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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-58117-023-8Jan PienkowskiMonster Pops Box Set: Dinnertime/Oh My a Fly/Small Talk
  ''978-1-58117-024-5Jan PienkowskiDinnertime
  ''978-1-58117-025-2   ''Small Talk
  ''978-1-58117-026-9   ''Oh My a Fly
1998978-1-58117-028-3Piggy Toes PressMerry Little Foil Books Display
1999978-1-58117-029-0Piggy Toes Press · Willabel L. TongA Three-Dimensional Victorian Doll House
2000978-1-58117-036-8Melissa TyrrellFairytale Storybook Playset
1999978-1-58117-042-9Dawn BentleyThe Icky Sticky Frog
2001978-1-58117-046-7RivesIf I were a Polar Bear
1999978-1-58117-056-6Salina YoonMaggie Can Count: A Counting Tweeter Book
2000978-1-58117-058-0Jay Scarfone · William StillmanThe Wizard of Oz: The Film Classic Comes to Life With Sound and Stunning Three-Dimension
1999978-1-58117-060-3Salina YoonMy Shimmery Learning Book
2001978-1-58117-066-5Jennifer lawrenceSad Doggy
2000978-1-58117-076-4Betty Ann SchwartzWhat Makes a Rainbow?: A Magic Ribbon Book
  ''978-1-58117-079-5Dawn BentleyThe Icky Sticky Anteater
2000978-1-58117-082-5Salina YoonMy Shimmery Fun Time Book: At the Zoo, at the Beach, on the Farm, My Toys, Dress Up
2002978-1-58117-086-3Dawn BentleyThe Icky Sticky Chameleon
2000978-1-58117-089-4Salina YoonMy Little Shimmery Time for Bed
2001978-1-58117-091-7Melanie GerthTen Little Ladybugs
2000978-1-58117-104-4Libby EllisZiggy the Zebra
2001978-1-58117-121-1Dawn BentleyIcky Sticky Anteater
  ''978-1-58117-139-6Betty Ann SchwartzWhat Makes Music? (A Magic Ribbon Book)
  ''978-1-58117-145-7Alwyn EvansOld McDonald Playset with Toy
2002978-1-58117-164-8Salina YoonMy Little Shimmery Neighborhood
2003978-1-58117-186-0Steve HaskampBendon Publishing Eight Silly Monkeys Mini Board Book
  ''978-1-58117-187-7Treesha Runnells · Sarah DillardTen Wishing Stars: A Countdown to Bedtime Book
2005978-1-58117-203-4My Big Glittery Good Day Good Night
2003978-1-58117-218-8Melanie GerthFive Little Ladybugs
2008978-1-58117-219-5Dawn BentleyThe Icky Sticky Frog
2003978-1-58117-220-1Betty Ann SchwartzWhat Makes a Rainbow? Mini edition (A Magic Ribbon Book)
  ''978-1-58117-279-9Teresa ImperatoGood Morning, Good Night!
2004978-1-58117-281-2Steven HaskampThis Little Piggy (English Edition)
2005978-1-58117-317-8Teresa ImperatoFive Little Piggies Mini
2004978-1-58117-321-5   ''10 Christmas Lights
2004978-1-58117-331-4Gene BarrettaOn Top of Spaghetti with Other
  ''978-1-58117-345-1Hideko TakahashiHello, New Baby!
2005978-1-58117-362-8Chris Lensch · Treesha RunnellsCoral Reef: Hide-And-Seek
  ''978-1-58117-365-9Phil Wilson · Willabel L. TongMedieval Castle: A Three-Dimensional
  ''978-1-58117-376-5Sam McKendry · Melanie MitchellAre You Ticklish? (A Touch and Tickle Book)
2006978-1-58117-383-3Margaret WangWho Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar
2005978-1-58117-387-1Annie AuerbachCindy Big Hair: A Twisted (and Teased & Braided) Cinderella Story
  ''978-1-58117-388-8Christmas Floor/Counter Display
2005978-1-58117-392-5Alise RobinsonShining Stars: A Colors Book (Space Craze)
  ''978-1-58117-393-2   ''Shapes in Space: A Shapes Book (Space Craze)
2005978-1-58117-395-6Alise RobinsonU, F & O... Where Did They Go?
  ''978-1-58117-415-1Dorothea DepiscoBeetle Bug's Party: A Counting Book
  ''978-1-58117-416-8Beth Engleman-Berner · Jenna RiggsThe Best Friends Keepsake Kit with Sticker and Jewelry and Pens/Pencils and Coupons and Rubber Stamp and Frame and Notecard(s)
  ''978-1-58117-418-2Margaret WangEency Weency Spider [With Musical Sound Chip]
  ''978-1-58117-429-8   ''Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar? Mini Edition
2006978-1-58117-445-8Sam McKendryBless Everyone
2006978-1-58117-447-2Beth E. Berner · Jenna RiggsFollow That Bee
  ''978-1-58117-448-9Patrick GlendeningJungle Tumble
  ''978-1-58117-450-2Dorothea DePriscoLullaby and Good Night: Music and Lights with Other
  ''978-1-58117-454-0Dorothea DepriscoPizza! Pizza! Pizza! with Magnet(s)
  ''978-1-58117-457-1Margaret WangWho Do You Love?
2006978-1-58117-459-5Dorothea DePriscoBack in My Arms
  ''978-1-58117-461-8Melanie MitchellGood Morning, Good Night!: A Touch & Feel Bedtime Book with Other
  ''978-1-58117-462-5Melanie O'BrienPat Them Gently
  ''978-1-58117-482-3Margaret WangI Love You, Every Little Bit
  ''978-1-58117-483-0Laurie YoungI See a Monster Touch and Feel Book
2006978-1-58117-492-2Jacqueline EastPrincess Palace: A Three-Demensional Playset
  ''978-1-58117-500-4Melanie GerthFive Little Ladybugs: Book & Hand Puppet [With Hand Puppet]
  ''978-1-58117-501-1Margaret WangMonkey Tumbles
  ''978-1-58117-504-2Dorothea DePriscoBluebird's Nest
  ''978-1-58117-505-9Margaret WangEency Weency Spider
2007978-1-58117-554-7Sam McKendryCurious Kitties: A Color Book
2007978-1-58117-565-3Jill McDonaldColors: A Play-With-Me Book
  ''978-1-58117-566-0Jane SmithNumbers (A Play-With-Me Book)
2005978-1-58117-575-2Margaret WangEency Weency Spider
  ''978-1-58117-576-9Christine SchneiderWho Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?
2007978-1-58117-577-6Steven HaskampEight Silly Monkeys
  ''978-1-58117-578-3Melanie GerthTen Little Ladybugs
  ''978-1-58117-584-4Piggy Toes PressGiggle & Grow Baby Counts!
2007978-1-58117-600-1Katie GrimThank You, Friend
  ''978-1-58117-604-9Jill McDonaldShapes (Play-With-Me Books)
  ''978-1-58117-605-6   ''Opposites
  ''978-1-58117-624-7Olivia PriceThe 12 Days of Christmas: Includes 12 Ornaments to Hang from the Tree
  ''978-1-58117-635-3Katie GrimGingerbread Land
2008978-1-58117-641-4James DiazPopigami: When Everyday Paper Pops!
2007978-1-58117-652-0Chuck MurphyAnimal Babies A to Z
2007978-1-58117-667-4Dalmatian PressThink, Think, Think!
  ''978-1-58117-668-1Dalmatian PressWhere’s Buster
2008978-1-58117-684-1Melanie O'BrienNo More Pacifiers!
  ''978-1-58117-692-6Piggy ToesLittle Feet Like... (Giggle and Grow) (Giggle & Grow)
  ''978-1-58117-706-0Melanie MitchellBendon Publishing Are You Ticklish? (Touch & Tickle Book)
  ''978-1-58117-707-7Margaret WangBendon Publishing Who Do You Love?
2008978-1-58117-708-4Melanie MitchellGood Morning: A Touch & Feel Morning Book
  ''978-1-58117-709-1   ''Good Night: A Touch & Feel Bedtime Book
  ''978-1-58117-711-4Dawn BentleyThe Icky Sticky Anteater Mini Book
  ''978-1-58117-712-1   ''The Icky Sticky Frog
  ''978-1-58117-714-5Dalmatian PressMommy is That You?
2008978-1-58117-715-2Dalmatian PressWhere’s Daddy?
  ''978-1-58117-720-6Gene BarrettaOn Top of Spaghetti
  ''978-1-58117-727-5Salina YoonMaggie's Colorful Garden
2008978-1-58117-728-2Salina YoonMaggie Can Count
  ''978-1-58117-802-9Olivia PriceBible Stories: A Touch & Feel Book
  ''978-1-58117-805-0Dorothea DePrisco WangBluebird's Nest
  ''978-1-58117-808-1Clement C. MooreMy First Night Before Christmas: A Touch & Feel & Sparkle Book
  ''978-1-58117-819-7Dalmatian PressBlack Cat
2008978-1-58117-820-3Dalmatian PressGhosts
  ''978-1-58117-821-0   ''Bats
  ''978-1-58117-822-7   ''Skeletons
  ''978-1-58117-823-4   ''Pop Up Pumkins
  ''978-1-58117-833-3   ''Sleigh Ride
2008978-1-58117-834-0Dalmatian PressChristmas Tree
2008978-1-58117-835-7Dalmatian PressDoggie Christmas
  ''978-1-58117-836-4   ''Nutcracker Ballet
2009978-1-58117-851-7Piggy Toes PressLittle Hands Love (A Tiny Handsies Touch and Feel Book)
2008978-1-58117-852-4Dalmatian PressLots of Love
2009978-1-58117-853-1Janna MatthiesMonster Trucks (A Lift-the-Flap and Foil Book)
  ''978-1-58117-881-4Anthony NexBendon Publishing Little Feet Love (Tiny Tootsies Touch and Feel Books)
  ''978-1-58117-898-2Dalmatian PressBee Smart Colors
  ''978-1-58117-899-9   ''Bee Smart Numbers
2009978-1-58117-901-9Dalmatian PressBe Smart Opposites
  ''978-1-58117-902-6   ''Bee Smart Shapes
  ''978-1-58117-914-9   ''It’s Your World Too!: And There Are Lots of Ways to Help
2010978-1-58117-916-3Alyson A ZacharyMonster Rescue Squad
2009978-1-58117-918-7J. BilanMy First Jack and the Beanstalk
  ''978-1-58117-922-4Dalmatian PressPrincess Polly and the Pea
2009978-1-58117-923-1Dalmatian PressRace Car Shapes
  ''978-1-58117-924-8   ''Race Car Colors
  ''978-1-58117-937-8   ''Weekend Warriors