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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-57358-006-9John H. Gerstner · John H. GrestnerJonathan Edwards Evangelist (John Gerstner (1914-1996))
  ''978-1-57358-009-0Thomas WatsonGleanings from Thomas Watson
  ''978-1-57358-011-3Edna GerstnerJonathan and Sarah: An Uncommon Union (Biographies)
  ''978-1-57358-014-4Jeremiah BurroughsGospel Remission (Puritan Writings)
  ''978-1-57358-015-1Thomas WatsonThe Duty of Self-Denial and Ten Other Sermons
1997978-1-57358-022-9Matthew HenryThe Quest for Meekness and Quietness of Spirit (Puritan Writings)
  ''978-1-57358-024-3Jeremiah BurroughsThe Excellency of a Gracious Spirit: Delivered in a Treatise on Numbers 14:24
  ''978-1-57358-028-1Don Kistler · Michael Horton · Robert Godfrey · James White · R.C. Sproul · John Armstrong · John MacArthur · Sinclair FergusonSola Scriptura: The Protestant Position on the Bible (Reformation Theology Series)
  ''978-1-57358-033-5Jonathan EdwardsThe Freedom of the Will (Great Awakening Writings (1725-1760))
  ''978-1-57358-042-7Jeremiah Burroughs · Don KistlerGospel Reconciliation (Puritan Writings)
1997978-1-57358-043-4Horton DaviesThe Worship of the English Puritans (Puritanism)
  ''978-1-57358-047-2Thomas Watson · Don KistlerThe Fight of Faith Crowned: The Remaining Sermons of Thomas Watson, Rector of St. Stephen's Walbrook, London (Puritan Writings)
  ''978-1-57358-052-6John H. Gerstner · Jonathan EdwardsJonathan Edwards: A Mini-Theology (John Gerstner (1914-1996))
  ''978-1-57358-055-7Isaac WattsLogic: The Right Use of Reason in the Inquiry After Truth
1999978-1-57358-058-8Jeremiah BurroughsIrenicum: Healing the Divisions Among God's People (Puritan Writings)
2000978-1-57358-068-7John H. Gerstner · John H. GrestnerWrongly Dividing the Word of Truth: A Critique of Dispensationalism (Second Edition)
1999978-1-57358-086-1Isaac WattsThe Improvement of the Mind: A Supplement to the Art of Logic With a Discourse on the Education of Children and Youth (Great Awakening Writings, 1725-1760)
1998978-1-57358-088-5John H. GerstnerJonathan Edwards on Heaven and Hell
2001978-1-57358-113-4Don Kistler · Thomas WatsonThe Art of Divine Contentment
2002978-1-57358-120-2Timothy RogersTrouble of Mind and the Disease of Melancholy: Written for the Use of Such As Are or Have Been Exercised by the Same (Puritan Writings)
  ''978-1-57358-125-7Christopher LoveThe Penitent Pardoned (Puritan Writings)
2001978-1-57358-135-6Joseph AlleineThe Precious Promises of the Gospel
2003978-1-57358-136-3John Brown · Don KistlerThe Christian Pastor's Manual: A Selection of Tracts on the Duties, Difficulties, and Encouragements of the Christian Ministry
2002978-1-57358-144-8R. Albert Mohler Jr. · James Boice · Derek Thomas · Joel R. Beeke · R. C. Sproul · John Armstrong · Sinclair Ferguson · Don KistlerFeed My Sheep: A Passionate Plea for Preaching
2004978-1-57358-161-5Thomas Watson · Don KistlerThomas Watson: Pastor Of St. Stephen's Walbook, London (PURITAN PULPIT. ENGLISH PURITANS.)
2005978-1-57358-171-4Jeremiah Burroughs · Don KistlerHope