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2000978-1-58485-016-8Valerie TrippMeet Kit: An American Girl 1934 (The American Girls Collection, Book 1)
  ''978-1-58485-018-2Valerie TrippKit Learns A Lesson (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-020-5   ''Kit's Surprise: A Christmas Story, 1934 (The American Girls Collection, Book 3)
2001978-1-58485-022-9   ''Happy Birthday, Kit! (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-024-3   ''Kit Saves The Day (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-026-7   ''Changes For Kit (American Girl Collection)
2000978-1-58485-033-5Connie PorterAddy's Little Brother (American Girl Collection)
2000978-1-58485-034-2Janet Beeler ShawKirsten and the New Girl (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-035-9Valerie TrippSamantha Saves the Wedding (The American Girls Short Stories)
  ''978-1-58485-038-0American Girl EditorsHair- Styling Tips and Tricks for Girls (American Girl) (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-039-7American Girl LibraryGirls and Their Horses: True Stories from American Girl (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-040-3Kelli PeduzziPaper Clip Jewelry: A Paper Clip Jewelry Workshop (American Girl Library)
2000978-1-58485-078-6Marissa Moss · AmeliaAmelia's Family Ties
  ''978-1-58485-080-9Marissa MossAmelia Works It Out
2000978-1-58485-082-3Marissa MossAmelia's Easy-As-Pie Drawing Guide
  ''978-1-58485-086-1Kathleen ErnstTrouble at Fort Lapointe (American Girl History Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-088-5Katherine AyresUnder Copp's Hill (American Girl History Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-090-8Elizabeth McDavid JonesWatcher in the Piney Woods (American Girl History Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-092-2Megan McDonaldShadows in the Glasshouse (American Girl History Mysteries)
2001978-1-58485-130-1Katharine HolabirdAngelina and Alice
2000978-1-58485-135-6Katharine HolabirdAngelina Ballerina
2000978-1-58485-144-8Katharine HolabirdAngelina at the Fair
  ''978-1-58485-163-9Marissa MossAmelia's Card Game: The Game of Silly Sentences
  ''978-1-58485-165-3Brooks WhitneySchool Smarts: All the Right Answers to Homework, Teachers, Popularity, and More!
  ''978-1-58485-194-3Angelina Ballerina
  ''978-1-58485-211-7Beth SycamoreFire! (Matchbox Books)
2000978-1-58485-212-4Pleasant CompanyChopper (Matchbox Books)
  ''978-1-58485-214-8Beth SycamoreSafari (Matchbox)
2001978-1-58485-273-5Janet Beeler ShawKirsten Snowbound (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-274-2Connie PorterAddy's Wedding Quilt (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-276-6Valerie TrippMolly Marches on (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-285-8Sarah Jane BrianThe Quiz Book 2
2001978-1-58485-286-5Laura TorresPaper Punch Art: Create over 200 Easy Designs With the Punches and Paper Inside!
  ''978-1-58485-287-2Becky HigginsLetter Art: Based on Alphabet Designs by Becky Higgins
  ''978-1-58485-288-9Wendy Wallin MalinowMy Life!: Scrapbook Kit: American Girl
  ''978-1-58485-305-3Marissa MossMadame Amelia Tells All
  ''978-1-58485-306-0Sarah Masters BuckeyEnemy in the Fort (American Girl History Mysteries)
2001978-1-58485-308-4Kathryn ReissRiddle of the Prairie Bride (American Girl History Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-314-5Beth SycamoreSplash!: With Whitewater Raft (Matchbox Books)
  ''978-1-58485-330-5Marissa MossOh Boy, Amelia
  ''978-1-58485-332-9Katharine HolabirdAngelina and Alice
  ''978-1-58485-339-8Evelyn ColemanCircle of Fire (American Girl History Mysteries)
2001978-1-58485-341-1Elizabeth McDavid JonesMystery on Skull Island (American Girl History Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-357-2Valerie TrippKit an American Girl (6 Book Set)
2002978-1-58485-359-6Harriet BrownWelcome to Kit's World, 1934: Growing Up During America's Great Depression (The American Girls Collection)
2001978-1-58485-362-6Katharine HolabirdAngelina Ballerina's Puzzle Box Set
  ''978-1-58485-363-3Katharine Holabird · Helen CraigAngelina's Ballet Class (Angelina Ballerina)
  ''978-1-58485-368-8Nancy HolyokeA Smart Girl's Guide to Boys
  ''978-1-58485-369-5Shawn BannerRoom for You: Find Your Style and Make Your Room Say You! (American Girl Library)
2001978-1-58485-370-1Laura TorresSalt Dough: Just 3 Ingredients - More than 100 Projects! (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-386-2Hilary HinkleBarbie in the Nutcracker
  ''978-1-58485-387-9Amanda HaleyThe Big Book of Notes
  ''978-1-58485-407-4Beth Sycamore911: With Ambulance (Matchbox Books)
  ''978-1-58485-410-4Guido Van GenechtenHa Ha!
2001978-1-58485-411-1Guido Van GenechtenHello
2002978-1-58485-415-9Pleasant CompanyKit's Friendship Fun (American Girl (Quality))
  ''978-1-58485-423-4Janet ShawMeet Kaya, Book 1
  ''978-1-58485-425-8Janet ShawKaya's Escape (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-426-5Janet Beeler ShawKaya's Escape!: A Survival Story (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-427-2Janet ShawKaya's Hero (American Girl Collection)
2002978-1-58485-429-6Janet ShawKaya And Lone Dog (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-431-9   ''Kaya Shows The Way (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-433-3   ''Changes For Kaya (American Girl Collection)
2004978-1-58485-442-5Valerie TrippJosefina's Story Collection (The American Girls Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-443-2Janet Beeler Shaw · Janet ShawKirsten's Story Collection - Limited Edition (The American Girls Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-444-9Connie PorterAddy's Story Collection - Limited Edition (The American Girls Collection)
2004978-1-58485-446-3Valerie TrippKit's Story Collection (The American Girls Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-447-0   ''Molly's Story Collection - Limited Edition (The American Girls Collection)
2001978-1-58485-450-0Chryssa AtkinsonLindsey (American Girl Today)
  ''978-1-58485-460-9American Girl Editors · Norm BendellThe Care & Keeping of You
2005978-1-58485-465-4American GirlThe American Girls Collection Felicity Mini Doll (American Girl Collection)
2006978-1-58485-466-1NaJosefina Mini Doll (American Girls Collection Mini Dolls)
  ''978-1-58485-467-8Kirsten Mini Doll with Mini Book (American Girl)
  ''978-1-58485-468-5NaAddy Mini Doll (American Girl)
2006978-1-58485-469-2Editors of American GirlSamantha Mini Doll (American Girls Collection Mini Dolls)
  ''978-1-58485-470-8Valerie TrippKit Mini Doll (American Girl)
  ''978-1-58485-471-5American GirlMolly Mini Doll (American Girl Book and Doll)
2002978-1-58485-477-7Valerie TrippFelicity Discovers a Secret (American Girls Short Stories)
  ''978-1-58485-479-1Janet Beeler Shaw · Philip Hood · Susan McAlileyKirsten and the Chippewa (American Girls Short Stories)
  ''978-1-58485-480-7Connie Porter · Philip Hood · Renee Graef · Jane VardaAddy Studies Freedom (American Girls Short Stories)
2002978-1-58485-481-4Valerie TrippSamantha's Blue Bicycle (American Girls Short Stories)
  ''978-1-58485-482-1   ''Kit's Home Run (American Girls Short Stories)
  ''978-1-58485-487-6Barbara A. SteinerMystery at Chilkoot Pass (American Girl History Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-500-2Dottie RaymerSamantha's Ocean Liner Adventure (American Girls Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-501-9Dottie RaymerMolly's Route 66 Adventure (The American Girls Collection)
2002978-1-58485-503-3Pleasant Company PublicationsAngelina Ballerina Calendar (2003)
  ''978-1-58485-504-0Rick WaltonBrain Waves Puzzle Book
  ''978-1-58485-505-7Kerry MaddenWriting Smarts: A Girl's Guide to Writing Great Poetry, Stories, School Reports, and More!
  ''978-1-58485-506-4Dottie RaymerStaying Home Alone
  ''978-1-58485-507-1Trula Magruder · Amanda HaleyDoodle Studio
2002978-1-58485-508-8Marissa MossAmelia Lends a Hand
2002978-1-58485-509-5Marissa MossAmelia's School Survival Guide
  ''978-1-58485-511-8Janet Beeler ShawKaya: An American Girl: 1764 / Box Set
  ''978-1-58485-513-2American Girl Trading Cards Kaya
  ''978-1-58485-515-6Pleasant CompanyThe American Girl Card Game
  ''978-1-58485-517-0Annie DaltonIsabel: Taking Wing (Girls of Many Lands - England)
2002978-1-58485-518-7Mary CasanovaCecile: Gates of Gold (Girls of Many Lands)
  ''978-1-58485-519-4Laurence YepSpring Pearl: The Last Flower (Girls of Many Lands-CHINA)
  ''978-1-58485-520-0Kirkpatrick HillMinuk: Ashes in the Pathway (Girls of Many Lands)
  ''978-1-58485-521-7Chitra Banerjee DivakaruniNeela: Victory Song (Girls of Many Lands)
  ''978-1-58485-523-1Katharine HolabirdAngelina and Henry (Angelina Ballerina)
2002978-1-58485-527-9Justine Korman FontesTrash
  ''978-1-58485-528-6Lynda MadisonFeelings Book (American Girl (Quality))
  ''978-1-58485-530-9American Girl EditorsYikes! A Smart Girl's Guide To Surviving Tricky, Sticky, Icky Situations
2003978-1-58485-575-0Harriet Brown · Jodi Evert · Betsy Henry Pringle · J. Max SteinmetzKit's Railway Adventure (American Girl Collection)
2002978-1-58485-577-4Pleasant Company · Shawn Banner · Jim JordanDoll Hair: Styling Tips and Tricks for Your Dolls
  ''978-1-58485-586-6Brooks WhitneyGirls Club Handbook: Find Friends Fortune and Fun
  ''978-1-58485-587-3Michelle Jones · Peg RossSamantha's Friendship Fun (American Girl (Quality))
2002978-1-58485-590-3Katharine HolabirdAngelina's Baby Sister
2003978-1-58485-591-0Amy G KossKailey (American Girl Today)
2002978-1-58485-599-6Pleasant CompanyAgc Trading Cards
  ''978-1-58485-609-2Cliff Ruby · Elana Lasser · Wilhelm GrimmBarbie As Rapunzel
  ''978-1-58485-611-5Helen CraigAngelina Ballerina Thank You
  ''978-1-58485-612-2   ''Angelina Ballerina Fold-Up Letters and Stickers
  ''978-1-58485-617-7Katharine Holabird · James MasonAngelina and the Rag Doll (Angelina Ballerina)
2002978-1-58485-618-4Katharine Holabird · Sally-Ann LeverAngelina and the Butterfly (Angelina Ballerina)
  ''978-1-58485-623-8Harriet BrownThe Babysitter Business Kit
  ''978-1-58485-641-2Helen Craig · Katharine Holabird · Barbara SladeThe Costume Ball (Angelina Ballerina)
  ''978-1-58485-642-9   ''Angelina in the Wings (Angelina Ballerina)
  ''978-1-58485-643-6   ''A Day at the Fair (Angelina Ballerina)
2002978-1-58485-645-0Helen CraigAngelina's Sticker Book
  ''978-1-58485-652-8Katharine HolabirdAngelina's Birthday
  ''978-1-58485-654-2Helen Craig · Katharine HolabirdAngelina at the Fair
  ''978-1-58485-655-9   ''Angelina Ballerina
  ''978-1-58485-658-0Katharine HolabirdAngelina's Christmas
2002978-1-58485-660-3Katharine Holabird · Helen CraigAngelina Ice Skates
2003978-1-58485-695-5Valerie TrippMolly's Puppy Tale (American Girls Short Stories)
  ''978-1-58485-696-2Janet Beeler ShawKirsten's Promise (American Girls Short Stories)
  ''978-1-58485-697-9Connie Porter · Renee GraefAddy's Summer Place (American Girls Short Stories)
  ''978-1-58485-699-3Valerie Tripp · Renee Graef · Susan McAlileyKit's Tree House (American Girls Short Stories)
  ''978-1-58485-700-6Sara HuntKaya's Paper Dolls: Kaya and Her Friends With Outfits to Cut Out and Scenes to Play With (American Girl Collection)
2003978-1-58485-707-5American Girl Editors American Girl EditorsSparkle Card Kit (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-708-2Sarah Jane BrianParty Secrets: Who to Invite, Must-Dance Music, Most-Loved Munchies & Foolproof Fun! (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-711-2Patti Kelley CriswellA Smart Girl's Guide to Friendship Troubles
  ''978-1-58485-712-9Marissa MossAmelia's Best Year Ever: Favorite Amelia Stories from American Girl Magazine
  ''978-1-58485-714-3Sara Hunt · Helen CraigAngelina's Dress-Up Card Game
2003978-1-58485-719-8Sarah Masters BuckeyGangsters at the Grand Atlantic (American Girl History Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-722-8Dottie RaymerWelcome to Kaya's World 1764: Growing Up in a Native American Homeland (American Girl Collection)
978-1-58485-729-7The Bitty Twins' Royal Rules
2005978-1-58485-730-3Elizabeth ChobanianReal Spirit: Fun Ideas For Refreshing, Relaxing, And Staying Strong (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-731-0American GirlScrapbook Studio: Everything You Need To Make A Fresh & Funky Scrapbook-- In A Flash (American Girl)
2003978-1-58485-742-6American Girl · Tracy McGuinnessThe Mix-it-up Cookbook (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-744-0Trula Magruder · Shannon Payette · Michelle Watkins · Amanda HaleyTrue Stories: Girls' Inspiring Stories of Courage and Heart (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-746-4Sara Hunt · Chris DavidThe Quiz Book 3 (American Girl Library)
2003978-1-58485-747-1Jane KurtzSaba: Under the Hyena's Foot (Girls of Many Lands)
  ''978-1-58485-748-8Siobhan ParkinsonKathleen: The Celtic Knot (Girls of Many Lands)
  ''978-1-58485-749-5Alev Lytle CroutierLeyla: The Black Tulip (Girls of Many Lands)
2004978-1-58485-751-8James Mason · Katharine Holabird · Helen CraigAngelina's Dance Of Friendship (Angelina Ballerina)
2003978-1-58485-755-6Barbara Slade · Katharine HolabirdThe Rose Fairy Princess (Angelina Ballerina)
  ''978-1-58485-756-3James MasonAngelina's Lucky Penny (Angelina Ballerina)
2004978-1-58485-761-7Katharine Holabird · Helen CraigAngelina Ballerina's Storybook Treasury
2003978-1-58485-762-4Elizabeth McDavid JonesGhost Light on Graveyard Shoal (American Girl History Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-764-8Valerie TrippHallie's Horrible Handwriting (Hopscotch Hill School)
2003978-1-58485-765-5Valerie TrippThank You, Logan! (Hopscotch Hill School)
2003978-1-58485-766-2Valerie TrippBright, Shiny Skylar (Hopscotch Hill School)
2004978-1-58485-767-9   ''Teasing Trouble (Hopscotch Hill School)
2003978-1-58485-768-6Megan ShullYours Truly, Skye O'Shea (Skye O'Shea Books)
  ''978-1-58485-769-3Megan ShullSkye's the Limit (Skye O'Shea Books)
  ''978-1-58485-770-9Amy Lynch · Linda AshfordHow Can You Say That: What to Say to Your Daughter When One of You Just Said Something Awful
  ''978-1-58485-771-6Pleasant CompanyCoconut's Guide to Life: Life Lessons from a Girl's Best Friend (American Girl Today)
  ''978-1-58485-772-3American GirlCoconut Book and Dog Set: An American Girl's Best Friend [With Toy Dog]
978-1-58485-773-0Peggy Jo AckleyBitty Bear's Easter
2002978-1-58485-779-2Pleasant CompanyDance of the Sunbeams (Angelina Ballerina (8x8))
2003978-1-58485-792-1Janet Beeler ShawKaya and the River Girl (American Girls Short Stories)
2003978-1-58485-793-8Julie WilliamsSkin & Nails: Care Tips for Girls (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-798-3Pleasant CompanyCoconut Coco-Notes: A Book of Notes to Tear and Share (Coconut)
  ''978-1-58485-799-0Rick WaltonCoconut's Puzzle Book
  ''978-1-58485-815-7Pleasant CompanySCHOOL SMARTS PLANNER DISPLAY (03-04)
  ''978-1-58485-823-2Mellie BuseChristmas in Mouseland: The Show Must Go on (Angelina Ballerina)
2005978-1-58485-844-7Shannon SeipThe Pop Quiz Book (American Girls Collection Sidelines)
2005978-1-58485-845-4Ali DouglassGirl Talk: Games To Get The Gab Going-At Home, At School, Or Anywhere Girls Go! (American Girl Library)
2004978-1-58485-866-9American GirlThe American Girls Pencil Play
  ''978-1-58485-871-3Rick WaltonMini Mysteries: 20 Tricky Tales to Untangle (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-872-0Linda J. GoossensMicro Minis: Create Teeny Tiny Rooms With Your Own Style and Flair (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-874-4Patti Kelley CriswellWhat Would You Do? (American Girl)
  ''978-1-58485-875-1Lynette LongMath Smarts: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Making Math More Fun! (American Girl Library)
2004978-1-58485-877-5Julie Williams MontalbanoA Smart Girl's Guide to Starting Middle School
  ''978-1-58485-878-2Kathleen ErnstBetrayal at Cross Creek (American Girl History Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-880-5American GirlCoconut Best Friends Kit: Games and Goodies for Friends to Share (American Girl Today)
  ''978-1-58485-886-7Janet Beeler ShawKaya's Story Collection (The American Girls Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-890-4Valerie TrippNellie's Promise (American Girl Collection)
2004978-1-58485-891-1Susan S. Adler · Maxine Rose Schur · Valerie TrippSamantha's Story Collection (American Girls Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-892-8American GirlCoconut's Cookbook: Fun and Fluffy Treats to Eat
  ''978-1-58485-893-5Valerie TrippNellie's Promise (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-901-7   ''Good Sport Gwen (Hopscotch Hill School)
2005978-1-58485-902-4Katharine Holabird · Laura Beaumont · Helen CraigThe Big Performance Collection (Angelina Ballerina)
2004978-1-58485-903-1Katharine HolabirdAngelina, Star of the Show (Angelina Ballerina)
  ''978-1-58485-908-6Therese KauchakReal Beauty: 101 Ways to Feel Great About You (American Girl Library)
2004978-1-58485-909-3Trula MagruderWhat a Girl Loves Puzzle Book (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-910-9American GirlSticker Art (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-911-6   ''Room Crafts: Add Some Simple Style to Your Space (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-912-3   ''Coconut Quiz Book
  ''978-1-58485-943-7Dan AndreasenNellie Book Trading Cards (American Girls Collection Sidelines)
978-1-58485-945-1American GirlSamantha Mini Doll (American Girl)
2004978-1-58485-946-8American Girl Editors American Girl EditorsNellie Mini Doll
2004978-1-58485-951-2Katharine HolabirdAngelina Ballerina's Tiny Treasury
2005978-1-58485-964-2American GirlThe American Mystery Puzzles: Solve Four Mini Mysteries Piece by Piece!: Featuring Kit, Samantha, Kaya, Molly
2005978-1-58485-965-9American GirlPaper Clip Jewelry
2004978-1-58485-966-6Nancy HolyokeThe Big Book Of Help (American Girl Library)
2005978-1-58485-970-3American GirlLicorice Book and Cat Set
  ''978-1-58485-972-7Gary SotoMarisol (American Girl Today)
  ''978-1-58485-974-1Sara Hunt · Casey LukatzCoconut Card Kit: Create Cute & Clever Cards For Every Reason, Every Season!
  ''978-1-58485-975-8Lynda MadisonFeelings Book Journal
  ''978-1-58485-976-5American GirlDoll Jewlery: Make Bracelets, Necklaces, Anklets, and More!
2005978-1-58485-977-2Keri SmithTear Up This Book! (American Girl Library)
  ''978-1-58485-978-9Sara Hunt · Camela DecaireSnooze-A-Palooza! (American Girl Library)
2006978-1-58485-979-6Julia A. MonroeTiny Treats (American Girls Collection Sidelines)
  ''978-1-58485-980-2American Girl · Lauren ScheuerLetter Art 2: Cool and Colorful Letter Designs to Draw (American Girl Library)
2005978-1-58485-981-9Rick WaltonPuzzle Crazy
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  ''978-1-58485-983-3Nancy HolyokeA Smart Girl's Guide to Manners (American Girl Library)
2005978-1-58485-985-7In-House · Elizabeth Chobanian · Tracey McGuinnessAmerican Girl School Smarts Planner
  ''978-1-58485-986-4American GirlSamantha's Mystery Party Game (American Girl Collection)
  ''978-1-58485-987-1Sarah M BuckeyThe Curse of Ravenscourt: A Samantha Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-988-8Alison HartA Spy on the Home Front: A Molly Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-989-5Kathleen ErnstDanger at the Zoo: A Kit Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)
2005978-1-58485-990-1Janet ShawThe Silent Stranger: A Kaya Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-991-8Valerie TrippLindy's Happy Ending (Hopscotch Hill School)
  ''978-1-58485-992-5   ''The One And Only Delaney (Hopscotch Hill School)
  ''978-1-58485-993-2   ''The Fair-share Pair (Hopscotch Hill School)
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2005978-1-58485-995-6Sarah Masters BuckeyThe Curse Of Ravenscourt: A Samantha Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-996-3Alison HartA Spy On The Home Front: A Molly Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58485-998-7Janet Beeler ShawThe Silent Stranger: A Kaya Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)