Fiction Collective 2

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-57366-001-3Harold JaffeStraight Razor (Black Ice Books)
1996978-1-57366-012-9Don WebbA Spell for the Fulfillment of Desire (British Academy Monographs in)
  ''978-1-57366-020-4Jeffrey DeShell · Elisabeth Sheffield · Cris MazzaChick Lit 2: No Chick Vics (On the Edge: New Women's Fiction) (v. 2)
  ''978-1-57366-022-8Alex ShakarCity in Love: The New York Metamorphoses
  ''978-1-57366-023-5Alex ShakarCity in Love: The New York Metamorphoses
1997978-1-57366-030-3Raymond FedermanTake It or Leave It
1999978-1-57366-045-7Ronald SukenickUp
1998978-1-57366-047-1Jay MarvinPunk Blood
2019978-1-57366-071-6Aurelie SheehanOnce into the Night
1999978-1-57366-075-4Raymond FedermanDouble or Nothing
  ''978-1-57366-078-5Harold JaffeSex for the Millennium (Black Ice Books)
1999978-1-57366-079-2Ronald SukenickMosaic Man
  ''978-1-57366-081-5Kim AddonizioIn The Box Called Pleasure
2000978-1-57366-084-6Lidia YuknavitchLiberty's Excess: Fictions
  ''978-1-57366-088-4Stephen Graham JonesThe Fast Red Road: A Plainsong
  ''978-1-57366-089-1Jessica TreatNot a Chance: Fictions
  ''978-1-57366-090-7Cris Mazza · Jeffrey DeShellChick Lit Postfeminist Fiction
2001978-1-57366-095-2Michael MartoneBlue Guide to Indiana (explanation: This book is not actually part of the "blue guides" series.)
2002978-1-57366-096-9Kate BernheimerThe Complete Tales of Ketzia Gold
2002978-1-57366-103-4Lance OlsenGirl Imagined by Chance
2003978-1-57366-106-5Susan SteinbergThe End of Free Love
  ''978-1-57366-107-2Lidia YuknavitchReal to Reel
  ''978-1-57366-109-6Stephen Graham JonesThe Bird is Gone: A Manifesto
  ''978-1-57366-111-9Leslie ScalapinoDahlia's Iris: Secret Autobiography and Fiction
2004978-1-57366-112-6Lucy CorinEveryday Psychokillers: A History for Girls, A Novel
  ''978-1-57366-113-3Brian EvensonThe Wavering Knife: Stories
2004978-1-57366-119-5Samuel R. DelanyHogg: A Novel
2005978-1-57366-120-1Lynda SchorThe Body Parts Shop: Stories
  ''978-1-57366-121-8Cris MazzaDisability: A Novella
  ''978-1-57366-122-5Michael MejiaForgetfulness: A Novel
  ''978-1-57366-125-6Flournoy HollandWhat Begins with Bird: Fictions
  ''978-1-57366-126-3Michael MartoneMichael Martone: Fictions
2006978-1-57366-127-0Lance OlsenNietzsche's Kisses: A Novel
2006978-1-57366-128-7Steve TomasulaThe Book of Portraiture: A Novel
  ''978-1-57366-129-4Susan SteinbergHydroplane: Fictions
  ''978-1-57366-131-7Kate BernheimerThe Complete Tales of Merry Gold
  ''978-1-57366-133-1Raymond FedermanReturn to Manure
2007978-1-57366-136-2Debra Di BlasiThe Jiri Chronicles & Other Fictions
  ''978-1-57366-140-9Diane WilliamsIt Was Like My Trying to Have a Tender-Hearted Nature: A Novella and Stories
2008978-1-57366-145-4Vanessa PlaceLa Medusa
2008978-1-57366-146-1Stephen Graham JonesLedfeather
2009978-1-57366-148-5Matthew RobersonImpotent: A Novel
  ''978-1-57366-151-5Brian KiteleyThe River Gods
  ''978-1-57366-152-2Steve TomasulaToc: A New Media Novel
2010978-1-57366-154-6Lynn K. KilpatrickIn the House
  ''978-1-57366-156-0Amelia GrayMuseum of the Weird
  ''978-1-57366-157-7Lance OlsenCalendar of Regrets
2011978-1-57366-159-1Kate BernheimerThe Complete Tales of Lucy Gold
2011978-1-57366-162-1Melanie Rae ThonThe Voice of the River: A Novel
  ''978-1-57366-163-8Michael MartoneFour for a Quarter: Fictions
2012978-1-57366-165-2Joanna RuoccoAnother Governess / The Least Blacksmith: A Diptych
  ''978-1-57366-166-9Matthew KirkpatrickLight without Heat: Stories
2009978-1-57366-806-4Ralph M. BerryForms at War: FC2 1999-2009