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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-57719-089-9Mercer MayerLittle Critter, Astronaut (Little Critter Board Books)
  ''978-1-57719-102-5Richard SimmonsRichard Simmons Farewell to Fat Cookbook
  ''978-1-57719-104-9Mercer MayerLittle Critter Doctor (Little Critter Board Books)
1997978-1-57719-112-4   ''Little Critter's the Picnic (Mercer Mayer's Little Critter)
  ''978-1-57719-221-3   ''I Smell Christmas: Scratch-and-sniff Book (Little Critter Board Books)
  ''978-1-57719-222-0   ''Just a Bubble Bath (Little Critter)
1997978-1-57719-230-5Mercer MayerLittle Critter's Christmas: A Coloring and Activity Book (Little Critter Activity Books)
  ''978-1-57719-236-7Spooky Halloween Kit: A Story Book, a Coloring and Activity Book, a Flashlight, and a Trick-Or-Treat Bag (Little Critter)
  ''978-1-57719-257-2Mercer MayerLittle Critters the Trip
  ''978-1-57719-258-9   ''Little Critter Cowboy (Little Critter Board Books)
1998978-1-57719-259-6Mercer MayerLittle Monster Private Eye Detective Kit
1997978-1-57719-270-1Charlton HestonCharlton Heston Presents the Bible
  ''978-1-57719-271-8Naomi JuddNaomi's Home Companion: A Treasury of Favorite Recipes, Food for Thought and Country Wit and Wisdom
  ''978-1-57719-276-3Richard SimmonsSweetie Pie: The Richard Simmons Private Collection of Dazzling Desserts
1998978-1-57719-298-5Erica Farber · Mercer Mayer · John R. SansevereJust a Magic Trick (Mercer Mayer's Little Critter)
  ''978-1-57719-299-2Erica Farber · Mercer Mayer · John R. SansevereJust an Easter Egg (Mercer Mayer's Little Critter)
  ''978-1-57719-306-7Mercer MayerLittle Monster Private Eye Goes on Safari
1998978-1-57719-317-3Erica Farber · John R. SansevereHow the Zebra Lost Its Stripes (Mercer Mayer's Little Monster Private Eye) (Read and Play Time Sets)
  ''978-1-57719-318-0Erica Farber · Mercer Mayer · John R. SansevereThe Lost Wish (Little Monster Private Eye)
  ''978-1-57719-319-7Mercer MayerThe Smelly Mystery: Little Monster Private Eye
  ''978-1-57719-347-0Tony Gwynn · Roger VaughanThe Art of Hitting
  ''978-1-57719-348-7Diane ClehaneDiana: The Secrets of Her Style
1998978-1-57719-353-1Arts and Entertainment Network StaffBig Dogs Little Dogs: The World of Our Canine Companions
  ''978-1-57719-355-5Phyllis George · Rob Gray · Ann E. BermanLiving With Quilts: Fifty Great American Quilts
1999978-1-57719-356-2Richard SimmonsStill Hungry After All These Years: My Story
1998978-1-57719-357-9Charlton Heston · Jean-Pierre IsboutsCharlton Heston's Hollywood: 50 Years in American Film
  ''978-1-57719-367-8Sophia LorenSophia Loren's Recipes and Memories
  ''978-1-57719-395-1Erica Farber · J. R. SansevereMercer Mayer's Little Monster Private Eye: 101 Penguins (Book & Snowglobe Gift Set)
  ''978-1-57719-396-8Mercer MayerLittle Critter Sailor (Little Critter Board Books)
1998978-1-57719-397-5Mercer MayerLittle Critter Construction (Little Critter Board Books)
  ''978-1-57719-398-2Mercer Mayer · Gina MayerJust My Camera and Me: Photo Fun Package (Mercer Mayer's Little Critter)
  ''978-1-57719-399-9Mercer MayerLittle Monster's Word Book
1999978-1-57719-604-4   ''Little Monster Private Eye the Bubble-Gum Pirates Kit with Other
  ''978-1-57719-605-1   ''Just a Garden Kit (Little Critter)
  ''978-1-57719-648-8   ''Little Critter All Grown Up!: Doctor, Sailor, Cowboy, Construction (Little Critter Board Books)
1999978-1-57719-655-6Mercer MayerLittle Critter Construction Playset (Little Critter Board Books)
  ''978-1-57719-661-7   ''The Mummy Mystery (Little Monster Private Eye)
  ''978-1-57719-695-2Richard SimmonsThe Richard Simmons Farewell to Fat Cookbook: Homemade in the U. S. A