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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-58388-001-2Walt McCallSeagrave 70th Anniversary Series Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-002-9L PhillipsAmerican LaFrance 900 Series 1958-1964 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-005-0W. Wayne Sorenson · Donald F. WoodVolunteer & Rural Fire Apparatus Photo Gallery
  ''978-1-58388-007-4John H. McKaneThe General Motors New Look Bus Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-009-8Peter NygaardMario Andretti Photo Album (World Champaion Driver Series)
2000978-1-58388-014-2Harvey EckartMack Model C Fire Truck 1957-1967 Photo Archive (Photo Archives)
2000978-1-58388-015-9Leo Duliba · Tom Shand · Leo E. Duliba · IconografixYoung Fire Equipment Corporation 1932-1991: Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-016-6Walt McCall · Tom McPhersonClassic American Funeral Vehicles: 1900 Through 1980 Photo Archive (Photo Archives)
  ''978-1-58388-017-3Karl Ludvigsen · Ludvigsen LibraryCorvette: The Exotic Experimental Cars (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-018-0Karl Ludvigsen · Ludvigsen LibraryIndy Cars of the 1950s (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-022-7Bob LaVoieCaterpillar Pocket Book: The Track-Type Tractors, 1925-1957
2000978-1-58388-024-1Jr. Fred DahlingerTrains of the Circus, 1872-1956 (Photo Archives)
  ''978-1-58388-025-8Lawrence Phillips · Lawrence E. PhillipsAmerican LaFrance 700 Series 1945-1952: Photo Archive, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-58388-026-5Gordon White · Gordon Eliot WhiteIndianapolis Racing Cars of Frank Kurtis 1941-1963 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-028-9George ScalaPontiac Firebird 1967-2000 Photo History
  ''978-1-58388-029-6William A. LukeTrailways Buses 1936-2001 Photo Archive
2000978-1-58388-030-2Fred DahlingerShow Trains of the 20th Century
  ''978-1-58388-031-9William KillenNavy and Marine Corp Fire Apparatus 1836-2000: Photo Gallery
  ''978-1-58388-034-0Walt McCall · Matt Lee · Matthew LeeClassic Seagrave 1935-1951: Photo Archive
2001978-1-58388-035-7Wallace WyssUltimate Corvette Trivia Challenge
  ''978-1-58388-037-1Karl LudvigsenNovi V-8 Indy Cars 1941-1965 (Ludvigsen Library Series)
  ''978-1-58388-038-8Raymond Drake · Robert T. Rhode · Robert T. Rhode · Raymond L. DrakeClassic American Steam Rollers 1871-1935: Photo Archive
2001978-1-58388-039-5William Luke · Brian GramsBuses of Motor Coach Industries: 1932-2000 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-041-8Richard ConjalkaClassic American Limousines 1955-2000 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-043-2Paul MclaughlinFord Heavy-Duty Trucks 1948-1998 Photo History
  ''978-1-58388-044-9Monty MontgomeryChevrolet El Camino Photo History: Including GMC Sprint & Caballero
  ''978-1-58388-045-6Paul BarrettHeavy Rescue Trucks: 1931 - 2000 Photo Gallery
2001978-1-58388-046-3Ed Sanow · Jim PostPolice Cars: Restoring, Collecting and Showing America's Finest Sedans
  ''978-1-58388-047-0Chuck MadderomCrown Firecoach: 1951-1985 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-048-7Bill RhodesCircus & Carnival Trucks: 1923-2000 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-049-4Leo DulibaIndustrial & Private Fire Apparatus: 1925-2001 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-050-0Howard SmithMaxim Fire Apparatus: 1914-1989 Photo Archive
2001978-1-58388-052-4Karl LudvigsenIndy Cars of the 1960s (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-053-1John MckaneFlxible Transit Buses: 1953-1995 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-054-8William LukeYellow Coach Buses: 1923-1943 Photo Archive (Photo Archive Series)
  ''978-1-58388-056-2John RiethWildland Fire Apparatus: 1940-2001 Photo Gallery
  ''978-1-58388-057-9William A. LukeTrolley Buses: 1913-2001 Photo Archive
2001978-1-58388-058-6Karl LudvigsenCorvair by Chevrolet: Experimental & Production Cars 1957-1969 (Ludvigsen Library)
2002978-1-58388-061-6Matthew LeeW. S. Darley & Co. Fire Apparatus: 1908-2000 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-062-3C. ZinnAMX Photo Archive: From Concept to Reality
  ''978-1-58388-064-7Donald WoodRVs & Campers: 1900-2000 (An Illustrated History)
  ''978-1-58388-065-4Scott MattsonTASC Fire Apparatus: 1946-1985 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-066-1Karl LudvigsenChaparral: Can-Am Racing Cars from Texas (Ludvigsen Library)
2002978-1-58388-067-8Karl LudvigsenMercedes-Benz 300SL: Racing Cars 1952-1953 (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-068-5Wallace A Wyss · Louis HartDrag Racing Funny Cars of the 1970s: Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-069-2Robert J Headrick JrChevrolet Station Wagons, 1946-1966: Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-071-5C. ZinnJavelin Photo Archive From Concept to Reality
  ''978-1-58388-072-2Robert GabrickAutocar Trucks 1950-1987 Photo Archive
2002978-1-58388-073-9Douglass D Addison SrGreat Northern Railway Ore Docks of Lake Superior Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-074-6Joel Gebet · Juergen KieferPierre Thibault Canada Ltd. Fire Apparatus 1918-1990 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-075-3William LukeFageol & Twin Coach Buses 1922-1956 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-076-0Bill RhodesCircus & Carnival Tractors: 1930-2001 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-077-7Tom ShandHahn Fire Apparatus 1923-1990 Photo Archive
2002978-1-58388-078-4Patrick R. FosterRambler 1950-1969 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-079-1Paul MclaughlinFord 4x4s 1935-1990 Photo History
  ''978-1-58388-082-1Roger Bjorge · Ronald DoerringPirsch Fire Apparatus: 1890-1991 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-083-8William LukePrevost Buses: 1924-2002 Photo Archive
2003978-1-58388-085-2Karl LudvigsenFerrari - The Factory: Maranello's Secrets 1950-1975 (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-087-6Don BunnDodge B-Series Trucks: Restorer's and Collector's Reference Guide and History
2003978-1-58388-088-3Historical Construction Equipment AssociationMarion Mining and Dredging Machines: Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-090-6Robert GabrickFreightliner Trucks: 1937-1981 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-091-3Richard GergelImperial Fire Apparatus: 1969-1976 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-092-0Karl LudvigsenPorsche Spyders: Type 550 1953-1956 (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-097-5Lou HartDrag Racing Funny Cars of the 1960s Photo Archive: From Super Stockers to Floppers
2003978-1-58388-098-2Karl Ludvigsen · Karl LudvigsenIndy Cars of the 1970s
  ''978-1-58388-099-9Brian Grams · Andrew GoldGM Intercity Coaches 1944-1980 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-100-2James HinckleyChecker Cab Photo History
  ''978-1-58388-101-9William A. LukeBuses of ACF: Photo Archive, Including ACF-Brill and CCF-Brill
  ''978-1-58388-103-3Paul G. McLaughlin · Paul G. LaughlinFord Station Wagons 1929-1991 Photo History
2003978-1-58388-105-7Philip J Mickelson · Philip J. MickelsonSki-doo Racing Sleds: 1960-2003 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-106-4Joel L Gebet · Joel L. GebetSaulsbury Fire Rescue Apparatus: 1956-2003 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-107-1Ed ReynoldsStudebaker Lark: 1959-1966 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-108-8William A Luke · William A. LukeFlxible Intercity Buses: 1924-1970 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-109-5Karl LudvigsenCunningham Sports Cars: American Racing Legends 1951-1955
2004978-1-58388-110-1Byron D. OlsenHudson Automobiles 1934-1957 Photo Archive
2004978-1-58388-111-8Howard T. SmithMaxim Fire Apparatus Photo History
  ''978-1-58388-112-5Patrick R. FosterAMC Cars: 1954-1987 (An Illustrated History)
  ''978-1-58388-114-9John KellyClassic Streamliners Photo Archive: The Trains and Their Designers
  ''978-1-58388-117-0Karl LudvigsenIndy Cars of the 1940s: Ludvisen Library Series (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-119-4Bob DubbertEncyclopedia of Canadian Fire Apparatus
2004978-1-58388-120-0Bill RobertsonCaterpillar Earthmovers at Work (A Photo Gallery)
  ''978-1-58388-121-7William Luke · Linda MetlerHighway Buses of the 20th Century (A Photo Gallery)
  ''978-1-58388-122-4Karl LudvigsenMercedes-Benz 300 SLR (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-123-1Gordon Eliot WhiteMarvelous Mechanical Designs of Harry A. Miller
  ''978-1-58388-124-8John KellyBurlington Zephyrs Photo Archive: America's Distinctive Trains
2004978-1-58388-125-5James K. WagnerGMC Heavy-Duty Trucks 1927-1987
  ''978-1-58388-127-9Patrick R. FosterAMC Performance Cars 1951-1983 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-128-6Howard V. KobyTop Fuel Dragsters of the 1970s Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-129-3Eric OrlemannEuclid Earthmoving Equipment: 1924-1968 (A Photo Gallery)
  ''978-1-58388-130-9John DockendorfGreyhound in Postcards: Buses, Depots, and Post Houses
2004978-1-58388-131-6Richard J. GergelAmerican Fire Apparatus Co. 1922-1993 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-132-3Kent D. ParrishSeagrave Fire Apparatus 1959-2004 Photo Archive
2005978-1-58388-133-0Phillip J. MickelsonThe Collector's Guide to Ski-Doo Snowmobiles
  ''978-1-58388-134-7Karl LudvigsenCan-Am Racing Cars: Secrets of the Sensational Sixties Sports-Racers (Ludvigsen Library Series)
  ''978-1-58388-136-1John KellyFreight Trains of the Upper Mississippi River Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-137-8Karl LudvigsenMercedes-Benz 300SL: Gullwings and Roadsters 1954-1964 (Ludvigsen Library)
2005978-1-58388-138-5John RiethFirefighting Tanker Trucks and Tenders: A Fire Apparatus Photo Gallery (A Photo Gallery)
  ''978-1-58388-139-2Walter McCall100 Years of American LaFrance (An Illustrated History)
  ''978-1-58388-140-8Don BunnDodge C-Series Trucks: A Restorer's and Collector's Reference Guide and History
  ''978-1-58388-141-5Howard KobyPro Stock Drag Racing of the 1970s Photo Archive: From Stockers to DoorSlammers
  ''978-1-58388-142-2Robert GabrickFWD Trucks 1910-1974 Photo Archive
2005978-1-58388-143-9Chuck MadderomVan Pelt Fire Apparatus 1925-1987 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-144-6Richard KnudsonMG Saloons & Coupes 1925-1980 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-145-3Jon M BillDuesenberg Racecars & Passenger Cars Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-146-0William A. Luke · Linda MetlerCity Transit Buses of the 20th Century (A Photo Gallery)
  ''978-1-58388-147-7Ron AdamsKenworth Trucks: 1950-1979 (at Work)
2005978-1-58388-148-4Lou HartSlingshot Dragsters of the 1960s Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-149-1Guy MartinNew York City Transit Buses 1945-1975 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-150-7Karl LudvigsenJaguar XK120,XK140,XK150 Sports Cars (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-151-4   ''Indy Cars 1911-1939: Great Racers from the Crucible of Speed (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-152-1Ron AdamsPeterbilt Trucks 1939-1979: At Work
2005978-1-58388-153-8Franz Von RiedelCommercial Ships on the Great Lakes: A Photo Gallery
  ''978-1-58388-154-5Tim HowleyThe Lincoln Continental Story From Zephyr to Mark II
  ''978-1-58388-155-2Kenneth EisbrenerThe Complete U.S. Automotive Dealer Literature Checklist 1946-2000
  ''978-1-58388-156-9Robert GabrickFWD Fire Trucks 1914-1963 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-157-6Harvey EckartMack Fire Trucks: 1911-2005 (An Illustrated History)
2006978-1-58388-158-3Kevin ClemensThirty Years of the Volkswagen Golf & Rabbit
2006978-1-58388-159-0John KellyChicago & North Western Passenger Trains of the 400 Fleet Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-160-6Ron AdamsInternational Heavy Trucks of the 1950s (At Work)
  ''978-1-58388-161-3   ''International Heavy Trucks of the 1960s (At Work)
  ''978-1-58388-162-0Paul MclaughlinFord Medium-Duty Trucks 1917-1998 (Photo History)
  ''978-1-58388-163-7Paul ZazarinePontiac's Greatest Decade 1959-1969: The Wide Track Era (Illustrated History)
2006978-1-58388-164-4Paul BarrettElevating Platforms: A Fire Apparatus Photo Gallery
  ''978-1-58388-165-1Kent ParrishGrumman Fire Apparatus 1976-1992 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-166-8Richard KnudsonMG Competition Cars and Drivers
  ''978-1-58388-167-5John MckaneWelcome Aboard the GM New Look Bus (Enthusiast's Reference)
  ''978-1-58388-168-2Byron OlsenOldsmobile 1946-1960 Photo Archive
2006978-1-58388-169-9Jon BertolinoVintage Snowmobilia: A Guide to Snowmobile Collectibles
  ''978-1-58388-170-5Linda and David Aksomitis · David AksomitisIllustrated Guide to Snowmobile Racing
  ''978-1-58388-172-9Dennis DavidIt's Delightful! It's Delovely! It's... DeSoto Automobiles (De Soto)
  ''978-1-58388-173-6Gordon WhiteAb & Marvin Jenkins: The Studebaker Connection and the Mormon Meteors
  ''978-1-58388-174-3Kimmo Sahakangas · Dave Weber · Mark FosterEncyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
2006978-1-58388-175-0William Luke · Linda MetlerTrolley Buses Around the World: A Photo Gallery
  ''978-1-58388-176-7Ben Merkel · Chris MonierThe American Taxi: A Century of Service
  ''978-1-58388-178-1Byron OlsenBuick: 1946-1960 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-179-8Paul WoodsLand Rover: The Incomparable 4x4 from Series 1 to Defender (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-180-4Karl LudvigsenPorsche 917: Zuffenhausen's Le Mans and Can-Am Champion (Ludvigsen Library)
2006978-1-58388-181-1Robert GabrickREO Trucks: 1910-1966 Photo Archive
2007978-1-58388-182-8Wallace WyssShelby: The Man, The Cars, The Legend: Updated and Expanded Edition
  ''978-1-58388-183-5Lou HartDrag Racing Fuel Altereds Photo Archive: From Flatheads to Outlaws
  ''978-1-58388-184-2Don KeefeGrand Prix: Pontiac's Luxury Performance Car (An Enthusiast's Reference)
  ''978-1-58388-185-9Walter M.P. McCallAmerican LaFrance 400 Series: Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-186-6John KellyNorthern Pacific Railway Photo Archive
2008978-1-58388-187-3Ron AdamsSemi-Trucks of the 1950s (A Photo Gallery)
2007978-1-58388-188-0Lou HartDrag Racing Gassers Photo Archive
2007978-1-58388-189-7Kent Parrish · Shane MacKichanPierce Fire Apparatus 1939-2006: An Illustrated History
  ''978-1-58388-190-3Patrick Dorin · Andrew RothChicagoland Commuter Railroads: Metra & Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District
  ''978-1-58388-191-0James WagnerGMC Light-Duty Trucks: An Enthusiast's Reference
  ''978-1-58388-192-7Franz Von RiedelTugboats of the Great Lakes: A Photo Gallery
  ''978-1-58388-193-4Jon BertolinoVintage Snowmobiles: The Golden Years 1968-1982 (Photo Gallery)
2007978-1-58388-194-1Don BunnDodge Heavy-Duty Trucks 1928-1975
  ''978-1-58388-195-8Alan HummelPenske Racing Team: 40 Years of Excellence
  ''978-1-58388-196-5Paul ZazarineThe Collector's Guide to GTO 1964-1974
  ''978-1-58388-198-9Wallace WyssCobra and Shelby Mustang 1962-2007 Photo Archive: Including Prototypes and Clones
  ''978-1-58388-199-6John KellyInterurban Trains to Chicago Photo Archive
2007978-1-58388-200-9Karl LudvigsenPorsche Spyders 1956-1964: Type 550A, RSK and 718 (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-201-6   ''BMW Racing Cars: 328 to Racing V12 (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-202-3Patrick DorinGreat Lakes Ore Docks and Ore Cars
2011978-1-58388-203-0Wmp MccallIllustrated Encyclopedia of American Fire Engine Manufacturers
2007978-1-58388-204-7Robert GabrickDiamond T Trucks 1911-1966 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-205-4James MoloneyMercury Automobiles: 1939-1959 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-206-1Walt McCall · Tom McPhersonClassic American Ambulances & Funeral Vehicles: 1900-1980 Photo Archives
2008978-1-58388-208-5Lou Hart · Cory LeeDrag Racing's Exhibition Attractions: From Rockets to Ramp-Jumps
2008978-1-58388-209-2Evan T. McCauslandRapid Transit Series Buses: General Motors and Beyond (An Enthusiast's Reference)
  ''978-1-58388-210-8Walter McCallAmerican LaFrance 500/600 Series: Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-211-5Ron AdamsThe Long Haul: American Trucking Companies
  ''978-1-58388-212-2Robert J Headrick JrCadillac: The Tailfin Years
  ''978-1-58388-213-9John HullAvanti: The Complete Story
2008978-1-58388-214-6Eric OrlemannR. G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment: The Mechanical Drive Era (1921-1953) (A Photo Gallery)
  ''978-1-58388-215-3Mike MuellerEl Camino by Chevrolet
  ''978-1-58388-216-0John KellyChicago Stations & Trains Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-217-7Walter McCallAhrens-Fox Fire Apparatus Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-218-4Karl LudvigsenWhite Racers from Zuffenhausen: Porsche 904, 906, 907, 908, 909, 910 (Ludvigsen Library)
2008978-1-58388-219-1Keith HaddockBucyrus Heavy Equipment: Construction and Mining Machines 1880-2008 (A Photo Gallery)
  ''978-1-58388-220-7Lou HartDrag Racing Funny Cars: Factory Flyers to Flip-top Fuelers (A Photo Gallery)
  ''978-1-58388-221-4Patrick DorinPacific Coast Commuter Railroads: From San Diego to Anchorage
  ''978-1-58388-222-1Don Edwards · Barry McCown · Bob SilvaDrag Boats of the 1960s Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-225-2Kent ParrishEmergency One Fire Apparatus 1974-2007
2009978-1-58388-226-9Eric OrlemannR. G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment: The Electric-Drive Era, 1953-1970
2008978-1-58388-227-6Walter McCallFuneral Service & Flower Cars Photo Archive
2008978-1-58388-228-3John KellyPennsylvania Railroad Locomotives: Photo Archive: Steam, Diesel & Electric
2009978-1-58388-229-0William A. Luke · Linda MetlerBuses of Western Flyer and New Flyer Industries Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-230-6Barry BertramWhite Trucks of the 1950s (at Work)
  ''978-1-58388-231-3Ron AdamsAutocar Trucks of the 1950s (at Work)
  ''978-1-58388-232-0Patrick DorinAmerican Passenger Trains: WWII to Amtrak
  ''978-1-58388-233-7Thomas McPhersonThe Henney Motor Company: The Complete History
2009978-1-58388-234-4Lou HartKings of the Quarter-Mile: Rail-Jobs, Slingshots & Mid-Engine Dragsters (A Photo Gallery)
  ''978-1-58388-235-1Walter McCallThe Evolution of Aerial Fire Apparatus (Illustrated History)
  ''978-1-58388-236-8John KellyUnion Pacific Railroad - Photo Archive: Passenger Trains of the City Fleet
  ''978-1-58388-237-5John RiethJohn Bean and FMC Fire Apparatus
  ''978-1-58388-238-2Patrick LapinskiGreat Lakes Shipping Ports & Cargoes (Photo Gallery)
2009978-1-58388-239-9Patrick R. FosterKaiser-Frazer 1947-1955 Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-240-5Barry BertramWhite Trucks of the 1960s At Work
  ''978-1-58388-241-2Ron AdamsAutocar Trucks of the 1960s at Work
  ''978-1-58388-244-3John KellyRio Grande Locomotives Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-246-7Robert GabrickGo The Greyhound Way: The Romance of the Road
2010978-1-58388-247-4Jon BillAuburn Cord Duesenberg Racers and Record-Setters Photo Archive
2009978-1-58388-248-1Thomas McPherson · Walter McCallCadillac Fleetwood Seventy-Five Series Limousines 1937-1987 Photo Archive
2009978-1-58388-249-8Oliver J. OgdenNew York Fifth Avenue Coach Company 1885-1960
  ''978-1-58388-250-4Karl LudvigsenMercedes-Benz Grand Prix W196: Spectacular Silver Arrows, 1954-1955 (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-251-1   ''Ford's Feisty Capri: European Sporting Coupes 1969-1987 (Ludvigsen Library)
  ''978-1-58388-252-8Walter McCallIllustrated Encyclopedia of American Fire Engine Manufacturers
2010978-1-58388-254-2Kent ParrishFord Fire Trucks
  ''978-1-58388-255-9Thomas HermanOren Fire Apparatus Photo Archive
2010978-1-58388-256-6William A. Luke · Linda MetlerOld Look Buses: Yellow Coach and GM in the '40s and '50s
  ''978-1-58388-257-3Walter McCallWeller Brothers of Memphis (American Coachbuilders)
  ''978-1-58388-258-0Thomas McPhersonMiller-Meteor: The Complete Illustrated History
  ''978-1-58388-259-7John KellySanta Fe Railway Photo Archive
  ''978-1-58388-260-3Robert SmithMotorcoach Milestones
2010978-1-58388-263-4Patrick C. DorinAmerican Passenger Train Equipment: 1940s-1980s
  ''978-1-58388-264-1Ron AdamsWhite-Freightliner Trucks of the 1960s (at Work)
  ''978-1-58388-265-8John KellyRock Island Railroad: Travel on the Rockets (Photo Archives)
  ''978-1-58388-266-5Patrick R. FosterHudson Automobiles (An Illustrated History)
  ''978-1-58388-267-2Kent ParrishEvolution of the Cab-Forward Fire Truck
2010978-1-58388-268-9Walter McCallCity Service Hook & Ladder Trucks and Quads
  ''978-1-58388-269-6Karl LudvigsenPorsche 956 & 962: Immortal Endurance Racers 1982-1994 (Ludvigsen Library Series)
  ''978-1-58388-271-9Lou HartChevy-Powered Drag Racing (A Photo Gallery)
2010978-1-58388-272-6Lou HartPro Stock Drag Racing: A Photo Gallery
2011978-1-58388-273-3John HullAvanti: Studebaker and Beyond
  ''978-1-58388-274-0Norm MortEvolution of Cab-Over-Engine Trucks
  ''978-1-58388-275-7Louk MarkhamCrown Coach Corp.: School Buses, Fire Trucks and Custom Coaches
  ''978-1-58388-277-1Edgar BrowningRoadbuilding Construction Equipment at Work: Building the Early Interstate Highways through New England's Green Mountain
  ''978-1-58388-278-8Ron AdamsPeterbilt Trucks of the 1960s (at Work)
2011978-1-58388-279-5Cory LeeDrag Racing Collectibles
  ''978-1-58388-280-1Patrick LapinskiShips of the Great Lakes: An Inside Look at the World's Largest Inland Fleet
  ''978-1-58388-281-8Walter McCall · Thomas McPhersonCarved-Panel Hearses: An Illustrated History 1933-1948
  ''978-1-58388-282-5Michael DavisCoal Mining Equipment at Work: Featuring the World Famous Mines and Mining Companies of Western Kentucky
  ''978-1-58388-283-2Peter SesslerMercedes-Benz SL Series Recognition and Fact Guide
2011978-1-58388-285-6Ron AdamsKenworth Trucks of the 1950s (at Work)
  ''978-1-58388-286-3Guy KudlemeyerAll-American Truck Stops (A Photo Gallery)
  ''978-1-58388-287-0John FostikAmerica's Postwar Luxury Liners (Illustrated History)
  ''978-1-58388-289-4Walter McCallFire Trucks of the 1950s (A Photo Gallery)
  ''978-1-58388-290-0Keith HaddockModern Earthmoving Machines: Bulldozers, wheel loaders, bucket wheels, scrapers, graders, excavators, off-road haulers, and walking draglines (at Work)
2012978-1-58388-291-7John KellyChicago Postwar Passenger and Commuter Trains
2012978-1-58388-292-4Eric OrlemannHaulpak and Lectra Haul: The World's Greatest Off-Highway Earthmoving Trucks (A Photo Gallery)
  ''978-1-58388-293-1Michael BanksCrosley and Crosley Motors: An Illustrated History of America's First Compact Car and the Company that Built It
  ''978-1-58388-297-9John A. FostikAmtrak Across America: An Illustrated History
  ''978-1-58388-298-6Bernie Van OsdaleVintage Outboard Motor Boat Racing: An Illustrated History 1927-1959
2013978-1-58388-301-3Tom McNally · Fred RaymanGreyhound Scenicruiser
  ''978-1-58388-303-7Eric C. OrlemannModern LeTourneau Earthmoving Equipment: 1968 - Present
2013978-1-58388-304-4Paul HechtSerro Scotty Travel Trailers
  ''978-1-58388-305-1Wallace WyssIncredible Barn Finds: The Highly Entertaining Stories Behind 50 Treasured Cars (Valued today at over 50 million dollars
2014978-1-58388-317-4Eric C. OrlemannR.G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment Photo Gallery
2016978-1-58388-343-3Wallace A. WyssThe Story Behind Janis Joplin's Psychedelic Porsche 356: and 49 other Highly Entertaining Tales From the World of Rare and Exotic Car Collecting
978-1-58388-348-8Paul MclaughlinFord Torino and Fairlane: An Illustrated History 1962 - 1976
2019978-1-58388-352-5Keith HaddockModern Earthmoving Machines: Bulldozers, wheel loaders, bucket wheels, scrapers, graders, excavators, off-road haulers, and walking draglines
2020978-1-58388-358-7Patrick R. FosterLost Car Legends: Stories From the Graveyard of America's Long-Gone Automakers
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