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1998978-1-58007-000-3Scott GermainLockheed Constellation & Super Constellation - Airliner Tech Vol. 1
  ''978-1-58007-001-0Jim UptonBoeing 777, Vol. 2 (Airliner Tech Series)
2000978-1-58007-002-7Scott E. GermainAirbus Industrie Airbus A340 - Airliner Tech Vol. 3
1999978-1-58007-005-8Jack Lambert · John W. LambertLow Level Attack: The Mediterranean & Europe (Air Combat Photo History Series)
1998978-1-58007-009-6Dennis R. JenkinsLockheed U-2 Dragon Lady - Warbird Tech Vol. 16
  ''978-1-58007-010-2Frederick A. JohnsenBell P-39 / P-63 Airacobra & Kingcobra - Warbird Tech Vol. 17
1999978-1-58007-011-9Larry Davis · David MenardRepublic F-105 Thunderchief - Warbird Tech Vol. 18
1998978-1-58007-012-6Steve PaceBoeing North American B-1 Lancer - Warbird Tech Vol. 19
1999978-1-58007-013-3Dennis R. JenkinsFairchild-Republic A/OA-10 Warthog - Warbird Tech Vol. 20
1998978-1-58007-014-0   ''Boeing/BAE Harrier - Warbird Tech Vol. 21
1999978-1-58007-016-4Frederick A. JohnsenDouglas A-26 Invader
  ''978-1-58007-017-1Harry GannDouglas DC-6 and DC-7 - Airliner Tech Vol. 4
  ''978-1-58007-018-8Frederick A. JohnsenRepublic P-47 Thunderbolt - Warbird Tech Vol. 23
1999978-1-58007-019-5Dennis R. JenkinsConvair B-36 Peacemaker - Warbird Tech Vol. 24
2000978-1-58007-020-1   ''Lockheed Martin F-117 Nighthawk - Warbird Tech Vol. 25
  ''978-1-58007-021-8Mark R. Alvig · Thomas M. PetracekPractical Guide To Successful Estate Planning - Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin (The User-Friendly Financial Series)
1999978-1-58007-023-2Kev DarlingRoyal Air Force Avro Vulcan - Warbird Tech Vol. 26
2000978-1-58007-025-6Jim UptonLockheed L-188 Electra - Airliner Tech Vol. 5
  ''978-1-58007-026-3Dennis R. JenkinsBoeing 747-100/200/300/SP - Airliner Tech Vol. 6
  ''978-1-58007-027-0Tony Landis · Dennis R. JenkinsLockheed AH-56A Cheyenne - Warbird Tech Vol. 27
2001978-1-58007-028-7Kev DarlingEnglish Electric Lightning - Warbird Tech Vol. 28
2000978-1-58007-029-4Frederick A. JohnsenMartin B-26 Marauder - Warbird Tech Vol. 29
  ''978-1-58007-030-0William N. HessHell in the Heavens: Ill-Fated 8th Air Force Bomb Group Missions
2000978-1-58007-034-8A. Kevin Grantham · Nicholas A. VeronicoGriffon-Powered Mustangs - Raceplane Tech Vol. 1
2001978-1-58007-036-2Kev DarlingDe Havilland Comet - Airliner Tech Vol. 7
  ''978-1-58007-037-9Jim UptonLockheed L-1011 TriStar - Airliner Tech Vol. 8
  ''978-1-58007-040-9Bill NortonBoeing C-17 Globemaster III - Warbird Tech Vol. 30 (Volume 30)
  ''978-1-58007-041-6Brad ElwardBoeing F/A-18 Hornet - Warbird Tech Vol. 31
2002978-1-58007-042-3Dennis R. JenkinsMagnesium Overcast: The Story of the Convair B-36
2001978-1-58007-044-7John W. LambertSevering the Empire's Lifeline: 1945
  ''978-1-58007-045-4Kev DarlingGriffon-Powered Spitfires - Warbird Tech Vol. 32
2001978-1-58007-047-8Nicholas A. VeronicoBoeing 377 Stratocruiser - Airliner Tech Vol. 9
2002978-1-58007-050-8Dennis R. JenkinsGrumman A-6 Intruder - Warbird Tech Vol. 33
  ''978-1-58007-052-2Frederick A JohnsenBoeing B-17-Flying Fortress - Warbird Tech Vol. 7
1996978-1-58007-054-6Frederick A. JohnsenConsolidated B-24 Liberator - Warbird Tech Vol. 1
2002978-1-58007-056-0Dennis R. Jenkins · Tony LandisNorth American XB-70A Valkyrie - Warbird Tech Vol. 34
  ''978-1-58007-057-7Kev DarlingMerlin-Powered Spitfires - Warbird Tech Vol. 35
  ''978-1-58007-058-4Warren E Thompson · David R. McLarenMiG Alley: Sabres Vs. MiGs Over Korea
2003978-1-58007-061-4Bill NortonLockheed C-5 Galaxy - Warbird Tech Vol. 36
2002978-1-58007-063-8Kev DarlingHawker Sea Fury - Warbird Tech Vol. 37
2004978-1-58007-064-5Richard MarmoHow to Build Sci-Fi Model Spacecraft
  ''978-1-58007-065-2Robin MacRae DunnVickers Viscount - Airliner Tech Vol. 11
1998978-1-58007-066-9Larry Davis · David MenardDouglas A-1 Skyraider - Warbird Tech Vol. 13 (Revised Edition)
2003978-1-58007-068-3Dennis R. Jenkins · Tony Landis · Scott Crossfield · William H. DanaHypersonic! The Story of the North American X-15
2004978-1-58007-069-0Jim UptonLockheed F-104 Starfighter - Warbird Tech Vol. 38
2005978-1-58007-071-3Alwyn T. LloydBoeing's B-47 Stratojet
2005978-1-58007-072-0Dennis R. Jenkins · Tony R. LandisValkyrie: North American's Mach 3 Superbomber
  ''978-1-58007-073-7Nicholas A. Veronico · Bill LarkinConvair Twins - Airliner Tech Vol. 12
2003978-1-58007-074-4Tony R. Landis · Dennis R. JenkinsX-15 Photo Scrapbook
2004978-1-58007-075-1Dennis R. Jenkins · Mike Moore · Don PyeattB-36 Photo Scrapbook
  ''978-1-58007-076-8Dennis R. JenkinsX-Planes Photo Scrapbook
  ''978-1-58007-077-5William BurtNASCAR Ford Taurus (RacecarTech)
2005978-1-58007-079-9Pat CovertFord Mustang 1964 1/2 to 1973: Originality Guide for Restorers and Scale Builders (MUSCLECARTECH)
  ''978-1-58007-080-5Frederick A. JohnsenLockheed C-141 Starlifter - Warbird Tech Vol. 39
2005978-1-58007-081-2Yefim GordonMikoyan Gurevich MiG-15 Fagot - Warbird Tech Vol. 40
  ''978-1-58007-082-9Gerry SouterBurlington Zephyr (TrainTech)
  ''978-1-58007-083-6Brian SolomonEMD F-Unit Locomotives (TrainTech)
  ''978-1-58007-084-3Scott LibisSkystreak, Skyrocket, & Stiletto: Douglas High-Speed X-Planes
  ''978-1-58007-085-0Yefim Gordon · Peter DavisonMikoyan Gurevich MiG-29 - Warbird Tech Vol. 41
2005978-1-58007-086-7Tony Landis · Dennis R. JenkinsLockheed Blackbirds - Warbird Tech Vol. 10
2006978-1-58007-087-4Edward H. PhillipsStearman Aircraft: A Detailed History
  ''978-1-58007-090-4Pat CovertBuilding and Detailing Scale Model Cars
  ''978-1-58007-091-1Yefim GordonSukhoi Su-27 Flanker - Warbird Tech Vol. 42
  ''978-1-58007-092-8Cory GraffStrike and Return: American Air Power and the Fight for Iwo Jima
  ''978-1-58007-093-5Corwin MeyerCorky Meyer's Flight Journal
2006978-1-58007-094-2Fred A. JohnsenNorthrop F-5/F-20/T-38 - Warbird Tech Vol. 44
  ''978-1-58007-096-6Brian SolomonEMD Early Road Switchers: GP7 - GP20 Locomotives (TrainTech)
  ''978-1-58007-097-3Graham WhiteR-4360: Pratt & Whitney's Major Miracle
2007978-1-58007-098-0Kenneth G. JohnsenSouthern Pacific Daylight Steam Locomotives (TrainTech)
2006978-1-58007-099-7Yancy Mailes · Tony R. LandisF-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Photo Scrapbook
  ''978-1-58007-100-0William BurtChevrolet Camaro: 1967-1972 (Musclecartech)
2007978-1-58007-101-7   ''Chevrolet Corvette 1963 to 1967 (MuscleCarTech)
2006978-1-58007-102-4Yefim GordonTupolev Tu-95 Bear - Warbird Tech Vol. 43
  ''978-1-58007-104-8Dennis R Jenkins · Jorge R FrankReturn-To-Flight Space Shuttle Discovery (Photo Scrapbook)
2007978-1-58007-106-2Yefim Gordon · Peter DavisonMikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 Fishbed - Warbird Tech Vol. 45
2008978-1-58007-109-3William NortonU.S. Experimental & Prototype Aircraft Projects: Fighters 1939-1945
2008978-1-58007-110-9Tommy ThomasonU.S. Naval Air Superiority: Development of Shipborne Jet Fighters 1943-1962
  ''978-1-58007-111-6Dennis Jenkins · Tony LandisExperimental & Prototype U.S. Air Force Jet Fighters (Specialty Press)
2007978-1-58007-112-3Philip HandlemanAir Racing Over Reno: The World's Fastest Motorsport
  ''978-1-58007-113-0Dennis R. JenkinsU.S. Air Force Aviation: A Military Photo Logbook, Volume 1
  ''978-1-58007-114-7   ''U.S. Naval Aviation: A Military Photo Logbook, Volume 1
2007978-1-58007-115-4Dennis R. JenkinsU.S. Naval Vessels: A Military Photo Logbook, Volume 1
2008978-1-58007-116-1Joseph R. Chambers · Mark A. ChambersRadical Wings & Wind Tunnels: Advanced Concepts Tested at Nasa Langley
2009978-1-58007-118-5Bill YenneConvair Deltas: From Sea Dart to Hustler
2008978-1-58007-119-2Cory GraffClear the Deck!: Aircraft Carrier Accidents of World War II (Specialty Press)
  ''978-1-58007-121-5Peter W. Merlin · Tony MooreX-Plane Crashes: Exploring Experimental, Rocket Plane & Spycraft Incidents, Accidents & Crash Sites
  ''978-1-58007-122-2Jeff KollnNorthrop's Night Hunter: P-61 Black Widow
2009978-1-58007-123-9Wayne MutzaGunships: The Story of Spooky, Shadow, Stinger, and Spectre
  ''978-1-58007-124-6Dan Hagedorn Sr.North American's T-6: A Definitive History of the World's Most Famous Trainer
2008978-1-58007-125-3Gerald BalzerAmerican Secret Pusher Fighters of World War II: XP-54, XP-55, and XP-56
2010978-1-58007-127-7Dennis R. Jenkins · Don PyeattCold War Peacemaker: The Story of Cowtown and Convair's B-36
2008978-1-58007-129-1Dennis R. JenkinsMagnesium Overcast: The Story of the Convair B-36(Specialty Press)
  ''978-1-58007-130-7Dennis R. Jenkins · Tony R. LandisValkyrie: North American's Mach 3 Superbomber (Specialty Press)
2008978-1-58007-131-4Dennis JenkinsHypersonic: The Story of the North American X-15 (Revised Edition) (Specialty Press)
2009978-1-58007-132-1Tommy ThomasonStrike From the Sea: U.S. Navy Attack Aircraft from Skyraider to Super Hornet 1948-Present
2010978-1-58007-133-8Robert E. BradleyConvair Advanced Designs
2009978-1-58007-136-9Donald McCarthy Jr.MiG Killers: A Chronology of U.S. Air Victories in Vietnam 1965-1973
  ''978-1-58007-137-6Dennis JenkinsUSAF Prototype Jet Fighters: Photo Scrapbook
  ''978-1-58007-138-3Dennis R. Jenkins · Jorge R. FrankServicing the Hubble Space Telescope: Shuttle Atlantis - 2009
2010978-1-58007-139-0Nicholas Veronico · Ron StrongAMARG: America's Military Aircraft Boneyard
  ''978-1-58007-145-1Brad ElwardGrumman F9F Panther/Cougar: First Grumman Cat of the Jet Age
  ''978-1-58007-146-8Jon Proctor · Mike Machat · Craig KoderaFrom Props to Jets: Commercial Aviation's Transition to the Jet Age 1952-1962
2010978-1-58007-147-5Frederick JohnsenFire Bombers in Action Videobook
2009978-1-58007-148-2Dennis R. Jenkins · Jorge R. FrankThe Apollo 11 Moon Landing: 40th Anniversary Photograhic Retrospective
  ''978-1-58007-149-9Robert NealLiberty Engine: A Technical & Operational History
2010978-1-58007-150-5Marty Isham · David McLarenU.S. Air Force Interceptors: A Military Photo Logbook 1946-1979
  ''978-1-58007-151-2Tony LandisLockheed Blackbird Family: A-12, YF-12, D-21/M-21 & SR-71 Photo Scrapbook
  ''978-1-58007-152-9Michael O'LearyBuilding the P-51 Mustang: The Story of Manufacturing North American's Legendary World War II Fighter in Original Photos
  ''978-1-58007-153-6Bill YenneBirds of Prey: Predators, Reapers and America's Newest UAVs in Combat
2010978-1-58007-154-3Wayne MutzaHelicopter Gunships: Deadly Combat Weapon Systems (Specialty Press)
  ''978-1-58007-155-0Mark FrankelKiller Rays: Story of the Douglas F4D Skyray & F5D Skylancer (Specialty Press)
2011978-1-58007-157-4Erik SimonsenAviation's Might Have Beens: The Inside Story of Famous Military Proposals & Cancellations 1945-1990 (Specialty Press)
978-1-58007-158-1Scooter: The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Story [SCOOTER] [Paperback]
2011978-1-58007-159-8Tony ButtlerX-Planes of Europe: Secret Research Aircraft from the Golden Age 1947-1967
  ''978-1-58007-161-1Jim KeeshenSecret U.S. Proposals of the Cold War: Radical Concepts in Factory Models and Engineering Drawings
  ''978-1-58007-162-8Craig KoderaCollecting Vintage Model Airplane Kits (Specialty Press)
  ''978-1-58007-163-5Mike MachatWorld's Fastest Four-Engine Piston-Powered Aircraft: Story of the Republic XR-12 Rainbow
2011978-1-58007-164-2Spidle BillVought F-8 Crusader
  ''978-1-58007-165-9Yenne BillU.s. Guided Missiles
  ''978-1-58007-166-6Bradley RobertConvair Advanced Designs
  ''978-1-58007-167-3Radecki AlanRQ-4 Global Hawk
  ''978-1-58007-169-7Hansen DavidF-105 Thunderchief Nose Art
2006978-1-58007-173-4Graham WhiteR-4360: Pratt & Whitney's Major Miracle
2001978-1-58007-176-5Jim UptonLockheed L-1011 TriStar - Airliner Tech Vol. 8
1997978-1-58007-178-9Tony R. Landis · Dennis R. JenkinsLockheed Blackbirds - Warbird Tech Vol. 10
2000978-1-58007-181-9Frederick A. JohnsenMartin B-26 Marauder - Warbird Tech Vol. 29
1999978-1-58007-182-6Harry GannDouglas DC-6 and DC-7-Airlinertech Vol 4
2003978-1-58007-187-1Jim UptonLockheed F-104 Starfighter - Warbirdtech Vol 38
2011978-1-58007-190-1Michael O'LearyBuilding the P-51 Mustang: The Story of Manufacturing North American's Legendary WWII Fighter in Original Photos
2016978-1-58007-229-8Tony ChongFlying Wings & Radical Things: Northrop's Secret Aerospace Projects & Concepts 1939-1994
2018978-1-58007-241-0Frederick JohnsenTestbeds, Motherships and Parasites: Astonishing Aircraft From the Golden Age of Flight Test
2017978-1-58007-242-7Bill SpidleVought F-8 Crusader: Development of the Navy's First Supersonic Jet Fighter
2017978-1-58007-249-6Dennis R JenkinsSpace Shuttle: Developing an Icon 1972-2013
2018978-1-58007-256-4Bill YenneThe Complete History of U.S. Cruise Missiles: From Kettering's 1920s' Bug & 1950's Snark to Today's Tomahawk
2019978-1-58007-257-1William Pearce · Craig KoderaAmerica's Round-Engine Airliners: Airframes and Powerplants in the Golden Age of Aviation
  ''978-1-58007-259-5Dennis R. JenkinsThunderchief: The Complete History of the Republic F-105