Soma Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-57959-005-5Anthony Noel · Andrew LarsonTerra Cotta: Pots With Style
  ''978-1-57959-006-2Peter GordonThe Sugar Club Cookbook
  ''978-1-57959-007-9Monty DonGardening Mad
  ''978-1-57959-009-3Elizabeth Wilhide · Joanna CopestickContemporary Decorating: New Looks for Modern Living
  ''978-1-57959-010-9Pamela WestlandIn Full Bloom: Fresh Flower Arrangements in 5 to 30 Minutes
1998978-1-57959-016-1Nori Pope · Sandra Pope · Clive NicholsColor by Design: Planting the Contemporary Garden
  ''978-1-57959-017-8Hilaire WaldenMoroccan Collection: Traditional Flavors from Northern Africa
1999978-1-57959-018-5Jane EdwardsAsian Elements: Natural Balance in Eastern Design
  ''978-1-57959-022-2Jill DupleixBread, Tomato, Garlic: Quick Cooking With 3 Main Ingredients
  ''978-1-57959-026-0Jane GrainingCompact Living
1998978-1-57959-028-4Cyrus TodiwalaCafe Spice Namaste: Modern Indian Cooking
1999978-1-57959-045-1Terence ConranTerence Conran's Easy Living
2004978-1-57959-048-2Raul CabraNew York Contemporary Furniture
2000978-1-57959-050-5Terence Conran · A. M. ClevelyThe Chef's Garden
1999978-1-57959-052-9Monisha Bharadwaj · Bharath RamamruthamIndia Style
  ''978-1-57959-053-6Terry DurackNoodle
1999978-1-57959-054-3Wilma Rittershausen · Linda Burgess · Brian RittershausenOrchids
2000978-1-57959-055-0Vinny Lee · Roy MainRecycled Spaces: Converting Buildings into Homes
1999978-1-57959-060-4Chris Caldicott · Carolyn CaldicottWorld Food Cafe
2001978-1-57959-061-1David StevensSoma Basics Garden Design
  ''978-1-57959-062-8David StevensSoma Basics Water Features
  ''978-1-57959-066-6Chris Caldicott · Carolyn CaldicottThe Spice Routes: Recipes and Lore
2002978-1-57959-069-7Eva-Marie LindAromatiques: A Sensualist's Guide to Aromatic Oils
  ''978-1-57959-070-3Terry DurackNoodle
2003978-1-57959-073-4Alan PowersLiving With Books
2002978-1-57959-074-1Hotze Eisma · Rozemarijn De WitteModern Essentials
2003978-1-57959-075-8Monisha BharadwajIndia Style
  ''978-1-57959-077-2Terence ConranTerence Conran's Easy Living
2002978-1-57959-078-9Jane EdwardsAsian Elements: Natural Balance in Eastern Design
2003978-1-57959-079-6Morris Bright · Robert RossFawlty Towers: Fully Booked: The Complete Story of Public Tv's Favorite Sitcom
2003978-1-57959-082-6Juliet GardinerManor House: Life in an Edwardian Country House
2004978-1-57959-086-4Fiona CarnsLow Carb High Flavor Recipes Made Easy
  ''978-1-57959-089-5Jane GrainingCompact Living
2000978-1-57959-501-2Susan M. Lark · James A. RichardsThe Chemistry of Success: Six Secrets of Peak Performance
  ''978-1-57959-504-3Martin YanMartin Yan's Invitation to Chinese Cooking
2001978-1-57959-506-7California Culinary Academy · California Culinary AcademyIn the World Kitchen: Global Cuisine from California Culinary Academy
2000978-1-57959-508-1Susan, M.D. LarkChemistry Of Success For Business
  ''978-1-57959-510-4David RoccoAvventura: Journeys in Italian Cuisine
  ''978-1-57959-512-8Linda GassenheimerLow-Carb Meals in Minutes
2001978-1-57959-513-5Ursula FerrignoGusto Italiano: Quick and Simple Vegetarian Cooking
2002978-1-57959-521-0Jacques PepinJacques Pepin's Kitchen: Encore With Claudine (Pepin, Jacques)
2003978-1-57959-523-4Linda GassenheimerMore Low-Carb Meals in Minutes: A Three-Stage Plan for Keeping It Off
2003978-1-57959-525-8Jacques PepinJacques Pépin's Table: The Complete "Today's Gourmet"
  ''978-1-57959-526-5Martin YanMartin Yan's Feast: The Best of Yan Can Cook
  ''978-1-57959-527-2Pascal Rigo · Paul MooreThe American Boulangerie: Authentic French Pastries and Breads for the Home Kitchen
2004978-1-57959-530-2Jacques PepinSweet Simplicity: Jacques Pé Pin's Fruit Desserts
  ''978-1-57959-534-0Linda GassenheimerLow-Carb Meals in Minutes Quick Start Recipe Deck
  ''978-1-57959-537-1   ''Low-Carb Smoothies: 50 Card Deck of Healthy Low-Carb Smoothies