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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-57572-049-4Sarah WarbrickWhat Is Bendy?
  ''978-1-57572-062-3Rod Theodorou · Carol TelfordHard and Soft (Animal Opposites)
2000978-1-57572-254-2Sean ConnollyAmphetamines (Just the Facts)
  ''978-1-57572-259-7Sean ConnollySteroids (Just the Facts)
  ''978-1-57572-283-2Wendy Greenhill · Paul WignallMacbeth (The Shakespeare Library)
  ''978-1-57572-327-3David WatsonPapermaking (Step by Step)
2000978-1-57572-329-7Michelle PowellPrinting (Step by Step)
2001978-1-57572-331-0Judy BalchinCreative Lettering (Step by Step)
  ''978-1-57572-332-7Michelle PowellMosaics (Step by Step)
2000978-1-57572-384-6Alta SchreierVamos a Cuba / Cuba (Vamos A / A Visit To. . ., (Spanish).) (Spanish Edition)
2001978-1-57572-412-6Richard TamesThe End of Apartheid: A New South Africa (Point of Impact)
  ''978-1-57572-434-8David TaylorThe Cold War (20th Century Perspectives)
  ''978-1-57572-436-2Susan WilloughbyThe Holocaust (20th Century Perspectives)
  ''978-1-57572-442-3Robert SneddenEnergy from Fossil Fuels (Essential Energy)
1999978-1-57572-451-5Haydn MiddletonGreat Olympic Moments (The Olympics)
1999978-1-57572-452-2Haydn MiddletonCrises at the Olympics
  ''978-1-57572-474-4Angela RoystonChicken (Life Cycle of a . . .)
  ''978-1-57572-487-4Karen Bryant-MolePicture This!-Prepak
  ''978-1-57572-488-1Karen Bryant-MoleVeo, Veo!-Prepak
2000978-1-57572-515-4Lola M. SchaeferAirport (Who Works Here)
  ''978-1-57572-516-1Lola M. SchaeferConstruction Site (Who Works Here)
2000978-1-57572-517-8Lola M. SchaeferDental Office (Who Works Here)
  ''978-1-57572-518-5   ''Supermarket (Who Works Here)
  ''978-1-57572-519-2   ''Hospital (Who Works Here)
  ''978-1-57572-523-9Catherine ChambersIslands (Mapping Earthforms)
  ''978-1-57572-525-3Catherine ChambersMountains (Mapping Earthforms)
2000978-1-57572-530-7Rachael BellChickens (Farm Animals)
1999978-1-57572-540-6Rod TheodorouAmphibians (Animal Babies)
  ''978-1-57572-541-3   ''Birds (Animal Babies)
  ''978-1-57572-544-4   ''Mammals (Animal Babies)
1998978-1-57572-550-5Susie HodgeAncient Egyptian Art (Art in History)
  ''978-1-57572-551-2Susie HodgeAncient Greek Art (Art in History)
1998978-1-57572-552-9Susie HodgeAncient Roman Art (Art in History)
1997978-1-57572-553-6   ''Prehistoric Art (Art in History)
  ''978-1-57572-559-8Jayne WoodhouseLouis Braille (Lives And Times)
1998978-1-57572-581-9Jenny E. TesarSpace Travel (Space Observer)
1997978-1-57572-597-0Jane ShuterThe Ancient Romans
1998978-1-57572-645-8Roger ThomasRock, Pop, and Dance (Instruments in Music)
  ''978-1-57572-689-2Richard TamesAdolf Hitler: An Unauthorized Biography (Heinemann Profiles)
  ''978-1-57572-743-1Sally Senzell IsaacsAmerica in the Time of George Washington: 1747 To 1803
  ''978-1-57572-757-8Index (Heinemann First Encyclopedia)
2000978-1-57572-761-5Sally Senzell IsaacsAmerica in the Time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: 1929 To 1948
1999978-1-57572-788-2Jim DrakeLog on to Computers-Prepak: With Interactions Library Resource Notes
1999978-1-57572-789-9Andy Owen · Ashwell Owen · Miranda AshwellRain (What Is Weather)
  ''978-1-57572-790-5Andy Owen · Miranda AshwellSnow (What Is Weather)
  ''978-1-57572-791-2   ''Sunshine (What Is Weather)
  ''978-1-57572-792-9Miranda Ashwell · Anyd Owen · Andy OwenWatching the Weather (What Is Weather)
  ''978-1-57572-793-6Andy Owen · Ashwell Owen · Miranda AshwellWind (What Is Weather)
1999978-1-57572-803-2Holly Wallace · Anita GeneriThe Mystery of Atlantis (Can Science Solve)
  ''978-1-57572-808-7Chris OxladeThe Mystery of Black Holes (Can Science Solve?)
  ''978-1-57572-810-0Holly Wallace · Chris OxladeThe Mystery of the Abominable Snowman (Can Science Solve?)
  ''978-1-57572-811-7Chris OxladeThe Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle (Can Science Solve?)
  ''978-1-57572-821-6Ernestine Giesecke · Eileen Mueller NeillDesert Plants
1999978-1-57572-823-0Ernestine Giesecke · Eileen Mueller NeillForest Plants
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  ''978-1-57572-825-4   ''Plants and Us
  ''978-1-57572-827-8Ernestine Giesecke · Eileen Mueller NeillRiver Plants
  ''978-1-57572-828-5   ''Seashore Plants
1999978-1-57572-829-2Angela RoystonStrange Plants
  ''978-1-57572-870-4Robert SneddenSound and Light (Smart Science)
1998978-1-57572-933-6Sally Senzell IsaacsColumbus: The Story of Our Nation from Coast to Coast, from Earliest Times to 1590 (America in the Time of)
1998978-1-57572-934-3Sally Senzell IsaacsAmerica in the Time of George Washington, 1747 to 1803
  ''978-1-57572-935-0   ''Lewis and Clark: The Story of Our Nation from Coast to Coast, from 1801 to 1850 (America in the Time of)
  ''978-1-57572-936-7   ''Pocahontas: The Story of Our Nation from Coast to Coast, from 1590 to 1754 (America in the Time of)
1999978-1-57572-937-4   ''Abraham Lincoln: The Story of Our Nation from Coast to Coast, from 1815 to 1869 (America in the Time of)
  ''978-1-57572-938-1   ''Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Story of Our Nation from Coast to Coast, from 1929 to 1948 (America in the Time of)
1999978-1-57572-939-8Sally Senzell IsaacsMartin Luther King Jr.: The Story of Our Nation from Coast to Coast, from 1948 to 1976 (America in the Time of)
  ''978-1-57572-940-4   ''America in the Time of Sitting Bull 1840-1890: The Story of Our Nation from Coast to Coast, from 1840 to 1890
  ''978-1-57572-980-0   ''Susan B. Anthony