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2000978-1-58321-061-1American Water Works AssociationLead Pipe Rehabilitation and Replacement Techniques
  ''978-1-58321-069-7AWWA (American Water Works Association)Principles of Water Rates, Fees, and Charges (Awwa Manual, M1.)
2006978-1-58321-072-7AWWAMaintenance Management for Water Utilities
2001978-1-58321-135-9American Water Works AssociationEmergency Planning for Water Utilities (M19): AWWA Manual of Water Supply Practice (Awwa Manual Series Volume 19)
  ''978-1-58321-158-8Awwa StaffSafe Drinking Water Advisor: A Compliance Assistance Resource
  ''978-1-58321-159-5American Water Works AssociationExcellence in Action: Water Utility Management in the 21st Century (Awwa Trends in Water Series)
  ''978-1-58321-161-8Alan GodfreeWater Images on Tap (Volume 2)
2002978-1-58321-171-7American Water Works AssociationPVC Pipe Design and Installation (M23): AWWA Manual of Practice (Awwa Manual, M23)
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2002978-1-58321-182-3American Water Works AssociationSimplified Procedures for Water Examination (M12) (Awwa Manual, M12)
2002978-1-58321-186-1Gregory Kirmeyer · Melinda Friedman · Katherine MartelGuidance Manual for Monitoring Distribution System Water Quality
  ''978-1-58321-193-9AWWAWater System Security: A Field Guide (First)
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  ''978-1-58321-200-4   ''Waternet: January 2002
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2002978-1-58321-218-9American Water Works AssociationDuctile-Iron Pipe and Fittings (Awwa Manual, M41)
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  ''978-1-58321-228-8American Water Works AssociationSource Water Protection Reference Manual
2003978-1-58321-229-5AWWA StaffWater Sources, Textbook, 3e (Water Supply Operations Training)
  ''978-1-58321-230-1American Water Works AssociationWater Treatment (Water Supply Operations Training)
2003978-1-58321-231-8American Water Works AssociationWater Transmission and Distribution (Water Supply Operations Training)
  ''978-1-58321-232-5   ''Water Quality, 3rd Edition (Principles and Practices of Water Supply Operations)
  ''978-1-58321-233-2   ''Basic Science Concepts and Applications: Principles and Practices of Water Supply Operations
2002978-1-58321-251-6AWWA WATER QUALITY TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE2002 Water Quality Technology Conference: November 10-14, 2002, Seattle, Washington
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2003978-1-58321-259-2Roger A. Minear · Michael J. PlewaComparative Genotoxicity Assessment of Dbps in Drinking Water
  ''978-1-58321-287-5John GiorgiOperator Certification Study Guide, Fifth Edition
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2003978-1-58321-290-5Patrick L Antonelli · Bill Craigo · Trevor Klar · Gary TaylorBasic Science Concepts and Applications for Wastewater
2004978-1-58321-293-6AWWA StaffBasic Science Concepts and Applications: Student Workbook
2004978-1-58321-315-5American Water Works AssociationWater Operator's Field Guide
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  ''978-1-58321-324-7AWWA StaffSafe Drinking Water Advisor: A Compliance Assistance Resource CD-ROM (2004)
2006978-1-58321-328-5Bill LauerDesalination of Seawater and Brackish Water (Awwa Trend Series)
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  ''978-1-58321-349-0Richard P. BeverlyFilter Troubleshooting and Design Manual
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2005978-1-58321-372-8American Water Works AssociationWater Distribution Operator Training Handbook
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2006978-1-58321-386-5American Water Works AssociationAWWA Wastewater Operator Field Guide
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  ''978-1-58321-455-8   ''Math for Distribution System Operators: Practice Problems to Prepare for Distribution System Operator Certification Exams
2006978-1-58321-457-2Paula Rees · Sharon Long · Rebecca Baker · Daniel Bordeau · Routing PeiDevelopment of Event-Based Pathogen Monitoring Strategies for Watersheds
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