Bible: Contemporary English Version
2001978-1-58516-024-2Sinopsis de los Cuatro Evangelios-RV 1960 (Spanish Edition)
2000978-1-58516-025-9American Bible SocietyThe Learning Bible: Contemporary English Version (Firelight Planning Resources)
1997978-1-58516-030-3National Council of Churches of ChristHoly Bible-NRSV
2001978-1-58516-032-7Not AvailableGood News Bible: With Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha
1999978-1-58516-034-1American Bible SocietyHOLY BIBLE Extra Large Print -KJV
2000978-1-58516-039-6   ''Holy Bible with the Apocryphal / Deuterocanonical Books [New Revised Standard Version (NSRV)]
1999978-1-58516-046-4   ''Santa Biblia Con Deuterocanonicos-VB (Spanish Edition)
1995978-1-58516-051-8   ''New Testament-Cev
2000978-1-58516-055-6American Bible SocietyHoly Bible: Contemporary English Version
1960978-1-58516-056-3   ''Holy Bible: New Testament-rv 1960 (Spanish Edition)
1995978-1-58516-063-1   ''Holy Bible, Contemporary English Version
2000978-1-58516-066-2   ''Extreme Faith Bible: Contemporary English Version
2001978-1-58516-068-6   ''Good News Bible: With Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha [Good News Translation]
2011978-1-58516-072-3American Bible SocietyHaitian Bible Vinyl Cover Black Sbh 2007 (French Edition)
2002978-1-58516-073-0american bible societyGood News Bible: Today's English Version
2003978-1-58516-074-7nHoly Bible New Revised Standard Version
2000978-1-58516-076-1American Bible SocietyHoly Bible
1976978-1-58516-077-8   ''Good News Bible
1999978-1-58516-078-5   ''Spanish Bible: Reina-Valera
  ''978-1-58516-080-8   ''Holy Bible, King James Version
2001978-1-58516-081-5   ''Good News Bible
2004978-1-58516-096-9American Bible SocietyHoly Bible, With The Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books, New Revised Standard Edition
2001978-1-58516-101-0   ''Nuevo Testamento-VP (Spanish Edition)
2000978-1-58516-124-9Katharina ReissTranslation Criticism: The Potentials and Limitations: Categories and Criteria for Translation Quality Assessment
1980978-1-58516-151-5UnknownHoly Bible: King James Version
2006978-1-58516-154-6American Bible SocietyText Bible-Good News
1992978-1-58516-155-3   ''Good News Bible: English Version- Flex Burgundy
2006978-1-58516-156-0   ''Good News New Testament
1996978-1-58516-157-7   ''Good News Bible With Deuterocanonicals/apocrypha-GNT
2001978-1-58516-159-1American Bible SocietyGood News Bible (Large Print)
2000978-1-58516-161-4   ''Easy Reading Bible-CEV
2004978-1-58516-164-5Not AvailableGood News New Testament
2001978-1-58516-174-4American Bible SocietyGood News Bible for Children
  ''978-1-58516-188-1   ''Santa Biblia RV 1995 (Spanish Edition)
2011978-1-58516-199-7   ''Hawaiian-Bible-FL
2000978-1-58516-201-7Korean Bible-FL (Korean Edition)
  ''978-1-58516-209-3Arabic-Middle East, Egypt Bible
2006978-1-58516-218-5Not AvailableHoly Bible-Contemporary English Version
1976978-1-58516-233-8American Bible SocietyGood News New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs
2000978-1-58516-238-3   ''Extra Large Print New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs
1997978-1-58516-452-3Kurt Aland · G. Mink · Barbara AlandNovum Testamentum Graecum Editio Critica Maior-FL: Der Jakobuisbrief / Greek Letters of James-FL Installment 1 (English, German and Greek Edition)
1998978-1-58516-473-8American Bible SocietyCreating and Crafting the Contemporary English Version
2000978-1-58516-519-3Turkish New Testament Bible
2006978-1-58516-530-8American Bible SocietyHoly Bible: Contemporary English Version
2003978-1-58516-542-1La Historia de Jose La Historia de Abraham
  ''978-1-58516-543-8La Historia de Samuel y La Historia de David y El Rey Saul. La Historia de Jose y La Historia de Abraham
2002978-1-58516-552-0Not AvailableKinh Thanh: Cuu Uoc Va Uoc, Burgundy, Leather, Zipper Closure (Vietnamese Edition)
2006978-1-58516-643-5Not AvailableNew American Bible for Catholics
1970978-1-58516-644-2American Bible SocietyNew American Bible for Catholics
2005978-1-58516-679-4   ''Holy Bible: Good News Translation, Catholic Edition
2003978-1-58516-681-7Not AvailableThe Learning Bible, New International Version
  ''978-1-58516-686-2CEVGift and Award Bible-Cev
  ''978-1-58516-705-0Not AvailableThe Word Bible: Contemporary English Version
2011978-1-58516-719-7American Bible SocietyBib La: Haitian Creole Bible (Haitian Edition)
2004978-1-58516-729-6   ''Holy Bible: English Standard Version
2006978-1-58516-772-2Ena Giurescu HellerReluctant Partners: Art and Religion in Dialogue
2004978-1-58516-773-9Carolyn MazloomiThreads of Faith: Recent Works from the Women of Color Quilters Network
2005978-1-58516-804-0Not AvailableDe Nyew Testament
  ''978-1-58516-809-5American Bible SocietyGullah New Testament-OE
  ''978-1-58516-826-2   ''CEV Leather Compact Bible
2010978-1-58516-942-9   ''Synopsis of the Four Gospels, Revised Standard Version
2009978-1-58516-973-3American Bible SocietyCEV Poverty & Justice Bible - American Edition
2011978-1-58516-987-0   ''Holy Bible: King James Version, Study Edition, Containing The Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament