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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-57647-004-6Rollin Smith · Louis VierneLouis Vierne: Organist of Notre Dame Cathedral (The Complete Organ Series Vol 3)
2000978-1-57647-006-0Franz Liszt · Agnes Street-KlindworthFranz Liszt and Agnes Street-Klindworth: A Correspondence (1854-1886) (FRANZ LISZT STUDIES SERIES) (English, French and French Edition)
2002978-1-57647-009-1Mimi S. DaitzAncient Song Recovered: The Life and Music of Veljo Tormis (Dimension & Diversity Series)
1998978-1-57647-013-8Siglind BruhnThe Temptation of Paul Hindemith: Mathis Der Maler As a Spiritual Testimony
1999978-1-57647-015-2David BoccagnaMusical Terminology: A Practical Compendium in Four Languages (English, French, German and Italian Edition)
2002978-1-57647-016-9Mary Dibbern · Carol Kimball · Patrick ChoukrounThe Songs of Jacques Leguerney: A Guide for Study and Performance
  ''978-1-57647-019-0John White · Jean Christensen · Kimmo KornhonenNew Music of the Nordic Countries (Ex)
2001978-1-57647-022-0Patricia M. RanumThe Harmonic Orator: A Guide to the Phrasing and Rhetoric of the Melody in French Baroque Airs (Pendragon Press Musicological Series)
2002978-1-57647-024-4Karl KoeningJazz in Print, 1859-1929: An Anthology of Early Source Readings in Jazz History
2001978-1-57647-026-8Carl B. SchmidtEntrancing Muse: A Documented Biography of Francis Poulenc (Lives in Music Series)
2002978-1-57647-028-2Edward H. TarrEast Meets West: The Russian Trumpet Tradition from the Time of Peter the Great to the October Revolution, with a Lexicon of Trumpeters Active in ... The Historical Brass Society Series, 4)
2000978-1-57647-029-9Albert FullerHugues Cuenod: With an Agile Voice (Lives in Music Series)
2001978-1-57647-032-9Mary DibbernCarmen: A Performance Guide (Vox Music Ae Series, 4)
2002978-1-57647-033-6Mary Dibbern · David J Drucker · Jacques OffenbachTales of Hoffman: A Performance Guide (Vox Music Ae Series, 5) (English, French and French Edition)
2000978-1-57647-036-7Siglind BruhnMusical Ekphrasis: Composers Responding to Poetry and Painting (Interplay (Hillsdale, N.Y.), No. 2.)
  ''978-1-57647-070-1College Music SocietyReflections on American Music: The Twentieth Century and the New Millennium: A Collection of Essays Presented in Honor of the College Music Society ... and Bibliographies in American Music, No. 16)
2002978-1-57647-072-5Michael J. BuddsJazz and the Germans: Essays on the Influence of "Hot" American Idioms on 20th Century German Music (Monographs and Bibliographies in American Music, No. 17)
2001978-1-57647-074-9Heinrich SchenkerFree Composition
  ''978-1-57647-075-6Heinrich SchenkerFree Composition (Distinguished reprints series, No. 2)
2002978-1-57647-076-3Rollin SmithToward an Authentic Interpretation of the Organ Works of Cesar Franck (The Complete Organ, 6)
2003978-1-57647-077-0James MurdochPeggy Glanville-Hicks: A Transposed Life (Lives in Music Series)
1992978-1-57647-079-4Iannis XenakisFormalized Music: Thought and Mathematics in Composition (Harmonologia Series)
2002978-1-57647-089-3Siglind BruhnVoicing the Ineffable: Musical Representation of Religious Experience (Interplay (Hillsdale, N.Y.), No. 3.)
  ''978-1-57647-091-6Paul-Andru BempechatLiber Amicorum Isabelle Cazeaux: Symbols, Parallels and Discoveries in Her Honor (Festschrift Series)
2007978-1-57647-094-7Kurt Sven MarkstromOperas of Leonardo Vinci, Napoletano (Opera Series)
2003978-1-57647-096-1Siglind BruhnSaints in the Limelight: Representations of the Religious Quest on the Post-1945 Operatic Stage (Dimension & Diversity)
2003978-1-57647-100-5John H. BaronIntimate Music: A History of the Idea of Chamber Music (Pendragon Press Musicological Series)
2005978-1-57647-102-9Christina HuemerRemembering Oliver Strunk: Teacher and Scholar (Festschrift Series)
  ''978-1-57647-106-7Keith PolkTielman Susato And The Music Of His Time: Print Culture, Compositional Technique And Instrumental Music In The Renaissance (BUCINA,)
2008978-1-57647-107-4Sharon KanachMusic and Architecture (Iannis Xenakis)
2006978-1-57647-109-8Gabriel BanatThe Chevalier de Saint-Georges: Virtuoso of the Sword and the Bow
  ''978-1-57647-112-8David GagnÚ · Poundie BursteinStructure And Meaning in Tonal Music: A Festschrift for Carl Schachter (HARMONOLOGIA)
2005978-1-57647-114-2Luigi RussoloThe Art of Noises (Monographs in Musicology)
  ''978-1-57647-117-3Siglind BruhnThe Musical Order of the World: Kepler, Hesse, Hindemith (Interplay)
2008978-1-57647-119-7James M. BurkCharles Ives Omnibus (Monographs & Bibliographies in American Music, No. 18)
2007978-1-57647-120-3Gene Henry AndersonOriginal Hot Five Recordings of Louis Armstrong (CMS SOURCEBOOKS IN AMERICAN MUSIC)
  ''978-1-57647-125-8Victoria AdamenkoNeo-Mythologism in Music: From Scriabin And Schoenberg to Schnittke And Crumb (Interplay: Music in Interdisciplinary Dialogue)
2007978-1-57647-129-6Siglind BruhnMessiaen's Contemplations of Covenant and Incarnation: Musical Symbols of Faith in the Two Great Piano Cycles of the 1940s (Dimension & Diversity: Studies in 20th Century Music)
2009978-1-57647-134-0Edmund A. BowlesTimpani Supplement I: More Pictures and Documents (Pendragon Press Musicological)
2008978-1-57647-135-7Marc PonthusElliott Carter: A Centennial Celebration (Festschrift Series)
  ''978-1-57647-136-4Siglind BruhnMessiaen's Explorations of Love and Death: Musico-poetic Signification in the Tristan Trilogy and Three Related Song Cycles (Dimension and Diversity: Studies in 20th-century Music)
  ''978-1-57647-137-1Christian Ahrens · Steve PlankValved Brass: The History of an Invention (Bucina: the Historic Brass Society Series No. 7) (Printed Case Cover)
  ''978-1-57647-139-5Siglind BruhnMessiaen's Interpretations of Holiness and Trinity: Echoes of Medieval Theology in the Oratorio, Organ Meditations, and Opera (Dimension and Diversity: Studies in 20th-century Music)
  ''978-1-57647-140-1   ''Sonic Transformations of Literary Texts: From Program Music to Musical Ekphrasis (Interplay: Music in Interdisciplinary Dialogue)
2010978-1-57647-143-2Michael Burden · Jennifer ThorpBallet de la Nuit (Dance & Music Series)
2008978-1-57647-157-9David Russell Williams · C. Matthew BalensuelaMusic Theory from Boethius to Zarlino: A Bibliography and Guide (HARMONOLOGIA)
2009978-1-57647-158-6Larry SitskyBusoni and the Piano: The Works, the Writings, and the Recordings (Distinguished Reprints, No. 3)
2010978-1-57647-162-3James R. BriscoeVitalizing Music History Teaching: Monographs & Bibliographies in American Music
2009978-1-57647-175-3Carl ParrishThe Notation of Medieval Music (Distinguished Reprints)
2009978-1-57647-177-7Rollin SmithPlaying the Organ Works of Cesar Franck (The Complete Organ No. 1)
  ''978-1-57647-179-1   ''Louis Vierne (Paperback): Organist of Notre Dame Cathedral (The Complete Organ)
2010978-1-57647-185-2Erik StenstadvoldGuitar Methods, 1760-1860: An Annotated Bibliography (Organologia: Musical Instruments and Performance Practice)
  ''978-1-57647-191-3Sharon KanachPerforming Xenakis (The Iannis Xenakis Series)
2018978-1-57647-204-0William Cowdery · Catherine SpragueMozart's Salzburg Years (1756-1781): Insights and Images
2013978-1-57647-210-1Frank DaykinThe Encyclopedia of French Art Song: Faure, Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc (Vox Musicae: The Voice, Vocal Pedagogy, and Song)
2016978-1-57647-220-0Hervú Olúon · Mary DibbernMassenet: Catalogue General Des Oeuvres / General Catalogue of Works (Annotated Reference Tools in Music) (English and French Edition)
2019978-1-57647-237-8Stephen SlottowThe Worlds of Harpsichord and Organ: Liber Amicorum David Fuller (Festschrift Series) (Festschirift)
2014978-1-57647-240-8Kenneth W. BozemanPractical Vocal Acoustics: Pedagogic Applications for Teachers and Singers. (Vox Musicae: the Voice, Vocal Pedagogy, and Song)
2016978-1-57647-242-2Lisa ScogginThe Music of Animaniacs: Postmodern Nostalgia in a Cartoon World (Music and Media)
2018978-1-57647-278-1Richard E. MuellerBeauty and Innovation in La Machine Chinoise: Falla, Debussy, Ravel, Roussel (Dimension and Diversity: Studies in 20th-century Music)
2017978-1-57647-302-3Lenka KrupkováCzech Music Around 1900 (Studies in Czech Music)
2018978-1-57647-312-2Mark KrollThe Boston School of Harpsichord Building: Reminiscences of William Dowd, Eric Herz and Frank Hubbard by the People Who Knew and Worked with Them (Historical Harpsichord)
2019978-1-57647-315-3Siglind BruhnDebussy's Vocal Music and Its Poetic Evocations (Dimension and Diversity) (Dimension & Diversity: Studies in 20th-Century Music)
2018978-1-57647-316-0Giovanni PaciniGiovanni Pacini: My Artistic Memoirs (Lives in Music)