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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-57646-000-9Keri SchaefferPrincess and the Goblin, The
  ''978-1-57646-012-2Joseph ConradPlanter of Malta, A
  ''978-1-57646-029-0VIctor AppletonTom Swift & His Wizard Camera (Tom Swift Sr. #14)
  ''978-1-57646-062-7Edgar Rice BurroughsJohn Carter of Mars Collection
  ''978-1-57646-088-7Charles DickensThe Old Curiousity Shop
1999978-1-57646-090-0Charles DickensOur Mutual Friend
  ''978-1-57646-099-3   ''The Cricket of the Hearth
  ''978-1-57646-124-2   ''Going into Society
2000978-1-57646-190-7Authur Conan DoyleBeyond the City / The Parasite
  ''978-1-57646-204-1Victor AppletonTom Swift and His Submarine Boat
  ''978-1-57646-206-5   ''Tom Swift and His Wireless Message
2000978-1-57646-207-2Victor AppletonTom Swift Among the Diamond Makers
  ''978-1-57646-220-1   ''Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders
2000978-1-57646-223-2Victor AppletonTom Swift and His Undersea Search
  ''978-1-57646-261-4Jane AustenEmma
  ''978-1-57646-263-8Jane AustenMansfield Park
  ''978-1-57646-267-6   ''Pride and Prejudice
2003978-1-57646-270-6Anne BronteAgnes Grey
2000978-1-57646-276-8H. G. WellsThe World Set Free
2002978-1-57646-284-3Jules VerneOff On A Comet
2000978-1-57646-290-4Authur Conan DoyleThe Lost Word / The Posion Belt
  ''978-1-57646-316-1L. M. Montgomery · Lucy Maud MontgomeryThe Golden Road
2000978-1-57646-321-5L. M. MontgomeryThe Story Girl
  ''978-1-57646-327-7Authur Conan DoyleThe Magic Door
  ''978-1-57646-333-8Jane AustenEmma
  ''978-1-57646-339-0   ''Mansfield Park
  ''978-1-57646-449-6Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Gods of Mars
2000978-1-57646-514-1H. G. WellsThe Time Machine
  ''978-1-57646-527-1   ''The War in the Air
2001978-1-57646-576-9Daniel Keys MoranThe Armageddon Blues (Limited Edition)
  ''978-1-57646-577-6Daniel Keys MoranEmerald Eyes (Limited Edition)
  ''978-1-57646-578-3   ''The Long Run (Limited Edition)
2002978-1-57646-579-0Daniel Keys MoranThe Last Dancer (Limited Edition)
  ''978-1-57646-585-1Natsume SosekiKokoro
2001978-1-57646-622-3Edgar Rice BurroughsThuvia, Maid of Mars
  ''978-1-57646-624-7   ''The Chessmen of Mars
2002978-1-57646-628-5Robert Louis StevensonTravels With a Donkey in the Cevennes
2003978-1-57646-634-6George MacDonaldThe Princess and Curdie (Found in the Attic, 12)
2002978-1-57646-637-7Daniel Keys MoranThe Armageddon Blues
  ''978-1-57646-638-4   ''Emerald Eyes: A Tale of the Continuing Time
  ''978-1-57646-639-1   ''The Long Run: A Tale of the Continuing Time
2003978-1-57646-642-1Edgar Rice Burroughs · J. St. John AllenThe Son of Tarzan (Found in the Attic Series, 18)
2002978-1-57646-643-8Daniel Keys MoranTerminal Freedom
2003978-1-57646-646-9Edgar Rice Burroughs · J. St. John AllenJungle Tales of Tarzan (Found in the Attic Series, 20)
2003978-1-57646-647-6Edgar Rice BurroughsTarzan the Untamed (Found in the Attic, 21)
  ''978-1-57646-660-5   ''Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (Found in the Attic, 19)
  ''978-1-57646-667-4G. K. ChestertonOrthodoxy: The Romance of Faith
  ''978-1-57646-668-1G. K. ChestertonHeretics
2003978-1-57646-669-8G. K. ChestertonWhat's Wrong With the World
  ''978-1-57646-689-6Joseph ConradHeart of Darkness
  ''978-1-57646-698-8   ''Freya of the Seven Isles
2004978-1-57646-705-3Charles DickensThe Life Of Our Lord
  ''978-1-57646-716-9   ''The Life and Adventures of Nickolas Nickleby
  ''978-1-57646-717-6   ''The Old Curiosity Shop
2003978-1-57646-728-2   ''Cricket on the Hearth
2004978-1-57646-730-5Charles DickensAmerican Notes For General Circulation
  ''978-1-57646-789-3HomerThe Iliad
  ''978-1-57646-801-2Alexandre DumasCelebrated Crimes: The Borgias And The Cenci
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2004978-1-57646-821-0H. Rider HaggardAllan Quartermain
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2004978-1-57646-830-2Charles DuelferComprehensive Report Of The Special Advisor On Iraq's Wmd: Chemical And Biological Weapons
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2004978-1-57646-832-6Charles DickensNicholas Nickleby
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  ''978-1-57646-864-7G. A. HentyTrue To The Old Flag: A Tale Of The American War Of Independence
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2004978-1-57646-874-6G. A. HentyThe Young Carthaginian: A Story Of The Times Of Hannibal
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2005978-1-57646-923-1Emmuska Orczy, Baroness OrczyThe Scarlet Pimpernel
2004978-1-57646-927-9Emmuska Orczy, Baroness OrczyThe League of the Scarlet Pimpernel
2004978-1-57646-928-6Emmuska Orczy, Baroness OrczyI Will Repay
  ''978-1-57646-929-3   ''The Elusive Pimpernel