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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-57898-001-7Charles M. BriquetLes Filigranes: Dictionaire Histoire Des Marques Due Papier Des Leur Appartion Vers 1282, Jusquen 1600. Four volumes bound in two. (French Edition)
1995978-1-57898-022-2E. D. Church Library: A Catalogue of Books Relating to the Discovery & Early History of North & South America
1996978-1-57898-027-7August HirschBiographisces Lexicon Der Hervorragenden Aertze Allerzeiten Und Volker/Biographical Dictionary of Outstanding Doctors of All Time
1994978-1-57898-029-1Max MeiselBibliography of American Natural History
1999978-1-57898-048-2John Edwin SandysHistory of Classical Scholarship
1998978-1-57898-061-1S. F. HoffmanBibliographisches Lexicon Der Gesammten Litteratur Der Griechen (3 Volumes) (German Edition)
  ''978-1-57898-062-8Sabin Joseph · Eames Wilberforce · R. VailDictionary of Books Relating to America: From Its Discovery to the Present Time
  ''978-1-57898-070-3Carlos Sommervogel · Aloys De BackerBibliotheque De LA Compagnie De Jesus (9 Volume Set)
  ''978-1-57898-071-0Friedrich Von WencksternA Bibliography of the Japanese Empire
  ''978-1-57898-072-7Henry HarrisseBibliotheca Americana Vetustissima
1999978-1-57898-099-4Jerome BrooksTobacco: Its History Illustrated by the Books & Manuscripts in the Library of George Arents
1999978-1-57898-104-5Stuart MasonBibliography of Oscar Wilde
1998978-1-57898-108-3Todd Starr PalmerBiographies of Members of the American Ornithologists' Union
  ''978-1-57898-118-2W. F. PrideauxBibliography of the Works of Reobert Louis Stevenson
1999978-1-57898-135-9John SouthwardSaint Bride Foundation Catalogue of the Technical Reference Library of Works on Printing and Allied Arts
2000978-1-57898-217-2John R. SellersMaps And Charts Of North America And The West Indies 1750-1789
  ''978-1-57898-249-3Reinhold RohrichtBibliotheca Geographica Palaestinae: Chronologisches Verzeichniss Der Auf Die Geographie Des Heiligen Landes Bezuglichen Literature Von 333 Bis 1878 (German Edition)
2001978-1-57898-274-5John G. JacobThe Life and Times of Patrick Gass
2002978-1-57898-337-7Stanislas De GuaitaStanislas De Guaita Et Sa Bibliotheque Occulte (French Edition)
2003978-1-57898-360-5Louis Charles KarpinskiBibliography of the Printed Maps of Michigan, 1804-1880, With a Series of over One Hundred Reproductions of Maps Constituting an Historical Atlas of
  ''978-1-57898-379-7Apollonius of Perga · T. L. HeathTreatise on Conic Sections
  ''978-1-57898-390-2Ronald Douglas GrayGoethe the Alchemist: A Study of Alchemical Symbolism in Goethe's Literary and Scientific Works
2004978-1-57898-400-8Gabriel GravierLA Cartographie De Madagascar
2004978-1-57898-401-5Henry Stewart Macran · AristoxenusAristoxenou Harmonika Stoicheia: The Harmonics of Aristoxenus
2003978-1-57898-405-3Pierre Gustave BrunetRecherches Sur Les Imprimeries Imaginaires, Clandestines Et Particulieres, Publiees Par Les Soins De Philomneste Junior
2005978-1-57898-429-9A. P. C. Griffin · P. Lee PhillipsA List of Books (With References to Periodicals) on the Philippine Islands in the Library of Congress
  ''978-1-57898-436-7Robert BrunLe Livre Illustre En France Au Xvie Siecle (French Edition)
  ''978-1-57898-458-9Jacopo GelliBibliografia Generale Della Scherma, Con Note Critiche, Biografiche E Storiche: Bibliographie Generale De L'Escrime, Avec Notes Critiques, Biographiques Et Historiques (English and Spanish Edition)
2004978-1-57898-466-4S. William Silver · Edward Augustus PetherickCatalogue of the York Gate Library Formed by Mr. S. William Silver: An Index to the Literature of Geography Maritime and Inland Discovery Commerce and Colonisation
2007978-1-57898-473-2Willard FiskeCatalogue of the Petrarch Collection Bequeathed by Willard Fiske
2005978-1-57898-482-4Thomas Chubb · J. W. Skells · H. BeharrellThe Printed Maps in the Atlases of Great Britain and Ireland: A Bibliography, 1579-1870
2006978-1-57898-490-9John HarrisLexicon Technicum Or An Universal English Dictionary of Arts and Sciences
2005978-1-57898-502-9Bernhard Wolf WeinbergerAn Introduction to the History of Dentistry: With Medical & Dental Chronology & Bibliographic Data
2004978-1-57898-503-6Albert Curtis ClarkThe Descent Of Manuscripts
  ''978-1-57898-512-8Martino Pub.Gesamtkatalog Der Wiegendrucke
2005978-1-57898-517-3Henry P. MacomberA Supplement To The Catalogue Of The Grace K. Babson Collection Of The Works Of Sir Isaac Newton And Related Material In The Babson Institute Library
2008978-1-57898-528-9David MurrayChapters In The History Of Bookkeeping, Accountancy & Commercial Arithmetic
2006978-1-57898-538-8R. C. AndersonNaval Wars In The Levant, 1559-1853
2014978-1-57898-556-2Joseph Alois SchumpeterBusiness Cycles: A Theoretical, Historical, and Statistical Analysis of the Capitalist Process. Vol 1-Vol 2: Business Cycles: A Theoretical, ... of the Capitalist Process. 2 Vol. Set
2007978-1-57898-562-3Thomas Hartwell HorneManual of Biblical Bibliography: Comprising a Catalogue, Methodically Arranged, of the Principal Editions of the Holy Scriptures
2006978-1-57898-576-0John F. BaddeleyThe Russian Conquest of the Caucasus
  ''978-1-57898-613-2Philip Lee (et al.) PhillipsA List of Geographical Atlases in the Library of Congress: With Bibliographical Notes
2007978-1-57898-630-9William Harrison UkersAll About Coffee
2006978-1-57898-633-0Recollections of Tartar Steppes and Their Inhabitants
2007978-1-57898-635-4Campaigning on the Oxus and the Fall of Khiva
2006978-1-57898-647-7The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments, Newly Translated Out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations
2007978-1-57898-653-8Tatiana ProskouriakoffA Study of Classic Maya Sculpture
2008978-1-57898-662-0Philip HichbornStandard designs for boats of the United States Navy: Specifications, Schedule of Material, Weights and Cost
2007978-1-57898-674-3R. Campbell ThompsonSemitic Magic: Its Origin and Development
2007978-1-57898-675-0R. Campbell ThompsonSemitic Magic: Its Origin and Development
  ''978-1-57898-676-7P. T. EthertonAcross the Roof of the World: A Record of Sport and Travel Through Kashmir, Gilgit, Hunza, the Pamirs, Chinese Turkestan, Mongolia and Siberia
2008978-1-57898-694-1HaydarA History of the Moghuls of Central Asia: Being the Tarikh-I-Rashidi of Mirza Muhammad Haidar, Dughlat
  ''978-1-57898-698-9Friedrich Von HellwaldThe Russians in Central Asia: A Critical Examination Down to the Present Time of the Geography and History of Central Asia
  ''978-1-57898-705-4Steve BelichickFootball Scouting Methods
  ''978-1-57898-706-1Steve BelichickFootball Scouting Methods
2008978-1-57898-716-0W.J. Van EysBibliographie Des Bibles Et Des Nouveaux Testaments En Langue Francaise Des Xvme Et Xvime Siecles (French Edition)
978-1-57898-720-7The Union States Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842 and Its Publications, 1844-1874: A Bibliography
2009978-1-57898-727-6Charles MusèsDestiny and control in human systems: studies in the interactive connectedness of time (chronotopology)
  ''978-1-57898-729-0George AllenHow to Scout Football
  ''978-1-57898-732-0Sonora CarverA Girl and Five Brave Horses
  ''978-1-57898-733-7Sonora CarverA Girl and Five Brave Horses
  ''978-1-57898-738-2Louis D. BrandeisOther people's money: and how the bankers use it
2009978-1-57898-740-5Serg'iei NilusProtocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
  ''978-1-57898-745-0Irving FisherThe rate of interest
  ''978-1-57898-746-7Irving FisherThe Nature of Capital and Income
2010978-1-57898-752-8Lawrence LiptonThe Holy Barbarians
2009978-1-57898-754-2Thomas L. heathDiophantus of Alexandria: A Study in the History of Greek Algebra
  ''978-1-57898-759-7Ernest Jones · Innis BrownSwinging Into Golf
  ''978-1-57898-761-0Irving FisherThe Money Illusion
2009978-1-57898-763-4Garet GarrettA Bubble that Broke the World
  ''978-1-57898-767-2Adam SmithThe Theory of Moral Sentiments
  ''978-1-57898-768-9William D. Gann45 Years in Wall Street
  ''978-1-57898-774-0Ernest F. DellLove Letters of Famous Men and Women
  ''978-1-57898-785-6Franz KafkaThe Metamorphosis
2009978-1-57898-793-1Lysander SpoonerNo Treason The Constitution of no Authority
  ''978-1-57898-794-8Design of Piping Systems
  ''978-1-57898-798-6Ludwig Von MisesThe Anti-Capitalistic Mentality
  ''978-1-57898-799-3Emmet FoxThe Mental Equivalent: The Secret Of Demonstration
  ''978-1-57898-802-0Eustace Clarence MullinsA Study of the Federal Reserve
2009978-1-57898-808-2Charles MacKayExtraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds
  ''978-1-57898-809-9John Stuart MillOn Liberty
2010978-1-57898-820-4Sigmund FreudLeonardo da Vinci: A Psychosexual Study of an Infantile Reminiscence
2009978-1-57898-823-5M. W. Kellogg CompanyDesign of Piping Systems
  ''978-1-57898-824-2Vladimir Ilich LeninState and Revolution
  ''978-1-57898-825-9Hans VaihingerThe Philosophy of 'as If ' (International Library of Psychology, Philosophy, and Scienti)
2013978-1-57898-827-3Walter H. MohrFederal Indian Relations, 1774-1788
2009978-1-57898-831-0Sigmund FreudTotem and Taboo: Resemblances Between The Psychic Lives of Savages and Neurotics
  ''978-1-57898-834-1Paracelsus · Arthur Edward WaiteThe Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus--Two Volumes in One
2009978-1-57898-837-2Ernest HolmesTHE SCIENCE OF MIND
  ''978-1-57898-841-9Joseph MurphyThe Power of Your Subconscious Mind
  ''978-1-57898-843-3I. B. PranaitisThe Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians
  ''978-1-57898-844-0Nicolas DarvasHow I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market
  ''978-1-57898-847-1Neville GoddardPower of Awareness
2009978-1-57898-851-8A. W. TozerThe Pursuit of God
  ''978-1-57898-852-5Leon Festinger · Henry Riecken · Stanley SchachterWhen Prophecy Fails
  ''978-1-57898-856-3Neville GoddardPrayer: The Art of Believing
2010978-1-57898-858-7AnonymousNapoleon's Book of Fate and Oraculum
  ''978-1-57898-859-4Sigmund FreudCivilization and Its Discontents
2009978-1-57898-863-1Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich: Unabridged Text of First Edition
  ''978-1-57898-865-5Ernest HolmesCreative Mind and Success
2010978-1-57898-866-2Walter HoweProfessional Gunsmithing: A Textbook On The Repair And Alteration Of Firearms
2010978-1-57898-869-3Clarence LarkinDispensational Truth [with Full Size Illustrations], or God's Plan and Purpose in the Ages
  ''978-1-57898-870-9William H. UkersAll about Coffee (Second Edition)
  ''978-1-57898-871-6Ormond McGillThe Encyclopedia of Genuine Stage Hypnotism: For Magicians Only
  ''978-1-57898-874-7Edward R. Dewey · Edwin F. DakinCycles: The Science of Prediction
  ''978-1-57898-875-4Catherine PonderThe Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
2010978-1-57898-878-5Thomas JeffersonJefferson Bible, or the Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth
  ''978-1-57898-880-8William B. ZiffThe Rape of Palestine
  ''978-1-57898-881-5AnonymousThe Jewish Peril: Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
  ''978-1-57898-882-2C. H. CHARLESLove Letters of Great Men & Women [Illustrated edition] From The Eighteenth Century To The Present Day
  ''978-1-57898-883-9W. D. GannHow to Make Profits Trading in Commodities: A Study of the Commodity Market
2010978-1-57898-886-0NevilleFeeling Is the Secret
  ''978-1-57898-887-7G. M. LoebThe Battle for Investment Survival
  ''978-1-57898-891-4Sigmund FreudThe Future of an Illusion
  ''978-1-57898-893-8G. GurdjieffMeetings with Remarkable Men
  ''978-1-57898-897-6Émile CouéHow to Practice Suggestion and Autosuggestion
2010978-1-57898-898-3A. Z. TozerHow to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit
  ''978-1-57898-902-7Joseph MurphyThe Power of Your Subconscious Mind
  ''978-1-57898-904-1Sigmund FreudAn Autobiographical Study
  ''978-1-57898-906-5NevilleSeedtime and Harvest
  ''978-1-57898-908-9Ernest HolmesThe Bible in the Light of Religious Science
2010978-1-57898-909-6Glenn ClarkThe Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe
  ''978-1-57898-910-2JOSEPH MURPHYHow to Use Your Healing Power
  ''978-1-57898-912-6Joseph MurphyThe Meaning of Reincarnation
  ''978-1-57898-913-3   ''Love is Freedom
  ''978-1-57898-914-0   ''Wheels of Truth
2010978-1-57898-915-7Humphrey B. NeillTape Reading and Market Tactics: The Three Steps to Successful Stock Trading
  ''978-1-57898-916-4Henry FordMy Life and Work
  ''978-1-57898-917-1Joseph MurphyTechniques in Prayer Therapy
  ''978-1-57898-918-8Carter Godwin WoodsonThe Mis-Education of The Negro
  ''978-1-57898-920-1Jiddu KrishnamurtiCommentaries on Living from the Notebooks of J. Krishnamurti
2010978-1-57898-923-2Steve BelichickFootball Scouting Methods
  ''978-1-57898-924-9Neville GoddardPower of Awareness
  ''978-1-57898-926-3Sigmund FreudBeyond the Pleasure Principle-First Edition Text (International Psycho-Analytical Library)
  ''978-1-57898-928-7Henry FordThe International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem
  ''978-1-57898-931-7Ernest HolmesYour Invisible Power
2010978-1-57898-932-4St. Ignatius · Louis J. PuhlSpiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Translated and edited by Louis J. Puhl
  ''978-1-57898-933-1Paul BruntonA Search in Secret India
  ''978-1-57898-934-8NevilleYour Faith Is Your Fortune
  ''978-1-57898-936-2E. M. JellinekDisease Concept of Alcoholism
  ''978-1-57898-939-3Joseph BennerThe Way Out!
2010978-1-57898-943-0Robert CollierThe Secret of the Ages
  ''978-1-57898-944-7James Douglas EdgarThe Gate to Golf
  ''978-1-57898-945-4Baird T. SpaldingLife and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (Volume One)
2011978-1-57898-946-1A W TozerKeys to the Deeper Life
2010978-1-57898-948-5Catherine PonderHow to Live a Prosperous Life
  ''978-1-57898-951-5Austine L. WaddellThe Makers of Civilization in Race & History
  ''978-1-57898-952-2Abraham H. MaslowToward A Psychology of Being-Reprint of 1962 Edition First Edition
2010978-1-57898-953-9Beryl MarkhamWest with the Night
  ''978-1-57898-954-6Joel S. GoldsmithConsciousness Unfolding
  ''978-1-57898-958-4Joel S. GoldsmithSpiritual Interpretation of Scripture
  ''978-1-57898-959-1Joseph MurphyThe Miracles of Your Mind
  ''978-1-57898-961-4C. W. LeadbeaterThe Masters and the Path
2010978-1-57898-964-5Pierre BertonThe Klondike Fever: The Life and Death of the Last Great Gold Rush
  ''978-1-57898-965-2Joseph MurphyQuiet Moments with God
  ''978-1-57898-967-6Ernest HolmesNew Thought Terms & Their Meanings: A Dictionary of the Terms and Commonly Used in Metaphysical and Psychological Study
  ''978-1-57898-968-3Joseph MurphyMagic of Faith
  ''978-1-57898-969-0Ernest HolmesReligious Science: The Thing Itself, The Way it Works, What it Does, How to Use it
2010978-1-57898-971-3Joseph MurphyBelieve in Yourself
  ''978-1-57898-972-0John Bedford LenoThe Art of Boot and Shoemaking: A Practical Handbook Including Measurement, Last-Fitting, Cutting-Out, Closing, and Making
  ''978-1-57898-974-4Joseph MurphyLiving without Strain
  ''978-1-57898-975-1Max Heindel · Augusta Foss HeindelAstro-Diagnosis A Guide to Healing: A Treatise on Medical Astrology and Diagnosis From the Horoscope and Hand
  ''978-1-57898-976-8Otto RankThe Trauma of Birth
2010978-1-57898-979-9Joel S. GoldsmithThe Contemplative Life
  ''978-1-57898-981-2Joseph BennerThe Way to the Kingdom: Being Definite and Simple Instructions For Self-Training and Discipline, Enabling the Earnest Disciple to Find the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness.
  ''978-1-57898-982-9G. K. ChestertonThe Everlasting Man
  ''978-1-57898-984-3Alfred AdlerUnderstanding Human Nature
  ''978-1-57898-985-0Herbert W. McBrideA Rifleman Went To War
2010978-1-57898-997-3Martin BuberI and Thou