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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-57463-000-8Garwood WhaleyBasics in Rhythm
1983978-1-57463-001-5George Hamilton GreenGeorge Hamilton Green's Instruction Course for Xylophone: A Complete Course of Fifty Lessons
2000978-1-57463-003-9Garwood WhaleyAudition Etudes: for Snare Drum, Timpani, Keyboard Percussion and Multiple Percussion
  ''978-1-57463-007-7   ''Musical Studies for the Intermediate Mallet Player
  ''978-1-57463-008-4Robert J. GarofaloRehearsal Handbook for Band and Orchestra Students
  ''978-1-57463-009-1Garwood WhaleyRecital Duets for Snare Drum (CD Included)
  ''978-1-57463-015-2   ''More Basics in Rhythm
2000978-1-57463-019-0Randy EylesXylophone Rags of George Hamilton Green
2003978-1-57463-025-1Garwood WhaleyBasics in Rhythm (Meredith Music series)
  ''978-1-57463-026-8   ''Basics in Rhythm
2004978-1-57463-034-3Timothy SalzmanA Composer's Insight, Volume 2 (Meredith Music Resourse)
2005978-1-57463-038-1Willis M. RappThe Wind Band Masterworks of Holst, Vaughan Williams and Grainger
  ''978-1-57463-039-8Hal Leonard Corp.The Music Director's Cookbook: Recipes for a Successful Program
2006978-1-57463-048-0Timothy SalzmanA Composer's Insight, Volume 3: Thoughts, Analysis and Commentary on Contemporary Masterpieces for Wind Band
2000978-1-57463-051-0Garwood WhaleyRecital Solos for Snare Drum
  ''978-1-57463-053-4Eileen FraedrichArt of Elementary Band Directing
  ''978-1-57463-059-6Russ Girsberger · Anthony J. CironePractical Guide to Percussion Terminology
2006978-1-57463-075-6Kenneth AmisThe Brass Player's Cookbook: Creative Recipes for a Successful Performance
2006978-1-57463-076-3Peter Loel BoonshaftTeaching Music with Purpose
2007978-1-57463-079-4Edward S. LiskThe Creative Director: Conductor, Teacher, Leader
  ''978-1-57463-080-0Anthony J. CironeSymphonic Repertoire for Cymbals: A Detailed Analysis of the Major Orchestral Cymbal Repertoire
  ''978-1-57463-081-7Shelley JagowTeaching Instrumental Music: Developing the Complete Band Program
  ''978-1-57463-082-4John W KnightThe Interpretive Wind Band Conductor
  ''978-1-57463-083-1Roland KohloffTimpani Master Class with Roland Kohloff: Beethoven Symphony No. 5 (Meredith Music Master Class)
2007978-1-57463-084-8Arthur WeisbergThe Art of Wind Playing
  ''978-1-57463-086-2Frank BattistiOn Becoming a Conductor: Lessons and Meditations on the Art of Conducting
  ''978-1-57463-091-6Joanne MayThe String Teacher's Cookbook: Creative Recipes for a Successful Program
2009978-1-57463-092-3Chad NicholsonGreat Music for Wind Band: A Guide to the Top 100 Works in Grades IV, V, VI
2007978-1-57463-093-0John E. WilliamsonRehearsing the Band
2008978-1-57463-094-7Frederick FennellA Conductor's Interpretive Analysis of Masterworks for Band
  ''978-1-57463-097-8Hal Leonard Corp.The Woodwind Player's Cookbook: Creative Recipes for a Successful Performance
  ''978-1-57463-099-2Anthony J. Cirone · Joe SinaiThe Logic of It All: Professional Secrets Applying Imagination to Percussion Techniques
2008978-1-57463-101-2Rick Mattingly · Neil GroverThe Drum and Percussion Cookbook: Creative Recipes for Players and Teachers
  ''978-1-57463-102-9Anthony J. CironeOn Musical Interpretation in Percussion Peformance: A Study of Notation and Musicianship
  ''978-1-57463-107-4Kenneth L. NeidigPerformance-Study Guides of Essential Works for Band
2009978-1-57463-110-4Tim GenisSymphonic Repertoire for Percussion Accessories
2010978-1-57463-111-1Anthony J. Cirone · Morris Lang · Charles DowdPercussion Masterclass on Works by Carter, Milhaud and Stravinsky (Meredith Music Master Class)
2009978-1-57463-112-8Peter Loel BoonshaftTeaching Music with Promise
  ''978-1-57463-124-1Anthony Cirone · AnthonyCirone's Pocket Dictionary of Foreign Musical Terms
2017978-1-57463-146-3Patrick RouletWedding Music for Marimba
2009978-1-57463-150-0Rich HollyMajoring in Music: All the Stuff You Need to Know
  ''978-1-57463-151-7Paul BuyerMarching Bands and Drumlines: Secrets of Success from the Best of the Best
2010978-1-57463-153-1Peter Loel BoonshaftTeaching with Passion, Purpose and Promise (Meredith Teaching Resource)
2009978-1-57463-154-8Timothy SalzmanA Composer's Insight - Volume 4: Thoughts, Analysis and Commentary on Contemporary Masterpieces for Wind Band
2010978-1-57463-159-3Frank L. Battisti · Bruce MusgraveThe Best We Can Be: A History of the Ithaca High School Band 1955-67
2010978-1-57463-160-9Edward S. LiskThe Musical Mind of the Creative Director
2011978-1-57463-166-1Russ Girsberger · Laurie LakeThe Music Performance Library: A Practical Guide for Orchestra, Band and Opera Librarians
2012978-1-57463-167-8Mark FonderPatrick Conway and His Famous Band
2000978-1-57463-168-5Bart QuartierImage: 20 Children's Songs For Marimba
2011978-1-57463-174-6Anthony J. CironeThe Great American Symphony Orchestra: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Its Artistry, Passion and Heartache
  ''978-1-57463-175-3Gary StithScore and Rehearsal Preparation: A Realistic Approach for Instrumental Conductors
2012978-1-57463-176-0Russ Girsberger · Laurie LakeInsights and Essays on the Music Performance Library
  ''978-1-57463-178-4Frank L. BattistiWinds of Change II - The New Millennium: A Chronicle of the Continuing Evolution of the Contemporary American Wind/Band Ensemble
  ''978-1-57463-209-5Shelley JagowTuning for Wind Instruments: A Roadmap to Successful Intonation (Meredith Music Resource)