D & MD Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-57936-262-1Enal S. RazviProtein Arrays: Commercial Opportunities, Legal Trends, and Technology Analyses
2004978-1-57936-275-1Ken RubensteinSystems Biology: Key to Unlocking the Value Within the Omics Revolution
  ''978-1-57936-277-5Anil SehgalPeptide Therapeutics: Applications in the Treatment of Human Disease
  ''978-1-57936-285-0   ''Chemical Genomics: Commercial Applications in Drug Discovery and Development
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  ''978-1-57936-290-4Katherine SheldonCell Signalling Pathways: Productive Sources of Pharmaceutical Targets
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2005978-1-57936-328-4Ken RubensteinDrug Targets from Genomics: Evolving Tools for Discovery
2006978-1-57936-335-2Sam TetlowHow to Succeed in Personalized Medicine by Using Tools and Technologies: Which Companies Are Profiting from a Favorable Regulatory Environment
2005978-1-57936-338-3G. ThorBioprocesses of Biopharmaceuticals: The Obligatory Role of Post Translational Modifications to Create Functional Bioactive Molecules
2006978-1-57936-342-0Enal S. RazviLife Sciences Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A): A Reference Guide Illustrating Recent Trends in Life Science M&A
2005978-1-57936-345-1Anil SehgalA Guide to Discovery to Ind Filing
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2006978-1-57936-348-2Catherine M. ThomsonBreast Cancer Therapeutics: How Innovation Is Shaping Future Therapies
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  ''978-1-57936-358-1Enal S. RazviHigh-Content Screening (Hcs): An Industry Analysis