year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-1-58430-014-4Melrose CooperGettin' Through Thursday
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2001978-1-58430-018-2Sharon Bell MathisRay Charles
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  ''978-1-58430-027-4Joseph BruchacBowman's Store: A Journey to Myself
  ''978-1-58430-032-8Rick Noguchi · Michelle Reiko Kumata · Deneen JenksFlowers from Mariko
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  ''978-1-58430-038-0Nancy Andrews-GoebelThe Pot That Juan Built (Pura Belpre Honor Book. Illustrator (Awards))
  ''978-1-58430-040-3Linda Jacobs AltmanSinging with Momma Lou
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2002978-1-58430-043-4Stephanie Stuve-BodeenElizabeti's School (Elizabeti Series)
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978-1-58430-174-5Multicultural Books CollectionAfrican/Afr-Am Pb Coll Gr 1-4 20 Pb
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978-1-58430-176-9   ''Native American Pb Coll Gr 2-4 2 Pb
2003978-1-58430-177-6Bernard WolfComing to America: A Muslim Family's Story
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2007978-1-58430-279-7G. NeriChess Rumble
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  ''978-1-58430-282-7   ''Crazy Horse's Vision
2006978-1-58430-283-4Tony MedinaLove to Langston
  ''978-1-58430-418-0Bebop BooksEnglish Add-On Pack 42 Books
2005978-1-58430-506-4Bebop BooksEnglish Add-On Pack Levels E-J 36 Books
  ''978-1-58430-623-8Guided Reading Level FTwister's Tricks 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-627-6Guided Reading Level ESister, Sister 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-631-3Guided Reading Level GSilent Sam 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-635-1Guided Reading Level FRuby's Whistle 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-639-9Guided Reading Level GKama's Lei 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-643-6Guided Reading Level EIn the Mountains 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-647-4Guided Reading Level GLiving in an Igloo 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-651-1Guided Reading Level EIce Cream Money 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-655-9Guided Reading Level GGoat Goes to Town 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-659-7Guided Reading Level EDashiki, the 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-663-4Guided Reading Level FChinatown Adventure 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-667-2   ''Car Wash 6-Pack
2006978-1-58430-684-9Bebob BooksEnglish Add-On Pack Levels A-D 53 Books
2005978-1-58430-696-2Guided Reading Level GBest Thing, the 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-700-6Guided Reading Level ESeven Cookies 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-704-4Guided Reading Level GTuti's Play 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-708-2Guided Reading Level FPran's Week Of Adventure 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-712-9Guided Reading Level GMoving Day Surprise 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-716-7Guided Reading Level 3I Need to Ask You Something 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-720-4Guided Reading Level DI Had a Hippopotamus 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-724-2Guided Reading Level EGo Go Gumbo 6-Pack
2004978-1-58430-728-0Guided Reading Level GFancy Dance 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-732-7Guided Reading Level FConfetti Eggs 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-736-5Guided Reading Level EBlock Party 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-740-2Guided Reading Level DSpecial Day, a 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-792-1Guided Reading Level CTrain Ride 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-796-9   ''Time for Tacos 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-800-3   ''Splash! 6-Pack
2002978-1-58430-803-4Phyllis J. PerryMi Gran Roca (Spanish Edition)
2005978-1-58430-804-1Guided Reading Level DMy Big Rock 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-808-9Guided Reading Level DMake a Turkey 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-812-6Guided Reading Level CLaundry Day 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-816-4Guided Reading Level BJump Rope 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-820-1Guided Reading Level AWe Play Music 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-824-9Guided Reading Level DI Make Clay Pots 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-828-7Guided Reading Level CHello Flower 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-832-4   ''Mom Is a Painter 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-836-2Guided Reading Level DOn Our Farm 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-844-7Guided Reading Level AFamily Picnic 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-848-5Guided Reading Level BCan I Have a Pet? 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-852-2Guided Reading Level BBig Snowball Fight 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-856-0Guided Reading Level BBig or Little? 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-860-7Guided Reading Level ABest Friends 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-864-5Guided Reading Level 3Day a the Fair, a 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-910-9Guided Reading Level CMy Family 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-914-7   ''Yoga Class 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-918-5Guided Reading Level CWhere Is My Puppy? 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-922-2   ''What a Street! 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-926-0   ''Snapshots 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-930-7Guided Reading Level DPinata Party 6-Pack
978-1-58430-934-5Guided Reading Level C100 Day 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-938-3Guided Reading Level AMeat Pies 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-942-0Guided Reading Level CFish Print 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-946-8Buided Reading Level CEverybody Wears Braids 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-950-5Guided Reading Level ACold and Hot 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-954-3Guided Reading Level CCleaning Day 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-958-1Guided Reading Level DBedtime Fun 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-962-8Guided Reading Level BBatter Up 6-Pack
978-1-58430-966-6Guided Reading Level DAt the Park 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-970-3   ''We Eat Rice 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-974-1Guided Reading Level BMy Horse 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-978-9Guided Reading Level CLoose Tooth 6-Pack
2005978-1-58430-982-6Guided Reading Level CJuicy Peach 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-986-4Guided Reading Level DI Play Soccer 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-990-1Guided Reading Level BHere Comes the Bus 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-994-9   ''Carmen's Colors 6-Pack
  ''978-1-58430-998-7Guided Reading Level CBath Time 6-Pack