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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-57921-007-6Peter, A. MichasThe Rod of an Almond Tree in God's Master Plan
  ''978-1-57921-028-1Sherry JonesRevelations
  ''978-1-57921-035-9Elizabeth BakerDoes the Bible Teach Nutrition?
  ''978-1-57921-036-6Randal LeeA gift for Santa
2016978-1-57921-038-0Patricia JoyDeliverance: The Christian Bill of Rights
1997978-1-57921-040-3John M. TalbotHermitage: A Place of Prayer and Spiritual Renewal
  ''978-1-57921-045-8Kimberly SmithOh, Be Careful Little Ears: Contemporary Christian Music...Is That in the Bible?
1997978-1-57921-049-6Philip C. Johnson · Dan L. Burrell · Paul TathamPerspectives in Christian Education
  ''978-1-57921-067-0Richard BennettThe Truth Set Us Free: Twenty Former Nuns Tell Their Stories
1999978-1-57921-071-7Casey TreatYou Can Pull Down Strongholds and Break Old Habits (Renewing the Mind Library)
1998978-1-57921-078-6Katherine BellJonathan's Journey
2000978-1-57921-097-7John PaulkNot Afraid to Change: The Remarkable Story of How One Man Overcame Homosexuality
1998978-1-57921-125-7Alma Edith WelchLiving Above Pain: Experiencing Joy in the Midst of Suffering
  ''978-1-57921-134-9Athena DeanAll That Glitters Is Not God: Breaking Free from the Sweet Deceit of Multi-Level Marketing
2000978-1-57921-150-9John PaulkNot Afraid to Change: The Remarkable Story of How One Man Overcame Homosexuality
1999978-1-57921-171-4Theresa McKennaThe Hidden Mission Field: Caring for Single Parent Families in the 21st Century
2006978-1-57921-185-1Dee WamplerThe Trial of Christ: A Twenty-First Century Lawyer Defends Jesus
1999978-1-57921-208-7Peter R. JonesGospel Truth/Pagan Lies: Can You Tell the Difference?
978-1-57921-254-4All The Day Long Missionaries Reaching Tribes in the Amazon (2000 publication)
2000978-1-57921-255-1Michael B., M.D. YangReconsidering Ayn Rand
  ''978-1-57921-259-9Elaine HemmerInspired Poetry
  ''978-1-57921-275-9Mike Martin · Vivian MartinBy Faith: The Story of King's Garden
2000978-1-57921-296-4Rosey DowReaping the Whirlwind: A Trent Tyson Historical Mystery
  ''978-1-57921-298-8Matt BuchenauYour Dream: God's Plan
  ''978-1-57921-300-8Ed BowenDrawing Fire: Vietnam Through the Eyes of a Combat Artist
2001978-1-57921-318-3Kimberly SmithLet Those Who Have Ears to Hear
  ''978-1-57921-363-3Robert WeyrickJesus Doesn't Say Please
  ''978-1-57921-368-8WILLIAM D. BURTTORSILS IN TIME (The King of the Trees, 2)
2001978-1-57921-369-5Earla WillsonThe Spirit's Cry: Behold My Beauty
  ''978-1-57921-387-9Karry D. WesleyRejoicing in the Lord: A Study of the Book of Philippians
2002978-1-57921-389-3Larry Edison · Deborah ObeidDiscover Jesus in Genesis: An Illustrated Biblical Theology for All Ages
  ''978-1-57921-419-7Daniel RickettMaking Your Partnership Work
2003978-1-57921-448-7Gil StieglitzBecoming a Godly Husband: The Hardest Thing a Man Will Ever Do Is Really Love His Wife
2002978-1-57921-466-1WILLIAM D. BURTTHE GOLDEN WOOD (The King of the Trees, 3)
  ''978-1-57921-479-1Walter "Ted" KuhnMy Eyes, His Heart: Encounters of a Medical Missionary
  ''978-1-57921-485-2Steve WohlbergWill My Pet Go to Heaven?
2003978-1-57921-518-7Karl DuffBride of the High Places
2008978-1-57921-526-2Rich KelseyRide the Ark Through Armageddon
2002978-1-57921-533-0Alvin Reid · Malcolm McDowFireFall
2003978-1-57921-553-8Pamela AndersonFrom the Prison of Pain to the Mountaintop of Freedom
2003978-1-57921-556-9Timothy WilliamsBad Fruit the Result of Once Saved Always Saved (To the Point Series,)
2002978-1-57921-558-3Rebecca Park TotiloHis Majesty Requests
2003978-1-57921-581-1Michelle GardnerAdoption As A Ministry, Adoption As A Blessing
  ''978-1-57921-590-3Jonathan RainbowSpeak to Her Kindly
  ''978-1-57921-591-0Kathleen M. KaplanFertility-God's Way
  ''978-1-57921-623-8Dee WamplerThe Myth of Separation Between Church & State
  ''978-1-57921-642-9Douglas W. TatroGolfing With God
2004978-1-57921-664-1Margaret BrownleyGrieving God's Way
2003978-1-57921-671-9WILLIAM D. BURTTHE GREENSTONES (King of the Trees)
2004978-1-57921-726-6Michel A. BellManaging God's Time: Personal Effectiveness Improvement
2005978-1-57921-750-1Mutch William CurtisThe Last Days of the Longest War: 9-11 Goes Back to Genesis
2006978-1-57921-758-7Carma NaylorA Mormon's Unexpected Journey
2005978-1-57921-764-8Gil StieglitzSpiritual Disciplines of a C.h.r.i.s.t.i.a.n.
2006978-1-57921-765-5Kimberly SmithMusic and Morals: Dispelling the Myth That Music Is Amoral
2005978-1-57921-793-8Eddie Charles SpencerInmate 46857
2005978-1-57921-797-6William D. BurtThe Downs (King of the Trees #5)
2014978-1-57921-826-3Claude HickmanLive Life on Purpose
2007978-1-57921-847-8W. Kuhn · S. Kuhn · H. Gross · S. BeneshGlobal Medical Missions: Preparation, Procedure, Practice
  ''978-1-57921-864-5Davy LiuThe Giant Leaf
  ''978-1-57921-884-3Caleb GrimesStar Wars Jesus: A Spiritual Commentary on the Reality of the Force
2006978-1-57921-885-0Janine MaxwellIt's Not Okay With Me
2007978-1-57921-886-7Karry D. WesleyThe Best Is Yet to Come: A Study of the Book of Ruth
  ''978-1-57921-897-3Nancy AlcornCut: Mercy for Self Harm
  ''978-1-57921-898-0Nancy AlcornStarved: Mercy for Eating Disorders
2007978-1-57921-902-4Laura ChristiansonThe Adoption Network: Your Guide to Starting a Support System
  ''978-1-57921-903-1WILLIAM D. BURTKYLEAH'S MIRRORS (King of the Trees)
2008978-1-57921-933-8Nancy AlcornViolated: Mercy for Sexual Abuse
  ''978-1-57921-934-5   ''Trapped: Mercy for Addictions
2009978-1-57921-935-2   ''Beyond Cut: Real Stories, Real Freedom (The Mercy for... Series)
  ''978-1-57921-936-9   ''Beyond Starved: Real Stories, Real Freedom (The Mercy for... Series)
2008978-1-57921-965-9William CoburnThe Spanking Room: A Child's Eye View of the Jehovah Witnesses
2009978-1-57921-969-7Robert E. McNeillExtraordinary Characters
2010978-1-57921-987-1Eleanor ClarkThe Legacy of Lord Baden-Powell: Founder of Scouting (Young Men of Honor)