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1998978-1-57839-029-8OpusA Case Study in Corporate Compliance: How Sutter Health Developed And Initiated It's Standards of Business Conduct
1999978-1-57839-048-9David M. Birk · James K. LathropThe Statement of Conditions Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Jcaho Compliance
2000978-1-57839-065-6Hugh P. Greeley · Anne M. BanasThe Directory of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
2001978-1-57839-133-2Karen Lusky · Karen Frazier LuskyThe Medicare Billing Troubleshooter: Simple Strategies for Nursing Home Reimbursement Success
978-1-57839-152-3HIPAA Training for Nurses/Clinical Staff (Pack of 25)
2002978-1-57839-193-6Ruthann RussoGuide to Inpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement: Strategies to Ensure Compliance And Correct Reimbursement
  ''978-1-57839-209-4Darren CarterMedicare Medical Necessity: A Guide to Accurate Reimbursement & Full Compliance
2003978-1-57839-255-1Jennifer L. HollomanStatement of Conditions Manual: A the Comprehensive Guide to Jcaho Compliance
  ''978-1-57839-304-6Ruthann RussoGuide to Outpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement: The First Step in Revenue Cycle Management
  ''978-1-57839-330-5Simon RosensteinAppealing And Preventing Denied Claims
  ''978-1-57839-345-9Albert L., MHA, Sagan, Todd, MD, JD, and Sheff, Richard A., MD FritzHow to Recruit And Develop Physician Leaders: A Strategy for Medical Staff Leadership Development
2003978-1-57839-357-2Angela BurnetteHow to Resolve Patient Complaints to Manage Risk: 100 of Your Peers' Best Responses
2004978-1-57839-374-9HCPro · Inc. · Richard A. Bryan · Linda ChildersHandling Difficult Patients: A Nurse Manager's Guide
  ''978-1-57839-379-4Wayne, PE, REA, CEM HansenInfection Control During Construction Manual: Policies, Procedures, and Strategies for Compliance
  ''978-1-57839-394-7Steven MacarthurSafety Manual for Physician Offices: A Guide to Osha Compliance
  ''978-1-57839-399-2Gail BennettInfection Control Manual for Hospitals
  ''978-1-57839-404-3Jackie BirminghamDischarge Planning Guide: Tools for Compliance
2004978-1-57839-410-4Mark ElberfeldHealthcare Construction Workbook: The Soup-to-nuts Solution to Managing Your Project
  ''978-1-57839-414-2Laura McDonnellCollections 1, 2, 3: Proven Strategies for Collecting Long-Term Care Accounts Receivable
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2004978-1-57839-471-5Elizabeth PetersonLong-term Care Pocket Guide to Nursing Documentation
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  ''978-1-57839-475-3Dawn Vonderheide-liem · Bud PateApplying Quality Methodologies to Improve Healthcare: Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, Balanced Scorecard, And More
  ''978-1-57839-478-4Carol S. Cairns · Beverly E. PybusGuide to Ahp Credentialing: Challenges & Opportunities to Credentialing Allied Health Professional, 2/e
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2005978-1-57839-494-4Ilene G. MacDonaldThe CMS' Interpretive Guideline for the Hospital Conditions of Participation
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2005978-1-57839-577-4Jugna ShahOpps Drug Administration Strategies: Your Comprehensive Guide to Accurate Coding, Billing, And Charging
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2006978-1-57839-722-8HCPro Inc. · Suzanne C. Beyea · Mary Jo SlatteryEvidence-Based Practice: A Guide to Successful Implementation
2006978-1-57839-739-6Elizabeth PetersenPart D for Long-term Care: Explaining the New Medicare Drug Benefit
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  ''978-1-57839-758-7Brian W. KozikThe Healthcare Auditor's Handbook
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2006978-1-57839-765-5Andrea ClarkGuide to APC Auditing
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