Franciscan Inst Pubs

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-57659-014-0E.M. BuytaertDubia et Spuria. Tractus Minor Logicae et Elemntarium Logicae
1978978-1-57659-027-0Sabino VengcoJuan De Cartagena, O.F.M. (1563-1618): The Mariology of his HOMILIAE CATHOLICAE and its Baroque Scripturism
2007978-1-57659-032-4Kenan B. OsborneHistory of Franciscan Theology (Theology Series)
1996978-1-57659-043-0St. BonaventureSt. Bonaventure's on the Reduction of the Arts to Theology (English and Latin Edition)
2003978-1-57659-044-7Philotheus Boehner. OFM · Zachary Hayes. OFMItinerarium Mentis in Deum (Works of St. Bonaventure Volume II)
1992978-1-57659-046-1Zachary HayesSaint Bonaventure's Disputed Questions on the Knowledge of Christ (Works of Saint Bonaventure - Volume IV)
1957978-1-57659-055-3Eligius BuytaertQuodlibet, Petrus Thomae, O.F.M., Quodlibet
1986978-1-57659-067-6Joseph LurtzFrancis, The Incomparable Saint
1992978-1-57659-074-4Regis ArmstrongTowards the Discovery of Clare of Assisi:Fraternal Life
  ''978-1-57659-075-1   ''Towards the Discovery of Clare of Assisi:Clare's Form of Gospel Life
  ''978-1-57659-076-8   ''Towards the Discovery of Clare of Assisi: Clare Discovers the Love of God
1993978-1-57659-078-2Mary Francis HoneClare of Assisi - Investigations
1947978-1-57659-082-9Nicholas Bozon · Amelia KlenkeThree Saints' Lives by Nicholas Bozon
1989978-1-57659-116-1Malcolm V.T., PhD WallaceAnd They Were Giants
2000978-1-57659-168-0Alan WolterJohn Duns Scotus: Four Questions on Mary
2001978-1-57659-180-2Margaret Carney · Vincent Cushing · Ilia Delio · Dominic Monti · Zachary Hayes · Kenan Osborne · Diane TomkinsonFranciscan Intellecutual Tradition
2003978-1-57659-187-1Mary Beth InghamScotus for Dunces: An Introduction to the Subtle Doctor
2005978-1-57659-198-7David Burr · E. Randolph DanielAngelo Clareno: A Chronicle or History of the Seven Tribulations of the Order of Brothers Minor
  ''978-1-57659-199-4St. Bonaventure · Dominic MontiBreviloquium (Works of St. Bonaventure, Vol. 9)
  ''978-1-57659-200-7Kenan B OsborneThe Franciscan Intellectual Tradition: Tracing Its Origins and Identifying Its Central Components (Franciscan Heritage)
2004978-1-57659-201-4Ilia Delio O.S.F.A Franciscan View of Creation: Learning to Live in a Sacramental World (The Franciscan Heritage Series, Vol. 2)
2005978-1-57659-202-1Dawn M. NothwehrThe Franciscan View of the Human Person: Some Central Elements (The Franciscan Heritage Series, Volume 3)
2008978-1-57659-204-5Maria CalisiTrinitarian Perspectives in the Franciscan Theological Tradition - Franciscan Heritage Series Five
2009978-1-57659-205-2Mary Beth InghamRejoicing in the Works of the Lord: Beauty in the Franciscan Tradition (Franciscan Heritage Series, Volume 6)
2010978-1-57659-206-9Darleen PrydsWomen of the Streets: Early Franciscan Women and their Mendicant Vocation
1988978-1-57659-225-0William of OckhamWilliam of Ockham - Opera Philosophica - 7 Volume Set (Latin Edition)
2006978-1-57659-227-4John Duns ScotusJohn Duns Scotus Opera Philosophica - 5 Volume Set
1944978-1-57659-292-2Philotheus BoehnerThe Tractatus de Successivis
2012978-1-57659-301-1Thomas RennaThe Life and Miracles of St. Margaret of Cortona (1247-1297)
2015978-1-57659-305-9David BurrEarly Commentaries on the Rule of the Friars Minor, Volume III, Angelo Clareno
2013978-1-57659-339-4Edward K. EckertSt. Bonaventure University: A History