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2006978-1-57565-024-1Barbara deRubertisTiny Tiger: Long Vowel i (Let's Read Together ®)
  ''978-1-57565-088-3Kitty RichardsIt's About Time, Max! (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-089-0Barbara deRubertisA Collection for Kate: Addition (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-090-6   ''Count on Pablo: Counting & Skip Counting (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-091-3   ''Deena's Lucky Penny: Money (Math Matters ®)
2006978-1-57565-092-0Lucille Recht PennerLights Out!: Subtraction (Math Matters ®)
2010978-1-57565-093-7Barbara deRubertisLibrary Book: Lulu's Lemonade
2006978-1-57565-094-4Annie CobbThe Long Wait: Estimation (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-095-1Jennifer DusslingThe 100-Pound Problem: Weight (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-096-8Lucille Recht PennerClean-Sweep Campers: Fractions (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-097-5   ''Where's That Bone?: Position Words/Mapping (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-098-2Martha F BrennerStacks of Trouble: Multiplication (Math Matters ®)
2006978-1-57565-099-9Linda Williams AberWho's Got Spots?: Tallies & Graphs (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-100-2Linda Williams AberCarrie Measures Up: Measurement: Length (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-101-9Sheila BruceEverybody Wins!: Division (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-102-6Daphne SkinnerHenry Keeps Score: Comparing (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-103-3Mel Friedman · Ellen WeissKitten Castle: 3-D Shapes (Math Matters ®)
2006978-1-57565-104-0Sue KassirerMath Fair Blues: 2-D Shapes (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-105-7Rosa SantosPlay Date: Calendar (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-106-4Sue KassirerWhat's Next, Nina?: Patterns (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-107-1Gail HermanKeep Your Distance!: Measurement: Distance (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-108-8Lucille Recht PennerSlowpoke: Elapsed Time (Math Matters ®)
2006978-1-57565-109-5Daphne SkinnerTightwad Tod: Using Money (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-110-1Linda Williams AberGrandma's Button Box: Sorting (Math Matters ®)
2002978-1-57565-111-8Lucille Recht PennerX Marks the Spot! (Math Matters series)
2006978-1-57565-112-5Gail HermanBad Luck Brad: Probability (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-113-2Meg Belviso · Pam PollackChickens on the Move: Measurement: Perimeter (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-114-9Nat GabrielSam's Sneaker Squares: Measuring: Area (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-115-6Melinda LukeThe Green Dog: Green Algae (Science Solves It! ®)
2006978-1-57565-117-0Anne JamesAnt Attack!: Ants (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-118-7Mary LawrenceWhat's That Sound? (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-119-4Jennifer DusslingThe Rainbow Mystery: Rainbows (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-120-0Ellen WeissThe Nose Knows: Sense of Smell (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-123-1Sarah AlbeeClever Trevor: Levers (Science Solves It! ®)
2006978-1-57565-124-8Jennifer DusslingGotcha!: Magnets (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-125-5Laura DriscollSlow Down, Sara!: Friction (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-126-2Gail HermanBuried in the Backyard: Woolly Mammoths (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-128-6   ''The Creeping Tide: Tides (Science Solves It! ®)
2003978-1-57565-129-3Daphne SkinnerAlmost Invisible Irene (Science Solves It!)
2006978-1-57565-130-9Laura DriscollThe Blast Off Kid: Number Sense: Place Value (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-131-6Jennifer ArenaFair is Fair!: Bar Graphs (Math Matters ®)
2006978-1-57565-132-3Amanda Felton · Carol FeltonWhere's Harley?: Ordinal Numbers (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-133-0Nat GabrielBubble Trouble: Bubbles (Science Solves It! ®)
2004978-1-57565-134-7Lori HaskinsButterfly Fever (Science Solves It!)
2006978-1-57565-136-1Sarah WillsonHocus Focus: Vision (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-138-5Jennifer DusslingPicky Peggy: Nutrition (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-140-8Laura DriscollMy Brother, the Knight: Past & Present (Social Studies Connects ®)
  ''978-1-57565-141-5Lori HaskinsNo Money? No Problem!: Bartering (Social Studies Connects ®)
2006978-1-57565-143-9Jennifer DusslingWhatcha Got?: Scarcity & Value (Social Studies Connects ®)
  ''978-1-57565-144-6Michelle KnudsenA Slimy Story: Earthworms (Science Solves It! ®)
2005978-1-57565-145-3Laura DriscollSuper Specs (Math Matters Series)
2006978-1-57565-146-0Daisy AlbertoNo Rules for Rex!: Rules & Laws (Social Studies Connects ®)
  ''978-1-57565-147-7Tennant RedbankWhich Way, Wendy?: Map Symbols (Social Studies Connects ®)
  ''978-1-57565-148-4Laura DriscollLila the Fair: Conflict Resolution (Social Studies Connects ®)
  ''978-1-57565-149-1Sarah WillsonPet Peeves: Free Enterprise (Social Studies Connects ®)
2006978-1-57565-150-7Donna Marie PitinoToo-Tall Tina: Comparing Measurements (Math Matters ®)
2005978-1-57565-151-4Barbara deRubertisCuenta Con Pablo (Count on Pablo) (Math Matters En Español Series) (Spanish Edition)
2006978-1-57565-152-1Sue Kassirer¿Qué sigue, Nina? (What's Next, Nina?): Patterns (Math Matters en español) (Spanish Edition)
2005978-1-57565-153-8Sue KassirerLa Feria Musical de Matematicas (Math Fair Blues) (Math Matters En Español Series) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57565-154-5Jennifer A. DusslingEl Problema de 100 Libras (Math matters en Español) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57565-156-9Lucille Recht PennerDonde Esta Ese Hueso? (Where's That Bone?) (Math Matters En Español Series) (Spanish Edition)
2006978-1-57565-157-6Michelle KnudsenCarl the Complainer: Petitions (Social Studies Connects ®)
  ''978-1-57565-160-6Jennifer DusslingThe Longest Yawn: Involuntary Reflexes (Science Solves It! ®)
2005978-1-57565-161-3Linda Williams AberCarrie Esta a la Altura (Math matters en español) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57565-162-0Sheila BruceTodos Ganan (Math Matters) (Spanish Edition)
2006978-1-57565-164-4Laura DriscollSally's Big Save: Spending & Saving (Social Studies Connects ®)
2006978-1-57565-165-1Gail HermanNew Dog in Town: Neighborhoods (Social Studies Connects ®)
  ''978-1-57565-166-8Nan WalkerCheck It Out!: Historical Evidence (Social Studies Connects ®)
  ''978-1-57565-167-5Michelle KnudsenA Moldy Mystery (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-185-9Nan WalkerStressbusters: Producers & Consumers (Social Studies Connects ®)
  ''978-1-57565-186-6Eleanor MayThe Real Me: Roles (Social Studies Connects ®)
2006978-1-57565-187-3Kirsten LarsenTara Pays Up!: Taxes (Social Studies Connects ®)
  ''978-1-57565-189-7Anna Jane HaysThe Secret of the Circle-K Cave: Caves (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-190-3Alma RamirezLa Limonada de Lulu (Lulu's Lemonade) (Math Matters En Español Series) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57565-191-0Kitty RichardsYa Era Hora, Max! / It's About Time, Max! (Math Matters en Espanol) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57565-192-7deRubertis BarbaraLet's Read Together:Compl.15-Cass.Set
2006978-1-57565-193-4deRubertis BarbaraLet's Read Together:Complete 15-Cd Set
2008978-1-57565-224-5Math Matters:Complete Set (33 Books)
2006978-1-57565-225-2Math Matters:Time,Money,Measurmnt (12 Bks
  ''978-1-57565-226-9Math Matters:#'s,# Sense,Operatns (12 Bks
  ''978-1-57565-227-6Math Matters:Geometry,Data,Graph.. (9 Bks
  ''978-1-57565-230-6Science Solves It:Compl.Set (24 Bks)
  ''978-1-57565-231-3Science Solves It:Gr.K-2 Set (12 Bks)
2006978-1-57565-232-0Science Solves It:Gr.1-3 Set (12 Bks)
  ''978-1-57565-233-7Social Studies Connects:Compl.Set (18 Bks
  ''978-1-57565-234-4Social Studies Connects:Gr.K-2 (6 Bks)
  ''978-1-57565-235-1Social Studies Connects:Gr.1-3 (12 Bks)
2007978-1-57565-236-8Maryann Cocca-LefflerSpotlight on Stacey: Colonial History (Social Studies Connects ®)
  ''978-1-57565-238-2Nan WalkerThe Midnight Kid: Sleep (Science Solves It! ®)
2007978-1-57565-239-9Daphne SkinnerAll Aboard!: Reading Schedules (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-240-5Barbara DerubertisUna Coleccion Para Kate (Math Matters! Series) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57565-241-2Lucille Recht PennerApaguen las Luces! (Math Matters) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57565-242-9Annie CobbLa Larga Espera (Math Matters) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57565-245-0Laura DriscollReal Heroes Don't Wear Capes (Social Studies Connects ®)
2007978-1-57565-247-4Ellen JacksonThe Cupcake Thief: Justice System (Social Studies Connects ®)
  ''978-1-57565-250-4Daphne SkinnerHenry Lleva la Cuenta (Henry Keeps Score) (Math Matters En Español Series) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57565-251-1Linda Williams AberQuien Tiene Manchas? (Math matters en español) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57565-252-8Martha F. BrennerMontones De Problemas (Math Matters) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57565-253-5Lucille Recht PennerA Limpiar el Campamento (Math Matters) (Spanish Edition)
2010978-1-57565-257-3National Geographic LearningLibrary Book: The Ghost Town Mystery (Rise and Shine)
2008978-1-57565-258-0Nan WalkerThe Bay School Blogger: Spread of Ideas (Social Studies Connects ®)
2008978-1-57565-259-7Michelle KnudsenBugged!: Mosquitoes (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-260-3Eleanor MayMac & Cheese, Pleeeeze!: Mental Math (Math Matters ®)
  ''978-1-57565-261-0Lucille Recht PennerOsos en la Mente (Science Solves It! ® en español) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57565-269-6Jennifer Dussling¡Lo justo es justo! (Fair is Fair!): Bar Graphs (Math Matters en español) (Spanish Edition)
2009978-1-57565-280-1Kirsten LarsenWhoa! UFO!: Objects in the Sky (Science Solves It! ®)
  ''978-1-57565-281-8Eleanor MayWho Needs It?: Wants & Needs (Social Studies Connects ®)
2009978-1-57565-290-0Nan WalkerThe Yum-Yum House (Math Matters)
2014978-1-57565-725-7Barbara deRubertisLet's Celebrate Columbus Day (Holidays & Heroes)
  ''978-1-57565-726-4   ''Let's Celebrate Presidents' Day (Holidays & Heroes)
  ''978-1-57565-727-1   ''Let's Celebrate Veterans Day (Holidays & Heroes)