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1999978-1-58360-212-6WeissenbergerWeissenberger's Alabama Evidence 2000 Courtroom Manual
2001978-1-58360-440-3Kathleen M BrinkmanFederal criminal procedure litigation manual
2000978-1-58360-501-1Peggy M. TobolowskyUnderstanding Victimology: Selected Readings
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2000978-1-58360-504-2John P. Crank · Michael A. CalderoPolice Ethics: The Corruption of Noble Cause
  ''978-1-58360-505-9Patricia Van Voorhis · Michael Braswell · David LesterCorrectional Counseling and Rehabilitation
2001978-1-58360-506-6Gordon Bazemore · Mara SchiffRestorative Community Justice: Repairing Harm and Transforming Communities
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  ''978-1-58360-512-7Gilbert Geis · Mary DodgeLessons of Criminology
2001978-1-58360-513-4Michael J. McMains · Wayman C. MullinsCrisis Negotiations: Managing Critical Incidents and Hostage Situations in Law Enforcement and Corrections
  ''978-1-58360-514-1Gary W. PotterControversies in White-Collar Crime (Controversies in Crime and Justice)
  ''978-1-58360-519-6Michael Braswell · John Fuller · Bo LozoffCorrections, Peacemaking and Restorative Justice: Transforming Individuals and Institutions
2002978-1-58360-520-2Daniel W. Van Ness · Karen Heetderks StrongRestoring Justice: An Introduction to Restorative Justice
2003978-1-58360-521-9Martin D. Schwartz · Suzanne E. HattyControversies in Critical Criminology (Controversies in Crime and Justice)
2005978-1-58360-526-4William E. DysonTerrorism: An Investigator's Handbook
2002978-1-58360-527-1Robert C. Trojanowicz · Victor E. Kappeler · Larry K. GainesCommunity Policing: A Contemporary Perspective
2005978-1-58360-530-1Lawrence F. Travis IIIIntroduction to Criminal Justice (Text and Study Guide)
2001978-1-58360-532-5Anthony WalshBiosocial Criminology: Introduction and Integration
2002978-1-58360-533-2John P. CrankImagining Justice
2005978-1-58360-536-3Quint C. Thurman · J.D. JamiesonPolice Problem Solving
2002978-1-58360-538-7Jacqueline R. Kanovitz · John C. Klotter · Michael I. KanovitzConstitutional Law
2002978-1-58360-539-4Larry K. Gaines · Victor E. KappelerPolicing in America (4th Ed)
2004978-1-58360-541-7John T. WhiteheadJuvenile Justice: An Introduction
2003978-1-58360-542-4Michael D. Lyman · Gary W. PotterDrugs in Society: Causes, Concepts and Control
  ''978-1-58360-544-8D.A. Andrews · James BontaThe Psychology of Criminal Conduct
2004978-1-58360-545-5John P. CrankUnderstanding Police Culture, Second Edition
2003978-1-58360-546-2Harry W. More · W. Fred Wegener · Larry S. MillerEffective Police Supervision: -
2005978-1-58360-549-3Walter S. DeKeseredy · Desmond Ellis · Shahid AlviDeviance and Crime, Third Edition: Theory, Research and Policy
2004978-1-58360-550-9Gary W. Cordner · Kathryn E. Scarborough · Robert SheehanPolice Administration, 5th Edition
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2003978-1-58360-554-7Edward J. Latessa · Paula SmithCorrections in the Community
2004978-1-58360-558-5Jefferson L. IngramCriminal Evidence: Study Guide
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2003978-1-58360-757-2Charles J. Tabb · Alice C. Campbell · Ralph BrubakerBankruptcy Law: Principles, Policies, and Practice, 2003
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2003978-1-58360-776-3L. Timothy Perrin · H. Mitchell Caldwell · Carol A. ChaseThe Art & Science of Trial Advocacy
2001978-1-58360-777-0Paul R RiceBest-kept secrets of evidence law: 101 principles, practices, and pitfalls
  ''978-1-58360-782-4David Weissbrodt · J. FitzpatrickSelected International Human Rights Instruments and Bibliography for Research on International Human Rights Law
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2004978-1-58360-800-5Douglas W. KmiecAmerican Constitutional Order: History, Cases, and Philosophy

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