Purposeful Design Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-58331-000-7Albert E. GreeneReclaiming the Future of Christian Education
1998978-1-58331-001-4Roy LowrieTo Those Who Teach in Christian Schools
1994978-1-58331-006-9Sharon R. Berry100 Ideas That Work! Discipline in the Classroom
1998978-1-58331-009-0Joyce M. Bowers · Robertson McQuilkinRaising Resilient MKs: Resources for Caregivers, Parents, and Teachers
2002978-1-58331-015-1Gordon B. BrownGuiding Faculty to Excellence: Instructional Supervision in the Christian School
1998978-1-58331-021-2Paul A. KienelA History of Christian School Education Vol 1
2005978-1-58331-022-9Paul A. KienelA History of Christian School Education, Volume 2
2002978-1-58331-023-6Harro Van BrummelenSteppingstones to Curriculum: A Biblical Path
1999978-1-58331-024-3Gloria Goris StronksReaching and teaching young adolescents: Succeeding in deeper waters
2002978-1-58331-025-0variousCalled to Lead: Understanding and Fulfilling Your Role as an Educational Leader
2007978-1-58331-038-0Debi Lydic · Debbi Keeler · Leanne LeakEarly Education Director's Manual
1999978-1-58331-040-3Rick HorneWalking through the college planning process
2007978-1-58331-042-7Derek Keenan · Compiling EditorChristian School Board Governance
2003978-1-58331-057-1Robert W BruinsmaThe Joy of language: A Christian Framework for language arts instruction (Perspectives on Christian teaching)
  ''978-1-58331-058-8Donovan L. GrahamTeaching Redemptively: Bringing Grace and Truth Into Your Classroom
  ''978-1-58331-059-5variousFoundations of Christian School Education
2004978-1-58331-060-1Grant MartinHelp! for Teachers: Strategies for Reaching All Students
2003978-1-58331-061-8Ronald G. MorrishWith All Due Respect: Keys for Building Effective School Discipline
  ''978-1-58331-062-5Glen SchultzKingdom Education God's Plan for Educating Future Generations: 2nd Edition
2004978-1-58331-063-2Roy W. Lowrie Jr. · Roy W. LowrieServing God on the Christian School Board
2005978-1-58331-064-9D. Bruce LockerbieA Christian Paideia: The Habitual Vision of Greatness
  ''978-1-58331-065-6Michael A. ZigarelliCultivating Christian Character
1999978-1-58331-066-3Richard J EdlinThe Cause of Christian Education
2005978-1-58331-067-0Rick HorneScorners and Mockers: How to Dampen Their Influence in Your School
2001978-1-58331-072-4Vernard T GrantTools to run an urban Christian school
2006978-1-58331-073-1Kenneth S. ColeyThe Helmsman: Leading with Courage and Wisdom
978-1-58331-080-9The best of Legal Legislative Update
2005978-1-58331-081-6Christina NicholsBoard Evaluation of the Chief Educational Officer in the Christian School
2007978-1-58331-082-3Myrna Easom · Debbie IrwinServing Learning Disabled Students in Christian Schools
2007978-1-58331-083-0variousSchools as Communities: Educational Leadership, Relationships, and the Eternal Value of Christian Schooling
2008978-1-58331-084-7John A. DeJongeGameventory
2007978-1-58331-085-4D. Bruce LockerbieA Passion for Learning: A History of Christian Thought on Education
2009978-1-58331-087-8Jillian N. LederhouseLife Lessons Through a Teacher's Eyes
2007978-1-58331-088-5Pat McClureThe Gentle Giant
  ''978-1-58331-089-2Beth AckermanP.R.A.I.S.E.--Effectively Guiding Student Behavior
  ''978-1-58331-091-5Frank C. LaubachLetters by a Modern Mystic
2008978-1-58331-094-6Mariellyn HilgamanNow, tell it to me, Using Retelling for Literacy and Language Development
  ''978-1-58331-096-0Joy D. McCulloughKingdom Living in the Classroom
2009978-1-58331-098-4Harro Van BrummelemWalking with God in the Classroom: Christian Approaches to Teaching and Learning
2010978-1-58331-099-1Richard A Riesen · PhDThe Academic Imperative
1995978-1-58331-100-4unknownGod And Children
  ''978-1-58331-101-1Barbara AlexanderACSI Bible: Grade Preschool God and Children Curriculum Set [ringbound]
1995978-1-58331-102-8Gillette, Herlinger, Phillips, S CauseyGod And Me
  ''978-1-58331-104-2god-and-my-worldGod And My World: Bible Grade 1
  ''978-1-58331-105-9Bible Grade 1: God And My World (Elementary Bible Series)
  ''978-1-58331-106-6God And My Actions
  ''978-1-58331-108-0christ-and-his-churchThird Grade Bible: Christ and His Church (Elementary Bible Series)
1995978-1-58331-109-7Barbara AlexanderBible: Grade 3
  ''978-1-58331-110-3Barbara Alexander · Linda Causey · Jan Gillette · Laure Herlinger · Marilyn Phillips · Cheri Schoenrock · Darlene Troxel · Connie WilliamsChrist and His Word (ACSI elementary Bible series)
1996978-1-58331-111-0ACSIACSI Bible 4 Teachers Edition
1995978-1-58331-112-7Barbara Alexander · Linda Causey · Jan Gillette · Laure Herlinger · Marilyn Phillips · Cheri Schoenrock · Darlene Troxel · Connie WillliamsChrist and My Choices (ACSI elementary Bible series)
  ''978-1-58331-114-1Assn of Christian Schools IntlChrist And My Life
1996978-1-58331-117-2Ollie E. GibbsDaring Deliverers: Lessons on Leadership from the Book of Judges
1997978-1-58331-119-6Mark EckelLet God Be God: a Study of the Attributes of God, Level 2, Grades 9 and 10: Teacher's Resource Guide and Student Workbook (1997 Copyright)
2002978-1-58331-121-9Rick HorneLife-shaping Decisions: Applying God's Word to Career Planning: Manual for Christian Young Adults
2003978-1-58331-123-3Stephen Endemo · David Rice · Ollie E. Gibbs · Sharon R. BerryOne Plus One: A Christian Perspective on Marriage and Family, Level 3, Student Edition
1998978-1-58331-127-1Understanding The Times: Student Workbook
2004978-1-58331-128-8Paul PyleMastering Bible Study Skills L2 (Grades 9 & 10)
2001978-1-58331-130-1Mark EckelTimeless Truth: An Apologetic for the Reliability, Authenticity and Authority of the Bible - Student Worktext
2002978-1-58331-132-5Jay G. BorkertTo the Ends of the Earth
  ''978-1-58331-133-2To the Ends of the Earth: An In-Depth Study of the Book of Acts [Teacher's Guide]
2003978-1-58331-134-9Jason L PerryHow far can you go?: Straight talk about sexual purity
1993978-1-58331-136-3Ruth C. HaycockEncyclopedia of Bible Truths: Language Arts/English
  ''978-1-58331-137-0   ''Encyclopedia of Bible Truths: Fine Arts/Health
1993978-1-58331-138-7Ruth C. HaycockEncyclopedia of Bible Truths: Science/Mathematics
  ''978-1-58331-139-4   ''Encyclopedia of Bible Truths: Social Studies
2000978-1-58331-140-0Jan Black and Pat SmartGetting Started: Kindergarten
1985978-1-58331-141-7Character Foundation CurriculumThe Teacher's Guide for Getting Started (A Kindergarten Character Growth Experience)
  ''978-1-58331-142-4ACSI Assoc. Of Christian SchoolsDoing What's Right--grade 1 (ACSI CHARACTER FOUNDATION SERIES, Grade 1)
  ''978-1-58331-143-1   ''Doing What's Right--TEACHER (ACSI CHARACTER FOUNDATION SERIES, Grade 1)
  ''978-1-58331-144-8   ''Learning to Think (ACSI CHARACTER FOUNDATION SERIES, Grade 2 Student)
1985978-1-58331-145-5ACSI Assoc. Of Christian SchoolsLearning to Think -Teacher (ACSI CHARACTER FOUNDATION SERIES, Grade 2 Teacher)
  ''978-1-58331-146-2Jan BlackBuilding a Life (Character Foundation Series, Grade 3)
  ''978-1-58331-147-9Building a Life Character Foundation Series Teacher Edition
  ''978-1-58331-151-6Pleasing the Lord: Fifth Grade (Teacher's Guide)
2006978-1-58331-152-3Jan BlackLiving to Serve (Character Foundation Series)
2001978-1-58331-155-4ACSI Elementary Spelling Grade One Teacher Edition
1992978-1-58331-156-1unknownSpelling: Grade Two
1999978-1-58331-158-5Association of Christian SchoolsSpelling, Grade 3
1999978-1-58331-160-8Association of Christian SchoolsSpelling Grade 4
1991978-1-58331-161-5Purposeful Design Publications, Spelling, Grade 4, Teacher Edition
1999978-1-58331-162-2Association of Christian SchoolsSpelling Grade 5
  ''978-1-58331-164-6Sharon Bird · Cathy Guy · Eunice Harris · Linda Miller · Nancy Wetsel · Connie WilliamsSpelling: Grade Six
2001978-1-58331-165-3Mrs Nancy Wetsel · Mrs Cathy GuyACSI Elementary Spelling Grade Six Teacher Edition
1998978-1-58331-166-0ACSII Know Letters and Sounds
  ''978-1-58331-168-4   ''I Know How to Count and Write
2005978-1-58331-170-7Gary Gordon and Timothy FoutzConnecting with God Teacher Guide a Survey of the New Testament (connecting with god)
  ''978-1-58331-171-4tim-and-gary-gordon-foutzConnecting With God (A Survey of the New Testament) (Student Workbook)
2004978-1-58331-178-3ACSIK Student Mathematics - Purposeful Design
  ''978-1-58331-179-0Fran BurdickMathematics Grade K Teachers Edition Complete
2005978-1-58331-180-6Kathy GimsMathematics Purposeful Design Student 1
1999978-1-58331-181-3   ''Mathematics Grade One Teacher Edition (Enabling Educators Series, Volumes 1 and II)
1900978-1-58331-182-0acsi-staffMath Grade Two: Life in the Air
1999978-1-58331-183-7Patricia HambrickMathematics Grade Two Teacher Edition (Enabling Educators Series, Volumes I and II)
1999978-1-58331-184-4acsi-staffMath Grade Three: Life on the Land
  ''978-1-58331-185-1Math Grade Three: Life on the Land
2000978-1-58331-186-8Andie RiceMathematics: The earth below
  ''978-1-58331-187-5   ''Mathematics 4 Teacher's Edition
2001978-1-58331-188-2Cal MeyerMathematics (Enabling educators series)
  ''978-1-58331-189-9ACSI Math: The Heaven's Above Teacher Edition Grade 5 (Enabling Educators Series, Grade 5)
2002978-1-58331-190-5unknownMath Grade Six: In His Image (Student Textbook)
  ''978-1-58331-191-2ACSIAssociation of Christian Schools International Math Grade 6 Teacher's Edition (ACSI Math)
1999978-1-58331-192-9Mathematics Supplemental Exercises, Grade One - Life in the Sea (Enabling Educators Series)
1999978-1-58331-193-6Mathematics Supplemental Exercises, Grade Two - Life In The Air (Enabling Educators Series)
2003978-1-58331-195-0Kenneth E. EasterdayMath: Intermediate Course a
2005978-1-58331-196-7Purposeful DesignMathematics Intermediate Course A Teacher Edition
2003978-1-58331-197-4Sharon BruceMathematics: Intermediate Course B
2004978-1-58331-198-1et al Sharon BruceMathematics: Intermediate Course B Teacher Edition (ACSI)
2001978-1-58331-200-1Mark EckelLet God Be God (A Study of the Attributes of God) (Student Workbook)
  ''978-1-58331-201-8   ''Let God be God: A study in the attributes of God
2003978-1-58331-203-2Executive Editor: Derek Keenan · Managing Editor: Steven BabbittPurposeful Design Science Level One Student Booklet (ACSI#7503)
  ''978-1-58331-204-9Derek KeenanACSI Science Level 1 Teacher's Edition (Purposeful Design Science, ACSI# 7504)
2005978-1-58331-205-6Derek KeenanPurposeful Design Science Level Two (Student Booklets)
2006978-1-58331-207-0unknownSCIENCE LEVEL 3,CONSUMABLE
  ''978-1-58331-208-7Purposeful Design Science, Level Three Teacher Edition
2007978-1-58331-209-4cheryl-chiapperinoSystems: Science, Level Four; Student Edition (Purposeful Design Science Series)
  ''978-1-58331-210-0Purposeful DesignScience 4 (P) (TE)
2008978-1-58331-211-7Purposeful Design ASCIChanges, Science Level Five, Student Edition
  ''978-1-58331-212-4Changes, Science Leve Five, Teacher Edition (Changes)
2009978-1-58331-213-1ASCIChoices Science Level Six Student Book Grade 6 (ASCI Science)
  ''978-1-58331-214-8Purposeful Design ACSIChoices, Science Level Six, Teacher Edition (Choices)
2008978-1-58331-216-2C Chiopperino,C Nichols J ConawayJOURNEYING WITH GOD
2007978-1-58331-218-6purposeful-designSCIENCE LEVEL 4-SCIENCE NOTEBO
2008978-1-58331-219-3ASCI Purposeful DesignChanges, Science Level Five, Science Notebook (Changes)
2005978-1-58331-225-4Susan BoeTotal Health, Choices for a Winning Lifestyle
1999978-1-58331-226-1Susan BoeTotal Health: Choices for a Winning Lifesytle
2005978-1-58331-227-8   ''Total Health Choices for a Winning Lifestyle High School Teachers
2005978-1-58331-228-5Susan BoeTotal Health Choices for a Winning Lifestyle Test and Quiz Masters
  ''978-1-58331-229-2   ''Total Health: Talking About Life S Changes: A Health Textbook For Middle School **2005 EDITION**
  ''978-1-58331-231-5   ''Total Health Talking About Life's Changes, Middle School Teacher's Edition (Total Health)
  ''978-1-58331-232-2   ''Total Health: Talking About Life's Changes Student Workbook
2005978-1-58331-233-9Susan BoeTotal Health Talking About Life's Changes Student Workbook Answer Key
  ''978-1-58331-234-6Total Health: Talking About Life's Changes Test and Quiz Master Book
  ''978-1-58331-235-3Susan BoeThe Parent Connection: A Health Education Resource for Parents of Teens
2007978-1-58331-236-0Purposeful DesignSpelling Grade 1
  ''978-1-58331-237-7Purposeful Design · JoAnn KeenanSpelling Grade 1 Teacher Edition
2008978-1-58331-238-4Purposeful DesignSPELLING:GRADE 2
  ''978-1-58331-239-1Linda Miller, Cathy Guy, Nancy Wetzel, Eunice Harris, Connie Williams Sharon BirdSpelling, Grade 2, Teacher Edition, Purposeful Design (Purposeful Design)
2008978-1-58331-240-7Purposeful designSpelling Grade 3
  ''978-1-58331-241-4Linda Miller, Cathy Guy, Nancy Wetzel, Eunice Harris, and Connie Williams Sharon BirdSpelling Grade 3 Teacher Edition (Purposeful Design spelling)
  ''978-1-58331-242-1Purposeful designSpelling 4
  ''978-1-58331-244-5   ''Spelling Grade 5
2009978-1-58331-245-2Spelling Grade 5 Teacher Edition
  ''978-1-58331-246-9june hetzelSpelling 6 (P)
2009978-1-58331-247-6Barry Morris, Dr. Ollie Gibbs Dr. Sharon Berry · Ed.D. Dr. Derek J. KeenanSpelling Grade 6 Teacher Edition
  ''978-1-58331-248-3Elizabeth Renicks · Julee Davismissio Dei: the Journey - a journal
  ''978-1-58331-249-0   ''missio Dei: joining God on the adventure of a lifetime
  ''978-1-58331-250-6   ''missio Dei: joining God on the adventure of a lifetime - T. E.
2011978-1-58331-252-0Rockie FordhamElementary Bible Kindergarten
1995978-1-58331-253-7Barbara AlexanderACSI Bible Curriculum Teacher plus Student Editions - Kindergarten
2011978-1-58331-254-4unknownBible Grade 1 Classroom Text By Purposeful Design
  ''978-1-58331-255-1ACSI Bible Grade 1 Teacher's Edition (Revised)
1950978-1-58331-256-8unknownBible Grade 2 Student Edition (Bible Grade 2)
2011978-1-58331-257-5Rockie Fordham Rachel GeyerBible Purposeful Design Teacher Edition Grade 2
2012978-1-58331-258-2ASCI Bible Grade Three Student Book (Purposeful Design Elementary Bible Series)
1950978-1-58331-260-5unknownElementary Bible Grade 4
2012978-1-58331-261-2Grade 4 Bible by Purposeful Design Teacher's Edition
2012978-1-58331-262-9Elementary Bible Grade 5
2013978-1-58331-264-3Elementary Bible Grade 6
  ''978-1-58331-266-7VariousPurposeful Design Preschool Bible
2011978-1-58331-275-9Mark EckelLet God Be God Student Workbook
  ''978-1-58331-277-3paul pyleMastering Bible Study Skills: Tools for Investigating Gods Word
  ''978-1-58331-278-0Paul PyleMastering Bible Study Skills, Teacher's Ed.
2005978-1-58331-299-5Ruth C. HaycockEncyclopedia of Bible Truths, 4 Volumes
2009978-1-58331-350-3Richard A RiesenPiety and Philosophy: A Primer for Christian Schools (Second Edition)
2010978-1-58331-351-0Kenneth S. ColeyNavigating the Storms: Leading Christian Schools with Character and Conviction
2011978-1-58331-380-0acsiClassroom Strategies for Effective Early Education
  ''978-1-58331-381-7   ''Cultivate, Nurture, Grow, The Spiritual Developement of Young Children
2011978-1-58331-382-4acsiSupporting Families Through Meaningful Ministry
  ''978-1-58331-383-1James L. DrexlerNurturing the School Community
  ''978-1-58331-386-2Brian S. SimmonsWorth It - the 15,000-Hour Decision
  ''978-1-58331-387-9Donovan L. GrahamMaking A Difference: Christian Educators in Public Schools
2012978-1-58331-393-0Alan Pue EdDRethinking Sustainability
2014978-1-58331-397-8Learning From the Best, Volume Two
  ''978-1-58331-531-6ACSI Purposeful DesignACSI Purposeful Design Science Level Four Second Edition
2014978-1-58331-534-7Purposeful DesignScience Level Five
  ''978-1-58331-536-1acsiScience Level Five- Science Notebook- Purposeful Design
2016978-1-58331-540-8PDP Textbook DevelopmentLife Science Student Edition