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1996978-1-57749-000-5Bob KeeshanGood Morning, Captain: Fifty Wonderful Years with Bob Keeshan, TV's Captain Kangaroo
  ''978-1-57749-009-8John A. ChabotA New Lease on Life: Facing the World after a Suicide Attempt
1997978-1-57749-026-5Deborah DoucetteRaising Our Children's Children
  ''978-1-57749-030-2De Everett MorierCrib Notes for the First Year of Marriage
  ''978-1-57749-033-3Rachel FaldetOur Stories of Miscarriage: Healing With Words
1998978-1-57749-043-2Susan Browning PoganySex Smart: 501 Reasons to Hold Off on Sex: A Sexuality Resource for Teenagers
1997978-1-57749-049-4Jeanette GadebergBrave New Girls: Creative Ideas to Help Girls Be Confident, Healthy and Happy
  ''978-1-57749-053-1John CookThe Book of Positive Quotations
2001978-1-57749-071-5Fairview Health ServicesThe Dad Book: A Guide to Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and Parenting
1998978-1-57749-073-9De Everett MorierCrib Notes for the First Year of Fatherhood: A Survival Guide for New Fathers
1998978-1-57749-078-4Elizabeth LevangWhen Men Grieve: Why Men Grieve Differently and How You Can Help
  ''978-1-57749-081-4Fairview PressKids Write Through It: Essays from Kids Who've Triumphed Over Trouble
  ''978-1-57749-083-8Fairview PressTeens Write Through It: Essays from Teens Who have Triumphed Over Trouble
1999978-1-57749-085-2Janis SilvermanHelp Me Say Goodbye: Activities for Helping Kids Cope When a Special Person Dies
  ''978-1-57749-088-3Pat SamplesDaily Comforts for Caregivers
2000978-1-57749-097-5Lorie A. SchleckStaying Strong: A Senior's Guide to a More Active and Independent Life
2001978-1-57749-101-9Marge Eaton HeegaardDrawing Together to Develop Self-Control
  ''978-1-57749-102-6Fairview Health ServicesGuide to Carbohydrate Counting: A Simple Meal-Planning Method for People with Diabetes, 2nd Edition
2001978-1-57749-104-0Fairview Health ServicesCuidados para usted y su bebe: Desde el embarazo hasta el primer ano de vida, Segunda edicion (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57749-105-7Miriam E. CameronKarma and Happiness: A Tibetan Odyssey in Ethics, Spirituality, and Healing
  ''978-1-57749-108-8Tricia Ann RoloffNavigating Through a Strange Land:: A Book for Brain Tumor Patients and Their Families,
2002978-1-57749-110-1Mark S Umbreit · Alexa UmbreitPathways To Spirituality and Healing: Embracing Life and Each Other in the Face of a Serious Illness
  ''978-1-57749-115-6Abhinav HumarManual of Liver Transplant Medical Care
  ''978-1-57749-116-3Ben A. WilliamsSurviving Terminal Cancer: Clinical Trials, Drug Cocktails, and Other Treatments Your Oncologist Won't Tell You About
2002978-1-57749-117-0Connie Goldman author of Hardship Into Hope: The Rewards of CaregivingThe Gifts of Caregiving: Stories of Hardship, Hope, and Healing
2003978-1-57749-118-7Sheila HumphreyThe Nursing Mother's Herbal (The Human Body Library)
  ''978-1-57749-119-4Rachael FreedWomen's Lives, Women's Legacies: Passing Your Beliefs and Blessings to Future Generations
2002978-1-57749-121-7Rachael FreedHeartmates: A Guide for the Spouse and Family of the Heart Patient
  ''978-1-57749-122-4   ''The Heartmates Journal: A Companion for Partners of People with Serious Illness
  ''978-1-57749-123-1Leslie Ann GibsonThe Women's Book of Positive Quotations
  ''978-1-57749-124-8Marta FelberGrief Expressed: When a Mate Dies - Workbook
2002978-1-57749-125-5Fairview Health ServicesGuide to Carbohydrate Counting: A Simple Meal-Planning Method for People with Diabetes
2003978-1-57749-126-2Elizabeth Levang · Sherokee IlseThe Remembering With Love Journal: A Companion the First Year of Grieving and Beyond
  ''978-1-57749-128-6Susan J. AlexisCaring Hands: Inspiring Stories of Volunteer Medical Missions
2002978-1-57749-129-3HeegaardBeyond the Rainbow: A Workbook for Children in the Advanced Stages of a Very Serious Illness
2003978-1-57749-131-6BassoThe Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality
  ''978-1-57749-136-1HeegaardDrawing Together to Learn about Feelings
  ''978-1-57749-137-8   ''Drawing Together to Manage Anger
  ''978-1-57749-138-5   ''Drawing Together to Accept and Respect Differences
2003978-1-57749-139-2Marge Eaton HeegaardLiving Well with My Serious Illness
  ''978-1-57749-143-9Arthur J. MatasManual of Kidney Transplant Medical Care (Transplant Care Series)
2004978-1-57749-144-6Sharon N. CovingtonSilent Birth: When Your Baby Dies
  ''978-1-57749-147-7Connie Goldman author of Hardship Into Hope: The Rewards of CaregivingThe Ageless Spirit: Reflections on Living Life to the Fullest in Midlife and the Years Beyond
  ''978-1-57749-148-4Marge HeegaardDrawing Together to Build Character
  ''978-1-57749-149-1Fairview Health ServicesEl libro de papa: Una guia sobre el embarazo, el nacimiento y la paternidad
2004978-1-57749-151-4Fairview Health ServicesGuia Para El Consumo De Carbohidratos: Un metodo simple para la Planificacion de La Dieta Del Diabetico
2005978-1-57749-152-1HeegaardWhen Adults Hurt Children: Helping Children Heal from Abuse
  ''978-1-57749-153-8James D. PriestBeating Prostate Cancer Without Surgery
  ''978-1-57749-154-5Michael J. BassoLa guia esencial sobre sexualidad adolescente (Spanish Edition)
2006978-1-57749-157-6Connie Goldman author of Hardship Into Hope: The Rewards of CaregivingLate-Life Love: Romance and New Relationships in Later Years
2007978-1-57749-159-0Paul LangerGreat Feet for Life: Footcare and Footwear for Healthy Aging
2006978-1-57749-164-4Fairview Health ServicesYour Guide to Total Hip Replacement
  ''978-1-57749-165-1   ''Your Guide to Total Knee Replacement
2007978-1-57749-168-2Amy M. MareckFighting For My Life: Growing up with Cancer
  ''978-1-57749-169-9John Cook · Steve Deger · Leslie Ann GibsonThe Book of Positive Quotations
2007978-1-57749-170-5Connie Goldman · Richard MahlerSecrets of Becoming a Late Bloomer: Staying Creative, Aware, and Involved in Midlife and Beyond
2008978-1-57749-172-9Carol J. Bruess · Anna D.H. KudakWhat Happy Couples Do: Belly Button Fuzz & Bare-Chested Hugs--The Loving Little Rituals of Romance
2007978-1-57749-174-3Linda PiconeThe Daily Book of Positive Quotations
2008978-1-57749-175-0Steve Deger · Leslie Ann GibsonThe Girl's Book of Positive Quotations
  ''978-1-57749-176-7Linda PiconeThe Little Book of Healthy Sex
  ''978-1-57749-177-4Carol J. Bruess · Anna D.H. KudakWhat Happy Parents Do: Ninety-Three Cents and a Little Humpty Dumpty--The Loving Little Rituals of a Child-Proof Marriage
  ''978-1-57749-179-8Jeanette GadebergBrave New Girls: Creative Ideas to Help Girls be Confident, Healthy, and Happy
2009978-1-57749-188-0Steve DegerThe Nightly Book of Positive Quotations
2009978-1-57749-189-7Steve DegerThe Boy's Book of Positive Quotations
2010978-1-57749-228-3Shannon HammerThe Positive Portions Food & Fitness Journal
  ''978-1-57749-233-7Carol J. Bruess · Anna D.H. KudakWhat Happy Women Do: Nail Night and the Unicorn Dance--A Salute to Sisterhood and the Rituals that Sustain Us
  ''978-1-57749-238-2Steve Deger · Leslie GibsonThe Women's Book of Positive Quotations