Dramatic Pub.

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-58342-033-1Laurie BrooksThe Wrestling Season
2002978-1-58342-086-7Cherie BennettSearching for David's Heart (Play Format)
  ''978-1-58342-098-0Jose Cruz GonzalezThe Highest Heaven
  ''978-1-58342-115-4Elizabeth WongBoid & Oskar: A Play
  ''978-1-58342-134-5Jeanne Murray WalkerInventing Montana
2003978-1-58342-175-8Kirsten GreenidgeFamiliar
  ''978-1-58342-177-2Rebecca GilmanBlue Surge
2003978-1-58342-190-1D.W. GregoryRadium Girls
  ''978-1-58342-199-4Cynthia MercatiFaces of Freedom
2004978-1-58342-213-7Steven DietzThe Rememberer
2005978-1-58342-239-7Gregg OpelkaLa Vie Ennui: A Musical Sorbet about Life, Love and Annoying Accordion Players
2004978-1-58342-255-7Alan HaehnelHeubner the Reluctant: A Play in One Act
2005978-1-58342-257-1Suzan ZederSkinflints and Scoundrels: Moliere's Miser
  ''978-1-58342-286-1Michele LoweString of Pearls
2009978-1-58342-287-8Robert Thomas NollCircus Time!: A Musical
978-1-58342-307-3One Bad Apple: A New Musical about a Really Old Story
2007978-1-58342-312-7Jacques OffenbachMy Night at Jacques': An Offenbach Folly
2006978-1-58342-326-4Kevin LynchRush!: A Musical in Two Acts
  ''978-1-58342-327-1Phil GrecianDracula!: The Radio Play
  ''978-1-58342-332-5Robert InmanCrossroads: A Musical Comedy
2006978-1-58342-336-3James StillSearching for Eden: The Diaries of Adam and Eve
2007978-1-58342-356-1Robert Thomas NollBalto: The Dog That Saved Nome, Alaska
2006978-1-58342-365-3Andrew J. FenadyThe Rebel: Johnny Yuma at Appomattox; A One-Act Play
  ''978-1-58342-379-0Rosemary Frisino TooheyIn the Tank
2007978-1-58342-388-2Jill PembertonThe Silken Dagger: A Play in One Act
  ''978-1-58342-398-1Tom SzentgyorgyiAmong the Thugs: A Play
  ''978-1-58342-403-2Karen SchiffBreakfast with Willy: A Play in One Act
2013978-1-58342-409-4Eric CobleThe Emperor's New Clothes: A Caribbean Adaptation
2007978-1-58342-413-1Eric CobleVirtual Devotion: A Play
  ''978-1-58342-549-7What I Wanted to Say
2007978-1-58342-550-3Arthur SullivanThe Mikado, Or, the Town of Titipu
  ''978-1-58342-561-9Greg LeamingAnything to Declare?
2009978-1-58342-569-5Richard DresserA View of the Harbor
2008978-1-58342-573-2Kathleen RussoIt's a Slippery Slope (A Play)
  ''978-1-58342-578-7Sandy AsherFamily Matters
  ''978-1-58342-589-3Max BushFrom Every Mountainside
  ''978-1-58342-592-3Paul C. ElliottThe Door
2008978-1-58342-593-0Kermit FrazierSmoldering Fires
  ''978-1-58342-595-4Eddie ZippererDon't Fear the Reaper
  ''978-1-58342-598-5Ashley J. BarnardPersuasion
2009978-1-58342-623-4Jim GordonDeath Defying Acts
  ''978-1-58342-624-1Brett NeveuEric Larue
  ''978-1-58342-626-5Gregg OpelkaMarrying Terry
2009978-1-58342-629-6Susan JohnstonHow Cissy Grew
2014978-1-58342-666-1Ellen MelaverNot Waving
2011978-1-58342-693-7Bette GlennMiddle School Madness: Scenes and Songs A La Carte
2012978-1-58342-721-7Geraldine Ann SnyderBullies in the Hall
2011978-1-58342-737-8Joseph RobinetteThe Third Wave: A Full Length Play
  ''978-1-58342-754-5Barbara WiechmannFeeding the Moonfish
2012978-1-58342-805-4Shirley MierTwas the Night Before Christmas
  ''978-1-58342-846-7Suzanne LeBeauThe Sound of Cracking Bones