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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-1-58150-008-0Christine M Schweizer · Christina S CableUnderstanding the Foal (The Horse Health Care Library Series)
1999978-1-58150-009-7Robert HollandUnderstanding the Older Horse (The Horse Health Care Library Series)
  ''978-1-58150-011-0Ed Squires D.V.M.Understanding the Stallion (Understanding Series)
1998978-1-58150-012-7Barbara D LivingstonFour Seasons of Racing
  ''978-1-58150-015-8Mimi PorterThe New Equine Sports Therapy (Horse Health Care Library)
1999978-1-58150-017-2Sue McDonnellUnderstanding Horse Behavior (Horse Health Care Library)
2000978-1-58150-018-9Christine M SchweizerUnderstanding Breeding Mgmt
1999978-1-58150-019-6Josh PonsCountry Life Diary, Revised
  ''978-1-58150-022-6Edward L BowenMatriarchs: Great Mares of the 20th Century
1999978-1-58150-024-0Blood-Horse Inc. Editorial Staff · William R. NackThoroughbred Champions: Top 100 Racehorses of the 20th Century
  ''978-1-58150-025-7Bob BaffertBaffert Dirt Road to the Derby
  ''978-1-58150-037-0Milton C Toby · Karen L PerchUnderstanding Equine Law
  ''978-1-58150-039-4Jay HovdeyCigar, Revised: America's Horse
2000978-1-58150-040-0Edward L BowenMan o' War (Thoroughbred Legends)
2001978-1-58150-041-7Arnold KirkpatrickInvesting in Thoroughbreds
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  ''978-1-58150-044-8Jennifer O BryantOlympic Equestrian: The Sports and the Stories from Stockholm to Sydney
2000978-1-58150-045-5Pauhla Smith · Pohla SmithCitation: Thoroughbred Legends
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  ''978-1-58150-050-9Edward L BowenNashua (Thoroughbred Legends)
2000978-1-58150-053-0W. Cothran CampbellLightning in a Jar: Catching Racing Fever - A Thoroughbred Owner's Guide, 1st Edition
2000978-1-58150-054-7Edward L Bowen · Edward L. BowenDynasties; Great Thoroughbred Stallions
2001978-1-58150-057-8Timothy T CappsSpectacular Bid: Racing's Horse of Steel (Thoroughbred Legends)
  ''978-1-58150-058-5Steve HaskinJohn Henry
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  ''978-1-58150-069-1Barbara D ForneyUnderstanding Equine Medications: Your Guide to Horse Health Care and Management (Horse Health Care Library)
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2002978-1-58150-071-4Barry IrwinSwaps: The California Comet (Thoroughbred Legends)
2002978-1-58150-072-1John McEvoy · McEvoy JohnRound Table: Thoroughbred Legends
  ''978-1-58150-073-8Timothy T CappsAffirmed and Alydar: Thoroughbred Legends
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  ''978-1-58150-075-2Lenny ShulmanRide of Their Lives: The Triumphs and Turmoil of Today's Top Jockeys
  ''978-1-58150-078-3Edward L. BowenWar Admiral (Thoroughbred Legends)
2002978-1-58150-083-7Barbara D LivingstonOld Friends: Visits with My Favorite Thoroughbreds
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  ''978-1-58150-107-0Eva Jolene BoydAssault: Thoroughbred Legends
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2005978-1-58150-119-3By the Staff and Correspondents of the Blood-HorseThe Blood-Horse Authoritative Guide to Betting Thoroug
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2005978-1-58150-128-5Sue McDonnellUnderstanding Your Horse's Behavior
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2006978-1-58150-135-3T A LandersProfessional Care of the Racehorse: A Guide to Grooming, Feeding, and Handling the Equine Athlete
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2006978-1-58150-137-7Avalyn HunterThe Kingmaker: How Northern Dancer Founded a Racing Dynasty
  ''978-1-58150-138-4Blood-Horse PublicationsThe Blood-Horse Authoritative Guide to Breeding Thoroughbreds
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2007978-1-58150-145-2Blood-Horse PublicationsThe Blood-Horse Authoritative Guide to Pinhooking for (Blood-Horse Authoritative Guides)
2006978-1-58150-146-9Maria BelknapThe Ultimate English/Spanish Dictionary for Horsemen/E (Spanish Edition)
2007978-1-58150-149-0Edward L BowenMasters of the Turf: Ten Trainers Who Dominated Horse Racing's Golden Age
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2007978-1-58150-154-4Timothy T CappsAffirmed and Alydar: Racing's Greatest Rivalry (Thoroughbred Legends (Unnumbered))
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2007978-1-58150-159-9Sean ClancyBarbaro: The Horse Who Captured America's Heart
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2007978-1-58150-175-9Steve HaskinDr. Fager: Racing's Top Record Setter (Thoroughbred Legends (Unnumbered))
  ''978-1-58150-176-6Eva Jolene BoydNative Dancer: Thoroughbred Legend (Thoroughbred Legends (Unnumbered))
  ''978-1-58150-177-3Edward L BowenWar Admiral: Man O'War's Greatest Son (Thoroughbred Legends (Unnumbered))
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2007978-1-58150-182-7Josh PonsMerryland: Two Years in the Life of a Racing Stable
2008978-1-58150-184-1Steve HaskinTales from the Triple Crown
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2009978-1-58150-201-5Les SellnowMules Is Different: Everything You Wanted to Know about Longears, and More
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  ''978-1-58150-344-9Staff and Correspondents of The Blood-HorseHorse Racing Divas: From Azeri to Zenyatta, Twelve Fillies and Mares Who Achieved Racing's Highest Honor