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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-58234-820-9Odo HirschHazel Green
2004978-1-58234-824-7E.B. McHenryPoodlena
2003978-1-58234-825-4J. K. RowlingHarrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Latin edition)
2004978-1-58234-826-1J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Ancient Greek Edition)
2003978-1-58234-827-8   ''Harri Potter a Maen yr Athronydd (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Welsh Edition)
2004978-1-58234-828-5   ''Harry Potter agus an Orchloch (Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, Irish Edition)
2003978-1-58234-830-8Jeanette Winterson · Jane RayThe King of Capri
  ''978-1-58234-831-5Odo HirschBartlett and the City of Flames
2005978-1-58234-838-4Elizabeth Provost · Donald SaafTen Little Sleepyheads
2003978-1-58234-839-1Mary HoffmanStravaganza City of Stars
  ''978-1-58234-841-4Sara PintoThe Alphabet Room
  ''978-1-58234-843-8Shannon HaleThe Goose Girl (Books of Bayern)
2004978-1-58234-844-5Yolanda NaveRed Flags: What Every Girl Should Look Out For
2003978-1-58234-849-0Mary HooperAt the Sign of the Sugared Plum
  ''978-1-58234-850-6Diane Z. Shore · David ClarkBus-a-saurus Bop
2006978-1-58234-852-0Tyne O'ConnellDumping Princes (Calypso Chronicles)
2003978-1-58234-853-7Marianne CurleyThe Dark (Guardians of Time Book 2)
2006978-1-58234-854-4Mary HooperThe Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose
2003978-1-58234-855-1Sally GardnerThe Countess's Calamity: Tales from the Box
2003978-1-58234-858-2E. D. BakerDragon's Breath (Tales of the Frog Princess)
2007978-1-58234-859-9Dale PeckThe Lost Cities: A Drift House Voyage
2004978-1-58234-869-8Lynn E. HazenMermaid Mary Margaret
  ''978-1-58234-878-0William WiseChristopher Mouse: The Tale of a Small Traveler
  ''978-1-58234-880-3Herbie BrennanThe Purple Emperor: Faerie Wars II (Faerie Wars Chronicles)
2006978-1-58234-881-0Herbie BrennanRuler of the Realm (Faerie Wars Chronicles)
2004978-1-58234-886-5Benjamin ZephaniahGangsta Rap (Teen's Top 10 (Awards))
2005978-1-58234-887-2Mary HoffmanStravaganza: City of Flowers
2004978-1-58234-888-9Dawn ApperleyThe Mermaid's Manual
  ''978-1-58234-889-6Shannon HaleEnna Burning (Books of Bayern)
2006978-1-58234-891-9Jean Jacques GreifThe Fighter
2004978-1-58234-892-6E. D. BakerOnce Upon A Curse (Tales of the Frog Princess)
  ''978-1-58234-894-0Sally GrindleyNo Trouble At All
2004978-1-58234-895-7J. MinterThe Insiders
2006978-1-58234-897-1Kate ThompsonFourth World: Book One in the Missing Link Trilogy (Smart Kids)
  ''978-1-58234-898-8Marie DesplechinPoor Little Witch Girl
  ''978-1-58234-900-8Tyne O'ConnellDueling Princes: The Calypso Chronicles, Book 3
  ''978-1-58234-901-5Shannon HaleRiver Secrets (Books of Bayern)
2007978-1-58234-902-2A.J. LakeThe Coming of Dragons: Darkest Age (The Darkest Age)
2004978-1-58234-903-9N.M. BrowneHunted
2006978-1-58234-905-3Tyne O'ConnellStealing Princes: Book Two in The Calypso Chronicles
  ''978-1-58234-906-0Shannon HaleEnna Burning (Books of Bayern)
2004978-1-58234-908-4Benjamin ZephaniahRefugee Boy (Junior Library Guild Selection)
2004978-1-58234-909-1Becky EdwardsMy First Day at Nursery School
2006978-1-58234-910-7N.M. BrowneBasilisk
  ''978-1-58234-911-4E. D. BakerOnce Upon a Curse (Tales of the frog princess, Book 3)
2005978-1-58234-913-8Marianne CurleyThe Named (Guardians of Time)
2004978-1-58234-916-9N.M. BrowneWarriors of Alavna
  ''978-1-58234-917-6Mary HoffmanStravaganza City Of Masks
2006978-1-58234-919-0Jeanette WintersonTanglewreck
  ''978-1-58234-920-6Susan VaughtTrigger
2004978-1-58234-921-3Benjamin ZephaniahFace
  ''978-1-58234-923-7E. D. BakerThe Frog Princess (Tales of the Frog Princess)
2005978-1-58234-928-2Odo HirschSomething's Fishy, Hazel Green
2004978-1-58234-929-9Axel HackeA Bear Called Sunday
2004978-1-58234-930-5David GrossmanDuel
2005978-1-58234-932-9Lynn E. HazenBuzz Bumble to the Rescue
2004978-1-58234-936-7Mary HooperPetals in the Ashes
2005978-1-58234-942-8Pauline FiskThe Red Judge
2004978-1-58234-943-5Herbie BrennanFaerie Wars (Faerie Wars Chronicles)
  ''978-1-58234-950-3Margaret AtwoodRude Ramsay and the Roaring Radishes
  ''978-1-58234-951-0Sloane TanenWhere Is Coco Going?
2005978-1-58234-952-7Susan VaughtStormwitch
  ''978-1-58234-953-4Marianne CurleyThe Key (Guardians of Time) (Welsh Edition)
2004978-1-58234-954-1J. MinterPass It On: An Insiders Novel
  ''978-1-58234-957-2Tyne O'ConnellPulling Princes (Calypso Chronicles)
2006978-1-58234-958-9Lynn CullenMoi and Marie Antoinette
2006978-1-58234-960-2Kirsten MillerKiki Strike:Inside the Shadow City
978-1-58234-962-6Poodlena Poster
2004978-1-58234-964-0Anu Stohner · Henrike WilsonSanta's Littlest Helper
2006978-1-58234-965-7A.J. LakeThe Coming of Dragons: Darkest Age (The Darkest Age)
2005978-1-58234-968-8Diane Z. Shore · Jessica AlexanderLook Both Ways: A Cautionary Tale
  ''978-1-58234-969-5Dale PeckThe Drift House: The First Voyage
  ''978-1-58234-971-8Dosh Archer · Mike ArcherLooking After Little Ellie
  ''978-1-58234-972-5Aaron ReynoldsChicks and Salsa
  ''978-1-58234-973-2Eleanor TaylorBeep, Beep, Let's Go!
2005978-1-58234-974-9Anik McGroryKidogo
2006978-1-58234-975-6Alexander McCall SmithThe Five Lost Aunts of Harriet Bean
  ''978-1-58234-976-3Alexander McCall SmithHarriet Bean and the League of Cheats
  ''978-1-58234-977-0   ''The Cowgirl Aunt of Harriet Bean
2005978-1-58234-978-7Valerie ZenattiWhen I Was a Soldier
  ''978-1-58234-979-4Frances ThomasLittle Monster's Book of Numbers
  ''978-1-58234-980-0Frances ThomasLittle Monster's Book of Opposites
2005978-1-58234-982-4Mary HoffmanCity of Stars (Stravaganza, Book 2)
  ''978-1-58234-983-1Paulette BoganGoodnight Lulu
  ''978-1-58234-986-2Catherine MacPhailDark Waters
  ''978-1-58234-987-9Kate LumPrincesses Are Not Quitters
  ''978-1-58234-990-9Shannon HaleThe Goose Girl (Books of Bayern)
2005978-1-58234-992-3Tyne O'ConnellStealing Princes: Calypso Chronicles, Book 2
  ''978-1-58234-993-0Shannon HalePrincess Academy
  ''978-1-58234-994-7J. MinterTake It Off: An Insiders Novel
  ''978-1-58234-997-8Catherine MacPhailUnderworld
  ''978-1-58234-998-5Pauline FiskMidnight Blue
2007978-1-58234-999-2E.B. McHenryHas Anyone Seen Winnie and Jean?