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1998978-1-58112-034-9Pascal LedruDistributed Programming in ADA with Protected Objects
1999978-1-58112-064-6Carole Kadinger AdairCracking the Glass Ceiling: Factors Influencing Women's Attainment of Senior Executive Positions
  ''978-1-58112-081-3Joseph GrecoThe File on Robert Siodmak in Hollywood: 1941-1951
2000978-1-58112-105-6Freda D. LewisGetting by: Race and Parasocial Interaction in a Television Situation Comedy
  ''978-1-58112-108-7Michael L. Slavkin · Michael Lawrence SlavkinJuvenile Firesetting: An Exploratory Analysis
  ''978-1-58112-109-4Noriko MiuraMarginal Voice, Marginal Body: The Treatment Of The Human Body in yhe Works of Nakagami Kenji, Leslie Marmon Silko, and Salman Rushdie
  ''978-1-58112-119-3Dawn Prince-HughesThe Archetype of the Ape-Man: The Phenomenological Archaeology of a Relic Hominid Ancestor
2002978-1-58112-149-0Janelle BurrillParental Alienation Syndrome in Court Referred Custody Cases
2002978-1-58112-162-9Fayeq S. OweisThe Elements of Unity in Islamic Art as Examined Through the Work of Jamal Badran
  ''978-1-58112-170-4Marco HernandezThe Erasure of the Afro Element of Mestizaje in Modern Mexico: The Coding of Visibly Black Mestizos According to a White Aesthetic In and Through the ... Phase of the Mexican Revolution, 1920-1968
2003978-1-58112-190-2Noah PorterFalun Gong in the United States: An Ethnographic Study
  ''978-1-58112-201-5Koompong NoobanjongPower, Identity, and the Rise of Modern Architecture: from Siam to Thailand
  ''978-1-58112-211-4Richard BlackOrganisational Culture: Creating the Influence Needed for Strategic Success
2005978-1-58112-261-9Edward MooreOrigen of Alexandria and St. Maximus the Confessor
  ''978-1-58112-269-5Linda A. SandlebenPerformance Appraisals within Public Safety
2005978-1-58112-272-5Gunnar ClausenPrice Sensitivity for Electronic Entertainment: Determinants and Consequences
  ''978-1-58112-289-3Regelind FarnColonial and Postcolonial Rewritings of "Heart of Darkness": A Century of Dialogue with Joseph Conrad
  ''978-1-58112-291-6Daniela CzernochowskiAge Differences in Familiarity and Recollection: ERP Evidence for the Development of Recognition Memory in Childhood
  ''978-1-58112-292-3Christopher ArizaAn Open Design for Computer-Aided Algorithmic Music Composition: athenaCL
2006978-1-58112-298-5Elie ElhadjExperiments in Achieving Water and Food Self-Sufficiency in the Middle East: The Consequences of Contrasting Endowments, Ideologies, and Investment Policies in Saudi Arabia and Syria
  ''978-1-58112-314-2Helen OsiejaEconomic Sanctions as an Instrument of U.S. Foreign Policy: The Case of the U.S. Embargo against Cuba
2006978-1-58112-318-0Debra L. De VayThe Effectiveness of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 in Preventing and Detecting Fraud in Financial Statements
  ''978-1-58112-321-0Ian A. InmanCompacted Oxide Layer Formation under Conditions of Limited Debris Retention at the Wear Interface during High Temperature Sliding Wear of Superalloys
  ''978-1-58112-326-5Fathi A. El-shihibiTravel Genre in Arabic Literature: A Selective Literary and Historical Study
  ''978-1-58112-334-0William Daniel SturgeonJapan's Yasukuni Shrine: Place of Peace or Place of Conflict? Regional Politics of History and Memory in East Asia
  ''978-1-58112-336-4Amir DhiaThe Information Age and Diplomacy: An Emerging Strategic Vision in World Affairs
2007978-1-58112-344-9Rhonda J. McClentonSpirits of the Lesser Gods: A Critical Examination of Reiki and Christ-Centered Healing
2006978-1-58112-347-0Glenn RobertsIslamic Human Rights and International Law
2007978-1-58112-369-2Jonathan LevyThe Intermarium: Wilson, Madison, & East Central European Federalism
2007978-1-58112-370-8Mark SteinerEconomics in Antitrust Policy: Freedom to Compete vs. Freedom to Contract
  ''978-1-58112-372-2Joel Curtis GravesLeadership Paradigms in Chaplaincy
2008978-1-58112-383-8Christian KahlModelling and Simulation of Stochastic Volatility in Finance
  ''978-1-58112-390-6Franceska PerotThe Re-Emergence of the Divine Feminine and its Significance for Spiritual, Psychological and Evolutionary Growth
2002978-1-58112-404-0Thomas NordegrenThe A-Z Encyclopedia of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  ''978-1-58112-406-4Richard E. MezoA Student's Guide to Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
  ''978-1-58112-407-1Stephen E. BraudeESP and Psychokinesis: A Philosophical Examination
2004978-1-58112-423-1Idris BalTurkish Foreign Policy in Post Cold War Era
2004978-1-58112-424-8Jan G. LinnWhat's Wrong with the Christian Right
  ''978-1-58112-428-6Michael G. AamodtResearch in Law Enforcement Selection
2005978-1-58112-430-9Martin A. VoetThe Generic Challenge: Understanding Patents, FDA and Pharmaceutical Life-Cycle Management
2004978-1-58112-434-7Stacy ZieglerPathways to Parenthood: The Ultimate Guide to Surrogacy
2005978-1-58112-435-4Curtis R. BlakelyAmerica's Prisons: The Movement Toward Profit and Privatization
  ''978-1-58112-437-8Al KellyChallenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories
  ''978-1-58112-442-2Ralph H Salmi · Gonca Bayraktar DurgunTurkish-U.S. Relations: Perspectives From Ankara
2006978-1-58112-443-9Gordon L. PatzerThe Power and Paradox of Physical Attractiveness
  ''978-1-58112-447-7Travis S. Taylor · Bob Boan · R.C. Anding · T. Conley PowellAn Introduction to Planetary Defense: A Study of Modern Warfare Applied to Extra-Terrestrial Invasion
2005978-1-58112-452-1Kenneth CiminoThe Politics of Crystal Meth: Gay Men Share Stories of Addiction and Recovery
2005978-1-58112-453-8Deborah Schurman-KauflinVulture: Profiling Sadistic Serial Killers
  ''978-1-58112-454-5Eric SchillerThe Rubinstein Attack: A Chess Opening Strategy for White
  ''978-1-58112-457-6Doug Bower · Cynthia M. BowerThe Plain Truth About Living in Mexico: The Expatriate's Guide to Moving, Retiring, or Just Hanging Out
  ''978-1-58112-459-0Craig SteinerThe 8051/8052 Microcontroller: Architecture, Assembly Language, and Hardware Interfacing
  ''978-1-58112-462-0Valery ChaldizeInfinity or Not? An Arithmetical Satire
2005978-1-58112-464-4Lidia S. McCarthyUnforgettable Classics: Russian Reader Intermediate-Advanced, 19th Century (Russian Edition)
  ''978-1-58112-471-2Kofi ObengSurviving Academia: A Guide to New Professors
  ''978-1-58112-472-9Renee Kennedy · Terry KentSearch Engine Optimization and Marketing for Beginners
  ''978-1-58112-475-0Upali M. SedereSecurity-Based Approach to Development: Global Insecurity and Issues of Personal Identification
  ''978-1-58112-478-1Igor V Smirnov · Vladimir I. Vysotskii · Alla A. KornilovaIntroduction to the Biophysics of Activated Water
2005978-1-58112-483-5Mengistu Woube · MengistuEffects of Resettlement Schemes on the Biophysical and Human Environments: The Case of the Gambela Region, Ethiopia
2004978-1-58112-489-7H. Thomas MilhornCrime: Computer Viruses to Twin Towers
2005978-1-58112-491-0Jeffry John SteinLife, Myth, and the American Family Unreeling: The Spiritual Significance of Movies for the 20th Century
  ''978-1-58112-493-4Rajat Datta · Mahesh NanavatyGlobal Silk Industry: A Complete Source Book
2004978-1-58112-499-6Alicia S. ClarkEnglish-To-Spanish Computer and Internet Dictionary
  ''978-1-58112-501-6Michelle MaverickDiary of a Legal Prostitute: Nevada Brothels
2005978-1-58112-503-0H. Boima FahnbullehVoices of Protest: Liberia on the Edge, 1974-1980
2004978-1-58112-514-6William T. Liu · Beatrice LeungThe Chinese Catholic Church in Conflict: 1949-2001
  ''978-1-58112-517-7William Hutton · Jonathan EagleEarth's Catastrophic Past and Future: A Scientific Analysis of Information Channeled by Edgar Cayce
  ''978-1-58112-518-4Amanda Howard · Martin SmithRiver of Blood: Serial Killers and Their Victims
2004978-1-58112-519-1Lewis W. DiuguidA Teacher's Cry: Expose the Truth about Education Today
2005978-1-58112-524-5Behnam N. TabriziAccelerating Transformation: Process Innovation in the Global Information Technology Industry
2004978-1-58112-533-7Prosper AvrilHaiti (1995-2000): The Black Book on Insecurity
  ''978-1-58112-544-3H. Boima FahnbullehAcross the Landscape: Selected Political Writings and Speeches on Liberia--1978-2001
2003978-1-58112-551-1Jerome DrexlerHow Dark Matter Created Dark Energy and the Sun: An Astrophysics Detective Story
  ''978-1-58112-552-8Lynne M. CaulkettSecond Chances: Amazing Horse Rescues
  ''978-1-58112-554-2Kali PinckneyDefensor Fortis: A Brief History of USAF Security and Those Dedicated Few Who Defend the Air Force at the Ground Level
  ''978-1-58112-564-1A. K. Eyma · C. J. BennettA Delta Man in Yebu
2003978-1-58112-566-5Kevin M. DunnCaveman Chemistry: 28 Projects, from the Creation of Fire to the Production of Plastics
  ''978-1-58112-573-3Yves KodratoffNordic Magic Healing: 1: Healing Galdr, Healing Runes
  ''978-1-58112-576-4Dean GarrisonPractical Shooting Scene Investigation: The Investigation & Reconstruction of Crime Scenes Involving Gunfire
  ''978-1-58112-580-1Don PaveyOn Colours 1528: A Translation from Latin
  ''978-1-58112-581-8   ''Colour and Humanism: Colour Expression over History
2003978-1-58112-583-2Peter ThompsonThe Real Insider's Guide to Military Basic Training: A Recruit's Guide of Advice and Hints to Make It Through Boot Camp (2nd Edition)
  ''978-1-58112-584-9Thomas A. FudgeChristianity without the Cross: A History of Salvation in Oneness Pentecostalism
  ''978-1-58112-590-0Paul W. BlytheStreet Smarts for a Troubled World
  ''978-1-58112-591-7Darcy A. ColeSeduce Me! How to Ignite Your Partner's Passion
  ''978-1-58112-592-4John W. WalkoThe Balance of Empires: United States' Rejection of German Reunification and Stalin's March Note of 1952
2003978-1-58112-593-1Highland Dynamics Inc2003 Video Game Price Guide
  ''978-1-58112-594-8Wayne DrakeCrown Molding & Trim: Install It Like a Pro!
  ''978-1-58112-595-5Peter SabbaghThe Development of Harmony in Scriabin´s Works
  ''978-1-58112-596-2Douglas W. DevlinPOLICEDO: The Official Police Method of Arrest and Self-Defense
  ''978-1-58112-597-9Peter ThompsonThe Real Insider's Guide to Military Basic Training: A Recruit's Guide of Advice and Hints to Make It Through Boot Camp (2nd Edition)
2003978-1-58112-598-6Jenny KienThe Battle Between the Moon and Sun: The Separation of Women's Bodies from the Cosmic Dance
2002978-1-58112-599-3Sean GouldThe Missing Algorithm: Sex, Cooperation, and Prediction in Evolution
2004978-1-58112-601-3Mark McCutcheonThe Final Theory: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy
2002978-1-58112-604-4Joseph P. EliasThe Words of Christ in Aramaic-English Interlinear Edition
  ''978-1-58112-611-2Gil StudentCan The Rebbe Be Moshiach?: Proofs from Gemara, Midrash, and Rambam that the Rebbe zt"l cannot be Moshiach
  ''978-1-58112-620-4Wolfgang Hummel · Enzo Curti · Urs BernerNagra/PSI Chemical Thermodynamic Data Base 01/01
  ''978-1-58112-630-3Heshey ZelcerA Guide to the Jerusalem Talmud
2001978-1-58112-650-1Charles Tandy · R. Michael Perry · Robin HansonDoctor Tandy's First Guide to Life Extension and Transhumanity
  ''978-1-58112-654-9Richard AzzoliniThere's a Chef in Your Freezer: Fast, Fabulous, Delicious, Mediterranean-Inspired Recipes Your Family, Friends, and You Will Love
2001978-1-58112-655-6Donald L. HicksUnderstanding the G-Spot and Female Sexuality: A 10-Step Guide for Unleashing the Ultimate in Female Ecstasy
  ''978-1-58112-656-3David A. WoolseyLibations of the Eighteenth Century: A Concise Manual for the Brewing of Authentic Beverages from the Colonial Era of America, and of Times Past
  ''978-1-58112-657-0Donald L. HicksUnderstanding the G-Spot and Female Sexuality: A 10-Step Guide for Unleashing the Ultimate in Female Ecstasy
  ''978-1-58112-658-7J. D. R. de RaadtA Method and Software for Designing Viable Social Systems
  ''978-1-58112-659-4Walter Guerry III GreenCommand and Control of Disaster Operations
2001978-1-58112-667-9Zdenko SilvelaA New History of Violin Playing: The Vibrato and Lambert Massart's Revolutionary Discovery
  ''978-1-58112-671-6Claus KuhnelBASCOM Programming of Microcontrollers with Ease: An Introduction by Program Examples
  ''978-1-58112-674-7Janice OberdingHaunted Nevada
  ''978-1-58112-679-2Renee Kennedy · Terry KentSearch Engine Optimization and Placement: An Internet Marketing Course for Webmasters
  ''978-1-58112-681-5Loet LeydesdorffThe Challenge of Scientometrics: The Development, Measurement, and Self-Organization of Scientific Communications
2001978-1-58112-685-3Dawn HughesThe Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Resource Book and Life Planner Workbook
  ''978-1-58112-689-1Thadd Turner · Thadd M. TurnerWild Bill Hickok: Deadwood City - End of Trail
  ''978-1-58112-691-4Anthony CoxStill Life in Crete
  ''978-1-58112-695-2Loet LeydesdorffA Sociological Theory of Communication: The Self-Organization of the Knowledge-Based Society
  ''978-1-58112-696-9H. Cameron BarnesAffair! How to Manage Every Aspect of Your Extramarital Relationship with Passion, Discretion and Dignity
2001978-1-58112-701-0Stephen J. ZawackiLove, Marriage & Green Cards: Immigration to the United States as the Husband or Wife of an American Citizen
  ''978-1-58112-704-1Claudio O. Delang · Karen Human Rights Group · Kevin HeppnerSuffering in Silence: The Human Rights Nightmare of the Karen People of Burma
  ''978-1-58112-708-9Becky Lu JacksonDieting: A Dry Drunk
2000978-1-58112-712-6Aceituno M. Armando · Armando M. AceitunoBusiness English and Conversation for the EFL-ESL Classroom
  ''978-1-58112-719-5Karen BlueMidlife Mavericks: Women Reinventing Their Lives in Mexico
  ''978-1-58112-722-5Fritz UlrichRendezvous with Destiny
2000978-1-58112-724-9R. Michael PerryForever for All: Moral Philosophy, Cryonics, and the Scientific Prospects for Immortality
  ''978-1-58112-733-1Deborah Grenn-ScottLilith's Fire: Reclaiming Our Sacred Lifeforce
  ''978-1-58112-735-5Kelly VinalThe Extracted MBA: A Topical Reference for the Contemporary MBA
  ''978-1-58112-748-5Walter Guerry III GreenExercise Alternatives for Training Emergency Management Command Center Staffs
  ''978-1-58112-754-6Stephen FoxUncivil Liberties: Italian Americans Under Siege During World War II
2000978-1-58112-756-0Icek KuperbergMemoirs of a Holocaust Survivor: Icek Kuperberg
  ''978-1-58112-758-4Perry Allan Snow · Perry SnowNeither Waif Nor Stray: The Search for a Stolen Identity
  ''978-1-58112-763-8Jenny KienReinstating the Divine Woman in Judaism
1999978-1-58112-777-5H. Cameron BarnesAffair!: How to Manage Every Aspect of Your Extramarital Relationship with Passion, Discretion and Dignity
  ''978-1-58112-784-3Prosper Avril · Danial Francis LisarelliAn Appeal to History: The Truth about a Singular Lawsuit
  ''978-1-58112-791-1John M. CobinA Primer on Modern Themes in Free Market Economics and Policy
1999978-1-58112-799-7Yasuhiro NemotoThe Japanese Education System
  ''978-1-58112-800-0Adam WhiteThe Interracial Dating Book for Black Women Who Want to Date White Men
  ''978-1-58112-828-4Kristin Noelle WeissmanBarbie: The Icon, the Image, the Ideal: An Analytical Interpretation of the Barbie Doll in Popular Culture
  ''978-1-58112-829-1Melvin H. SchuetzA Chesley Bonestell Space Art Chronology
  ''978-1-58112-831-4Thomas TalbottThe Inescapable Love of God
1999978-1-58112-832-1Arthur D. Jacobs · William J. HopwoodThe Prison Called Hohenasperg: An American Boy Betrayed by His Government During World War II
  ''978-1-58112-836-9Prosper AvrilFrom Glory to Disgrace: The Haitian Army, 1804 - 1994
  ''978-1-58112-839-0Marc TerranceConcentration Camps: A Traveler's Guide to World War II Sites
  ''978-1-58112-857-4Richard Forno · Ronald BaklarzThe Art of Information Warfare: Insight into the Knowledge Warrior Philosophy
1998978-1-58112-858-1Ravanna Francoer · Ravanna FrancoeurThe Termination
  ''978-1-58112-859-8David BurgeBoy, 10: The Curious Case of Jason Hartz and Other Stories
1990978-1-58112-860-4William H. PayneFido
1998978-1-58112-861-1Kimile AczonBJ: A Supernatural Horror Story
1998978-1-58112-863-5Ernesto LeeSpace, Time, and Reality: Today's Philosophy ... Tomorrow's Physics
  ''978-1-58112-864-2Arthur BonnerWe Will Not Be Stopped: Evangelical Persecution, Catholicism and Zapatismo in Chiapas, Mexico
2001978-1-58112-876-5Anne WaymanPowerfully Recovered! A Confirmed 12 Stepper Challenges the Movement
1998978-1-58112-878-9Gloria G. BrameDomina: The Sextopians
  ''978-1-58112-889-5Harry MountainThe Celtic Encyclopedia, 5 Volume Set
  ''978-1-58112-891-8   ''The Celtic Encyclopedia: 002
  ''978-1-58112-892-5   ''The Celtic Encyclopedia, Vol. 3
1998978-1-58112-893-2Harry MountainThe Celtic Encyclopedia, Vol. 4
  ''978-1-58112-894-9   ''The Celtic Encyclopedia, Vol. 5
2006978-1-58112-905-2A. HunsickerUnderstanding International Counter Terrorism: A Professional's Guide to the Operational Art
  ''978-1-58112-907-6James Mannie ShulerUnderstanding Radiation Science: Basic Nuclear and Health Physics
  ''978-1-58112-928-1Doug Bower · Cindi BowerGuanajuato, Mexico: Your Expat, Study Abroad, and Vacation Survival Manual in the Land of Frogs
  ''978-1-58112-929-8Jerome DrexlerComprehending and Decoding the Cosmos: Discovering Solutions to Over a Dozen Cosmic Mysteries by Utilizing Dark Matter Relationism, Cosmology, and Astrophysics
2006978-1-58112-930-4C.F. Sturm · T.A. Pearce · A. ValdesThe Mollusks: A Guide to Their Study, Collection, and Preservation
  ''978-1-58112-937-3Loet LeydesdorffThe Knowledge-Based Economy: Modeled, Measured, Simulated
  ''978-1-58112-941-0Jana Lynn HunzickerThe Leverage of National Board Candidacy: An Exploration of Teacher Learning
2007978-1-58112-958-8Kelechukwu U. IhemereA Tri-Generational Study of Language Choice & Shift in Port Harcourt
  ''978-1-58112-974-8Whye-Teong AngA Beginner's Course in Boundary Element Methods
  ''978-1-58112-975-5Thomas H. SchearInteractive Ethics: How Ethical & Unethical Decisions Are REALLY Made in Organizations
2008978-1-58112-982-3John R. HarrisonInternational Regulation of Natural Health Products
2007978-1-58112-984-7A. HunsickerThe Fine Art of Executive Protection: Handbook for the Executive Protection Officer
2006978-1-58112-989-2Ben GoertzelThe Hidden Pattern: A Patternist Philosophy of Mind
2006978-1-58112-995-3Pierre Infelta · Michael GraetzelThermodynamique: Principes et Applications (French Edition)
  ''978-1-58112-999-1Christopher TehIntroduction to Mathematical Modeling of Crop Growth: How the Equations are Derived and Assembled into a Computer Program