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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-57467-000-4Robert OrledgeSatie Remembered Hardcover
1995978-1-57467-004-2Mina F. MillerThe Nielsen Companion
2003978-1-57467-007-3Jean VermeilConversations with Boulez: Thoughts on Conducting (Amadeus)
1996978-1-57467-008-0Hertzel Weinstat · Bert WechslerDEAR ROGUE: A Biography of the American Baritone Lawrence Tibbett (Opera Biography Series, No. 6)
  ''978-1-57467-009-7J. B. SteaneSingers of the Century, Vol. 1
2003978-1-57467-010-3Andrew FarkasJussi (Amadeus)
1996978-1-57467-012-7Peter GradenwitzThe Music of Israel: From the Biblical Era to Modern Times
2003978-1-57467-013-4Claus SchreinerFlamenco: Gypsy Dance and Music from Andalusia (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-015-8Karl HellerAntonio Vivaldi: The Red Priest of Venice (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-016-5Verne ReynoldsThe Horn Handbook (Amadeus)
1996978-1-57467-018-9British Broadcasting CorporationBbc Music Magazine Top 1000 Cds Guide: A Critical Guide to the Best Classical Music Cds
2003978-1-57467-019-6James A. DrakeRosa Ponselle: A Centenary Biography (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-020-2Abby WhitesideAbby Whiteside on Piano Playing: Indispensables of Piano Playing and Mastering the Chopin Etudes and Other Essays
2003978-1-57467-021-9James R. AnthonyFrench Baroque Music from Beaujoyeulx to Rameau (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-022-6Andrew FarkasEnrico Caruso: My Father and My Family (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-025-7Constantin FlorosGustav Mahler: The Symphonies
  ''978-1-57467-026-4Abby WhitesideAbby Whiteside on Piano Playing: Indispensables of Piano Playing - Mastering the Chopin Etudes and Other Essays (Amadeus)
1997978-1-57467-027-1Ann BondA Guide to the Harpsichord
  ''978-1-57467-029-5Brendan G. CarrollThe Last Prodigy: A Biography of Erich Wolfgang Korngold
2003978-1-57467-030-1Paul JacksonSign-Off for the Old Met: The Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts, 1950-1966
2003978-1-57467-032-5Mark A. RadiceOpera in Context: Essays on Historical Staging from the Late Renaissance to the Time of Puccini (Amadeus)
1998978-1-57467-035-6Hans NeunzigDietrich Fischer-Dieskau: A Biography
2003978-1-57467-037-0Amy BiancolliFritz Kreisler: Love's Sorrow, Love's Joy
  ''978-1-57467-038-7Walter KolnederThe Amadeus Book of the Violin: Construction, History and Music
  ''978-1-57467-039-4Carol MontparkerA Pianist's Landscape
  ''978-1-57467-040-0J. B. SteaneSingers of the Century, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-57467-041-7Harry HalbreichArthur Honegger
2003978-1-57467-042-4John ArdoinCallas at Juilliard: The Master Classes (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-043-1Mary CyrPerforming Baroque Music
  ''978-1-57467-044-8Roland L. BessetteMario Lanza: Tenor in Exile (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-045-5Charles TimbrellFrench Pianism: A Historical Perspective (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-046-2Claude KennesonMusical Prodigies: Perilous Journeys, Remarkable Lives
2003978-1-57467-047-9James A. Drake · Kristin Beall LudeckeLily Pons: A Centennial Portrait
  ''978-1-57467-048-6Nicolai GeddaNicolai Gedda: My Life and Art (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-049-3Demar Irvine · Mark A. RadiceIrvine's Writing About Music: Third Edition
  ''978-1-57467-051-6Richard NewmanAlma Rose: Vienna to Auschwitz
  ''978-1-57467-053-0Mary Jane Phillips-MatzLeonard Warren: American Baritone (Amadeus)
2003978-1-57467-054-7Jean Langlais · Ann LabounskyJean Langlais: The Man and His Music (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-056-1Michael DickreiterScore Reading: A Key to the Music Experience (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-057-8J. B. SteaneSingers of the Century, Vol. 3 (Amadeus)
2001978-1-57467-059-2Nicholas Petsalis-DiomidisThe Unknown Callas: The Greek Years
  ''978-1-57467-063-9Ann BondA Guide to the Harpsichord (Amadeus)
2003978-1-57467-064-6John ArdoinValery Gergiev and the Kirov: A Story of Survival (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-065-3M. Owen LeeThe Operagoer's Guide: One Hundred Stories and Commentaries (Amadeus)
2003978-1-57467-066-0Natalio GorinAstor Piazzolla: A Memoir
  ''978-1-57467-068-4Paul RobertsImages: The Piano Music of Claude Debussy
2002978-1-57467-069-1Mortimer H. FrankArturo Toscanini: The NBC Years (Amadeus)
2003978-1-57467-070-7J. K. HolmanWagner's Ring: A Listener's Companion and Concordance (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-071-4Robert TaubPlaying the Beethoven Piano Sonatas
  ''978-1-57467-072-1Robert RimmThe Composer-Pianists: Hamelin and The Eight (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-073-8Carol MontparkerA Pianist's Landscape (Amadeus)
2003978-1-57467-074-5Nick StrimpleChoral Music in the Twentieth Century: Hardcover
2002978-1-57467-076-9Tim PageTim Page on Music: Views and Reviews (Amadeus)
2003978-1-57467-077-6Blanche ArralThe Extraordinary Operatic Adventures of Blanche Arral (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-078-3Abram LoftHow to Succeed in an Ensemble: Reflections on a Life in Chamber Music (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-079-0Robin TottonSong of the Outcasts: An Introduction to Flamenco Hardcover with CD
  ''978-1-57467-080-6Robin TottonSong of the Outcasts: An Introduction to Flamenco (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-081-3Habib Hassan ToumaThe Music of the Arabs Book (Paperback) (Amadeus)
2003978-1-57467-082-0John CanarinaPierre Monteux, Maitre
  ''978-1-57467-083-7William WestneyThe Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self
  ''978-1-57467-084-4Richard TroegerPlaying Bach on the Keyboard: A Practical Guide (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-085-1Richard NewmanAlma Rose: Vienna to Auschwitz (Amadeus)
2004978-1-57467-086-8David DubalEvenings with Horowitz: A Personal Portrait (Book)
  ''978-1-57467-087-5Carol MontparkerThe Blue Piano and Other Stories (Amadeus)
2005978-1-57467-088-2David DubalThe Art of the Piano: Its Performers, Literature, and Recordings Revised (Amadeus)
2004978-1-57467-089-9Julie Lyonn LiebermanAlternative Strings: The New Curriculum (Amadeus)
2004978-1-57467-091-2Roy MalanEfrem Zimbalist: A Life (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-093-6Carol MontparkerPolly and the Piano: With Online Resource (Amadeus)
2005978-1-57467-094-3Jack Winsor Hansen · Sibyl SandersonThe Sibyl Sanderson Story: Requiem for a Diva (Opera Biography)
  ''978-1-57467-096-7David HurwitzGetting the Most Out of Mozart: The Instrumental Works (Unlocking the Masters)
2004978-1-57467-097-4Thomas MayDecoding Wagner: An Invitation to His World of Music Drama (includes 2 CDs)
  ''978-1-57467-098-1Aaron Copland · Daniel FelsenfeldCharles Ives and Aaron Copland - A Listener's Guide: Parallel Lives Series No. 1: Their Lives and Their Music (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-099-8David HurwitzThe Mahler Symphonies: An Owner's Manual (includes 1 CD)
2006978-1-57467-102-5Leonard BernsteinYoung People's Concerts (Amadeus)
2004978-1-57467-103-2Joseph W. PolisiThe Artist as Citizen (Amadeus)
2004978-1-57467-104-9Leonard BernsteinThe Joy of Music Leonard Bernstein (Amadeus)
2005978-1-57467-106-3David HurwitzGetting the Most Out of Mozart: The Vocal Works (Unlocking the Masters)
  ''978-1-57467-107-0   ''Dvorak: Romantic Music's Most Versatile Genius (Unlocking the Masters)
  ''978-1-57467-108-7Daniel FelsenfeldBenjamin Britten & Samuel Barber: Their Lives and Their Music (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-109-4Anthony FeinsteinMichael Rabin: America's Virtuoso Violinist (Amadeus)
2006978-1-57467-110-0Mark RingerOpera's First Master: The Musical Dramas of Claudio Monteverdi (Unlocking the Masters)
  ''978-1-57467-112-4Theodore SteinwayPeople and Pianos: A Pictorial History of Steinway & Sons (Amadeus)
2005978-1-57467-115-5James Gibbons HunekerThe Steinway Collection: Paintings of Great Composers (Amadeus)
2005978-1-57467-116-2David HurwitzExploring Haydn: A Listener's Guide to Music's Boldest Innovator (Unlocking the Masters)
2006978-1-57467-117-9M. Owen LeeThe Great Instrumental Works
2005978-1-57467-120-9Barbara Lourie SandTeaching Genius: Dorothy DeLay and the Making of a Musician (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-121-6Ayke AgusHeifetz As I Knew Him (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-122-3Nick StrimpleChoral Music in the Twentieth Century (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-123-0Lorraine GorrellThe Nineteenth-Century German Lied (Amadeus)
978-1-57467-130-8Mastering Piano Technique (DVD)
2006978-1-57467-131-5David HurwitzShostakovich Symphonies and Concertos: An Owner's Manual (Unlocking the Masters)
  ''978-1-57467-132-2Thomas MayThe John Adams Reader: Essential Writings on an American Composer (Amadeus)
2006978-1-57467-133-9Alan RichSo I've Heard: Notes of a Migratory Music Critic
2007978-1-57467-134-6Daniel FelsenfeldTchaikovsky: A Listener's Guide Book/2 CD Pack Unlocking the Masters Series
2006978-1-57467-145-2William WestneyThe Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self (Amadeus)
  ''978-1-57467-146-9Lisa RobinsonA Living Legacy: Historic Stringed Instruments at the Juilliard School
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2007978-1-57467-149-0David HurwitzSibelius Orchestral Works: An Owner's Manual (Unlocking the Masters)
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  ''978-1-57467-162-9Michael WalshSo When Does the Fat Lady Sing?: Questions and Answers about Life, Sex, Love, and - oh, yes - Opera
2008978-1-57467-163-6Rene SeghersFranco Corelli: Prince of Tenors (Amadeus)
2007978-1-57467-164-3Leonard BernsteinThe Infinite Variety of Music (Amadeus)
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2008978-1-57467-168-1George MartinThe Opera Companion (Amadeus)
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2009978-1-57467-170-4John Bell YoungLiszt: A Listener's Guide (Unlocking the Masters)
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