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1998978-1-57805-002-4Orville Bach Jr.Exploring the Yellowstone Backcountry: A Guide to the Hiking Trails of Yellowstone With Additional Sections on Canoeing, Bicycling, and Cross-Country Skiing (Third Edition)
1999978-1-57805-010-9Galen Rowell · Michael SewellBay Area Wild: A Celebration of the Natural Heritage of the San Francisco Bay Area
1998978-1-57805-011-6Ian McAllister · Karen McAllister · Cameron YoungThe Great Bear Rainforest: Canada's Forgotten Coast
  ''978-1-57805-016-1Joel SimonEndangered Mexico: An Environment on the Edge
  ''978-1-57805-020-8Peter KnudtsonThe World of the Walrus
  ''978-1-57805-021-5H. John RussellThe World of the Caribou
  ''978-1-57805-022-2Arlene BlumAnnapurna: A Woman's Place (20th Anniversary Edition)
1999978-1-57805-026-0Richard BangsThe Lost River
2000978-1-57805-035-2Jim MotavalliForward Drive: The Race to Build "Clean" Cars for the Future
1999978-1-57805-038-3John C. RyanSeven Wonders: Everyday Things for a Healthier Planet
2003978-1-57805-039-0Jim MotavalliBreaking Gridlock: Moving Toward Transportation That Works
2001978-1-57805-046-8Ike Okonta · Oronto DouglasWhere Vultures Feast: Shell, Human Rights, and Oil in the Niger Delta
2000978-1-57805-047-5Susan GriffinWoman and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her
2000978-1-57805-050-5Cathie KatzNature a Day at a Time: An Uncommon Look at Common Wildlife (Sierra Club Books Publication)
  ''978-1-57805-052-9Lane Larson · Peggy LarsonThe Deserts of the Southwest: A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide (Sierra Club Naturalist's Guides)
  ''978-1-57805-056-7Linda JohnsA Feathered Family: Nature Notes from a Woodland Studio
  ''978-1-57805-057-4Paul Nicklen · Hugh BrodySeasons of the Arctic
2001978-1-57805-063-5Richard BangsThe Lost River: A Memoir of Life, Death, and Transformation on Wild Water (Sierra Club Books Publication)
2002978-1-57805-065-9Judith BoiceMother Earth: Through the Eyes of Women Photographers and Writers, Revised Tenth-Anniversary Edition
2004978-1-57805-066-6Bruce Kershner · Robert T. LeverettThe Sierra Club Guide to the Ancient Forests of the Northeast
2003978-1-57805-067-3Elizabeth GrossmanAdventuring along the Lewis and Clark Trail
2001978-1-57805-072-7Jim MotavalliForward Drive: The Race to Build "Clean" Cars for the Future
2002978-1-57805-080-2Barbara BashIn The Heart of the Village: The World of the Indian Banyan Tree
  ''978-1-57805-081-9Barbara BashAncient Ones: The World of the Old-Growth Douglas Fir
2002978-1-57805-083-3David James DuncanMy Story as Told by Water: Confessions, Druidic Rants, Reflections, Bird-watchings, Fish-stalkings, Visions, Songs and Prayers Refracting Light, From Living Rivers, in the Age of the Industrial Dark
  ''978-1-57805-084-0David James DuncanThe River Why, Twentieth-Anniversary Edition
  ''978-1-57805-085-7Barbara BashDesert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus (Tree Tales)
  ''978-1-57805-086-4   ''Tree of Life: The World of the African Baobab (Tree Tales)
2004978-1-57805-090-1Edgar WayburnYour Land and Mine: Evolution of a Conservationist
2003978-1-57805-092-5Daniel Imhoff · Dan Imhoff · Roberto CarraFarming with the Wild
  ''978-1-57805-094-9Ben GaddRaven's End: A Novel
2003978-1-57805-095-6David CarleWater and the California Dream: Choices for the New Millennium
2004978-1-57805-098-7Kenny Ausubel · Andrew Weil M.D · J. P. HarpigniesEcological Medicine: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves (The Bioneers Series)
  ''978-1-57805-099-4Kenny Ausubel · J. P. Harpignies · Paul HawkenNature's Operating Instructions: The True Biotechnologies (The Bioneers Series)
2003978-1-57805-100-7Douglas H. ChadwickTrue Grizz: Glimpses of Fernie, Stahr, Easy, Dakota, and Other Real Bears in the Modern World (Sierra Club Books Publication)
  ''978-1-57805-101-4Ruth Heller"Galapagos" Means "Tortoises"
  ''978-1-57805-102-1Hal CliffordDownhill Slide: Why the Corporate Ski Industry is Bad for Skiing, Ski Towns, and the Environment
2004978-1-57805-104-5Sierra ClubSierra Club 2005 Engagement Calendar
  ''978-1-57805-105-2Sierra ClubSierra Club 2005 Wilderness Calendar
2004978-1-57805-109-0Carl Pope · Paul RauberStrategic Ignorance: Why the Bush Administration Is Recklessly Destroying a Century of Environmental Progress
  ''978-1-57805-110-6Claudia Axcell · Vikki Kinmont Kath · Diana CookeSimple Foods for the Pack: More than 200 all-natural, trail-tested recipes (Sierra Club Outdoor Adventure Guide)
  ''978-1-57805-111-3Timothy EganWild Seattle: A Celebration of the Natural Areas In and Around the City
  ''978-1-57805-113-7Joanne RyderWaterfall's Gift, The
  ''978-1-57805-114-4Rick BassCaribou Rising: Defending the Porcupine Herd, Gwich-'in Culture, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
2006978-1-57805-115-1Editors of Sierra Club Books · Robert Roper · Andy Grundberg · Tom BrokawGalen Rowell: A Retrospective
2005978-1-57805-117-5Daniel ImhoffPaper or Plastic: Searching for Solutions to an Overpackaged World
2005978-1-57805-120-5Robert D. Bullard · Maxine WatersThe Quest for Environmental Justice: Human Rights and the Politics of Pollution
  ''978-1-57805-121-2Edward Abbey · Doug PeacockThe Best of Edward Abbey
  ''978-1-57805-122-9W. S. KalsLand Navigation Handbook: The Sierra Club Guide to Map, Compass and GPS (Sierra Club Outdoor Adventure Guide)
  ''978-1-57805-123-6John HartWalking Softly in the Wilderness: The Sierra Club Guide to Backpacking (Sierra Club Outdoor Adventure Guide)
2006978-1-57805-125-0Carl Pope · Paul RauberStrategic Ignorance: Why the Bush Administration Is Recklessly Destroying a Century of Environmental Progress
  ''978-1-57805-126-7Douglas H. ChadwickThe Grandest of Lives: Eye to Eye with Whales
2005978-1-57805-128-1Tony JohnstonIsabel's House of Butterflies (Sierra Club Books (Sierra))
2007978-1-57805-129-8George B. SchallerA Naturalist and Other Beasts: Tales from a Life in the Field
2006978-1-57805-130-4Thomas BerryEvening Thoughts
2006978-1-57805-131-1Jonathan Trouern-TrendBirding Babylon: A Soldier's Journal from Iraq
  ''978-1-57805-132-8Jerry Mander · Victoria Tauli-CorpuzParadigm Wars: Indigenous Peoples' Resistance to Globalization
  ''978-1-57805-135-9Thomas BerryThe Dream of the Earth
2007978-1-57805-136-6Sierra ClubSierra Club 2008 Wilderness Calendar
  ''978-1-57805-138-0David BrowerLet the Mountains Talk, Let the Rivers Run: A Call to Save the Earth
2008978-1-57805-140-3Sierra ClubSierra Club 2009 Engagement Calendar
  ''978-1-57805-141-0Jim MalusaInto Thick Air: Biking to the Bellybutton of Six Continents
2009978-1-57805-142-7Raymond BridgeBike Touring: The Sierra Club Guide to Travel on Two Wheels (Sierra Club Outdoor Adventure Guide)
2008978-1-57805-143-4Bob SchildgenHey Mr. Green: Sierra Magazine's Answer Guy Tackles Your Toughest Green Living Questions
2008978-1-57805-145-8Eric Sorensen · Staff of Sightline InstituteSeven Wonders for a Cool Planet: Everyday Things to Help Solve Global Warming (Sierra Club Books (Sierra))
  ''978-1-57805-147-2Douglas H. ChadwickThe Grandest of Lives: Eye to Eye with Whales
2010978-1-57805-148-9Chris PalmerShooting in the Wild: An Insider's Account of Making Movies in the Animal Kingdom
2006978-1-57805-150-2John AnnerinoHiking the Grand Canyon: A Sierra Club Totebook
2005978-1-57805-151-9John HartLegacy: Portraits of 50 Bay Area Environmental Elders
  ''978-1-57805-153-3David W. OrrEcological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World (The Bioneers Series)
2010978-1-57805-154-0Rosalind CreasyEdible Landscaping
  ''978-1-57805-157-1David HelvargBlue Frontier: Dispatches from America's Ocean Wilderness
2007978-1-57805-158-8PGC Miscellaneous Purchased - usdSierra Club Books Spring 2008 Catalogue
2008978-1-57805-159-5Editors of Sierra Club Books · Robert Roper · Andy Grundberg · Tom BrokawGalen Rowell: A Retrospective
  ''978-1-57805-160-1Lyndsay MoseleyHoly Ground: A Gathering of Voices on Caring for Creation
2009978-1-57805-161-8Linda Buzzell · Craig ChalquistEcotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind
2009978-1-57805-162-5Helena Norberg-HodgeAncient Futures: Lessons from Ladakh for a Globalizing World
2010978-1-57805-163-2Editors of Sierra Club Books · Robert RoperGalen Rowell's Sierra Nevada
2009978-1-57805-164-9Sierra ClubSierra Club 2010 Wilderness Calendar
  ''978-1-57805-166-3Shirley Stewart Burns · Mari-Lynn Evans · Silas HouseCoal Country: Rising Up Against Mountaintop Removal Mining
2010978-1-57805-170-0George B. SchallerA Naturalist and Other Beasts: Tales from a Life in the Field
  ''978-1-57805-171-7Tony JohnstonDesert Song
  ''978-1-57805-175-5Shelton JohnsonGloryland
2011978-1-57805-176-2David SobelWild Play: Parenting Adventures in the Great Outdoors
2010978-1-57805-190-8Michael BruneComing Clean: Breaking America's Addiction to Oil and Coal (Sierra Club Books (Sierra))
2012978-1-57805-192-2Galen RowellMountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic Landscape
2013978-1-57805-199-1Sierra Club CalendarsSierra Club Wilderness Calendar 2014
  ''978-1-57805-200-4   ''Sierra Club Engagement Calendar 2014
2014978-1-57805-203-5   ''Sierra Club Wilderness 2015 Calendar
2014978-1-57805-204-2Sierra Club CalendarsSierra Club Engagement Calendar 2015
2015978-1-57805-207-3Sierra ClubSierra Club Wilderness Calendar 2016
  ''978-1-57805-208-0   ''Sierra Club Engagement Calendar 2016
2016978-1-57805-211-0Sierra ClubSierra Club Wilderness Calendar 2017
  ''978-1-57805-212-7   ''Sierra Club Engagement Calendar 2017
2017978-1-57805-215-8   ''Sierra Club Wilderness Calendar 2018
2018978-1-57805-219-6   ''Sierra Club Wilderness Calendar 2019