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1999978-1-58093-003-1Randall RothenbergPentagram
1998978-1-58093-008-6Roberto Schezen · Susan DoubiletPrivate Architecture: Masterpieces of the Twentieth Century
  ''978-1-58093-010-9Wendell GarrettGeorge Washington's Mount Vernon
  ''978-1-58093-013-0Mayer RusLoft
2000978-1-58093-014-7Kent Larson · Vincent Scully · William J. MitchellLouis I. Kahn: Unbuilt Masterworks
  ''978-1-58093-015-4Paul Goldberger · Robert Siegel · Robert A. M. SternGwathmey Siegel Houses
  ''978-1-58093-016-1Thomas S. HinesIrving Gill and the Architecture of Reform: A Study in Modernist Architectural Culture
1998978-1-58093-017-8Robert A.M. SternBuildings and Projects, 1993 -1998
1999978-1-58093-019-2Eric Owen MossGnostic Architecture
2000978-1-58093-020-8Mikko Heikkinen · Markku Komonen · William MorganHeikkinen + Komonen (Works in Progress)
1999978-1-58093-024-6Bernard Tschumi · Joseph Abram · Sylvaine Agacinski · Veronique Descharrieres · Alain Fleischer · Alain Guiheux · Sylvia Lavin · Alain PelissierTschumi Le Fresnoy: Architecture In/Between
1998978-1-58093-025-3George Washingtons Mount Vernon
1999978-1-58093-027-7Robert A.M. Stern · Thomas Mellins · David FishmanNew York 1880: Architecture and Urbanism in the Gilded Age
2000978-1-58093-029-1I.M. Pei · Robert GatjeMarcel Breuer: A Memoir
1999978-1-58093-031-4Cesar PelliObservations for Young Architects
1999978-1-58093-034-5Regina Stephan · Charlotte Benton · Ita Heinze-GreenbergErich Mendelsohn: Architect 1887-1953
  ''978-1-58093-035-2Guido Guidi · Nicholas Olsberg · George Ranalli · Sergio Polano · Alba Di Lieto · Mildred Friedman · Jean-Francois BedardCarlo Scarpa, Architect: Intervening with History
  ''978-1-58093-038-3John HejdukLines: No Fire Could Burn
  ''978-1-58093-039-0Giannino MalossiVolare: The Icon of Italy in Global Pop Culture
2000978-1-58093-040-6John HejdukEducation of an Architect: The Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture, 1964-1971
1999978-1-58093-043-7Serge Bramly · Bettina RheimsI.N.R.I.
  ''978-1-58093-044-4Richard MeierRichard Meier, Architect
1999978-1-58093-048-2Alvero SizaAlvaro Siza The Complete Works
2003978-1-58093-049-9Peter EisenmanBlurred Zones: Peter Eisenman Architects, 1988-1998
2001978-1-58093-050-5Alison Smithson · Peter SmithsonThe Charged Void: Architecture
2000978-1-58093-051-2Ovidio GuaitaOn Distant Shores: Colonial Houses Around the World
  ''978-1-58093-052-9Maria Luisa Lobo MontalvoHavana: History and Architecture of a Romantic City
  ''978-1-58093-054-3Ana Maria TorresIsamu Noguchi: A Study of Space
1999978-1-58093-055-0Christopher Bradley-HoleThe Minimalist Garden
  ''978-1-58093-056-7Camilo J. VergaraAmerican Ruins
  ''978-1-58093-057-4Sylvia PlachySigns and Relics
2000978-1-58093-061-1Richard Meier · Stan AllenRichard Meier Architect
2000978-1-58093-062-8Gisue Hariri · Steven HollHariri and Hariri: Work in Progress (Works in Progress)
  ''978-1-58093-063-5Guy Cooper · Gordon TaylorGardens for the Future: Gestures Against the Wild
  ''978-1-58093-066-6Peter Bradford · Harry Wolf · George Lois · Peter BlakeThe Design Art of Nicos Zographos
2002978-1-58093-069-7Susan Tamulevich · Ping Amranand · Philip JohnsonDumbarton Oaks
2001978-1-58093-070-3Michael Henry AdamsHarlem: Lost and Found
2000978-1-58093-071-0Guy Cooper · Gordon Taylor · Dan KileyMirrors of Paradise: The Gardens of Fernando Caruncho
  ''978-1-58093-072-7Robert RiskoThe Risko Book
2003978-1-58093-074-1Charlotte PerriandCharlotte Perriand: A Life of Creation
2000978-1-58093-075-8Robert Enright · Arthur C. Danto · Steve MartinEric Fischl: 1970-2000
2001978-1-58093-076-5George H. MarcusLe Corbusier: Inside the Machine for Living
2000978-1-58093-077-2Charles JencksLe Corbusier: And the Continual Revolution in Architecture
2003978-1-58093-078-9Paul GoldbergerOlson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects: Architecture, Art, and Craft
2001978-1-58093-079-6Jeffrey Kipnis · Todd Gannon · Thom MayneMorphosis- Diamond Ranch High School: Source Books in Architecture
2003978-1-58093-082-6Paul GoldbergerOlson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects: Architecture, Art, and Craft
  ''978-1-58093-087-1Jean-Louis Cohen · Monique ElebCasablanca: Colonial Myths and Architectural Ventures
2001978-1-58093-088-8Marc TreibThomas Church, Landscape Architect: Designing a Modern California Landscape
2004978-1-58093-091-8Joseph PassonneauWashington Through Two Centuries
2001978-1-58093-094-9Thomas StruthStill
2003978-1-58093-096-3Tom MillerCrossings: Photographs from the U.S.-Mexico Border
2005978-1-58093-097-0Rick ValicentiEmotion As Promotion: A Book of Thirst
2001978-1-58093-099-4Marcia Sherrill · Carey Adina KarmelStylemakers: Inside Fashion
2002978-1-58093-100-7Michael SorkinThe Next Jerusalem: Sharing the Divided City
2004978-1-58093-102-1Peter CookThe City, Seen as a Garden of Ideas
2003978-1-58093-103-8Antonietta Iolanda LimaSoleri: Architecture as Human Ecology
2001978-1-58093-104-5Martha Frick Symingt Sanger · Wendell GarrettThe Henry Clay Frick Houses: Architecture, Interiors, Landscapes in the Golden Era
2002978-1-58093-105-2Jeffrey Kipnis · Todd GannonThe Light Construction Reader (Source Books in Architecture)
2004978-1-58093-108-3Peter CookThe City, Seen as a Garden of Ideas
2003978-1-58093-113-7Tadao AndoTadao Ando: Light and Water
2004978-1-58093-114-4Michael Bell16 Houses
1998978-1-58093-115-1Enrique NortenUC TEN Arquitectos (Work in Progress (Monacelli Pr))
2004978-1-58093-118-2Stephen Jay Gould · Jonathan Crary · David QuammenAlexis Rockman
2004978-1-58093-120-5Susanna SirefmanWhereabouts: New Architecture with Local Identities
  ''978-1-58093-121-2Robert A.M. SternRobert A. M. Stern: Buildings and Projects 1999-2003
  ''978-1-58093-122-9   ''Robert A. M. Stern: Buildings and Projects, 1999-2003
  ''978-1-58093-123-6Nina RappaportMillennium House: Peggy Deamer Studio, 2000-2001
  ''978-1-58093-124-3Ana Maria TorresCarme Pinos: An Architecture of Overlay
2004978-1-58093-127-4Thomas Gordon SmithVitruvius on Architecture
2005978-1-58093-128-1Karen MoonModeling Messages: The Architect and the Model
2003978-1-58093-129-8Lars SjobergThe Swedish House
2005978-1-58093-130-4Alison SmithsonThe Charged Void: Urbanism
2004978-1-58093-131-1Michael BellMichael Bell: Space Replaces Us--Essays and Projects on the City
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2004978-1-58093-135-9Emilio AmbaszAnalyzing Ambasz
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2004978-1-58093-145-8Corinne May BotzThe Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death
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2005978-1-58093-148-9Victoria NewhouseArt and the Power of Placement
2004978-1-58093-149-6Lynn DavisAmerican Monument
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2007978-1-58093-152-6Christopher Bradley-HoleMaking the Modern Garden
2005978-1-58093-153-3Keith MoskowThe Houses of Martha's Vineyard
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2005978-1-58093-155-7Keith Irvine · Chippy IrvineKeith Irvine: A Life in Decoration
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2006978-1-58093-172-4Jake Rajs · Joan K. Davidson · Arthur G. AdamsThe Hudson River: From Tear of the Clouds to Manhattan
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2008978-1-58093-191-5Toshiko MoriToshiko Mori Architect
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