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2004978-1-57856-592-4Jeramy Clark · Jerusha ClarkDefine the Relationship: A Candid Look at Breaking Up, Making Up, and Dating Well
2002978-1-57856-594-8Cheryl LightleThe Creative Memories Way 8-Copy ctr
  ''978-1-57856-596-2Lisa SamsonWomen's Intuition
2003978-1-57856-597-9Lisa SamsonThe Living End
2004978-1-57856-598-6   ''Tiger Lillie
  ''978-1-57856-599-3Terri McFaddinSapphires and Other Precious Jewels: Discover and Celebrate the Beauty of Women of African Descent
2003978-1-57856-601-3Rajendra PillaiReaching the World in Our Own Backyard: A Guide to Building Relationships with People of Other Faiths and Cultures
2002978-1-57856-629-7Jerry BridgesI Give You Glory, O God: Honoring His Righteousness in Your Private Worship
  ''978-1-57856-632-7Liz Curtis HiggsMad Mary Workbook
  ''978-1-57856-633-4Randy D. SingerDirected Verdict
2003978-1-57856-634-1Randy D. SingerIrreparable Harm
2003978-1-57856-636-5Leslie GouldGarden of Dreams
2002978-1-57856-639-6Kay ArthurSex... According to God
2003978-1-57856-646-4Dayna Curry · Heather Mercer · Stacy MattinglyPrisoners of Hope: The Story of Our Captivity and Freedom in Afghanistan
2004978-1-57856-647-1Leonard SweetOut of the Question...Into the Mystery: Getting Lost in the GodLife Relationship
2006978-1-57856-648-8Leonard SweetThe Three Hardest Words: In the World to Get Right
2007978-1-57856-649-5   ''The Gospel According to Starbucks: Living with a Grande Passion
2003978-1-57856-652-5Nicky Cruz · Frank MartinOne Holy Fire: Let the Spirit Ignite Your Soul
2002978-1-57856-657-0Darrell ColeWhen God Says War Is Right: The Christian's Perspective on When and How to Fight
  ''978-1-57856-658-7Kay ArthurWhen Bad Things Happen 8-Copy Counter Display
2003978-1-57856-670-9Michael A. KlumppThe Single Dad's Survival Guide: How to Succeed as a One-Man Parenting Team
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2003978-1-57856-680-8Stephen Arterburn · Kenny Luck · Todd WendorffBeing God's Man in the Search for Success: Real Life. Powerful Truth. For God's Men (The Every Man Series)
  ''978-1-57856-681-5   ''Being God's Man in the Face of Temptation: Real Life. Powerful Truth. For God's Men (The Every Man Series)
  ''978-1-57856-682-2   ''Being God's Man in Leading a Family: Real Life. Powerful Truth. For God's Men (The Every Man Series)
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2003978-1-57856-685-3Shannon EthridgeEvery Woman's Battle: Discovering God's Plan for Sexual and Emotional Fulfillment
  ''978-1-57856-686-0Shannon EthridgeEvery Woman's Battle Workbook: How to Guard Your Heart and Mind Against Sexual and Emotional Compromise
2004978-1-57856-687-7Monique RobinsonLonging for Daddy: Healing from the Pain of an Absent or Emotionally Distant Father
  ''978-1-57856-688-4Jen AbbasGeneration Ex: Adult Children of Divorce and the Healing of Our Pain
2003978-1-57856-689-1Stephen Arterburn · Fred Stoeker · Mike YorkeyPreparing Your Son for Every Man's Battle: Honest Conversations About Sexual Integrity (The Every Man Series)
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2003978-1-57856-693-8Jan SilviousLook at It This Way: Straightforward Wisdom to Put Life in Perspective
  ''978-1-57856-695-2Craig Dunham · Doug ServenTwentySomeone: Finding Yourself in a Decade of Transition
2002978-1-57856-696-9Liz Curtis HiggsMad Mary: A Bad Girl from Magdala, Transformed at His Appearing
2005978-1-57856-699-0Marsha MarksFlying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer
2004978-1-57856-703-4Pat WilliamsYou've Got to Be Kidding!: Real-life parenting advice from a mom and dad of nineteen
2003978-1-57856-704-1Mark D. RobertsDare to Be True: Living in the Freedom of Complete Honesty
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2005978-1-57856-730-0Traci DePreeAprons on a Clothesline (The Lake Emily Series #3)
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2006978-1-57856-734-8Jane KirkpatrickA Clearing in the Wild (Change and Cherish Historical Series #1)
2007978-1-57856-735-5   ''A Tendering in the Storm (Change and Cherish Historical Series #2)
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  ''978-1-57856-737-9   ''Every Young Man's Battle Guide: Weapons for the War Against Sexual Temptation (Every Man Series)
2004978-1-57856-740-9Robert ElmerThe Duet
2005978-1-57856-741-6Robert ElmerThe Celebrity
2004978-1-57856-744-7Eric WilsonDark to Mortal Eyes
2005978-1-57856-745-4Eric WilsonExpiration Date (Senses Series)
2004978-1-57856-754-6Wayne A. Hastings · Ronald PotterTrust Me: Developing a Leadership Style People Will Follow
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2003978-1-57856-757-7   ''Every Young Man's Battle Workbook: Practical Help in the Fight for Sexual Purity (Everyman: Sexual Integrity)
2004978-1-57856-759-1H. Norman WrightIt's Okay To Cry: A Parent's Guide to Helping Children Through the Losses of Life
  ''978-1-57856-760-7H. Norman WrightIt's Okay to Cry: A Parent's Guide to Helping Children Through the Losses of Life
2003978-1-57856-764-5VariousEvery Man's/Young Man's Battle Guide 12-copy shelf display
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2004978-1-57856-776-8Randy D. SingerDying Declaration
2005978-1-57856-777-5   ''Self Incrimination
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  ''978-1-57856-787-4Lauraine SnellingThe Way of Women
2005978-1-57856-788-1Lauraine SnellingSaturday Morning: A Novel
2006978-1-57856-789-8   ''The Brushstroke Legacy
  ''978-1-57856-794-2Alison StrobelViolette Between
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2003978-1-57856-804-8Kay ArthurDiscovering What the Future Holds (40-Minute Bible Studies)
  ''978-1-57856-811-6   ''40-Minute Bible Studies 35-copy prepack
  ''978-1-57856-818-5Philip YanceySoul Survivor: How Thirteen Unlikely Mentors Helped My Faith Survive the Church
2004978-1-57856-820-8Valorie BurtonListen to Your Life: Following Your Unique Path to Extraordinary Success
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2005978-1-57856-835-2Janet Holm McHenryPrayerStreaming: Staying in Touch with God All Day Long
2004978-1-57856-837-6Walt Kallestad · Kirbyjon Caldwell · Paul SorensenEntrepreneurial Faith: Launching Bold Initiatives to Expand God's Kingdom
  ''978-1-57856-840-6Melody CarlsonCrystal Lies
2006978-1-57856-841-3   ''On This Day
2004978-1-57856-842-0Jan MeyersListening to Love: Responding to the Startling Voice of God
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2003978-1-57856-844-4Kay ArthurOur Covenant God: Living in the Security of His Unfailing Love
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2006978-1-57856-886-4   ''Straight Up
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2005978-1-57856-904-5Peggy DartyWhen the Sandpiper Calls (Christy Castleman Mysteries #1)
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2004978-1-57856-906-9Kay Arthur · David ArthurMoney and Possessions: The Quest for Contentment (40-Minute Bible Studies)
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2007978-1-57856-912-0Eric WilsonA Shred of Truth (Aramis Black Mystery Series #2)
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  ''978-1-57856-919-9   ''Being God's Man by Walking a New Path: Real Life. Powerful Truth. For God's Men (The Every Man Series)
2004978-1-57856-921-2Waterbrook PressLife Brighteners 30-copy Prepack
1999978-1-57856-927-4Waterbrook PressIF I IGNORE IT-DSP-14-FUL
2005978-1-57856-948-9Dan B. AllenderTo Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future
  ''978-1-57856-949-6Dan B. AllenderWorkbook To Be Told: God Invites You to Coauthor Your Future
2006978-1-57856-950-2Dan B. AllenderLeading with a Limp: Turning Your Struggles into Strengths
  ''978-1-57856-951-9   ''To Be Told: God Invites You to Coauthor Your Future
2008978-1-57856-952-6   ''Leading with a Limp: Take Full Advantage of Your Most Powerful Weakness
2006978-1-57856-953-3Dan B. Allender · Matthew D. BaugherLeading with a Limp Workbook: Discover How to Turn Your Struggles into Strengths
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2007978-1-57856-955-7Linda HallBlack Ice (Fog Point Series #2)
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2005978-1-57856-958-8Christopher Burge · Pamela ToussaintHis Rules: God's Practical Road Map for Becoming and Attracting Mr. or Mrs. Right
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2007978-1-57856-960-1Donna PartowBecoming a Vessel of God's Power: Give God Thirty Days and See What He Will Do
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1999978-1-57856-971-7Barbara EssexBad Girls of the Bible
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2008978-1-57856-979-3Jane KirkpatrickA Mending at the Edge (Change and Cherish Historical Series #3)
2009978-1-57856-980-9   ''A Flickering Light (Portraits of the Heart, Book 1)
2010978-1-57856-981-6   ''An Absence So Great: A Novel (Portraits of the Heart)
2005978-1-57856-983-0Stephen Arterburn · Kenny LuckEvery Young Man, God's Man: Confident, Courageous, and Completely His (The Every Man Series)
2005978-1-57856-984-7Stephen Arterburn · Kenny LuckEvery Young Man, God's Man Workbook: Pursuing Confidence, Courage, and Commitment (The Every Man Series)
2004978-1-57856-985-4Rene GutteridgeBoo Who (The Boo Series #2)