Sirius Entertainment

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-57989-000-1Joseph Michael LinsnerAngry Christ Comix
1996978-1-57989-001-8Drew HayesPoison Elves Vol. 1 (Requiem for an Elf)
  ''978-1-57989-002-5Drew HayesPoison Elves: Volume 2, Traumatic Dogs
1997978-1-57989-003-2   ''Poison Elves, Vol. 3 (Desert of the Third Sin)
  ''978-1-57989-007-0Ronald RoachArmageddonquest Volume 2
  ''978-1-57989-008-7Ronald Russell RoachArmageddonquest Volume 3
  ''978-1-57989-009-4Mark CrilleyAkiko, Vol. One (The Menace of Alia Rellapor, Book One) (All-Ages Comic Book, 1st 7 Issues)
1998978-1-57989-010-0Teri Sue WoodWandering Star, Vol. 1
1998978-1-57989-011-7Teri Sue WoodWandering Star, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-57989-012-4   ''Wandering Star, Vol. 3
2000978-1-57989-013-1Kevin J. TaylorFang: Testament
1997978-1-57989-014-8Joseph Michael LinsnerDawn: Lucifer's Halo
  ''978-1-57989-015-5Jill ThompsonScary Godmother
1998978-1-57989-017-9Drew HayesPoison Elves, Vol. 4 (Patrons)
  ''978-1-57989-018-6Jason AsalaPoe
  ''978-1-57989-019-3Mark Crilley"Akiko, Vol. Two (The Menace of Alia Rellapor, Book Two) (All-Ages Comic Book, Issues 8 to 13)
1998978-1-57989-020-9Jill ThompsonScary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy
  ''978-1-57989-022-3Drew HayesPoison Elves, Vol. 5 (Sanctuary)
1999978-1-57989-023-0Mark CrilleyAkiko , Volume 3 (The Menace of Alia Rellapor , Book 3) (Akiko (Sirius))
  ''978-1-57989-026-1Jill ThompsonScary Godmother: The Mystery Date
2000978-1-57989-029-2Fillbach BrothersCaptain Freebird (Broken Heroes)
  ''978-1-57989-034-6Mark CrilleyAkiko Volume 4: The Story Tree (Akiko (Sirius))
  ''978-1-57989-037-7Drew HayesPoison Elves Volume 6
2000978-1-57989-038-4Jill ThompsonScary Godmother: The Boo Flu
2001978-1-57989-041-4Drew HayesPoison Elves Volume 7: Salvation
  ''978-1-57989-042-1Mark CrilleyAkiko Volume 1 (The Menance of Alia Rellapor Book One)
  ''978-1-57989-043-8   ''Akiko Volume 2 (Akiko (Sirius))
  ''978-1-57989-044-5Drew HayesPoison Elves: The Mulehide Years
  ''978-1-57989-045-2Mark CrilleyAkiko Volume 3 (Akiko (Sirius))
2001978-1-57989-046-9Jill ThompsonScary Godmother: Wild About Harry
2002978-1-57989-047-6VoltaireOh My Goth! Version 2.0
  ''978-1-57989-048-3Mark CrilleyAkiko Volume 5: Bornstone's Elixir
  ''978-1-57989-049-0Drew HayesPoison Elves: Lusiphur & Lirilith
  ''978-1-57989-051-3   ''Poison Elves Volume 8: Rogues
  ''978-1-57989-052-0Jill ThompsonScary Godmother: Ghoul's Out For Summer
2003978-1-57989-054-4Drew HayesPoison Elves Volume 5: Sanctuary
2003978-1-57989-055-1Drew HayesPoison Elves Volume 6: Guild War
  ''978-1-57989-056-8Fillbäch BrothersPoison Elves: Parintachin
  ''978-1-57989-057-5Mark CrilleyAkiko Volume 6: Stranded In Komura/Moonshopping (Akiko (Sirius))
  ''978-1-57989-058-2Drew HayesPoison Elves Volume 9: Baptism By Fire
  ''978-1-57989-061-2VoltaireOh My Goth! Presents: The Girlz Of Goth!
2004978-1-57989-062-9Daniel SchafferDogwitch: Direct To Video
2004978-1-57989-063-6Drew HayesPoison Elves: The Mulehide Years (Volume 1-4)
  ''978-1-57989-064-3Mark CrilleyAkiko Volume 7: The Battle Of Boach's Keep
2004978-1-57989-067-4Mark CrilleyAkiko Pocket-Size Volume 1 (Akiko (Graphic Novels))
  ''978-1-57989-068-1   ''Akiko Pocket-Size Volume 2 (Akiko (Graphic Novels))
  ''978-1-57989-069-8   ''Akiko Pocket-Size Volume 3 (Akiko (Graphic Novels))
2005978-1-57989-074-2Drew HayesPoison Elves Volume 10: Dark Wars 1 (Poison elves: Dark Wars)
2004978-1-57989-075-9Dan SchafferDogwitch: Twisted
  ''978-1-57989-076-6Jill ThompsonScary Godmother: Spooktacular Stories
  ''978-1-57989-077-3VoltaireDeady The Terrible Teddy 2 (v. 2)
2006978-1-57989-078-0Mark CrilleyAkiko Pocket-Size Volume 4: The Story Tree (Akiko (Graphic Novels))
2006978-1-57989-079-7Mark CrilleyAkiko Pocket-Size Volume 5: Bornstone's Elixir (Akiko (Graphic Novels))
2005978-1-57989-081-0VoltaireDeady The Evil Teddy Volume 3 (v. 3)
2006978-1-57989-083-4   ''The Book Of Deady Volume 1 (v. 1)
  ''978-1-57989-084-1Drew Hayes · Keith DavidsenPoison Elves Ventures Volume 1: Hyena
2007978-1-57989-085-8VoltaireDeady Volume 4: Big In Japan (v. 4)
  ''978-1-57989-086-5Drew Hayes · Keith Davidsen · Aaron BordnerPoison Elves Ventures Volume 2: Amrahlynn
  ''978-1-57989-088-9Mark CrilleyAkiko Flights Of Fancy - The High Flying Expanded Edition
2008978-1-57989-089-6Drew HayesPoison Elves Volume 11: Dark Wars 2 - Alliances