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1998978-1-58229-000-3Mark Lowry · Martha BoltonPiper's Night Before Christmas (Piper the Hyper Mouse)
1999978-1-58229-011-9Jim McGuigganWhere the Spirit of the Lord Is...
  ''978-1-58229-012-6Sandra AldrichWill I Ever Be Whole Again?
1995978-1-58229-014-0Lynn AndersonIn Search of Wonder: A call to worship renewal
1999978-1-58229-057-7Point Of GraceCircle of Friends
  ''978-1-58229-071-3Bruce CarrollSometimes Miracles Hide
  ''978-1-58229-076-8Mark LowryNighttime is Just Daytime With Your Eyes Closed (The Adventures of Piper the Hyper Mouse)
2000978-1-58229-079-9Joe BeamBecoming One Workbook: Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually
1999978-1-58229-080-5Nick Stinnett · Joe Beam · Alice Beam · Nancy StinnettFantastic Families: 6 Proven Steps to Building a Strong Family
  ''978-1-58229-082-9G.A. Myers · Liz BonhamHugs/Heaven - The Christmas Story: Sayings, Scriptures, and Stories from the Bible Revealing God's Love (The Hugs from Heaven Series)
2000978-1-58229-125-3Bob Russell · Rusty RussellWhen God Builds a Church: 10 Principles for Growing a Dynamic Church
2000978-1-58229-127-7Mark Lowry · Martha BoltonPiper Steals the Show (Piper the Hyper Mouse)
  ''978-1-58229-131-4Charlie Jones · Bob KellyThe Tremendous Power of Prayer
  ''978-1-58229-144-4Joe BeamFantastic Families Work Book: Shaping the Future
2001978-1-58229-163-5Karol LaddPower of a Positive Mom
  ''978-1-58229-170-3Donna Vanliere · Eddie CarswellSheltering Trees
  ''978-1-58229-177-2Andy Stanley · Stuart HallThe Seven Checkpoints for Youth Leaders
2001978-1-58229-178-9Andy Stanley · Stuart HallThe Seven Checkpoints: Student Journal
  ''978-1-58229-189-5Scotty SmithObjects of His Affection: Coming Alive to the Compelling Love of God
  ''978-1-58229-192-5Mark Lowry · Martha BoltonPiper's Twisted Tale (Piper Book Series)
2005978-1-58229-205-2VariousHumor for a Woman's Heart: Stories, Quips, and Quotes to Lift the Heart
2002978-1-58229-208-3Here to HimHe Chose the Nails-Splitrak Cd
2001978-1-58229-215-1Donna VanLiereThey Walked with Him
2002978-1-58229-236-6Tony Campolo · Anthony Campolo · William WillimonSurvival Guide for Christians on Campus: How to be students and disciples at the same time
  ''978-1-58229-238-0Andy Stanley · Ed YoungCan We Do That: 24 Innovative Practices That Will Change the Way You Do Church
  ''978-1-58229-250-2Lisa HarperRelentless Love: God's Faithfulness In The Face Of Human Failure
2002978-1-58229-267-0Karol LaddThe Power Of A Positive Woman
  ''978-1-58229-268-7Point of GraceGirls of Grace
  ''978-1-58229-273-1Joe BeamSeeing the Unseen
2003978-1-58229-280-9Philis BoultinghouseHugs for Nurses (Stories, Sayings, and Scriptures to Encourage and Inspire)
  ''978-1-58229-284-7Dave Arp · Claudia ArpAnswering the 8 Cries of the Spirited Child: Strong Children Need Confident Parents
  ''978-1-58229-286-1Scotty SmithThe Reign of Grace: The Delights and Demands of God's Love
2003978-1-58229-290-8Ed YoungHigh Definition Living: Bringing Clarity to Your Life
  ''978-1-58229-291-5Karol LaddThe Power of a Positive Mom: Gift Edition
  ''978-1-58229-294-6Joe BeamGetting Past Guilt: Embracing God's Forgiveness
2002978-1-58229-297-7Lynn Anderson Dr.They Smell Like Sheep: Spiritual Leadership for the 21st Century
2003978-1-58229-300-4Martha BoltonThe Official Grad Book (Collector's Edition) (Gift Book)
2002978-1-58229-303-5Ken FreemanRescued By the Cross
2003978-1-58229-306-6Karol LaddThe Power of a Positive Wife
  ''978-1-58229-308-0Tim DownsShoofly Pie (Bug Man Series #1)
  ''978-1-58229-317-2Bob Russell · Rusty RussellWhen God Answers Prayer
2003978-1-58229-318-9Calvin MillerHunger for the Holy, A
  ''978-1-58229-331-8John BurnsThe Miracle in a Daddy's Hug
  ''978-1-58229-341-7Joe WhiteWhat Kids Wish Parents Knew about Parenting
  ''978-1-58229-344-8Karol Ladd · Terry LaddPower of a Positive Friend GIFT
2004978-1-58229-350-9Bruce MarchianoJesus Wept
2003978-1-58229-351-6Jill Briscoe8 Choices That Will Change a Woman's Life
2004978-1-58229-355-4Gregory SpencerThe Welkening: A Three Dimensional Tale
  ''978-1-58229-358-5Denise HunterMending Places
2004978-1-58229-359-2Gary E. ParkerSecret Tides (Southern Tides, Book 1)
  ''978-1-58229-360-8Andy Stanley · Stuart HallMax Q: Developing Students of Influence (For Youth Leaders)
  ''978-1-58229-361-5   ''Max Q Student Journal
2003978-1-58229-362-2Joe BeamBecoming One: Emotionally, Spiritually, Sexually
2004978-1-58229-363-9Karol LaddThe Power of a Positive Wife: Gift Edition
2003978-1-58229-376-9Craig GlickmanSolomon's Song of Love: Let a Song of Songs Inspire Your Own Romantic Story
2004978-1-58229-388-2Joe WhiteDare 2B Wise: 10 minute devotions 2 inspire courageous living
  ''978-1-58229-389-9Cheryl McGuiness · Lois RabeyBeauty Beyond the Ashes: Choosing Hope After Crisis
  ''978-1-58229-390-5Gene GetzRich in Every Way: Everything God says about money and posessions
2004978-1-58229-392-9Steve BrownA Scandalous Freedom: The Radical Nature of the Gospel
  ''978-1-58229-394-3Kristen MyersHumor for a Teacher's Heart
  ''978-1-58229-401-8Tim DownsChop Shop (Bug Man Series #2)
  ''978-1-58229-403-2Jim McGuigganJesus, Hero of Thy Soul
  ''978-1-58229-407-0Lisa HarperEvery Woman's Hope
2004978-1-58229-411-7Gregg Jantz · Ann McMurrayTotal Temple Makeover: How to Turn Your Body into a Temple You Can Rejoice In
  ''978-1-58229-412-4Gigi SchweikertI'm a Good Mother: Affirmations for the not-so-perfect mom (Motherhood Club)
  ''978-1-58229-418-6Gigi SchweikertHolding the World by the Hand: The value of a mother's touch (Motherhood Club)
2005978-1-58229-426-1Sandi PattyBroken on the Back Row
  ''978-1-58229-427-8Martin BabbWhen Did Caesar Become a Salad and Jeremiah a Bullfrog?: 100 Clever, Funny, and Insightful Lessons for Life
  ''978-1-58229-429-2Steven JamesBecoming Real
2005978-1-58229-431-5Gary E. ParkerFateful Journeys (Southern Tides, Book 2)
  ''978-1-58229-433-9Denise HunterSaving Grace
  ''978-1-58229-437-7Bill BrightProof (The Great Awakenings Series #1)
  ''978-1-58229-438-4Philis Boultinghouse & Cindy Sartain LisBusy Moms Guide To Prayer
  ''978-1-58229-444-5Janet TeitsortLong Distance Grandma: Staying Connected Across the Miles (Motherhood Club)
2005978-1-58229-446-9Ed YoungYOU!
  ''978-1-58229-448-3Stephanie Howard · Leann WeissHugs For Scrapbookers: Stories, Sayings, And Scriptures To Encourage And Inspire
  ''978-1-58229-449-0Victorya Michaels RogersFinding A Man Worth Keeping: Dating Secrets that Work
  ''978-1-58229-454-4VeggietalesWhere My Hairbrush? (CD) (A Veggie Tales Gift Book)
  ''978-1-58229-455-1Cyndy SalzmannDying to Decorate (Friday Afternoon Club Mystery Series #1)
2004978-1-58229-457-5Ed YoungCan We Do That? Innovative Practices that will Change the Way You Do Church
2005978-1-58229-459-9Bill Bright · Jack CavanaughFire (The Great Awakenings Series #2)
2005978-1-58229-461-2Pat WilliamsWho Wants to be a Champion?
  ''978-1-58229-462-9Point of GraceGirls of Grace Make it Real: Words, Worth, Relationships, And Me: Devotional and Bible Study Workbook
  ''978-1-58229-463-6Point Of GraceGirls of Grace Q & A
  ''978-1-58229-464-3Alan NelsonCoached by Jesus: 31 Lifechanging Questions Asked by the Master
  ''978-1-58229-466-7Grace Livingston HillA Girl to Come Home To
2005978-1-58229-468-1Ph.D Ken CanfieldThey Call Me Dad
  ''978-1-58229-471-1Gigi SchweikertGod, God What do You See?: I See a Mother Looking at Me (Motherhood Club)
  ''978-1-58229-474-2Mark Lowry · Martha BoltonPiper's Great Adventures
2006978-1-58229-477-3Martha BoltonOuch! Encouragement for the Hurts of Life
  ''978-1-58229-486-5Karol LaddThe Power of a Postive Mom Devotional: 52 Monday Morning Motivations (Motherhood Club)
  ''978-1-58229-489-6Jerry CookThe Monday Morning Church: Out of the Sanctuary and Into the Streets
2006978-1-58229-491-9Denise HunterFinding Faith
  ''978-1-58229-492-6Gary E. ParkerDistant Shores (Southern Tides, Book 3)
  ''978-1-58229-493-3Bill BrightStorm: 1798-1800 (The Great Awakenings Series #3)
  ''978-1-58229-494-0Bruce MarchianoThe Character of a Man: Reflecting the Image of Jesus
2005978-1-58229-558-9Debbie WilliamsPrayers of My Heart
2006978-1-58229-570-1Steve BrownWhat Was I Thinking?: Things I've Learned Since I Knew It All
  ''978-1-58229-572-5Chuck Borsellino Ph.D. PsyDPinocchio Parenting: 21 Outrageous Lies We Tell Our Kids
2006978-1-58229-573-2Bill Bright · Jack CavanaughFury: 1825-1826 (The Great Awakenings Series #4)
  ''978-1-58229-574-9Jill RigbyRaising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World (Motherhood Club)
  ''978-1-58229-575-6Janet ThompsonDear God, They Say It's Cancer: A Companion Guide for Women on the Breast Cancer Journey
  ''978-1-58229-576-3Shirley BrosiusSisterhood of Faith: 365 Life-Changing Stories about Women Who Made a Difference
  ''978-1-58229-577-0Jerome TeelThe Election
2006978-1-58229-586-2Point Of GraceMake it Real (DVD)
2003978-1-58229-588-6Calvin MillerA Hunger for the Holy: Nuturing Intimacy with Christ
2005978-1-58229-595-4Scotty SmithObjects of His Affection
2006978-1-58229-613-5Merry Graham · Rachel ByeScriptures at Your Fingertips: With Over 200 Topics and 2000 Verses
2007978-1-58229-626-5John Burns · Helen BurnsWhat Dads Need to Know About Daughters/What Moms Need to Know About Sons
  ''978-1-58229-635-7Mark Littleton101 Amazing Truths About Jesus That You Probably Didn't Know
  ''978-1-58229-641-8Chonda PierceLaughing in the Dark: A Comedian's Journey through Depression
  ''978-1-58229-643-2Deborah RaneyRemember to Forget: A Clayburn Novel
  ''978-1-58229-644-9Cyndy SalzmannCrime and Clutter (Friday Afternoon Club Mystery Series #2)
2006978-1-58229-654-8Carl D. WindsorOn This Day: Daily Inspiration for the History Buff, the Trivia Lover, and the Innately Curious
2006978-1-58229-659-3Martha BoltonMaybe Life's Just Not That Into You: When You Feel Like the World's Voted You Off
  ''978-1-58229-670-8Hugs Expressions: Friends for Life! (Hugs Expressions of the Heart)
2007978-1-58229-672-2Lynn AndersonThey Smell Like Sheep, Volume 2: Leading with the Heart of a Shepherd
2006978-1-58229-700-2Sandi PattyBroken on the Back Row: A Journey Through Grace and Forgiveness
  ''978-1-58229-702-6Pat WilliamsWho Wants to be a Champion?: 10 Building Blocks to Help You Become Everything You Can Be!