year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-58471-000-4Stanley AbercrombieCorporate Interiors No.3
  ''978-1-58471-005-9VISUAL REFERENCEEntertainment Dining
2001978-1-58471-007-3Tony Horton · Martin M. PeglerThe Power of Visual Presentation: Retail Stores/Kiosks/Exhibits/Environmental Design
2000978-1-58471-010-3Point of Purchase Advertising InstitutePoint of Purchase Design Annual No. 7
  ''978-1-58471-012-7Martin PeglerEntertainment Destinations: Cinemas/Center/Casinos/Clubs/Cruise
  ''978-1-58471-018-9Martin M. PeglerStore Windows No. 11
2001978-1-58471-024-0Visual Reference PublicationsCorporate Interiors 4
2002978-1-58471-025-7Martin PeglerDesigning the World's Best Supermarkets
2004978-1-58471-026-4Visual Reference PublicationsStore Windows 13
  ''978-1-58471-027-1   ''Urban Spaces 3 (No.3)
2004978-1-58471-028-8Graphic Design: USAAmerican Graphic Design Awards, Vol. 3
2003978-1-58471-031-8Roger YeeCorporate Interiors No. 5 (v. 5)
2004978-1-58471-038-7Martin M. PeglerDesigning the World's Best Exhibits
  ''978-1-58471-045-5Roger YeeHealthcare Spaces No.2 (Good Idea)
  ''978-1-58471-046-2Martin M. PeglerContemporary Restaurants & Bars
2005978-1-58471-049-3Visual Reference PublicationsEducational Environments No. 2
2001978-1-58471-051-6Point of Purchase Advertising InstitutePoint of Purchase Design Annual Number 8
  ''978-1-58471-052-3Martin M. PeglerGourmet & Specialty Shops
  ''978-1-58471-057-8Martin PeglerStores of the Year, Vol. 13
2001978-1-58471-058-5Visual Reference PublicationsCafes and Coffee Shops, No. 2
  ''978-1-58471-060-8VariousAmerican Graphic Design Awards, No. 1
2002978-1-58471-061-5Roger YeeEducational Environments, No. 1
2001978-1-58471-062-2Martin M. Pegler · Retail Ad WorldChristmas Advertising Marketing and Display
2002978-1-58471-067-7Visual Reference PublicationsStore Windows 12 INTL (No. 12)
2004978-1-58471-068-4   ''Hospitality & Restaurant Design No. 3
2003978-1-58471-070-7Arthur Winters · Peggy Winters · Carole PaulBrandstand: Strategies for Retail Brand Building
2002978-1-58471-074-5Martin PeglerCafe Design, Vol. 2
2005978-1-58471-075-2Roger YeeCorporate Interiors, Vol. 6 (v. 6)
2006978-1-58471-078-3Arthur A. Winters · Peggy Fincher Winters · Carole PaulPower of Retail Branding, The
2005978-1-58471-080-6Visual Reference PublicationsStore Windows 14 (No. 14)
2006978-1-58471-083-7Roger YeeSports & Recreational Facilities
2005978-1-58471-085-1   ''Hotel & Restaurant Design
  ''978-1-58471-088-2Martin PeglerStores Of The Year #15 (No. 15)
2006978-1-58471-089-9Martin M. PeglerDesigning the World's Best Bars
  ''978-1-58471-091-2Graphic DesignAmerican Graphic Design Awards No 5
  ''978-1-58471-092-9Visual Reference PublicationsCorporate Interiors No. 7 (Corporate Interiors)
2006978-1-58471-093-6Visual Reference PublicationsHealthcare Spaces No.3
2008978-1-58471-096-7Judy ShepardVizz Outrageous Visual Communication
2007978-1-58471-097-4Visual Reference PublicationsCatalog Book INTL, The: Designs for Caralogs and Direct Mail
2006978-1-58471-100-1   ''Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Club Design: Architecture + Interiors Designed by Studio GAIA
2006978-1-58471-102-5Visual Reference PublicationsEducational Environments No.3 INTL
  ''978-1-58471-103-2   ''Contemporary Exhibit Design No.2 INTL
2008978-1-58471-105-6   ''Urban Spaces 5 INTL (No. 5)
2007978-1-58471-107-0   ''Hotel & Restaurant Design No. 2
2006978-1-58471-108-7Martin PeglerStore Windows No. 15
2007978-1-58471-109-4Visual Reference PublicationsStore Presentation & Design No.2 INTL
  ''978-1-58471-110-0Roger YeeCORPORATE INTERIORS #8
2008978-1-58471-112-4   ''Healthcare Spaces No. 4
  ''978-1-58471-113-1Martin M. PeglerStores of the Year No. 16
2007978-1-58471-116-2Roger YeeLighting Spaces
2008978-1-58471-121-6Visual Reference PublicationsExcellence in Exhibit & Event Design: A Portfolio
  ''978-1-58471-124-7Martin M. PeglerStore Windows 16 INTL (No. 16)
2008978-1-58471-151-3Danube CompanySupermarket & Pastry Shop Design
2009978-1-58471-159-9Yee RogerCorporate Interiors No. 9
  ''978-1-58471-167-4Roger YeeEducational Environments No. 4

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